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Irene *luLLaby* Ng 2012-2013 President

[ Isabel *Flickr* Won Vice President - Internal Regine *Stonecold* Mojica Vice President - External Nancy *gaLaxii* Nguyen Vice President - Service Caitlyn *T.W.I.X.* Soriano Vice President - Membership Sabrina *Dropshot* Chan-Pong Treasurer Teresa *Nitro* Truong Secretary Active House on p. 26!


Since our chapter’s establishment in Fall 2008, our house has never stopped dreaming of ways to brand aKDPhi as a well-known and hard working organization on our campus. In our time here, we’ve made our voices heard by exceeding all expectations and going above and beyond in all that we do. We work relentlessly with one mission in mind: to best represent alpha Kappa Delta Phi in our community by upholding the highest standards of our sorority’s pillars not only as members but as leaders who are determined in making a difference. The future lies in the younger generation so we always strive to educate our sisters on our values since the letters that we represent are not just on our chests but within our hearts. For the past few years, we have had a strong presence and highly positive reputation within the Asian community, Greek community and overall Gainesville community. Whether it’s helping establish an Asian Studies minor at the university or collaborating with 12 other organizations to raise money for the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, our sisters have made a lasting impact on our campus. We decided to go with the theme of “Superwomen” for our status packet and presentations. Our chapter takes pride in our ability to help girls unlock their potential for greatness. On the outside, we may look like ordinary individuals, but within us lies the strength and determination to achieve anything that we desire. Everything we included in the packet was chosen to exemplify our dedication and drive to become “superwomen” in our community. If given Associate status, we will continue to grow from our experiences and continue putting our all into this sisterhood. We strive to bring the national level conventions to our region or even help expand aKDPhi and become a host chapter for a rising chapter. Beginning with our charters, our chapter has grown into a strong sisterhood that empowers women to spread their wings and reach for the sky. We pour our hearts into every leadership position, event and performance because the potential that we unlocked was all due to this amazing organization. We hope that you are able to gauge our passion and commitment to aKDPhi as you continue reading this packet. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Rush UF aKDPhi!

Scholarship! An important thing about being a superhero is being able to make intelligent decisions and being aware of what is going on around you.


Marsha Vongjesda’s Story


We have two academic chairs who take measures to improve our Sorority Academic Program every semester. For example, we’ve always been closely monitoring sisters with a GPA below 3.0 with study logs, and we now designate specific study hours in a week that are open to all sisters, celebrate Pi Day with free pies for sisters with a GPA above 3.14, and have incentives for sisters who earn A’s on major tests.

Every semester, our UF aKDPhi Alumnae Board awards $100 to a sister who best exemplifies our pillar of scholarship.

In Spring 2009, we were recognized by the Multicultural Greek Council as the organization with the highest GPA.

Many of our sisters have served as teaching assistants for undergraduate- and graduate-level courses and held prestigious research and internship positions.

Order of Omega is a honor society for members of Greek organizations who exemplify high standards in scholarship, leadership and involvement. Inducted 2011: Sandy Au Yeung, Briahna Brown, Tina Wang Inducted 2012: Aimee Alilio, Dan-Tam Nguyen

aKDPhi National Convention Recognition 2010 National Alumnae Board Scholarship: Florence Luong 2012 National Scholar Recipient: Joyce Alilio

Our sisters have been admitted into the following graduate programs:

Our sisters have studied abroad in...

Florida Atlantic University College of Medicine Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Architecture Nova Southeastern University Physicians Assistant Program Seton Hall University Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology University of Florida College of Dentistry University of Florida College of Medicine University of Florida College of Nursing University of Florida College of Pharmacy University of Florida Graduate Program in Family, Youth and Community Sciences University of Florida Graduate Program in Physical Therapy University of Florida Graduate Program in Public Health University of Florida Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology University of Miami School of Nursing

Ask us about...

Jessica Disabilities 101 Co-Director

Leena Indian Students Association Committee

Christina MusicFest Director

Kara & Fiona aKDPhi Fundraising Chairs

Stephanie HHM Asst. Marketing Director



The purpose of a superhero is to always give back to the community that looks up to you.

Dan-Tam Nguyen’s Story As a chapter, we regularly volunteer at the Winn Dixie Hope Lodge Fou ndation. The Hope Lodge provides cancer patients and their family a free and hospitable place to stay when the patients are receiving treatme nt out of town. As volunteers, we hosted a reception with entertainment and refresh ments, served homemade desserts, and discovered the strength of the patients through interactions with them. For past service projects at the Hope Lodge, we’ve also prepared care packages, served dinner, and even hosted a bingo and game night for patients.



In 2010, we adopted our own official street in Gainesville’s Southwest 16th Avenue through Adopt-a-Road. Every semester, our sisters pick up trash and beautify our share of the city. Within a few hours, we collect several bags of trash and are proud to call this road our own!

Our chapter regularly contributes to the following service projects: Adopt-a-Road American Cancer Society at Winn Dixie Hope Lodge Foundation Best Buddies Boys and Girls Club Gator Plunge Girls Scout Soiree Junior Achievement Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night Walk

The Great American Clean-Up


Gator Smiles is a service-based student organization at UF that raises funds to sponsor repair surgeries for underprivileged orphan children born with cleft lip & palate. We work in conjunction with a foundation named Love Without Boundaries, and support Shands Craniofacial Clinics. It has been a rewarding experience seeing the significant impact we have made on these orphans’ lives by sponsoring their surgeries and making it possible for them to find a loving family.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, a few sisters volunteer at the Sidney Lanier Program as fitness coaches and participate in hands-on physical activities with young adult students with intellectual and physical disabilities from the local Sidney Lanier School. The most rewarding part of volunteering here is knowing that, by providing enough support and encouragement, the students don’t limit themselves to their physical or mental disabilities.


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Multicultural Greek Council Service Day Ronald McDonald House School Renovations & Makeovers

Sisters and their individual contributions: Alachua County Humane Society Baby Gators Camp Boggy Creek Florida Alternative Breaks Gator Smiles Habitat for Humanity Hands To Love Camp Horizons Recurso Nicaragua Service Trip Relay for Life Sidney Lanier Program

Our Breast Cancer Awareness Week Objectives:  We want to raise money for the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade and/or breast cancer research.  We want to educate the participants about Breast Cancer and the probability of one getting the disease.  We want to prevent people from contracting this disease through education about mammograms and ways to self-check.  We want to empower individuals to continue to help breast cancer patients by spreading awareness or participating in other events.  We want to show the public that their little contributions can go a long way.

All women can do wonders if they’re put to the test. Wonder Woman


reast cancer has become the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women, with 1 out of every 4 cancers being breast cancer, and we as a chapter always strive to do as much as we can to bring awareness to this cause. Every year we host one full week of events in the month of October to educate the public about breast cancer and allow them to actively participate by contributing funds to the cause in a fun manner. In 2011, we raised $2660, and in 2012, we raised $2600 for Avon Foundation for Women: Breast Cancer Crusade. In 2012 we also raised $3260 for breast cancer and $4428 for breast cancer and the Liter of Light Foundation. Some of our most successful events are described below.

Informational Forum

“Benefit for the Cure” Banquet

Since 2008 we have been hosting forums educating the community about breast cancer. We have collaborated with Ladies in Pumps, a women’s empowerment group, and brought in many doctors and survivors to tell their stories. This year, we collaborated with the Asian Breast Cancer Project started in Massachusetts, UF Student Government International Affairs Cabinet, and our Multicultural and Diversity Affairs department to bring a forum dedicated to how breast cancer directly affects Asian American women.


