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2013 – 2014 | Issue 1 | Summer 2013

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2 | Capital Courier

a message from

Sean D. Nguyen Cal-Nev-Ha District Governor CAPITAL!

have met so many of you. How’s it going! If you don’t Capital, even when visiting know who I am, then let me your division, I felt so welcomed, as if I was from Capintroduce myself – my name ital. I must say thank you for is Sean Dylan Nguyen and I am the CNH Circle K District having me and I can’t wait to Governor for the 2013-2014 visit you guys again. year, and I’m from Cal State From when I first started CirLong Beach in the fabulous cle K, I always saw Capital as a crazy spirited division Metro Division! – and that hasn’t let up one Some of you may remembit since then. Over the years ber me from Kiwanis DCON and Capital Division’s DCM I’ve only seen Capital grow louder and more spirited. in Reno! I just wanted to say Keep it up! that that was an amazing weekend and I’m glad to Well that’s all I have to say for

now, Capital – but know that if you ever see me at an event, don’t be afraid to say hello, I promise I’m not scary! Or even if you need any help with anything, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Thank you Capital, and I’ll see you all soon!

a message from

Amanda Spendlove Paradise Division Lieutenant Governor Hello Capital Division! My name is Amanda Spendlove and I’m the Paradise LTG. As many of you may already know Paradise and Capital are currently divisional buddies. Basically we’ve been paired together so that our divisions have the chance to get to know each other a bit better.

southernmost division of CNH (so basically the farthest from you) and encompasses schools from the San Diego area AND Hawai’i! So basically we’ve got the best beaches and “hottest” climate. Paradise embraces our island and beach-y atmosphere with our palm trees, coconuts, pineapples, and birds of paradise.

a TOU-GLE (touc an– eagle). This year our divisional theme is “It’s Hot in Paradise”, and I’m sure a few of you know the reason that was chosen. So that’s a little bit about Paradise Division! I can’t wait to meet the wonderful members of Capital and learn more about you!

I wanted to take this opOur mascot is the ever exportunity to tell you a little bit about Paradise Division. otic Toucan Tango, and so See you soon! together our divisions make So Paradise division is the

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a message from

Luke Tanaka

Capital Division Lieutenant Governor

Hello Capital Division! We’ve had quite the summer together. Through the wide range of events and activities that have been held over summer, I believe that we’ve all had the opportunity to grow as an organization and as individuals. Whether it was competing with your team at the Survivor-style June DCM, gathering the courage to jump off a ledge into the forty feet of empty space between you and the icy water below (or helping others find their courage by cheering them on!), or tackling your own history of engaging in the act or being a victim of bullying, I am certain that we are on track to the beginning of an amazing fall semester/quarter. I have been very fortunate to travel around much of the District this summer, visiting many clubs and divisions. Each and every group has its own unique culture and attitude. Consistently throughout this summer

I have heard from countless people that the members from Capital are adventurous, chill, unified, and so friendly and approachable. You all make me so incredibly proud to be your Lieutenant Governor, because you all are really what make Capital special. So, thank you for everything that you do for your club and our division! No matter what position you hold, you make Capital what it is. On that note, the Divisional Board and I have been working to better Capital by focusing on the strengths that we possess already. We are a friendly, welcoming group and we want to turn that ability inward to foster greater and more meaningful friendships amongst the members of the division. Through activities, events, and our combined effort, we truly have the potential to become even more unified, not just at a club level, but also at an individual level. By the end of this Circle K year, we hope that you will all have made closer and stronger friendships with Circle Kers from other clubs within our division. We hope that the reason you choose to spend your precious free time traveling to Circle K events is to see your friends that you have made over a shared love of service and improving your communities. These hopes that the Divisional Board and I have are completely realizable,

