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Multicultual Church

Waterford Ireland 4th year Studio Project Erasmus : Waterford Institute of Technology 2007

‘‘a beacon for souls and seafarers’’

Project Site : Dunmore East

Project Site : Dunmore East

Project Site : Dunmore East


Cemetery grounds with stepped belvedere...

... oriented towards the Irish sea

seat tomb

tomb with incorporated seat

Multicultual church grounds access plan (top) and programmatic plan (bottom)

inside plan of churh with asymetric views

light from above seen in the prayer room

inside view towards altar with view of the sea with filtered light from south

N-E axonometric (top) & programmatic axonometric (bottom)

inside view from altar towards entrance, narthex & prayer room (top), both views (bottom)


section prayer room & narthex (top) facade of entrance (bottom)



Beacon of Light  

multicultual building