This year we teamed up with Gamma Eta Sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, and the Women’s Cabinet of UF Student Government to show that breast cancer knows no race and affects all walks of life. We had a guest doctor from Shands Hospital present to us preventative measures against breast cancer and a minority survivor, as well as catering from Tasty Wok, and many guest performances. In just one night we raised over $1500!

“Beat Cancer” Charity Carnival

Charity Date Auction

Established in 2010, aKDPhi’s “Beat Cancer” Charity Carnival is one of our biggest events. Collaborating with more than 15 organizations, including the American Medical Student Association, Pharmacists with-out Borders, Health Troupe, Ladies in Pumps, Reitz Union Entertainment, Heal the World, the InterResidential Housing Association, and Asian America Student Union, we were able to get several hundred people to enjoy a fun night at a carnival. With snow cones, cotton candy, pizza, cake, face painting, corn hole, fun carnival games, raffles and even breast cancer awareness shirts, we were able to make over $790 profit!

This year we had an exclusive collaboration with Asian Kaleidoscope Month (a program under our Asian American Student Union to celebrate Asian American achievements, history and culture) to bring together a non-profit date auction. We created programs, bid paddles, balloons, informative PowerPoints for each auctionee, and a talent segment for guests to enjoy their experience. With the help of the 20 people from the Asian and Greek community (four of which were our own sisters) who contributed their time, and two very entertaining sisters as emcees, we were able to raise over $2053 for Liter of Light Foundation and Avon Breast Cancer Crusade!

co-sponsored with Asian Kaleidoscope Month

As a superhero, always remember your roots and be proud of the hero within.

Asian Awareness!


Christina Chan-Pong’s Story


been an es minor has di tu S an ic er something ian Am Obtaining As ct for our university and ing hard je ork ongoing pro ur sisters have been w o an Student f ic o er t m lo A a n ia s A that e th f o her support g a part toward. Bein us to work with and gat believed in Union allowed of professors that really rriculum cu r from a numbe visit professors whose d d we held e’ an W r, r. o o in in m m the d into the te ra board to g n te o in l those al could be h it w s g , especially eetin professor m knew what was going on ey make sure th going to send in our e er w e w n e day, whe the end of th and t A proposal. ts l the doub even with al community’s hard ur sal criticisms, o and the propo is ff o id pa rk th wo ed s s or pa for the min ill be available w d an r semeste ing year. m co up e th for

supporting the



e regularly support the Asian community on campus and actively participate in every organization under the Asian American Student Union; a very large amount of leadership positions in sub-organizations are and have been held by sisters. We are often invited to perform at student organization shows, whether to dance, sing, perform a skit, or have sisters as emcees. Every year we perform for shows such as the Chinese American Student Association’s Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Moon Festival shows, the Vietnamese Student Organization’s Lunar New Year and Tet Trung Thu shows, the Korean Undergraduate Student Association’s Spring Festival, etc. We have also been invited to perform at the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art. We perform annually at the Asian American Student Assembly (AASA), which draws in more than 1600 students at the beginning of the year to learn about Asianinterest organizations on campus; we co-host the official AASA afterparty with Pi Delta Psi Fraternity and Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority.


Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority hosts a Greeks Got Talent show every year for the entire Greek community at UF. As participants, we perform culturally inspired dances (such as the Indian bhangra and the Filipino tinikling) in collaboration with other Greek organizations, and we took home the first place trophy both in 2011 and 2012.

Taste of Asia is an annual event that our organization hosts in which we serve homemade traditional dishes from lesser-known Asian countries in an effort to educate our community. This year, we have expanded the interactiveness by including a language segment and traditional games for each country in addition to providing fun facts as we have done in the past.

e Going Abov

& Beyond

As an effort to step outside our comfort zone and bring cultural awareness to more than just the Asian American and Greek communities, we teamed up with Hispanic Heritage Month and GatorNights to host a game show and educate people on Hispanic and Asian American culture, and provided food representing a fusion of both cultures.

Our ambitions to do more for the Asian community has inspired sisters to pursue their own ways to promote culture. • Kevina Lee started an Asian American-interest magazine on campus. • Irene Ng and Caitlyn Soriano helped found the UF chapter of the Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers. • Whitney Fung, Ann Hoang, Tina Wang and Alyssa Wang founded the Asian Graduate Student Organization at UF. • Monica Tirtarahardja, Alyssa Wang, Sabrina Chan-Pong and Marsha Vongjesda helped found the Association of Asian Alumni at UF. • Bowie Stephens, Alyssa Wang and Irene Ng served on the executive planning committee for the Southeast Regional Conference of Asian American Leaders (SERCAAL). • Irene Ng, Oanh Nguyen, Monica Tirtarahardja, Alyssa Wang, Sabrina Chan-Pong, Sarah Otsuka, Regina Javier, Christina Chan-Pong, Stephanie Wong and Alice Zhang have received scholarships from the university to travel and attend the annual East Coast Asian American Student Union conference. • Monica Tirtarahardja and Alyssa Wang are recognized in the Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs Hall of Fame at UF.


! p i h s r e d LeaWith great power comes great responsibility. Strive to be the hero you were meant to be.


Kevina Lee’s Story



s a chapter we always encourage our sisters to get involved outside of our own organization and provide the support to shape them into better leaders. We constantly keep our sisters posted about upcoming leadership opportunities, invite speakers to advise us on skills such as public speaking, and even encourage sisters to try new leadership positions within the sorority. In addition to our chapter’s implementations, sisters have attended programs such as the UF Women’s Leadership Conference and the APIA Leadership Development Institute. As active members in the Asian American community, sisters also hold various leadership positions in the Asian American Student Union and its sub-organizations (see p. 31 in Appendix), become bigs and mentors, and earn awards and recognition for their contributions. Within the Greek community, sisters have held positions in the Multicultural Greek Council, directed Southeast APIA Unity Mixer conferences, and served as a Florida Greek Ambassador. One of our sisters also served on the executive board for Order of Omega, and another earned its prestigious Emerging Greek Leader award. Representing the student population as well as the Asian community, Student Government involvement is a tradition we hold highly in our chapter. Since our establishment in Fall 2008, we have had three student senators, one housing director and several assistant directorships. Our sisters have helped, authored, and passed resolutions ranging from legitimatizing Lunar New Year as a calendar date to establishing an Asian American Studies Minor at UF. Sisters have also excelled as leaders and role models to be chosen to serve on the UF Student Conduct Committee and UF Involvement Team. Since 2008, we have had four sisters inducted into Florida Blue Key, UF’s leadership honorary that was founded in 1923 and is nationally recognized as the breeding ground of Florida’s future leaders. Only the best leaders in the university are allowed entrance into this prestigious organization. Having our sisters as members of FBK has paved the way for the Asian American community’s presence on campus, and we hope to continue molding our sisters into impeccable leaders.

After seeing there was no minority engineering organization on campus that targeted Asian Americans, Irene Ng and Caitlyn Soriano joined the founding team for the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) at UF. They were recognized by the national organization in July 2010 and worked diligently to build their chapter up. Under their leadership, UF SASE was recognized as one of the top 3 performing chapters out of 40+ nationwide for 2 years in a row.

Ask us about...

Oanh Vietnamese Student Organization PR Chair

Sabrina Closing Ceremony Co-Director

Izzy Asian Kaleidoscope Month Director

Sarah Fashion Show Co-Director


As a superhero, never feel like you’re fighting the battle alone.



