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Thanksgiving 2016 by Kevin Barr

It sure was nice to be home for Thanksgiving. There were lots of items on the menu that are practically delicacy for a college student; turkey, homemade mashed potatoes, rolls, homemade cranberry relishsauce, fresh carrots, brussel sprouts, broccoli, wine, and cake for dessert. I interviewed my father about what thanksgiving means to him, and the preparation that went into the meal.

The cooking of the main meal was a little over three hours, with an hour for post meal clean up. Most of the items were from Redner’s Market, other than the wine, which was purchased at the state Wine and Spirits store, and the cake at Rilling’s Bakery. The pumpkins were purchased from Rice’s Market in Lahaska, PA. “We made of the items from scratch, other than the rolls, which were Pillsbury, and the cake. We bought pumpkins from a local market and cooked them in the oven. We then froze the pumpkin for Christmas pies, since we already had the chocolate chip cake. The Mashed Potatoes were the golden variety, They were peeled, boiled, then mashed by hand wmerican cheese, butter and milk added until they were smooth with no potato chunks. The brussel sprouts were roasted with olive oil and pepper, and the carrots and broccoli were steamed. The cranberries were rinsed, the puréed in a blender with some sugar and oranges blended in.”

“We had a curve ball in preparing the turkey. Even though we had bought it a week earlier, and had left it in the refrigerator instead of the freezer to thaw, it was still partially frozen. We cooked it at 250 degrees for four hours, then at 325 for three hours. It left the lighter meat a bit dried out but no one noticed.�

The final product