4 | Capital Courier

but please do not hesitate to let us know if we can improve and make your experience better! It is only through your constructive feedback that we will be able to better Capital most effectively. When I ran for Lieutenant Governor back in March, one of my main points was that I wanted to see Capital become an even greater division and a powerhouse of CNH. The opportunity to realize this goal is approaching, if it has not already begun for many of you. The importance of fall recruitment cannot be understated. The first few weeks after school resumes are pivotal for the future of all clubs. You will find your future officers, passionate members, and the new foundation for your clubs whilst you are tabling and holding your first meetings. Capital, use your charm and welcoming nature to bring in the new members, make them feel at home with us, and make our division flourish! Two major service events are also approaching in September. The Capital Divisional Service Project in Rocklin on the 15th and the Capital Fall Large Scale Service Project on the 21st are projects that will engage your members, both new and returning, and expose them to what the division and

fun facts Favorite Color: Colorblind! Best thing you ever ate: Mahi Mahi burger with wasabi sauce What super power would you have: Teleportation Dream Vacation Spot: Belize or the Caribbean Favorite CKI Story: DSSS 2012 One Cool Fact About Yourself: I have dual citizenship in the US and Canada! perhaps District is and has to offer. If you have not already signed up for these events, I’d highly encourage you to do so! Crazy Komp for Infants North is also fast approaching. Let’s show up in force again and show the District what we have to offer by dominating again this year! I don’t know about you, but I would love to keep the title of CKI North Champions within Capital Division! And, while we’re on the topic of District events, Fall Training Conference will soon be here! For those of you who aren’t familiar with FTC, it is a three-day event in the woods in Northern California where the entire District converges for a weekend of service, leadership, and fellowship. For many, this event is a highlight of their CKI year, so keep an eye out for more updates come about FTC! Lastly, I’d like to take this op-

portunity to thank several individuals. Capital can be somewhat geographically distant from much of the District, so it means so much to us when we have guests. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to come visit and attend our events over summer, particularly Kiwanis District Convention, as we could not have done it without you! I’d also like to thank my Divisional Board. For every divisional event that is put on or service that is provided by Capital, the Divisional Board members are the ones behind it and the success that we’ve experienced would not be possible without them. The next time that you see one of them, please take a moment to thank them for all that they have contributed to Capital. Keeping a club in order is no small task and sometimes I think that we can forget how much behind

the scenes work is required to maintain and grow a club. With that in mind, thank you to all of the club board members who have contributed countless hours over the summer to building and strengthening your clubs. Finally, thank you to all of the members of Capital Division. Like I stated earlier, you are what comprise Capital and make it what it is. Without you, our division and our clubs would mean nothing. You all add meaning and substance to an otherwise lifeless structure, so thank you again. I look forward to seeing all of you continue to go beyond and above in your duties as members of Capital and Cal-Nev-Ha CKI in the months to come. Until next time, Luke Tanaka Capital Division Lieutenant Governor

Capital Courier | 5

introducing our 2013 – 2014

Divisional Board Annie Yu

Large Scale Service Chair Favorite Color: Blue/Purple Best thing you ever ate: When I have eaten all the food in the world, I’ll let you know. What super power would you have and why: Teleportation so I can easily get to my destination. Dream Vacation Spot: Europe Favorite Circle K Memory: FTC ‘12 cheering with my club & division. One Cool Fact About Yourself: I like to cliff jump with Capital Division during our summer DCM.

Stephanny Orozco Secretary

Favorite Color: All shades of blue! Best thing you ever ate: Heavenly Vanilla Bean Cheesecake What super power would you have and why: I would want the ability to function perfectly fine without sleep, such a waste of time! Dream Vacation Spot: DISNEYLAND!!! Favorite Circle K Memory: Attending DCON 2013!!! One Cool Fact About Yourself: I aspire to be a zoo veterinarian.

Vinh Ke Ton Spirit Chair

Favorite Color: Purple Best thing you ever ate: Curry Udon in Kobe, Japan!!! What super power would you have: Double-Jump Dream Vacation Spot: with host family in Japan Favorite Circle K Memory: Go West 2012 with Davis and Foothill Division! One Cool Fact About Yourself: I’m studying to be a mechanical engineer.

