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The love of Christ compels us...2 Corinthians 5:14

Dear Faith Church Family, It has been an exciting season for Missions at Faith Church; we continue to see God’s hand at work here at home, and around the world and are excited to have a role in God’s grand story. Through our Community Development focus, we celebrate our 5th year in partnership with World Vision in Karaba, Rwanda, and continue journeying into Haiti. In early 2012 we launched a Leadership Development focus which rightly lines up with Faith Church’s desire to equip young leaders. We are also excited to begin a journey discerning a potential focus on Unreached People groups and what role God may have for Faith Church. In addition to these things happening globally, we’ve begun a relationship with a network of churches across Northwest Indiana seeking to bring Salt and Light to our neighborhoods. All of these things are the tip of the iceberg when we think about our long-standing relationships with over 20 missionaries serving around the globe, the development of unique ministry opportunities as each multi-site develops, and serving those within our own faith community through ministries such as the Faith Family Market. We truly are “Making His name great among the nations” (Malachi 1:11). As Faith Church continues to discern how to steward our resources locally, regionally, and globally, we are excited to have the opportunity to be a part of something so much greater than ourselves and to be just one piece of the puzzle. In Him, Pastor Bob Bouwer, Senior Pastor Corrie Vos, Missions Director

Mission Focus Areas: 1. Community Development 2. Leadership Development 3. Unreached Peoples

* all pictures in this book are from Faith Church Global Serving Teams.

community development Serving in Rwanda through World Vision In 2008 Faith Church began a journey with World Vision in Karaba, Rwanda. Through this narrow focus, in the last 5 years we have had a tremendous impact on the community of Karaba and the surrounding area. Our children, students, and adults have all gotten involved through Team Rwanda, Kid Team Rwanda, End Malaria projects, Caregiver Kit packing, Child Sponsorship and basket sales in support of microfinancing. In 2010 a team of leaders from Faith Church traveled to Rwanda to deepen relationships and see firsthand how Faith has been a supporter in Rwanda. On a dual purpose trip, we focused on building key relationships as well as participating in filming projects, with the goal of capturing the experience for our Faith Church family. Much of this project was celebrated through the Hole in Our Gospel series in 2011.

This year after 5 years of partnership in Rwanda we celebrate: • • • • • •

481 sponsored children $242,468 raised through Team World Vision which supports clean water, education, peace/reconciliation projects, hygiene projects, HIV/AIDS awareness programs and more. $9,792 raised through Kid Team Rwanda 2,200 Caregiver Kits Assembled 17 bikes given to Caregivers to reach remote parts of Karaba $10,015 Micro-financing basket sales

When we calculate the amount of money given in each of these areas (including the multiplication of annual support given through sponsoring a child) Faith Church has given over one half million dollars in support of World Vision in Karaba, Rwanda!! We have seen through this partnership the power of individuals participating in something bigger than themselves, stepping out in faith, and seeing God-sized outcomes.

Serving in Haiti A country rich in history, culture, beautiful countryside and pristine waters, Haiti is most widely known as the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Wracked with corruption and political turmoil, Haiti was devastated further in 2010 when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the capitol of Port Au Prince. It is estimated that between 10,000-50,000 NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations) are working in Haiti at any given time. Faith Church has been on a journey since 2010, evaluating these organizations and discerning what our next steps will be. While continuing to push forward in our long-term relationship in Haiti, the Mission Team desired to offer short-term serving opportunities in Haiti. We found these in God’s Littlest Angels Baby Ministry. We are excited to have sent our first team to Haiti in June of 2012. We have been encouraged to hear how God has enlarged the team member’s view of the world and increased their understanding of where He is working and how He invites us to join Him in His work.

