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Why You Are Here Finding your career path is about more than just your major. Let Target and several campus partners help you connect your strengths and interests to opportunities for developing your skills. You will leave the event with an action plan to develop your personal brand and position yourself for success in any career field.

Table of Contents GETTING STARTED


Event Schedule


Target’s “Personal Branding” Guide


Personal Brand Inventory




Career Prep Academy 2013

#1 Career Resource Center


#2 Center for Leadership and Service


#3 Department of Student Activities & Involvement


#4 Strengths@UF


#5 Target



Next Steps & Action Planning


“Personal Branding” Presentation, by Target® representatives Representatives from Target will guide you through the essentials of personal branding and help you identify your brand. Hear their stories and learn how these professionals developed theirs. Learn about yourself through their personal brand inventory and start developing yours today.

6:30 p.m.

Get Connected Roundtables Facilitators from various campus organizations will be present to share information about their areas of expertise and guide you through the event. During these 15 minute roundtable discussions, you will have the opportunity to learn about your unique strengths to gain experience and brand yourself. Attend four out of the five roundtables in any order and fill in your report card (see back cover of booklet). The Roundtable sessions are: 1. Career Resource Center: Learn about the resources the CRC offers that can help you explore majors and careers, find internship and fulltime job opportunities and much more. 2. Center for Leadership & Service: Learn about the resources the CLS offers that can help you cultivate your leadership skills and find opportunities for service. 3. Department of Student Activities & Involvement: Learn about opportunities for involvement on campus that will help you develop your leadership skills and pursue your passions through experiential learning. 4. Strengths@UF: Learn about your strengths and how to apply them to your academic, professional and personal development. 5. Target®: Hear an employer’s perspective on how to be a top candidate for internships, full-time positions and promotions. Target representatives will guide discuss how to create and apply your personal brand.

7:40 p.m.

Action Planning Session As we close the evening, you will have an opportunity identify practical ways to move forward and put your ideas into action. StrengthsQuest! At the end of the event the first 50 who registered will receive a StrengthsQuest book and access code. Books and codes will be distributed at the completion of the event.

Career Prep Academy 2013

5:30 p.m.


Event Schedule

About Target® Expect the Best. At Target, we have a vision: to become the best - the best culture and brand, the best place for growth and the company with the best reputation. We offer an inclusive, collaborative and energetic work environment that rewards those who perform. We deliver engaging, innovative and on-trend experiences for our team members and our guests. We invest in our team members’ futures by developing leaders and providing a breadth of opportunities for professional development. It takes the best to become the best, and we are committed to building a team that does the right thing for our guests, shareholders, team members and communities. Minneapolis-based Target Corporation serves guests at stores nationwide and at Target is committed to providing a fun and convenient shopping experience with access to unique and highly differentiated products at affordable prices. Since 1946, the corporation has given 5 percent of its income through community grants and programs like Take Charge of Education®. To learn about specific career opportunities, visit

The Target® Framework for Leadership Target® uses a framework for leadership that considers teamwork, critical-thinking, productivity and personal integrity.


TEAM Collaboration Relating Well to Others Communicating Effectively Managing Talent Engaging and Inspiring Others

Career Prep Academy 2013

THOUGHT Solving Problems Strategizing Innovating RESULTS Managing Execution Driving for Results Maximizing Productivity PERSONAL Resiliency and Adaptability Demonstrating Accountability Demonstrating Courage

› › › › ›

A reflection An expectation A familiar bridge A repeated experience A relationship!


1. Brands Cut Through the Clutter 2. Brands are Good 3. Brands Build Consumer Loyalty QUICK SELF-ASSESSMENT: MY BRAND IS…

› ›

Inside Snapshot: Outside snapshot:


› › › › ›

Use words that make others respond to you Drop words that tend to turn others away Use simple words Say what you mean Mean what you say


› › › ›

How will I use these characteristics to “market my brand?” What will I leverage/make better? What will I enhance/improve upon? Who models these characteristics well and how can you tap into them as a resource?

“Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence.”



Career Prep Academy 2013

Personal Branding

Target速 Personal Branding Inventory Am I a Great Team Member? Would I like to work with someone like me? Would I like to have a team leader like me? Do I support others like they support me?

Am I an Expert? Do people know who I am? Am I someone others seek for advice or ideas? Is my expertise known to others? Do I continuously enhance my skills? Build on my strengths?

Am I a Visionary?


Do I have a personal vision for my life?

Career Prep Academy 2013

Is it in synch with the values of Target Corporation? Have I communicated that vision to others at work? Life partner? Do I have high standards of myself and others?




Am I the benchmark for my work area/pyramid? Do I expect as much from myself as I do from others? Do I model getting results everyday?

Am I Enthusiastic? Do I get excited out loud? Embrace each day? Hit the floor running? Do I use a battery charger - seek out other positive people? Charge up others? Do I see life as a kid and anticipate each day? Is my attitude contagious? Is it worth catching?



Career Prep Academy 2013

Do others call asking me how I do what I do?