6 | Capital Courier

Andrew Tom Service Chair

Favorite Color: Red / Black Best thing you ever ate: Yakiniku! Basically KBBQ but Japanese. What super power would you have and why: A rubber body to stretch and take any shape. Dream Vacation Spot: My room Favorite Circle K Memory: Go West 2010! Rose Float Decorating is Kiwanis International’s largest single service project, and meeting people there and having a ton of fun was part of how I fell in love with CKI. One Cool Fact About Yourself: Like being gutsy? Like living it up?? SO DO I – so we’ll get along fine!

Wilson Vang Large Scale Service Chair Favorite Color: Blue Best thing you ever ate: Ice Cream w/ Hot Cheetos What super power would you have and why: SUPER STRENGTH because Captain America is AWESOME Dream Vacation Spot: France Favorite Circle K Memory: Waking up shirtless next to Anthony Mak at DCon2013 One Cool Fact About Yourself: BIGGEST Supernatural & The Walking Dead FANGIRL EVER ALIVE.

Kevin Arthur

Historian / Technology Chair Favorite Color: Green Best thing you ever ate: a hamburger at Ahn’s What super power would you have and why: The ability to stop and manipulate time, because there isn’t enough of it. Dream Vacation Spot: A cabin somewhere in the mountains. Preferably with electricity and an Internet connection. Favorite Circle K Memory: Organizing push-carts full of comics into an elevator at Stockton-con. One Cool Fact About Yourself: In high school, I hacked the school computers and changed the wallpaper on all the computers (for a senior prank).

Capital Courier | 7

California State University

Sacramento Hello! This summer has been filled with lots of fun events for Circle K International at Sacramento State. We started our summer off with Key to College: The First Year. At Key to College, we hosted tons of workshops for high school Key Clubbers to show them what to expect during their first year of college. We also hosted a student panel which included college students from all over Capital Division! Thank you to everyone that came to help out, and a big thank you to Seng Khang for organizing the event. We are proud of you! Our next big event was Pops in the Park! Pops in the Park is series of four free evening concerts, each at a different park in Sacramento. It’s a great opportunity to raise money for the under-funded neighborhood parks. There are tons of booths with beverages, food, games, but we got together to paint faces and give henna tattoos. Despite the hundred degree weather, it was still a great fundraiser for our club. This would not have been possible without our artists that came out to help paint and give tattoos. Thank you to everyone that helped out! Our final big event of the summer was our second Barbaloogun! What is Barbaloogun? Well, it’s a combination of Bar-B-Que, water balloons, and water guns all coming together for a fun summer day. A big game of Counter Strike was organized, which involved getting the president passed the terrorists and to the other side of the park, while staying dry. The President won! A big thank you to Vinh Ton for organizing a great get together for returning members, as well as new ones! There were so many more events, but these definitely were the ones to highlight. Now we look forward to a great fall semester and wish the best for everyone when tabling!

Bianca Posada President

Favorite Color: Yellow, or Red-orange, or just all of them! Favorite Food: My dad’s Potatoes with eggs and ham. Perfection. Favorite Circle K Memory: Cheering at FTC 2012 on stage in front of all the new members was definitely a great memory that I will always remember.

8 | Capital Courier

Wilson Vang

Vice President of Administration Favorite Color: Navy Blue Favorite Food: Spaghetti. Not just any kind but FILIPINO Spaghetti. Favorite Circle K Memory: July DCM Cliff Jumping :D

Selena Chiang

Vice President of Service Favorite Color: white Favorite Food: chocolate!! Favorite Circle K Memory: when a little kid came up to me at a service project and gave me a quarter to show his appreciation for my service that day

Allen Luong Secretary

Favorite Color: Black Favorite Food: Chicken Tuscani Pizza w/ herbs tomatoes and basil OR GOOD Mac& Cheese (not too dry, not too watery.. and very cheesy) OR sushi (but no wasabi cause i don’t like wasabi and i like the kinds w/ tempura or fried shrimp in the middle and not too spicy) Favorite Circle K Memory: There’s no “favorite” memory. Meeting all the CKI friends I have now throughout the year were my precious memories

Helen La Treasurer

Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Food: Chicken Favorite Circle K Memory: Joining the club and becoming a part of an amazing organization.