“Pictures can’t even express the extreme poverty that we experienced. I have a new perspective on my blessings and how I serve the Lord with what I have been given. This trip has made my relationship with the Lord stronger, and has given my spirit renewal and ‘rest’ that I feel I’ve been needing for a long time.” –Kristin DeVries

“To say it changed my life is an understatement. Even though it is beyond words, I want to express my love for the people here. The work they all do is tireless. I have cried and laughed more this week than I think I ever have. The poverty is immense everywhere you look. Yet, they love Jesus and are able to praise him.” - Patti Harris

“God has revealed so much to me on this trip. It is by far the most amazing experience in my walk with God. The poverty in Haiti overwhelmed me. However, the operation of GLA had the most impact on me. The tireless commitment and dedication of its staff and volunteers cannot be fully explained. The love and care that they give to the children will never be forgotten.” - Marty Schmidt

“The visions and images of Haiti are burned into my mind. This week I found myself longing – longing to stay, longing to love, and longing to be used by God.” –Becky Vanderzee

leadership development Serving in Aira, Ethiopia through Onesimus Nesib Seminary Since the late 80’s Faith Church has been involved within the community of Aira, Ethiopia, first through support of RCA missionaries Carl and Margaret Toren, and later through ongoing support of the seminary’s library building project, spring protection project, and medical trips. Most recently, Faith spearheaded a Pastor Sponsorship program at the local Onesismus Nesib Seminary (ONS) in Aira. The sponsorship program assists needy students who are in their final years of seminary. In early 2012 Faith Church sent Jason DeVries, Valparaiso Campus Pastor along with Carol Toren, Faith Church elder, missionary, and doctor, to Ethiopia. While in Ethiopia Jason spent his time at ONS Seminary teaching two classes to the students there; meanwhile Carl worked at the local hospital, nursing school, and oversaw many spring protection projects. We look forward to deepening these relationships into the future, especially through continued pastor sponsorship. 2011: 11 sponsored pastors 2012: 13 sponsored pastors

Serving in Indonesia through Leadership Resources International Ed and Jan Kotynski have been missionaries supported by Faith Church for many years. In 2008 our church celebrated with Ed and Jan when they presented the completed New Testament scriptures to the Tabaru people of Indonesia. As missionaries of Wycliffe Bible Translators, Ed and Jan, along with Tabaru translator Tonga, spent more than twenty years working on this translation. Since its completion Ed and Jan continue to work with the Seed Company, an affiliate of Wycliffe. They are translating the Old and New Testaments for the many people groups that live in Indonesia. Through longstanding connections with Leadership Resources International (LRI), Ed and Jan approached Faith Church in early 2011 to propose an idea that Faith partner with LRI. This partnership would help Indonesia to develop national leaders in preaching and teaching the Word through the TNT (Training National Trainers) program, including the Tabaru people. They had seen the benefit of having the scriptures in the national language and the deep need for the training of pastors and lay leaders in Indonesia. Faith Church accepted this proposal and in early 2012 LRI shared news with Faith of the on-going work of 1st and 2nd generation pastors and teachers reaching more than 2,000 people! We look forward to watching this partnership unfold in the months and years to come.

unreached peoples Over the course of 2012 the Faith Church mission team continued to feel an urgency to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached people groups, defined as groups of people where there is no indigenous community of believers. It’s hard for us to imagine living in an area where there is no faith community, because as we drive to work or the grocery store we likely pass by several churches! We believe it is part of God’s calling to every Christian to play a role in reaching these peoples with the gospel. As Faith Church begins this new journey of discerning where we can best use our time, talents, and resources we ask you to be in prayer for those living in remote parts of the world, living in darkness because they have not yet heard God’s gift of salvation through Jesus.

Local Missions: Salt and Light While Faith Church has a long history rooted in global mission, we also have been working diligently over the years to provide ways for everyone at Faith Church to be a part of local mission in tangible ways. Faith Church has many ongoing relationships with local organizations working to serve the needs of those right in our own back yard. In late 2011 the Salt and Light guidebook was published and distributed widely to ministries and organizations throughout Northwest Indiana. The purpose of the guidebook was to discover the greatest needs throughout Northwest Indiana and find out which organizations were working to meet those needs. The guidebook is an excellent resource for those desiring to get connected and can be found on the Salt and Light website ( In early 2012 a steering team was formed which included staff from Faith Church and 12 other regional churches. While the ultimate goal is for us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, we understand we need to first know our neighbors. From this our summer initiative was birthed. It has been encouraging as we hear stories of people getting out into their communities and getting to know their neighbors. We encourage you, if you have not yet, to pick up a Salt and Light brochure from the Welcome Center and get to know your neighbors!