Do I Get Results?

Roundtable #1

Career Resource Center

The University of Florida Career Resource Center (CRC), located on the first floor of the J. Wayne Reitz Union, provides an array of programs, events, and services to help you explore majors and careers, prepare you for opportunities, start the job or internship search, and learn to adapt. Here are some of the ways the CRC can help.

› EXPLORE CHOMP will give you the tools to reflect, learn what UF majors may be a good fit, discover career opportunities, and determine ways for moving forward. CAREER ROADMAPS are interest guides that include a description of the field, sample UF majors, UF organizations, job boards, as well as potential employers. CRC LIBRARY is open weekdays from 9–4, offers career-related books, job search information and handouts. CAREER PLANNING APPOINTMENTS can be requested through Gator CareerLink. Our staff can assist you with choosing a major or career and much more. MAJORS FAIR offers students a chance to find out about different programs available at UF.

› PREPARE EXPRESS DROP-IN SERVICE is available during CRC Library hours. Have your resume or cover letter reviewed, participate in mock interviews, or get help from our Career Ambassadors. INFORMATION SESSIONS are opportunities to meet and network with employers. GATOR LAUNCH is a mentoring and education program for underrepresented STEM students.


WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS include everything from learning how to conduct an effective job or internship search to tips on how to gear up for grad school.

Career Prep Academy 2013

INTERVIEW STREAM is a virtual mock interviewing program that gives you the opportunity to practice interviewing and view sample interview questions.

› START GATOR CAREER LINK JOB DATABASE contains thousands of job and internship opportunities. CAREER FAIRS are opportunities to network with employers and start the job and internship search. Different fairs take place throughout the year. ON-CAMPUS INTERVIEWS with employers occur every semester.

› ADAPT FLEXIBLE PLANS allow you to have goals while remaining open to change. REFLECT on past experiences and continue to explore through CRC services.

What are some ways you have been exploring your career options?

What are some additional steps you can take to research your interests?

PREPARE What do you need to be able to convey your personal brand to an employer (resume, interview preparation, brainstorming experience, learning more about employers, etc.)?

START What types of activities will help you learn more about yourself and the careers you are interested in?

ADAPT How can you expand on what you already know to create alternative career options?

Think about an experience you have had in the past where you needed to adapt. What did you learn from this experience?

Career Prep Academy 2013



Roundtable Discussion Guide

Roundtable #2

Center for Leadership & Service The Center for Leadership & Service educates students through a variety of campus-wide programs on leadership development, community service, and social justice designed to prepare socially responsible individuals to create positive sustainable change. Some of the programs of the Center are: 1-on-1 Service Consultations › Are you interested in getting involved in the community but don’t know where to start? Call us at 352.392.1215 to set-up a 1-on-1 appointment with one of our advisors to find service opportunities that you’ll be excited to start! Service In The Swamp › Service in the Swamp provides students with easy access to volunteer opportunities set up by the Center, the knowledge and resources to start their own service projects, and assistance in developing their leadership through service. CLS Ambassadors › The Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) Ambassadors promote the CLS and its mission on campus through curricular and co-curricular presentations on various leadership and service topics, plan the Volunteer Organization Fairs and CLS Information Sessions, and assist with other CLS programs and services throughout the year. Florida Alternative Breaks (FAB) › FAB provides students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a particular social issue through regional and international trips during academic breaks. FAB creates active citizens through a commitment to community service, leadership and social change.


Gator Global Initiative › Want to CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE in the world? GGI can help you do this as well as allow you to network with other students on campus who share this goal. Gator Global Initiative is a social justice conference designed to educate students and student organizations about social issues.

Career Prep Academy 2013

Days of Service › Join with other UF community members in serving in the Gainesville community at GatorPlunge (Fall) and the MLK Day of Service (Spring). Learn about service opportunities in Gainesville, meet new people, and experience YOUR community first-hand! Mentoring › Through mentoring students give back to the community by enriching the lives of elementary, middle, and high school students through our mentoring programs. We have four mentoring programs: After School Gators (elementary), Project MASCOT (elementary), Motiv8 (middle), Gator Teen Mentors (high). LeaderShape › LeaderShape is an advanced, ethics-based leadership development experience for young adults. The purpose of The LeaderShape Institute is to produce a breakthrough in the leadership capabilities and potential of participants.

Individual SELF-AWARENESS Being aware of one’s values, beliefs attitudes and emotions that motivate one to take action. › What are my values, beliefs, and attitudes that motivate me? › How might I continue to learn more about my values, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions? INTEGRITY Acting congruently with one’s beliefs and values as well as in an ethical and honest manner toward self and others. › How will I act congruent with my values and beliefs? What challenges might I face? › Who can serve as a resource or guide when faced with an ethical dilemma? COMMITMENT Acting purposefully toward individual and group goals. This entails following through on one’s word and promises as well as demonstrating passion and hard work. › What steps can I take now to ensure that I will complete my commitments? Who might assist me in this area?