Capital Courier | 9

Univsersity of California,


MOOOOOOO! Grab your cow bells because the Aggies have ARRIVED! This summer has been a summer like no other here at UC Davis – jam packed with our traditional events and meshed with fresh events that were sure to provide you with a cow tippin’ good time. Our summer service events ranged from general walks and marathons (such as the Davis Moo-nlight Run, SF Gay Pride Parade, SF Aids Walk, Sacramento Color Run, and the CA Kid’s Triathlon) to keeping our community clean and limiting the amount of waste in our landfills (Apartment Move-Out Waste Reduction Program) to our continuing weekly and monthly events that involve serving warm meals to the local community (Davis Community Meals and Chow Night), interacting and caring for the local senior citizens (Senior Citizen Dance and Meals on Wheels), and even one of our newest continuing events, Blanket Labels with Project Linus! Regarding summer leadership events, UC Davis had representatives at International Convention, Kiwanis District Convention, and Leadership Academy. Some of our club committees (Historian, Fundraising, Kiwanis Family, Fall Welcome, Service, and Public Relations) were also busy with summer committee meetings and workparties. We were also able to fundraise for the upcoming year at our large Davis Livestrong bicycle race, many carwashes at our Nugget Supermarkets, as well as through concessions booths (soccer games and our Mondavi Center for Performing Arts). AND IT DOESN’T END THERE! We also had many summer social events including our July 4th Fireworks/BBQ/Picnic social, swimming socials, movie socials, and our large scale summer social, the Summer Beach Bonfire near San Francisco. But our summer could not have been complete without sharing memories with the other schools in Capital Division. We were able to make several visits to Sac State, UNR, and UoP! Amazing as summer was, Davis folks are excited to see what the rest of the Circle K term has in store!

Nancy Bui President

Favorite Color: Green Favorite Food: Dessert Favorite Circle K Memory: There are too many! I really love all aspects of Circle K and the experience of it as a whole. After a while I really grew to enjoy even the smallest things that this organization has to offer. I guess Circle K International is more than just a single is a lifestyle. You come to learn that every event is marked with something meaningful...a memory that you can take away with you. It is something you can learn from, a situation to help you grow as a person, not only the others around you.

10 | Capital Courier

Ryan Tom

Administrative Vice President Favorite Color: Red Favorite Food: Sushi Favorite Circle K Memory: Yo so, basically between classes at Davis there’s always these awkward one hour gap. There’s not enough time to go home and do something, but then too much time to just wait at your next class. The solution? Circle K CoHo hours! In our on campus coffee house, there was always someone who had a table and there was always a bunch of Circle K’ers just chilling around the table. They made me feel more welcome as a member, and it’s definitely a reason why I’m a part of Circle K.

Kyle Prado

General Service Captain of Affairs of the Serviceship of Service (VP) Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Food: Water Favorite Circle K Memory: Go West 2012, first District event I attended, lots of food, lots of service, got lost at night in downtown LA with an international student. It was fun.

Melanie Wong Secretary

Favorite Color: Purple Favorite Food: Ice Cream Favorite Circle K Memory: DCON 2013

Aaron Wong Treasurer

Favorite Color: Yellow Favorite Food: All kinds of fruit! Favorite Circle K Memory: One of my favorite Circle K memories is the public speaking workshop that I did with Melanie Wong and Ryan Tom. Although in retrospect it wasn’t perfect, (far from it actually), the feeling of having put so much time and effort into a project and having it be received pretty well felt awesome.