Supachaya Sucharitvanitwong’s Story



aving just crossed in Fall 2012, this year’s Founder’s Week was my first. It was a week filled with events, my favorite of which was the strolling and cake cutting at “The Set,” where other students got a chance to see why we were all proud of our letters. Celebrating our 23rd anniversary made me incredibly proud and thankful that I am part of an organization in which members uphold their pillars to the highest standards.


Our typical sisterhood activities: Weekly paired lunches Bucket list adventures Baffling Baba/Mysterious Moses White Elephant Valentine’s Day exchanges Themed movie nights Food trucking Potlucks Paint-the-Wall and more!


I think nted to “talk,” and big told me she wa me, to d sai she A few years ago my time but eventually the at sy bu so ed re low our lives we was excitement fol My initial reaction t!” an gn pre re we I’m s , “Little next few month n a little anxiety.The by confusion, and the first little, and lastly my ing eiv g school, rec really hectic, jugglin was due to give birth . In realizing that she being there for my big ty to do something ori it was time for our sor t tha ed cid de I n, soo in being a charter for all her contributions for her, especially for nly baby shower in threw her a sisters-o d an ed nn pla I r. on the same our chapte because it happened t ters even attended sis n tow y the state-of-the-ar of t bu ou to ich in wh of the sisters chipped s All wa l. an vea Tol Re r s le’ nte litt weekend as my t just stop there: Hu the sisterhood did no t Bu y. istr reg r . he him car seat on ties to take care of 2011 with so many aun born on February 2,

Caity This is my first time doing the UF tradition of painting the wall on 34th! I sat on Tracy’s shoulders to finish the top of our spring 2012 recruitment post!

My first year of co llege I roomed wi th my best friend ignoring that “un from high school, written rule” ev eryone told me enough, I found my about. But soon self crying and up set whenever I wa dorm; it was unbe s in my arable to live like that. When my lin Dani heard I was e sister stressing out, she inflated an air ma and called it my ttress bed. She eventua lly helped me mo my belongings int ve o her room. She took my mind off situation by study the ing with me, and even tried going to the gym with me --something she isn’t at all fond of. By the end of my freshman year, I learned that I may not have been an exception to a college cliché, but I did fin d my home in an exceptional sisterhood.


hosting the 2011

SouthEast Sisterhood Rally After months of preparation and countless days without sleep, our chapter was proud to have hosted such a successful SESR. For our first time inviting our Southeast Sisters to the Gator Nation, we wanted to make it an experience for them they would not forget. The day was filled with sisterhood activities, service projects, and we even learned how to defend ourselves in a self defense workshop.



Florida Sisterhood is one of our favorite events to truly network and strengthen our relationships with our Florida aKDPhi chapters. Usually held in Gainesville because of its convenient location between USF and FSU, we plan a weekend of sisterhood activities that allow us to intermingle and really build that sisterly bond. Our last Florida Sisterhood was a weekend getaway at Lake Wauburg, where we rented the clubhouse to host the activities, grill BBQ by the lake, and have sisters go out and explore the lake with paddle boating, kayaking and canoeing. Every year we leave happier and closer than before.

One of my favorite sisterhood moments was traveling to Washington DC with sisters after SESC 2012. We had over 10 sisters cram into our charter Vanessa’s one-bedroom apartment. While in DC, we visited museums, The White House, Lincoln Memorial and other hotspots. However, my favorite part was tasting and enjoying all the food we ate! Near the end of the trip, 5 of us sisters traveled aroun d DC and ate 9 meals in one day! We would share every meal and just pass the dish in a circle so we could sample everything. This trip was when I realized that I will never be alone and will always have a sister to go on adventures with. I shared so many laughs and memories during this getaway, and it will be one I never forget.



Our chapter was able to travel to chapters from the all the different regions. We were able to visit places we have never visited before and meet new sisters all thanks to their great hospitality. Some of us were able to see snow for the first time, try all the delicious food there, or just simply relax and get to know each other.


The UF aKDPhi Superwomen...

Irene Ng

#21 luLLaby Alpha - Fall 2009 President

Klea Jampasar

Caitlyn Soriano #22 T.W.I.X. Alpha - Fall 2009 VP Membership

Nancy Nguyen #31 gaLaxii Beta - Spring 2010 VP Service

#37 rAdianCE Gamma - Fall 2010

Aimee Alilio

Amanda Huynh

#28 mELoDie Alpha - Fall 2009

#42 temptress Gamma - Fall 2010

#43 CanciÓN Gamma - Fall 2010

#44 PG Gamma - Fall 2010

#46 Flickr Gamma - Fall 2010 VP Internal

Isabel Won

Sabrina Chan-Pong

Regina Javier

Regine Mojica

Dan-Tam Nguyen

Sarah Otsuka

Stephanie Ou

Fiona Chai

Christina Chan-Pong

Kyna Gania

#52 Charm Delta - Fall 2011

Jessica Truong

Kevina Lee

Jennifer Wong

#53 Eleganz Delta - Fall 2011

Teresa Truong

#60 Trigger Epsilon - Spring 2012

#61 Nitro Epsilon - Spring 2012 Secretary

Kara Ramos

Rigen Saltivan

#68 revoLver Zeta - Fall 2012

Lynn Phu

#74 Calypso Eta - Spring 2013

#69 royale Zeta - Fall 2012

Julienne Somera #75 LumieRe Eta - Spring 2013

#54 sonRISA Delta - Fall 2011

Oanh Le

#48 Dropshot Delta - Fall 2011 Treasurer

#55 maLIBU Epsilon - Spring 2012

Eun Lee

#62 Enchanté Zeta - Fall 2012

#63 RIOT! Zeta - Fall 2012

Kathlyn Vu

Kathleen Contreras

#70 Gunmetal Zeta - Fall 2012

Stephanie Wong #76 a cappeLLa Eta - Spring 2013

#71 BALMshell Eta - Spring 2013

Alice Zhang

#77 LUCKY Eta - Spring 2013

#50 GRAVITY Delta - Fall 2011

#56 Nouveau Epsilon - Spring 2012

Angie Llanos

#51 Stonecold Delta - Fall 2011 VP External

#57 DésiRe Epsilon - Spring 2012

Leena Philip

#64 skyyroCKET Zeta - Fall 2012

#67 K.A.R.M.A. Zeta - Fall 2012

Van Hoang

Reena Martinez

#72 CalibRe Eta - Spring 2013

#73 Crossfire Eta - Spring 2013

House Count: 27 New Member Count: 7 Fall 2012 GPA: 3.17 Cumulative GPA: 3.16


-2 Treasury Document 2012 Item

Chapter Fee

Individual Fee

Cost Per Person***

National Insurance



Active, Asso, NM


National Dues



Active, Asso, NM



Active, Asso







Active, Asso, NM


Status Fund


Active, Asso


House Dues-Active




House Dues-Asso




South East Dues MGC Dues


Active Dues

Associate Dues



*Break down National Dues/Insurance one time chapter fee between the two semesters -Insurance: Total $450 (Fall-$250, Spring-$200) -Dues: Total $250 (Fall-$125, Spring-$125) **House Dues vary per semester. This could be due to capital expenses (new tabling board, hard drive to store media, etc.) or just differing expenses based on new events ***Numbers listed are reflective of the Spring 2013 Dues House Dues (Spring 2013)

