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Black Friday by Kevin Barr


Brett O’Leary, 21, is a tool rental technician at Home Depot. On a normal day, Brett is usually repairing or shipping out items, but he was able to help out and dealing with more customers than he would on an average shift. He said that though he had worked as a car saleseman on Black Friday in the past, the experience at a retail job is a wild one, with people going absolutely nuts. “There was a line of 500-or-so people waiting outside when we opened at 6 in the morning. When we opened the doors, everyone rushed to the Poinsettias, and there was a fight. There was a cop waiting outside in the parking lot, and two people caught assault charges over 99 cent flowers”, he said. “I think people are definitely a little crazy. The internet is the way to go.”

In his free time, Brett enjoys working on automobiles. Here he is seen looking at his Mazda Miata, which he plans to fix up and get on the road by next spring.

The Consumer Frank Barr, 21, went to Atlantic City in order to experience a sale at outdoor retailer Bass Pro Shops. Frank went to experience some sales, but unfortunately most of the better deals were on merchandise bearing the retailer’s logo. “We left at 4 AM, and got down there by 6. I got lures and some stuff like that, but they weren’t really on sale that much. It was only a 10% or so discount. The lines were extremely long and the place was crowded,” he stated. Frank also ended up exploring some other outlets while in Atlantic City.

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