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Kevin Cheung

Selected Projects | 2007-2012 Architecture, Faculty of Built Environment, University of New South Wales, Sydney


Project Description Over the past century, Sydney Central Station has operated as a major transport interchange, whilst also being a predominant landmark with significant historical value. Unfortunately, the station is inevitably aging which has led to numerous spaces being unused – thus it is essential to revitalize the station to welcome the influx of future users.





Project Solution This design has been derived from intensive research of the station itself, with the idea being the creation of a capsule hotel – a service for travellers. It also serves as a mode of communal accommodation due to the site being a major transport hub with different categories of users. Various types of capsules are provided based on their intended use. Through the method of stacking, internal space and circulation is maximised in comparison to traditional hotel design.

Circulation Diagram


Top Floor

Ground Floor

Underground Floor

Ventilation / Air-Cond. Pipe

Sound Insulation Panel Honeycomb Structure

Utility Pipes

Drawer For Mattress Replacement

Project Description The School of Architecture at the Southeast University boats a history of 90 years. According to the proposed master plan, the original building shall be converted to the headquarters of the School, whilst the teaching and research facilities are to be allocated to surrounding buildings. The project also involves the redesign of external landscaping with a strong emphasis on conserving the architectural heritage of the site, maintaining the vitality of the campus.

Landscape Design Analysis

Project Solution The underlying theme is insertion. It is fundamental to retain the old building, thus any new design has to be inserted coherently and respect the old, so that the existing would not be dominated. The new landscape design is based on the regulated ordering of windows on the existing frontage – an interpretation of the old. The colonnades of trees emphasize the linearity and symmetrical ordering that trace the original site axis. The overall design thus maintains and celebrates the integrity of the whole surrounding structure.


Building Design Analysis




Site Photos And Renderings

Overall Site Plan

Landscape Section

Ding Detail

Quandrangle Detail

Water Feature And Sitting

Tree Grove

Ground Floor

Fourth Floor

Fifth Floor

Study Model

Final Model

Project Description Woolloomooloo Bay is one of Sydney’s finest harbourside districts; a low-density residential area that is framed by the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross. The proposal is for a boat showroom and caretaker’s residence, with these functions physically divided; one placed at the edge of the water, and the other further in-land.





Project Solution The proposal seeks to unify the programs through a bridge that spans from one side to the other. The two programs are also divided by a multi-lane driveway in between; hence an overhead walkway will resolve all circulation issues. The articulation of the bridge itself also responds to the surrounding context, and reflects the function of the buildings. A pier is also incorporated as part of the showroom, extending from the edge of the water. The overhead bridge is also connected to the pier and another side of the site, with subtle level changes that interpret the natural topography of the land.

Ground Floor

First Floor

North Elevation

West Elevation

Entrance Overview

Glass Roof Supporting, Material Finishing And Louvers Detail

Project Description Trial Bay Gaol is one of the oldest forgotten monuments in Australia after initial convict settlements. Once a gaol facility, the site was abandoned in the 1920’s and now remains as a cultural ruin – open to the public as a museum. This project revolves heavily around the notion of adaptive reuse, through the introduction of artist residences, new art galleries and exhibition spaces, performance spaces and visitor facilities. Project Solution As a response to the heritage significance of the site, this proposal retains the existing qualities of the gaol, with new incisions made along the boundary wall that effectively forms a unified ring. The circulation of new elements is connected and provides visitors with a chance of experiencing the stunning natural scenery, whilst also enjoying the original historical relic that is Trial Bay Gaol.

Site + Program Arrangement

1 Site Orientation And Climatic Analysis


Walking Sequence In Section

Site Plan

Hand-drawn Section Of Whole Site

Hand-drawn Detailed Section Of Theatre

Project Description Situated beside one of the most famous beaches of Sydney, this project introduces six residential apartments with retail opportunities along the street front. The site sits on a hill side with a moderately busy road, however the elevated area boasts beautiful sea views – and thus it is necessary to minimise the acoustics of the road, whilst maximising views through openings.

Design Concept

Project Solution Unlike ordinary apartments, the strategy behind this proposal was to integrate a concept derived from the influence of townhouse design. By using irregular stacking orders, each apartment occupant could have a spacious interior. Living spaces are separated from main utilities, with bedrooms mostly allocated to the top floor. This solution solves the acoustic issues of the site. Moreover, by using an irregular façade, each room will thus be able to enjoy the views and have generous daylight that penetrates the spaces within.


Environmental Analysis


Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

Webpage Design: Aura Non-commercial Project Software: Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamwaver


Model: Villa Savoye Study Model Material: Balsa Wood

Model: Villa Stein Study Model Material: Cardboard



Animation: Inter-school 3D Animation Competition 2005 Group: Secondary School Organiser: Hong Kong Computer Society, Pigeon City Software: Autodesk 3Ds Max, Plasma Award: 1st Runner Up URL:


Animation: Architecture In Motion Topic: Infinite Space Production Material: Charcoal, Pencil, Cutter, Paper Software: Adobe Photoshop Model: Cardboard URL:


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Kevin Cheung


Bachelor of Architectural Studies (2010) Master of Architecture (2012) University of New South Wales


17/C, Ka Shing Lau 3 Fat Kwong Street Hung Hom, Kowloon Hong Kong



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Cantonese: Fluent English Fluent (IELTS Test was taken on 29/06/2012) - Average: 7.5/9.0 Madarin: Competent

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1. Dr. Matthias Hank Häuslar (Senior Lecturer, studio leader of my M.Arch. Graduation Project) Room 2009 Faculty of Built Environment UNSW Sydney NSW 2052 Australia Tel.: (+61 2) 93856821 Email: 2. Dr. Yinong Xu (Senior Lecturer, studio leader of the inter-institutional program) Room 4011 Faculty of Built Environment UNSW Sydney NSW 2052 Australia Tel.: (+61 2) 93854961 Email:

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