Capital Courier | 11

Univsersity of Nevada,


Hey Capital Division! We UNR Circle K members are well into our third week of the fall semester now. Getting back into that school rhythm isn’t easy but we have the excitement of another year with Circle K to keep us going. Looking back on the past few months, we can easily say that this summer was great for us. Not only did we manage to more than double our hours from the previous summer to just over 2,000 (2,035) service hours by the end of August, but we also participated in some unique service events. We traveled to faraway places this summer to volunteer at service projects such as the Girl Scout revival camp, Salvation Army’s Kids College (yay UoP!), Susanville Corndog booth, Shakespeare on the Beach, Tahoe Rim Trail Building, and the great summer DCMs that were planned by our awesome LtG and his Divisional Board. Some of the service projects that we participated in this summer which were a little closer to home included Habitat for Humanity, Opportunity Village, Kiwanis Bike Shop, Animal Ark (twice!), Cold Springs Clean Up, Special Olympics, and the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. We also had out Family Fun Festival and raised funds for our club by volunteering at Hot August Nights. This summer, our club offered our members service projects in both Reno and Las Vegas, which is a major reason that we improved significantly in both the fellowship and leadership aspects of our club. By interclubbing with Capital Division and UNLV in Desert Oasis, our members were able to attend socials and service projects throughout the District. We had members from Las Vegas attend the WAA with Desert Oasis, and here in Reno, we did our fair share of interclubbing (hiking social, Six Flags social, etc.). We constantly worked on improving our Kiwanis Family relations throughout the summer by continuing to visit our Kiwanians at their meeting, going to Key Club DCMs, and participating in Kiwanis DCON. Since the summer went very well, our goals for the school year are set extremely high but we are always working on making them a reality. Our year has started out quite nicely with a great influx of new members, and we have some of our biggest events of the year coming up this semester (Key to College, Relay for Life Poker Tournament, and our first ever Single Service Project!) That is all for now Capital!

Victoria Silva President

Favorite Color: Purple Favorite Food: Enchiladas with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Favorite Circle K Memory: Having one of our K-Kids members remembering my name for the first time.

12 | Capital Courier

Aaron Volpone

Vice President of Administration Favorite Color: Green Favorite Food: Reese’s Blizzard Favorite Circle K Memory: 2012 October DCM at UoP

Diana Segura

Vice President of Service Favorite Color: Green Favorite Food: Barbecue Favorite Circle K Memory: DLSSP North

Giancarlo Jimenez Secretary

Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Food: Milk Fish fat (Don’t judge me...) Favorite Circle K Memory: My favorite memory was DCON!

Jan Chris (JC) Orolfo Treasurer

Favorite Color: Red Favorite Food: Japanese Style Curry Favorite Circle K Memory: DCON 2013 Talent Show

Capital Courier | 13

Univsersity of the

Pacific Helloooooo Capital! Over the summer, Pacific Circle K volunteered to quite a few great service events! The biggest event we’ve done is the Salvation Army’s 5-day Kids’ College event! In this event, families sign their children up to learn different life skills under various university students as “professors”. Who are the “professors” you might ask? Us! Of course! We come in each day of the week to spend time with the kids and reassure them that college is tangible and can be obtained by each and every one of them. Members from UC Davis, Sac State, and even UN Reno came and we all had a blast! Other events we did over the summer were the: North Sac’s Annual Uptown Street Fair, where we volunteered with our interclub buddy of the month, Sac State. Our members came up there and helped with setup, supervision of the booths, having a blast, and tear down. Afterwards, we continued our day of service and fellowship at Pops at the Park with Sac State and members from UC Davis. July DCM was amazing! We camped out, bonded with our fellow Capital Divisioners, participated in informational workshops along with a very fun skit! We had an amazing breakfast and went *shivers* cliff-jumping afterwards! It was a very memorable day for all of us! We ended our summer with the Summer Family Fun Festival! One of our members came to UN Reno with UC Davis to help with set up and tear-down for this awesome event/fundraiser for ELIMINATE! It was a great opportunity for us to bond with our fellow Capital members, and contribute to a great cause! It’s been a great summer for Pacific. We’re looking forward to what this year has to offer us! See you again!!

Charlene Lava President

Favorite Color: It used to be pink, but now it just depends on my mood. Favorite Food: Food to me is as children are to parents, I can’t pick a favorite! But if I really have to then I guess it would be ice cream. Favorite Circle K Memory: The lighting of the glow sticks at FTC, or FTC in general.