Bank Account Balance as of April 2013: $5094




Reimburse President/VPI 75% of Midyear/BTSR travel and registration, Yearly MGC Presidents’ Retreat

VP Internal


Florida Sisterhood materials, Founder’s Week supplies, and internal sister support (ex: travel to reveal shows)

VP External


Greek Events (competition fees, banquets, etc.), Taste of Asia location rental/food

VP Membership


Materials for the NM process, reveal location rental



Materials to make Superlative Awards at banquet

Susterhood Chair


Supplies for sisterhood events (ex: canvases and paint)

Cultural Chair


Outfits, fans, ribbons for cultural performances

Alumnae Chair


Alum Weekend materials

Rush Chair


Materials, food, room reservations, etc. for recruitment events

Social Chair


Materials, food for social events with other organizations

PR Chair


Capital Investment: new tabling board



Yearly website domain renewal

Fun Facts! · Introduced PayPal – This year, we have set up a PayPal account that is linked to our bank account, which allows sisters to pay electronically. It has proved to be very convenient and safe! · Payment Plans – We have always offered payment plans for those sisters who need the extra time to make payments. We would never want money to be the reason a sister didn’t join! · Learn from our past – Over the years we have learned which fundraisers worked and which didn’t. We constantly strive to raise money creatively, including innovative new food fundraisers (Banh Mi, Rice Bowl), entering social media contests (Geico School Spirit), and more!



Status Budget Incomes:





20 x $2.50 each


Alumnae Support



Study Edge Co-Sponsorship


Wreath Gifts to FF

Summer Car Wash


Christmas Ornament Gifts to ALL/ FF

65 x $1 each


AASA Club Event


Picture Frames to FF

20 x $2 each


Black and White Club Event


Padfolios to NB

18 x $10.50 each


Bead Selling at football games


Pens to NB

Spring Car Wash


Post Cards to ALL/NB

Impress Ink T-shirt Contest



Active House Semesterly Status Fund*


Thank You Gifts-Letters of Rec:

Geico School Spirit Contest


Orgs (USF aKDPhi, FSU aKDPhi, AASU, UF SigRho, UF PDPsi)




$113 $35 x 8 months


$10 x 5 orgs


$10 gift card x 2 + cards


38 x $10 each


Visiting Chapters – Texas(4), Penn(3), NY(5), IL(3), SoCal(3), NoCal(3)

$50 per traveler x 16


Convention Registration/Flight

$100 per traveler x 24


Convention Outfits

$20 per traveler x 24


Status Packet * $10 per active collected through dues since being founded on campus (Fall 2008)

KEY: FF=Full Fledged Chapters ALL=All Chapters NB=National Board





Fundraising Banh Mi Fundraiser Avg. Profit $600 Rice Bowl Fundraiser Avg. Profit $500

Car Wash Avg. Profit $200 Beads Sales Avg. Profit $400

Active Requirements... ✔ Weekly Chapter Meetings Sunday evenings ✔ 2 rush periods Fall (8.27.12-9.6.12)

8.27 Luau & Pool Party Recruitment Event 8.28 First General Interest Meeting & Ice Cream Social 8.30 Recruitment Service Event 8.31 Recruitment Scavenger Hunt 9.4 Recruitment Potluck 9.5 Second General Interest Meeting & Pizza Social 9.6 Speed Dating & Fondue Night

Spring (1.8-1.15)

1.8 First General Interest Meeting & Cupcake Social 1.9 Recruitment Potluck 1.10 Pinterest-themed Recruitment Event 1.11 Recruitment Service Event 1.14 Second General Interest Meeting & Pasta Social 1.15- Speed Dating and Fondue Night

✔ 2 new member periods Fall (9.16.12-11.11.12) Spring (1.27.13-3.24.13) ✔ 2 Presents Fall (10.14.10) Spring (2.25.13) ✔ 2 installations Fall (12.1.12) Spring (4.28.13) ✔ 2 exchanges TNX Social (9.14.12) SigRho Social (11.19.12) Beta Social (2.8.13) Gamma Eta, DEPsi, SigRho (3.21.13) ✔ 2 fundraisers Banh Mi (11.27.12) Banh Mi (2.5.13) ✔ 4 Service Projects Hope Lodge (2.7.13) Boys and Girls Club (3.20.13) Gamma Eta Benefit Ball (10.20.12) Great American Clean-Up (4.6.13) ✔ 4 sisterhood events Gator Nights (9.12.12) Sisterhood Movie Night (11.3.12)


White Elephant (12.6.12) Movie Night (Superhero 2.9.13) ✔ Breast Cancer Awareness Month Benefit for the Cause with Gamma Eta (10.20.12) Info Session co-hosted with APIA, WSA & ABC (10.29.12) Bento Fundraiser (10.30.12) Charity Date Auction (10.31.12) Beat Breast Cancer Charity Carnival (11.1.12) Hats for Hope with LTA (11.4.12) ✔ Cultural Awareness Event Taste of Asia (4.20.13) ✔ Safety Awareness Event Domestic Violence Forum w/APIA (2.4.13) ✔ Risk Management Event UFPD (2.24.13) General Risk Management (3.25.13) ✔ Founder’s Day Domestic Violence Forum w/APIA (2.4.13) Banh Mi Fundraiser (2.5.13) Strolling at the Set with Cake (2.6.13) Hope Lodge Foundation Service Event (2.7.13) Social with Sigma Lambda Beta (2.8.13) Sisterhood (2.9.13-2.10.13) ✔ National Convention May 24th-26th ✔ Active members are required to maintain scholastic excellence and should be monitored by their Academic Chair ✔ Remit all required payments to National Board on time ✔ Submit items to National Board on time


Ca le nd ar

of Ev en ts

August 2012 27 28

Luau & Pool Party Recruitment Event First General Interest Meeting & Ice Cream Social


Recruitment Service Event


Recruitment Scavenger Hunt

September 2012 4

Recruitment Potluck




Second General Interest Meeting & Pizza Social



Speed Dating & Fondue

Charity Ball with Gamma Eta Sorority


Sisterhood at GatorNights


Info Session co-hosted with APIA Affairs, WSA & ABC


Social with Theta Nu Xi Sorority


Bento Fundraiser


Beginning of New Member Process


Charity Date Auction

November 2012 1 3

Breast Cancer Charity Carnival


Hats for Hope with Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority


Social with Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity

Sisterhood Movie Night

October 2012

December 2012 1



White Elephant Sisterhood

January 2013 8 9

First General Interest Meeting & Cupcake Social Recruitment Potluck


Pinterest-Themed Recruitment Event


Recruitment Service Event

End of New Member Period



Zeta Class Reveal


Second General Interest Meeting & Pasta Social


Banh Mi Fundraiser



February 2013 4 5 6

Domestic Violence Forum with APIA Affairs Banh Mi Fundraiser Strolling at the Set with Cake


Hope Lodge Foundation Service Event


Social with Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity

9 24

Sisterhood Movie Night UFPD Risk Management Workshop

March 2013 20

Boys and Girls Club Service Event


Social with Gamma Eta Sorority, Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity & Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity


End of New Member Process


General Risk Management Workshop

Speed Dating & Fondue Beginning of New Member Process

April 2013 7

Eta Class Reveal


Taste of Asia Event



May 2013 24

National Convention

Achievements! Chapter Recognition Achievement Awards

Council Chapter of the Year (2011)

Bento Cafe: Samantha Lai KPMG: Vanessa Kwong Macy’s: Sabrina Chan-Pong Public Financial Management: Vanessa Kwong Oanh Nguyen