Percent of FC budget to Missions 2012 Budget: Missionary Support Shares: $105,875 which is approximately 2% of total budget Supported Agencies/Benevolent Causes: $289,964 which is approximately 5% of total budget Mission Focus Areas, Trips, One Time Gifts: $88,575 which is approximately 1.5% of total budget RCA denomination Classis & Synod Askings: $285,900.50 which is approximately 5% of total budget Total 2012 Missions: $770,314.50 which is approximately 13.75% of the Total 2012 Proposed Budget

Mission and Benevolent Causes: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Agape Center Chicago Chicagoland Prison Outreach Children’s Hunger Fund PASS Restoration Ministries The Bible League Northwest Indiana Women’s Health Clinic Caring Hands Soup Kitchen, Hammond Bethany Christian Services Bethshan Elim Christian School Trinity Christian College Hope College Northwestern College ECFA Providence Life Services MFCA (formerly TEA) Western Theological Seminary area christian schools

2011 Year Review “stats” • • • • • • • • • •

13 Pastors Sponsored at ONS Seminary in Aira, Ethiopia 1875 Gifts for the Angels of Hope Project $3,000 to End Malaria through Student Ministries & World Vision (matched by a World Vision Donor) 625 Children’s Hunger Fund Food Paks 1471 Elim Hope Packs ($7585) 105 additional child sponsors (481 total) $40,468 for Team World Vision through the Half Marathon 780 Caregiver Kits packed ($19,235) $16,105 to support Micro Finance through Rwandan Baskets $4967 through the AMAZI Craft Fair

From the Budget: • Annual Support of 23 missionaries in the field. • Support of 6 short term missionaries through missions scholarships • Scholarship for 3 students to attend the Jesus Culture conference through Revolution Ministries (Caring Hands connection) • Sponsorship for 3 students to attend Hope Medium School through Mission Partners India (RCA) • Sponsorship of campus outreach activities at Valpo University through InterVarsity in partnership with Catalyst-Valpo • Sponsorship for Our Family Center in Hammond in support of their Christmas drive • Support given to Grace Beyond Borders for their work in Reynosa, Mexico • Support given to PET (Personal Energy Transportation) in support of building 10 hand crank trikes for those with developmental disabilities in third world countries. • Support given to Caring Hands Soup Kitchen in support of their annual Christmas coat and shoe drive.

Supported Missionaries – listed with location/ministry serving • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Paul and Becky Beck: World Venture Wayne and Barbara Brink: Campus Crusade, Jesus Film Bill and Rachel Carroll: Christian Associates International, Vintage Church: Paris, France Luke and Linda Dalach: Great Commission Ministries Andrew Harbert: Mentorlink Paul and Dori Hoekstra: Talking Bibles International Mark and Sandy Hoekstra: Talking Bibles International Wayne and Miho Jansen: RCA, Japan Barbara K.: RCA Ed and Jan Kotynski: The Seed Company Phil and Mary Manning: MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) Rich and Jackie Mansen: Wycliffe Bible Translators Milton and Cynthia Massie: Campus Crusade, Here’s Life Chicago Jan Mulder: Young Life Expeditions Bruce Smith: Wycliffe Associates Richard and Donna Swart: RCA, Ethiopia Windmill project Mike and Pretty VanProoyen: Word of Life, Philippines Curt and Sheri Weerheim: Campus Crusade, Athletes in Action

* Others are not available for listing because of security concerns regarding the location in which they are serving.

Next Steps & Ways to get involved: • • • • • • •

Serve Locally Serve Globally Read the Salt and Light Guidebook and participate in the Summer Initiative Serve on the Missionary Care Team Pray for our missionaries and the nations where they serve Support a child through World Vision Sponsor a pastor through ONS seminary (Ethiopia)

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An anual report regarding global missions at Faith Church.


An anual report regarding global missions at Faith Church.