14 | Capital Courier

Mo-Kang Ling

Vice President of Administration Favorite Color: Purple Favorite Food: Pho Favorite Circle K Memory: August 2013 DCM at Reno

David Duy Ngo

Vice President of Service Favorite Color: White Favorite Food: Sushi Favorite Circle K Memory: Presidents’ Retreat

Lawrence Tran Secretary

Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Food: Scrambled Eggs Favorite Circle K Memory: Playing card games with the president, the spirit chair, and the vice president of administration, and winning.

Yoon Suh Treasurer

Favorite Color: Black Favorite Food: Gum Favorite Circle K Memory: UC Davis Corn Field Maze

Capital Courier | 15

June 15th – 16th, 2013

June DCM Capital’s weekend in the wilderness began with a service project at the KidZone museum in Truckee, CA. We all worked on a variety of projects throughout the entire museum to improve the appearance and usability of the features offered by KidZone. The staff and contractors were incredibly friendly and ended up recommending a new location for us to all go to instead of the always crowded Tahoe beaches. We wound up at a relatively secluded beach and proceeded to host a series of team building games and activities, while the main activity was prepared. Everyone who attended was split up into one of three teams to compete in a Survivor-style challenge that began with finding Swedish Fish in a bowl full of chocolate pudding. The teams who finished fastest went on to start a relay-race to retrieve puzzle pieces from buoys in the lake. As teams finished, they raced to the next challenge where they had to find buried puzzle pieces in the sand based on clues within a grid. Once the teams had found all of the pieces they went on to solve the puzzle with the Yellow

by Luke Tanaka

team finishing first. After relaxing at the beach for a while longer, we packed up and headed up to our campsite in the woods surrounding Tahoe. We set up the tents, prepared our camp, and started cooking dinner. As the sun began to set we started our DCM and polished off the rest of our barbeque. For the rest of the night we gathered around the campfire sharing stories and trying to contain our laughter as we played contact. It’s safe to say we all got a lot closer as a division that weekend, especially physically since

16 | Capital Courier

the temperatures dropped to near freezing! When we all stopped snuggling with our tentmates and came out for breakfast, it had finally begun to warm up. After a hearty breakfast of eggs, toast, and bacon, everyone began to head home for the remainder of the weekend. If you weren’t able to make this DCM, be sure to come out for one this year to experience the crazy team bonding and unique activities!

June 23rd – 30th, 2013


Large Scale Service Project & International Convention

by Ryan Tom

Twelve words. Large. Scale. Service. Project. And. International. Convention. Are. The. Bomb. Dot. Com. In all seriousness though, Large Scale Service Project (LSSP) and International Convention (ICON) are both amazing experiences. Wanna know why? THE PERKS.

TEAMS. Since LSSP is two full days of service and fellowship, everyone is split into smaller groups that make teams! Get hyped with team pride!

FRIENDS. The spirit of LSSP is all about fellowship and service. Positions and districts don’t matter – everyone is doing service and totes welcoming, friendly and chill!


TRAVEL. Get of the state! Get out of the country! It can be scary to go somewhere new by yourself but if you’re lost in somewhere new with tons of other lost people, it’s a good time!

THE GEAR. You get a sick LSSP shirt, along with a water bottle and event LSSP posters for souvenirs! (Based off the 2013 year) THE AWARDS. Awards are only for DCON? Oh honey, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you’re the MVP of your LSSP team, you get dat award OR if you’re lucky, your entire team gets an award! Depends on your team leader!

HIGH REWARD SERVICE. All service is rewarding, but LSSP service is HIGHLY rewarding. It’s immediate impact type service, this past year we called forth a playground from an open field right before the eyes of elementary school kids. #datexcitement&amazement. They wrote us cards and even sang to us. #HIGHreward

Since the spirit of LSSP is all about fellowship and service, it’s a great opportunity to make friends with those from other districts without politics getting involved. While it’s important to represent your club your club at ICON, it’s also important to show the “International” of Circle K International your support by getting to know others from the organization at LSSP!