Creative Awards

Best Paddles at alpha Kappa Delta Phi Southeast Sisterhood Conference (2011)

Leadership on Campus

Performance Awards


First Place Sorority at Southeast APIA Unity Mixer Stroll Competition (2013) First Place Sorority at Southeast APIA Unity Mixer Stroll Competition (2012) First Place with Beta Chi Theta at Lambda Theta Alpha Talent Show (2012) First Place with Omega Delta Phi at Lambda Theta Alpha Talent Show (2011)

Spirit Awards

GEICO School Spirit Championship Prize (2013) Most Spirited Chapter at UF Greek Week (2011) Winner of Victoria’s Secret PINK Battle of the Greeks Contest (2011) First Place at Theta Nu Xi Scavenger Hunt (2011)


Host Chapter at alpha Kappa Delta Phi Southeast Sisterhood Rally (2011)

Professional Network Academic

Florida Atlantic University College of Medicine: Katie Boylan Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Architecture: Katie Chu Nova Southeastern University Physicians Assistant Program: Rebecca Tam Seton Hall University Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology: Joyce Alilio University of Florida College of Dentistry: Ann Hoang University of Florida College of Medicine: Florence Luong University of Florida College of Nursing: Amy Nguyen University of Florida College of Nursing: Tiffany Chiu University of Florida College of Pharmacy: Jessi Vo University of Florida College of Pharmacy: Tina Wang University of Florida Graduate Program in Family, Youth and Community Sciences: Whitney Fung University of Florida Graduate Program in Physical Therapy: Ari Garay University of Florida Graduate Program in Public Health: Alyssa Wang University of Florida Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology: Jen Vu University of Miami School of Nursing: Cecelia Truong University of Miami School of Nursing: Michelle Jimenez


Accenture: Vanessa Kwong, Helen Shin


World AIDS Day Director (2008-2009): Whitney Fung

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Junior Trio Representative (2011-2012): Caity Soriano

Asian American Student Union (AASU)

AASA Show Director (2007): Vanessa Kwong Co-President (2009-2010): Vanessa Kwong Internal Vice President (2010-2011): Alyssa Wang Internal Vice President (2008-2009): Vanessa Kwong Internal Vice President (2007-2008): Bowie Stephens External Vice President (2007-2008): Vanessa Kwong Vice President of Education (2009-2010): Alyssa Wang Treasurer (2011-2012): Sabrina Chan-Pong Treasurer (2009-2010): Bowie Stephens Secretary (2011-2012): Marsha Vongjesda Secretary (2010-2011): Monica Tirtarahardja Campus Affairs Chair (2008-2009): Alyssa Wang Service Chair (2010-2011): Dianna Yan Indian Students Association Liaison (20102011): Cecelia Truong Music Fest Co-Director (2013): Christina Chan-Pong Music Fest Co-Director (2012): Christina Chan-Pong Asian Kaleidoscope Month

Executive Director (2013): Izzy Won Assistant Director (2007): Vanessa Kwong Director of Advertising (2013): Alice Zhang Director of Advertising (2011): Alyssa Wang Director of Archiving (2013): Lien Tracy Dang Director of Multimedia (2012): Julienne Somera Director of Recording (2010): Irene Ng Director of Programming (2012): Sabrina Chan-Pong Director of Promotions (2007): Bowie Stephens Closing Ceremony Co-Director (2013): Jessica Truong Closing Ceremony Co-Director (2011): Sabrina Chan-Pong Fashion Show Co-Director (2012): Sarah Otsuka Food Festival Co-Director (2012): Izzy Won Food Festival Co-Director (2012): Jessica Truong Food Festival Co-Director (2010): Marsha Vongjesda Food Festival Co-Director (2008): Rebecca Tam

Food Festival Co-Director (2008): Whitney Fung Mr. & Miss AASU Pageant Co-Director (2012): Tina Wang Talent Show Co-Director (2013): Fiona Chai Talent Show Co-Director (2010): Cecelia Truong Webmaster (2010): Kevina Lee Chinese American Student Association (CASA)

President (2008-2009): Samantha Lai Co-External Vice President (2011-2012): Izzy Won Co-Events Coordinator (2009-2010): Michelle Jimenez Historian (2009-2010): Oanh Nguyen Webmaster (2010-2011): Kevina Lee Filipino Student Association (FSA)

Cultural Chair (2012-2013): Roselle Derequito Cultural Chair (2011-2012): Klea Jampasar Barrio Fiesta Committee (2013): Angie Llanos Barrio Fiesta Committee (2012): Regina Javier Def Talent Jam Committee (2012): Angie Llanos Def Talent Jam Committee (2011): Roselle Derequito Def Talent Jam Stage Manager (2012): Roselle Derequito Freshman Leadership Program (FLP)

Director (2011-2012): Monica Tirtarahardja Co-Director (2010-2011): Sabrina Chan-Pong Co-Director (2007-2008): Bowie Stephens Co-Director (2007-2008): Vanessa Kwong Co-Assistant Director (2012-2013): Christina Chan-Pong Co-Assistant Director (2012-2013): Regina Javier Co-Assistant Director (2008-2009): Florence Luong Health Educated Asian Leaders (HEAL)

Internal Affairs (2009-2010): Ann Hoang Historian (2011-2012): Roselle Derequito Korean Undergraduate Student Association (KUSA)

External Vice President (2009-2010): Oanh Nguyen Social Chair (2008-2009): Jen Vu Webmaster (2011-2012): Klea Jampasar Vietnamese Student Organization (VSO)

President (2010-2011): Ann Hoang External Vice President (2011-2012): Nancy Nguyen Historian (2010-2011): May Luong Fundraising Chair (2012-2013): Lien Tracy Dang Fundraising Chair (2010-2011): Nancy Nguyen Public Relations Chair (2013-2014): Oanh Le Public Relations Chair (2009-2010): Ann Hoang

Building Dreams Foundation

Public Relations Chair (2011-2012): May Luong

Cantonese Interest Group

External Vice President (2010-2011): Garman Tsang

APPENDIX | 31 Florida Blue Key

Search and Branding Committee (2013): Sabrina Chan-Pong Tapping Committee (2013): Monica Tirtarahardja

Gator Smiles

Vice President (2013-2014): Aimee Alilio Secretary (2012-2013): Aimee Alilio Public Relations Chair (2011-2012): Aimee Alilio Fundraising Chair (2011-2012): Joyce Alilio

Graduate Student Council

External Secretary (2012-2013): Whitney Fung

Greek Life and Sorority/Fraternity Affairs Florida Greek Ambassador (2010): Irene Ng Greek Conduct Committee (2011-2012): Briahna Brown Multicultural Greek Council

Public Relations Director (2012): Regina Javier Public Relations Director (2010): Helen Shin Public Relations Director/Webmistress (2011): Kevina Lee Scholarship Director (2010): Irene Ng Webmistress (2012): Lien Tracy Dang

Student Activities and Involvement

Ambassador (2013): Stephanie Ou Student Assistant (2012-2013): Klea Jampasar Student Assistant (2012-2013): Monica Tirtarahardja Student Graphic Assistant (2012-2013): Oanh Nguyen

