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PERSONAL DATA Name: Anthony Patrick Fernandez Yr. And Course 4 BS CoE

Nickname: Patrick

Date of Birth: August 23, 1991 Address: 1031 Cebu St. Sampaloc, Manila

Age: 20

Contact Nos. 09189155912

Email Address:

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AECES Credentials: AECES Representative – Science and Technology for the Enhancement of Public Schools (STEPS) AY 2009-2010 Project Head - AECES Networking Team (ANT) AY 2009-2010 Assistant Vice President for External Affairs – Ateneo Electronics and Computer Engineering Society (AECES) AY 2010-2011 Project Head- Interface 2011: A Luzon-Wide ECCE Convention AY 2010-2011 Vice President for External Affairs – Ateneo Electronics and Computer Engineering Society (AECES) AY 2011-2012

Plans and Platform: My platform is for AECES to become more socially involved particularly in addressing poverty. But before AECES is ready to do this, the foundation stands on active member participation and CB-member interaction. I plan to do this through two long-term solutions: 1.) Integrate the culture of participating to AECES freshmen through a “kuya/ate�-system wherein each freshmen will have an kuya/ate who will guide them during their first year stay in the Ateneo 2.) An overnight team-building seminar during the start of the year to aid in the CB-member interaction as well as the interaction between members. Another foundation for this to be done is to raise social awareness to the members. First of all, I would like to get ideas from the members themselves by holding a contest that will reward to whoever could give the greatest idea on sustainability, climate change, disaster reduction, etc. This would not only help in raising the awareness of the members but also, their ideas can be put into reality through the support of institutions/departments such as the ECCE department and the Ateneo Innovation Center. Since poverty being a multi-faceted problem, I plan to be socially involved by addressing education and livelihood aspect of the problem. Aside from encouraging members to do voluntary work in teaching basic computer skills, we could also raise funds to help children go to school so that the education we are giving them from our NSTP and ANT programs are not terminated, and are not put to waste. Also, we could teach technological livelihood to other communities so that they could use such skills for income such as being a technician, electrician, etc., and by hopefully partnering with institutions such as TESDA, we could give the participants some registration or certificates that could help them find a job. I also wanted to utilize the theses in the ECCE department that could help communities living in poverty. Since some of these theses could really help the communities but are not being implemented, AECES could help the implementation of these theses by partnering with private institutions to help fund the implementation of these theses. I also plan to have an effective feedback system through an online forum. The forum will be hosted through the AECES website. Through different topics, we could get information from the discussion of members about projects, AECES officers, and ECCE department that could serve as part of our basis for evaluation.

What is my vision for AECES? I envision AECES as an organization of engineers that is able to use their resources and skills to transform the nation, and is able to have a great impact on the society. This could be done by starting now, and raise the awareness in our members about the issues in the society as well as start some initiatives in trying to transform the nation by addressing some of the key issues.

Patrick Fernandez for AECES President