HOUSE OF DELEGATES. Sounds boring, but International has BANK. There are electronic ballots, and official district signs.

SPIRIT PAXs. Spirit packs are legit. You get business professional bowties, a sick t-shirt, along with pins and other CKI swag.

THE PEOPLE. This is one of the only opportunities to meet people from all over the world, even if everyone may be intimidating in business professional clothes, they still want to meet you and know who you are! Meet them!

AWARDS. Just like district convention, let this be an opportunities to get recognition on the International level!

ICON is where we vote for the next International board, and your club definitely has a vote! Don’t let things happen to change without your club’s voice being heard! ICON PERKS: Send delegates, vote, meet oth• BIZ PROF. Business professional ers and have fun! ICON and LSSP dress code dude. Everyone looks were amazing experiences and super good: guys in suits, girls in next year they’re in Tennessee! dresses. #swoon

Capital Courier | 17

July 6th – 7th, 2013

July DCM Ever wanted to experience the rush of your heart beating a million miles a minute as you look down at the deep blue water – which you have to jump into from a cliff – or just cross it off your bucket list? Well Capital Division recently had a summer DCM that did exactly that at, our camping and cliff jumping weekend. The weekend begins with a car ride to the Indian Springs campground, where we set up our tents. For some it was a learning experience; for others, it’s like they could set up a tent in their sleep. After everyone got settled with their new homes for the weekend, we got ready to express our feelings with a little bit of arts and crafts. We made adorable monster bookmarks that will be donated to local elementary schools to motivate kids to read. We also made tote bags out of used t-shirts that had been donated to the division. Everyone sewed at their own speed to complete a tote bag fit for farmer market shoppers, to whom the tote bags were donated.

by Annie Yu

After the hard work we had time to relax and explore the wilderness, and we happened to find a place to cliff jump & swim. Before the sun went down for the day we made some delicious food that had that outdoor taste

to it and we made it just in time to eat during the DCM. It may be have been like any other DCM, but this one was done by the camp fire – we also had a skit to advertise about international. After we finished with the business part of the DCM, we all camped around the fire, making s’mores, and bonded with everyone until the early morning. This is the day some of us faced our fears of jumping into the many wonders of nature. The scenery

18 | Capital Courier

was breathtaking once we made our little hike to the cliff jumping spot. Not everyone had to cliff jump, as everyone is given a chance to decide what they wanted to do – either relax by the edge in the water or the excitement of cliff jumping. It can be a nerve wrecking experience hearing the rushing waterfall nearby where you’re standing as you look down at the deep clear blue water that you’ll have to jump into, but once you jump it’s only a few seconds before you hit the water – with some amazing Capital division lifeguards ready to save you in case you need them. It’s an amazing experience, and you’ll be able to tell someone that you jumped off a cliff – so why don’t you join us next year, and we can share an amazing experience together filled of camping and cliff jumping!

June 17th – 18th, 2013

by Stephanny Orozco

The August Divisional Council Meeting marked the end of 2013’s amazing summer DCMs. From enjoying delicious frozen yogurt to cleaning the homes of wild animals, the August DCM was full of memorable experiences. Although the DCM started in Reno, Nevada on August 17th, for some the DCM weekend began on the 15th volunteering at Kiwanis District Convention. Members helped out directing Kiwanians through the Silver Legacy Casino, setting up for the convention, and teaching people all about Circle K at our very own booth. Highlights of KDCON were watching Jaylen Nacional run alongside two other Kiwanians to finish the Eliminate Walk, riding the all-too-scary freight elevators, and the friendly competition between Davis, UNR, and the Kiwanis Family Committee on the mini-golf Course of Dreams. On Saturday KDCON came to an end and the August DCM officially began bringing together over 50 Circle K members;