Student Government

Housing Affairs Cabinet Director (2011-2012): Monica Tirtarahardja Information and Communications Committee (2013): Christina Chan-Pong Member-at-Large (2013): Nancy Nguyen Replacement and Agenda Committee (2013): Nancy Nguyen Rules and Ethics Committee (2013): Nancy Nguyen Senator (2013-2014): Christina Chan-Pong Senator (2012-2013): Nancy Nguyen Senator (2012-2013): Tina Wang Senator (2011-2012): Supachaya Sucharitvanitwong Senator (2011-2012): Lily Wong Unite Party Volunteer Coordinator (2011): Whitney Fung

Student National Pharmaceutical Association President (2013-2014): Tina Wang

Order of Omega

Secretary (2011-2012): Briahna Brown The Odyssey

Staff Writer/Representative (2012): Susan Ho Staff Writer/Representative (2011): Kevina Lee

Volunteers for International Student Affairs (VISA)

Talent Show Creative Director (2013): Lien Tracy Dang Talent Show Stage Manager (2011): Sabrina Chan-Pong

Hispanic Student Association (HSA) Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM)

Assistant Marketing Director (2013): Stephanie Ou

Multicultural & Diversity Affairs Ambassador (2012): Alice Zhang

Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs

Indonesians in Greater Gainesville

Undergraduate Representative (2010-2011): Monica Tirtarahardja

National APIA Panhellenic Association

Communications Chair (2013): Kevina Lee

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association

Southeast APIA Unity Mixer

Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers (SASE) President (2011-2012): Irene Ng Vice President (2011-2012): Caity Soriano Vice President (2010-2011): Irene Ng Secretary (2013-2014): Sarah Otsuka Secretary (2010-2011): Caity Soriano

Founder/Owner: Oanh Nguyen Co-Director (2012-2013): Aimee Alilio Co-Director (2011-2012): Oanh Nguyen Promotions Chair (2011-2012): Aimee Alilio

Southeast Regional Conference of Asian American Leaders (SERCAAL) Executive Director (2014): Irene Ng Logistics Director (2010): Irene Ng Webmaster (2009): Alyssa Wang Co-Programming Chair (2007): Bowie Stephens

Sparks Magazine

Creator/Editor-in-Chief (2011-2013): Kevina Lee Staff Photographer (2011-2013): Angie Llanos Staff Photographer (2012-2013): Oanh Nguyen

Student Affairs

Student Conduct Committee (2011-2012): Jennifer Pham

Unity Award (2009-2010): Oanh Nguyen Unity Award (2008-2009): Alyssa Wang

Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs Hall of Fame (2013): Monica Tirtarahardja Hall of Fame (2012): Alyssa Wang

Epsilon Lambda Chi Engineering Leadership Circle Inductee (2012): Irene Ng

Florida Blue Key Inductee Inductee Inductee Inductee

(2013): Nancy Nguyen (2012): Sabrina Chan-Pong (2012): Monica Tirtarahardja (2011): Whitney Fung

Florida Greek Awards

Outstanding Director Award (2011): Kevina Lee

Order of Omega

Emerging Greek Leader Award (2012): Izzy Won Inductee (2012): Aimee Alilio Inductee (2012): Dan-Tam Nguyen Inductee (2011): Sandy Au Yeung Inductee (2011): Briahna Brown Inductee (2011): Tina Wang

Creative Awards

One Greek Store Best Paddle Contest Winner (2012): Dan-Tam Nguyen One Greek Store Best Paddle Contest Winner (2011): Nancy Nguyen

Pageant Awards Leadership Beyond

Leadership Development Institute Participant (2013): Regina Javier

Recording Secretary (2013-2014): Aimee Alilio Advertising Chair (2012-2013): Aimee Alilio

Asian American Student Union

Individual Recognition Achievement Awards alpha Kappa Delta Phi Nationwide

IRIS Award (2012): Oanh Nguyen National Alumnae Board Scholarship (2010): Florence Luong National Scholar Recipient (2012): Joyce Alilio

Miss AASU Pageant Winner (2012): Klea Jampasar Miss AASU Pageant First Runner-Up (2010): Ann Hoang Miss AASU Pageant First Runner-Up (2009): Whitney Fung Miss AASU Pageant Second Runner-Up (2010): Supachaya Sucharitvanitwong Miss AASU Pageant Best Cultural Segment (2012): Klea Jampasar Miss AASU Pageant Best Essay (2011): Irene Ng Miss AASU Pageant Fan Favorite (2012): Klea Jampasar Miss AASU Pageant Fan Favorite (2011): Irene Ng Miss AASU Pageant Miss Congeniality (2012): Klea Jampasar

Performance Recognition

AASU’s Got Talent Emcee (2011): Monica Tirtarahardja CASA Chinese New Year Show Emcee (2013): Monisa Lu FSA Def Talent Jam XIX Emcee (2011): Klea Jampasar FSA Fil-Am History Month Closing Ceremony Emcee (2011): Klea Jampasar KUSA Spring Festival Emcee (2010): Oanh Nguyen VSO Tet Show Emcee (2010): Ann Hoang

Special Recognition

Student Activities & Involvement Student Employee Spotlight (2012): Monica Tirtarahardja January Campus Cutie (2011): Briahna Brown

March 1, 2013 To whom it may concern: I strongly recommend the University of Florida Colony of alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Inc. for Associate Chapter Status. It has been my absolute pleasure to work with the sisters over the past two years as a Program Coordinator for Sorority and Fraternity Affairs and the Multicultural Greek Council Advisor. The chapter not only embodies alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s values, but the University of Florida’s fraternity/sorority community pillars – scholarship, service, leadership, and community – as well. Since beginning their time at the University of Florida, the chapter has always met our grade requirements of a 2.85. In fact, since Fall 2011, they have received over a 3.0 and have ranked in the top 50% of the Multicultural Greek Council grades. In Spring 2011, they ranked as high as third among 13 chapters. Additionally, the colony is strong in the area of service/philanthropy. They maintain an adopted road that they clean regularly and consistently participate in other MGC organizations’ service projects and philanthropies. Oftentimes, they place when participating in other chapters’ events, such as first place in Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority, Inc.’s Greeks Got Talent in both 2011 and 2012 and first place in Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.’s Scavenger Hunt. Most impressively, though, they raised $2,600 for the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade this past fall. They held a series of events throughout their fall philanthropy week, including an educational forum on breast cancer awareness in conjunction with the Women’s Student Association, a fundraiser at a local Asian restaurant, a date auction co-hosted with Asian Kaleidoscope Month, and a Breast Cancer Awareness Carnival. Additional money from these events was donated to Liter of Light and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. As an advisor, these events stick out to me because the chapter really went above and beyond in their efforts. Any chapter can coordinate a service or philanthropy event last minute just to meet a requirement or host a club party just to raise money. Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, however, showed initiative and dedication by thoughtfully planning a values-based week. The colony especially excels in the area of leadership. The sisters of alpha Kappa Delta Phi are heavily involved in both the Asian American and campus community, but regionally and nationally as well. Klea Jampasar recently won Miss Asian American Student Union (AASU), Stephanie Ou was appointed Assistant Marketing Director for Hispanic Heritage Month, and Tracy Dang was selected as the Creative Director for Volunteers in International Student Affairs (VISA). Sisters also hold leadership position in the Asian American Student Union and its many sub-organizations, Florida Blue Key, Order of Omega, Multicultural Greek Council, and Student Government. On a broader scope, sister Kevina Lee was recently appointed the Communications Chair of the National APIA Panhellenic Association (NAPA), a very impressive accolade. Overall, it is evident that the chapter does a phenomenal job of both attracting and cultivating leaders. The chapter exhibits community both within their sisterhood and in the larger MGC family. In the Student Activities and Involvement office, we have common space where students are encouraged to come work on homework, have student organization meetings, eat lunch, relax, etc. Many of the sisters utilize this space on a daily basis so I have been able to see the amazing sisterhood within the chapter firsthand. You can tell by the way that they interact with each other, empower each other, challenge each other, and laugh with each other that they are not just sisters because of the letters on their chest, but because of what is in their heart. The chapter has also been able to form tight bonds with the other chapters in the MGC in their time at UF. For example, they collaborated with Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. and Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc. on a performance for the Chinese American Student Association’s New Year’s Show. They have also collaborated on performances with Beta Chi Theta Fraternity, Inc. and Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc. and have hosted movie night and bowling socials with multiple other fraternities and sororities. What has always stood out to me about the chapter is how much they have been able to accomplish in their short time at the University of Florida. They are one of the three newest organizations to both the Multicultural Greek Council and the Florida Greek Community. However, they are already one of our highest functioning and strongest chapters, as evidenced by their recognition as the MGC Chapter of the Year in 2011. It is also proven through their excellence in membership recruitment and retention. Since I have started my position two years ago, they have inducted a good-sized new member class every semester. While other chapters are struggling with numbers, they continue to ensure that they are keeping a chapter size that allows for a tight-knit sisterhood, while still allowing operational strength and campus impact. On a more personal level, the chapter holds a dear place to my heart because their willingness to accept me and help me grow into my role as the MGC advisor. Not all chapters were receptive to the idea of a Panhellenic woman coming into this role, but the alpha Kappa Delta Phi sisters have made an intentional effort to get to know me, educate me when it is needed, and graciously accept my advice when given. They have also made me feel very special and welcome through a greeting during their new member reveals! The chapter’s passion, dedication, leadership, and drive have already helped them to leave their mark at the University of Florida. I strongly believe that they deserve the honor and know that they will only continue to do greater things as an Associate Chapter. Please let me know if you need any further information or have any questions at or (352) 846-3172. All the Best, Tricia Cesarino



From: Phi Chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc. Date: Februrary 10, 2013 Re: Letter of Recommendation To whom it may concern, alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc. was founded on the pillars of sisterhood, scholarship, leadership and Asian-Awareness in their community. Although we strive to break stereotypes and be an inclusive organization, many cannot say that they can fully embrace all of our founding pillars. Unlike many organizations on the campus of the University of Florida, the Colony Chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi has not only been able to encompass our founding pillars but has also been able to uphold the standards of their community. Sisterhood. Every year the Florida schools hold a Florida Sisterhood Retreat to where we learn more about ourselves, our organizations, and each other. This year the University of Florida Colony Chapter hosted it and they did a phenomenal job. They were able to bring the Florida Chapters together by using different, innovated techniques that left us more apt to improve our own chapters. Not only were they able to bring our schools together, they too have an amazing sisterhood. They bond through frequent potlucks and buddy dates that truly show what sisterhood is about. Scholarship. The University of Florida Colony Chapter has exceeded all expectations when it pertains to scholarship. The Colony Chapter has established alpha Kappa Delta Phi on the University of Florida campus by winning the most study hours logged in MGC award. They also have established an academic program for sisters under a 3.0 cumulative GPA, which entails strict log-in study hours, specific grade reports, and bi-weekly reports signed by professors. They also orchestrated a scholarship committee that sends out scholarship updates geared towards Asian-American women. Overall, the University of Florida Colony Chapter has set an example for other chapters in the sorority, as well as other organizations on their campus. Leadership. The sisters of the Colony chapter have shown great leadership within their campus community. Not only have they held many leadership positions within their Greek council, such as being President, they are also actively involved their own community. Supporting a sister who is involved with a political party on their campus, they actively promote awareness to bring more leadership within their campus. Many of the sisters also hold many high positions in the other organizations they are a part of. The sisters here are very actively involved while showing many characteristics of leadership within the community. Asian-Awareness. The University of Florida Colony Chapter has been a strong force in spreading Asian-awareness to the Gainesville community. They have promoted Asian-awareness but consistently participating in the Miss AASU pageant and in APIA. Not only have they participated in these events, but they also placed in high rankings for both. We, the Phi Chapter of the Florida State University, highly recommend the Colony Chapter at the University of Florida for Associate Status. Not only do they have a stable house count, they are also able to appeal to a variety of interested Greek members. Their dedication and love for this sorority is what can help them reach their highest potential. We feel that granting them this higher status will not only help them reach their potential but also help our sorority nationally. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me either by email or by phone. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely,


Simoné “r.O.G.u.e.” Chin-Lee President Spring 2013 alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc. The Florida State University Phi Chapter Phone: (407) 462-3390 E-mail:


alpha Kappa  Delta  Phi   International  Sorority,  Inc.    University  of  South  Florida|  

Associate Chapter    


2/27/2013 To Whom It May Concern: On behalf of the sisters of the University of South Florida, Associate Chapter, I am pleased to write a recommendation letter for the University of Florida, Colony Chapter, upon their application for associate status. The sisters of the University of Florida have upheld alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority’s mission and continue to thrive on their campus and in the community. The sisters at the University of Florida have been reputable because of their dedicated involvement. They exemplify their leadership skills as senators and directors of Student Government, and as board officers of Asian American Student Union Sub organizations as well as the Multicultural Greek Council. Nonetheless, they also volunteer for Gator Smiles, which helps raise money for children with cleft lip palates to have surgery. They also have had successful fundraisers such as their Bi-Annual Banh-Mi, Rice Bowl, Beads for Boobies, and Study Edge, which promote Asian Awareness, our Breast Cancer Awareness philanthropy, and scholarship. Not only are the sisters of University of Florida dedicated to their involvement, but they have also been recognized for their academic excellence. With that being said, they have been awarded as Chapter of the Year as well. The sisters of the University of South Florida have had close bonds with the sisters of the University of Florida. We are truly honored to be allied with them. With their hard work and accomplishments, they have actively exhibited that they are ready for the next step in alpha Kappa Delta Phi. We know that it is without a doubt that they will continue to reach their highest potential with their prestigious endeavors. Sincerely, Maishia Yang Vice President Internal alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc. 813.716.0764