August DCM

not only from across Capital division, but from Paradise, Foothill, Sunset, and Metro divisions as well. Everyone gathered on the University of Nevada, Reno’s campus for the DCM which was followed by two workshops hosted by Katie Copsey and Ami Salvador. The audience learned a lot about The Eliminate Project (one of our DFI’s) and Anti-bullying (our DSI). After this, Circle Kers were introduced to the hidden world of geocaching. Eight teams, forty-eight Circle Kers, eleven geocaches, and only one hour. Treasure-hunting skills and endurance were put to the test as everyone scattered to find these tiny containers. In the end, triumphant or not, friendships were forged in every team. At the end of the day everyone wound down over dinner and enjoyed each other’s company. Many of the members who were residents of Reno were able to accommodate those who came from far away and thus bonding over board games and late night conversations was inevitable.

takes in animals that can’t return to the wild. Here we found that help would be needed from every single person as there was lots to get done. Everyone was split into groups and assigned different tasks. One group took to relocating dirt which had been misplaced by a recent flood. People worked together to fill, push, and empty wheelbarrows full of dirt up a hill. Other groups helped with the maintenance of some of the animal’s exhibits. From this, many (myself included) managed to get a selfie or two with a cheetah or cougar! Of course, these selfies occurred between shovels of dirt and handfuls of weeds. Satisfied with the day’s work, Circle Kers bid farewell to their new furry friends and drove off to Reno’s Truckee River for some well deserved relaxation. Hot dogs, corn, and watermelon filled our bellies and refueled us for the river social which consisted of football, tennis, swimming, and pictures of members sporting a fashionable grass skirt. After two long days of service, fellowship, and leadership everyone gathered at the U-swirl fundraiser where we recapped the DCM’s events Circle kers were up bright and and prepared to part ways over early on Sunday off to Animal refreshing frozen yogurt. The Ark to work out those strong August DCM is definitely one service muscles. Animal Ark is a that we won’t soon forget. wildlife sanctuary in Reno that

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Eagle of the Month | April

Hello! My name is David Duy Ngo and I am currently the Vice President of Service of Pacific’s Circle K! I am a Computer Science major currently concentrating on Graphics and Simulation (that’s right, video games!). I am also a Sophomore, just to put that out there. My involvement Circle K started with the first general meeting last year. Ever since high school ended, life got a little but empty without Key Club. That’s why I was so eager to join

David Ngo

Circle K. Oh man I was not disappointed. I’ve made so many amazing friends during my journey through Circle K last year that I’ve made a second family. Now, I do whatever I can to spend time with my fellow eagles. We’ve had so many fun and interesting adventures and made so many great memories together. My most memorable time was during a certain Relay for Life after a certain end of the year banquet where a certain group of young,

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hot blooded eagles crash in a certain small tent playing a certain ten fingers game where we learn each others’ certain deep, dark secrets, and also the intriguing stories of a certain lieutenant governor. In all seriousness, that’s what . Circle K has given me warmth and a home to go to when I need it the most. You’re all so amazing and I am looking forward to continue my journey through Circle K with every one of you!

May | Eagle of the Month

Ryan Tom The name is Ryan Tom and I am the Administrative Vice-President of Circle K at UC Davis. I was born and raised in San Jose, California. My mom and dad are angels sent from heaven, and (if you didn’t already know) my brother is Andrew. I came to UC Davis looking to get involved in activities, and knew I was always welcome in Circle K. I tried dragon boating and popping, but I didn’t connect quite as well with the people there as I did with UCD CKI. I wanted to be the AVP because I thought I could help build the leadership skills of those on board, and made a personal goal to make everyone feel like they had one friend in the club. I think the tenet I enjoy the most is leadership and working with people to

build skills of communication, encouragement, and self esteem. Following that is fellowship because I think a large part of participating in life adventures is doing them with people you know and have fun with – friends. And last but not least, service. I think service is a super empowering activity, where even if you are in no situation to be providing money, or donations, you always have the power to help others. You can give your time, and energy to those who need it most, and it really empowers people to feel accomplished. I want to thank Capital Division and UC Davis Circle K for really opening my eyes to the benefits this club provides, and I hope to do the same for members in the future!

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