Asian American Student Union University of Florida 325 J Wayne Reitz Union PO Box 118505 Gainesville, FL 32611 March 3, 2013 To whom it may concern, On behalf of UF’s Asian American Student Union (AASU), I strongly recommend the granting of Associate Chapter status to the UF aKDPhi Chapter. Before the sorority was recognized at our university and to this present day, the sisters have fervently served our APIA community and established unprecedented accomplishments within AASU. As a personal friend to nearly all of the chapter’s sisters, I strongly advocate that the UF Chapter be fully recognized for their years of hard work and dedication. My experiences with these sisters include a gamut of working and personal relationships. Upon entering the university, I met most of them before realizing they carried letters. For instance, my freshmen experience was largely created with the mentor relationship I had with Irene Ng. She encouraged me to become involved in AASU’s Freshman Leadership Program, and through her guidance and support, I subsequently served as a co-Assistant Director of FLP. I applaud Irene for how she balanced her commitment as a mentor meanwhile serving the community through the Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers, Asian Kaleidoscope Month, Southeast Regional Conference of Asian American Leaders, and aKDPhi. How she was able to set aside weekly time to help me with homework, bake goodies, or escort me to FLP meetings still amazes me. I proudly still call her mentor, jokingly “mentrawr” for her insinuated dinosaur infatuation, as she also serves as the UF aKDPhi Chapter President. As Internal Vice President of AASU, I constantly envision how to empower my APIA community, and UF aKDPhi has always been one of the strongest proponents of this agenda. The Charter class members were AASU student leaders before their sorority recognition: Jen Vu—the Korean Undergraduate Student Association’s Social Chair, Bowie Stephens and Vanessa Kwong—Freshman Leadership Program’s Co-Directors, Samantha Lai – Chinese American Student Association’s President, etc. This strong initiative has been instilled consistently these past five years up to even the most present class. Whether it be their neos performing and emceeing our cultural shows or older sisters serving as executive board members of AASU’s sub-organizations, aKDPhi has the strongest representation of leadership within the UF APIA community compared with its fellow APIA Greek organizations. A recently shared proud achievement is with Isabel Won as we led a joint informational session titled A Family Divided: Illuminating the APIA Community from A to Ω. This was the first event where UF APIA students gathered to discuss the relationship between APIA Greeks and Non-Greeks, including misunderstandings, stereotypes, and solutions to build our relationship. Working with Izzy was a complete pleasure because she was so passionate and courageous to address this once-felt uncomfortable subject matter. As the next AKM Executive Director, she will undoubtedly lead the best Asian American heritage month at UF yet. aKDPhi also deserves notable recognition for executing the highest profiting AKM event for the past two years—the Breast Cancer Awareness Date Auction. A personal favorite of mine, this date auction has raised an outstanding sum of donations of $2000 each time. Hopefully my firsthand perspective of personal and working relationships with the sisters have proven why the University of Florida’s aKDPhi Chapter deserves the Associate Chapter recognition. If there is any further information I can share with you, please feel free to reach me through or (409) 543-7600. Regards, Kayla Tran Asian American Student Union Internal Vice President 2012-2013 President 2013-2014



Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc.                                        

Excellence Through Brotherhood

April 5, 2013

To Whom It May Concern: It is with my strong recommendation that the University of Florida (UF) Colony of alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc. be considered for promotion to Associate Chapter status. Since my induction into the Greek community as a brother of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc. at UF back in 2010, I have had nothing but great experiences and witnessed amazing accomplishments coming from this chapter. My service as chapter president to my fraternity this past academic year has only confirmed my belief that this chapter stands for everything that your organization was built upon. Being that both our organizations are Asian-interest based, I have had the pleasure of interacting with these ladies on a regular basis, as they are heavily involved in the same community that we call the Asian American Student Union (AASU). Being a culturally based Greek organization, we take pride in our Asian American heritage and strive to spread this ideology as a way to promote awareness and break cultural stereotypes and barriers both within and outside our campus community. The ladies of alpha Kappa Delta Phi have continued to embrace this idea to excel, and always go above and beyond in how they represent themselves on a yearly basis. The accomplishments of this chapter can speak to how involved and supportive they are of our community and cause. I have seen sisters hold multiple chair and executive board positions within the AASU sub-organizations, acting as exemplary leaders and role models to many young students. Their involvement within our own Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) has flourished and has surprised me with how much they have been able to accomplish in the short amount of time that they’ve been recognized in the council, which is evident with their recent MGC Chapter of the Year Award in 2011, which is awarded to the MGC Chapter that exemplifies what it means to be a leader on the UF campus. Not only that, but their involvement in organizations outside of AASU and MGC, such as Student Government is what sets them apart. Their involvement in Senate, Florida Blue Key and Cabinet Division Affairs speaks to the highly diverse capabilities that this chapter holds and shows how they truly are leaders fighting for a cause. The cause to promote the very foundations of why Asian based Greek organizations were founded in the first place, which is to foster awareness and lead our culture to excellence and greatness. From a more personal level, my organization has had nothing but great experiences with them. They are one of the organizations that we relate to the most and is the reason why we have such a great relationship with them. I hold the chapter in high regards and fully support their future endeavors as they strive to become better not only as a chapter, but as individuals. All the best, Jake Yap Jake Yap President | UF Sigma Chapter Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc. 2012-2013 S I G M A B E T A R H O F R A T E R N I T Y I N C.

To whom it may concern, My name is Raju Rajan and I am a brother of Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity at the University of Florida. As a Greek member for over two years, I witnessed firsthand the fruitful growth of alpha Kappa Delta Phi here on my campus. My organization and I have had many interactions with aKDPhi, including coordinating socials, creating a Unity stroll, and teaming up for our annual “Black and White” Back to School Party for the past four years. The sisters executed every event with exceptional professionalism, which is a testament of their dedication and accountability known to many others. Despite being one of the youngest members of our Multicultural Greek Council (MGC), alpha Kappa Delta Phi has achieved more recognitions and experienced more success than most Greek organizations on campus. To name a few, its biannual Banh Mi Fundraiser receives consistent support for more than three years, bringing together hundreds of their supporters into a tiny restaurant every time; and the “Beat Breast Cancer Carnival” that addresses its national philanthropy draws participation from hundreds of students every October. The sisters collaborate with various student organizations to set up booths with creative games, as well as local business sponsors to create raffles and prizes. This signature event of theirs allows them to raise an impressive amount of $2,000+. The Chapter’s programming creativity and hardworking characteristic were recognized in 2011 when it was awarded MGC Chapter of the Year, a prestigious award given to the organization in the council that best exemplify the core value of being a Florida Greek. Each organization is evaluated based upon the criteria of scholarship, service, leadership, and community. In my opinion, aKDPhi definitely promoted these values the best and deserved to be honored. The continuing success does not stop the sisters from striving to improve themselves as a Chapter and as individuals. These young women constantly amaze me and the rest of campus with their innovative ideas and stunning performances. I truly look forward to see what the future has in store for them. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with this organization and proud to call the sisters my friends. Without reservation, I recommend the University of Florida Colony of alpha Kappa Delta Phi for Associate status. Sincerely, Raju Rajan Internal Vice President _______________________________________________________________________________________



Superhero Checklist!

You’re on the right track to save the world if you have... ❒ Your own cape. One that makes a really good woosh! noise when you run. ❒ A mysterious past. People don’t know what you did, who you did it with, and where you did those things, but they know that it made you into a champion of justice! ❒ A loyal sidekick! A protégé under your wing to continue your legacy! ❒ A life-changing moment (i.e. being bitten by radioactive spider, gamma radiation, realizing your life dream was to teach underprivileged children in a third world country... that kinda thing). ❒ Confidence in your abilities. Even if your superhero ability is just being there, rock it. ❒ An ability to rep that purple and white! ❒ Persistence to be one smart cookie. It’s important to have that edjamacation to keep you always one step ahead of your foes. Books help you overcome any obstacle! ❒ Leadership abilities! ❒ Timeless friendship! Don’t let friends get away from you. You cherish them and take care of them forever! ❒ A sense of duty. You wanna help the community, and this sort of thing keeps you up at night, forcing you to don a mask and leotard while you jump rooftops looking for crime to beat up. ❒ Tolerance for all cultures and a belief in world peace, harmony, or just everyone getting some boba together while singing karaoke.

The story of UF aKDPhi will continue forever. With their individual and collective efforts as a chapter, they will always strive to save the world as role models and strong advocates of sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, service and Asian Awareness.

Profile for Kevina Lee

UF aKDPhi Status Packet  

Our mission to become an Associate Chapter of superwomen!

UF aKDPhi Status Packet  

Our mission to become an Associate Chapter of superwomen!

Profile for kevinalee