Group INCLUSIVENESS Creating groups and environments that support and encourage a diversity of thoughts, experiences, and backgrounds. › How can I build a team and/or design programs and services that are open to and support a broader range of people, ideas, and experiences? › In what ways might my past experiences limit my scope? What can I do to learn more about the responsibilities of being inclusive? COLLABORATION Working with others in a common effort that values the contribution of all. › Please list some groups of individuals, and offices that I should collaborate with based on campus purpose? CIVIL DISCOURSE Encouraging open discourse where differences of views are shared in civil manner, where listening occurs, and where discussion focuses on the common good. › How do I feel about civil discourse and potential conflict? What can I do to increase my skills and comfort in this area? Describe the strengths and weaknesses of my listening skills.

Community SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Being aware of one’s responsibility to serve the community and to work for positive change that increases the opportunities and decreases the disparity for all. Inherent in this value is service, citizenship, and stewardship. › How will my role best serve the community? What impact do I intend to make and how will I know if I am successful?

Career Prep Academy 2013



Roundtable Discussion Guide

Roundtable #3

Department of Student Activities & Involvement THE SAI INVOLVEMENT TEAM serves as the official organization

for the Department of Student Activities and Involvement. The team’s mission is to teach students the importance and benefits of campus involvement as well as provide information on how to seek out personally relevant opportunities. Serving nearly 50,000 students and over 975 student organizations, every Involvement Team member is an experienced consultant that works to create a unique path of involvement for the student community. From working individually with students to discover their involvement niche, to providing customized workshop style programming and involvement fairs, each Involvement Team member takes an active role in facilitating student involvement. Location: 3rd floor of J. Wayne Reitz Union, Room 330A Department of Student Activities and Involvement –

Use Gator Connect to search for organizations that might be of interest to you. Search through over 900 organizations using this tool:

GETTING INVOLVED University of Florida students define involvement as out of class active participation that enhances academics through the relationships they build, the communities they serve, the networks they create, and the personal skills and knowledge they acquire.



Career Prep Academy 2013

Better Grades

Personal Growth

Builds Memories


Community Building


Conflict Resolution

Relationships and Interpersonal Skills


Satisfaction with College Experience

Effective Communication

School Spirit

Enhances Academics


Finding Passion

Service to Others

Goal Attainment

Strategic Planning


Time Management



What are some activities you like doing (examples: breakdancing, sailing, philosophical discussions, etc.)?

What organizations can you get involved with to help you meet people with similar interests?

What ways can you get involved to help supplement what you are learning in class (example: advertising society, psychology club, entrepreneurship club, etc.)

What are some of the next steps you will take to get involved?

› DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS IDEAL offers workshops throughout the academic year that are open to all UF students to help address that various issues students may have or to develop skills that all students need to be successful.

› INDIVIDUAL INVOLVEMENT CONSULTATIONS (IIC) These individualized consultations are designed to help students get involved at UF. These consultations are geared toward students that want to get involved but do not know where to start. With specialized training in student involvement, IDEAL consultants will help students find organizations that interest them. If you are interested in an IIC, please submit the form below and an IDEAL student ambassador will schedule an appointment with you shortly!

Career Prep Academy 2013

What are some of the out-of-class activities you are currently involved with?


Roundtable Discussion Guide

Roundtable #4 Strengths@UF

StrengthsQuest: Discover and develop your strengths in academics, career and beyond. Take the online assessment to access a variety of experiences that will help you discover your talents and develop strengths. You will gain access to action items specific to your top themes, covering general academic life, study habits, relationships, and career. Take the assessment at and take advantage of all the resources to help you apply your top 5 Strengths Themes. With each StrengthsQuest code you will receive: › Access to the Clifton StrengthsFinder, a Web-based assessment that measures the presence of talent in 34 themes › Access to the online version of the StrengthsQuest book › A StrengthsQuest report of your top five themes and action items for students, educators, and professionals › Access to a personalized website customized to your top five themes › Access to additional reports to further your exploration of your talents

Strengths@UF: Strengths Development at the University of Florida.

14 Career Prep Academy 2013

UF promotes opportunities for student engagement, leadership, and discovery resulting in citizens who excel in a global and complex society. We believe that by helping students discover their individual strengths, we can work together to create a fulfilling undergraduate experience. StrengthsQuest gives members of the UF community the opportunity to discover their strengths and put them into action. Many departments on campus such as New Student and Family Programs and Warrington Welcome have integrated Strengths development into their work. UF students and faculty/staff are able to purchase a unique StrengthsQuest code for $10 through the Center for Leadership and Service by emailing Each year UF hosts a Strengths Week to provide a variety of workshops and educational opportunities for students to know, grow and love their strengths. To keep up to date with what’s happening through Strengths@UF, see


To what kinds of activities are you naturally drawn?

What kinds of activities do you seem to pick up quickly?



Career Prep Academy 2013

Roundtable Discussion Guide


In what activities did you automatically know the steps to be taken?



During what activities have you had moments of subconscious excellence when you thought, “How did I do that?”

What activities give you a kick, either while doing them or immediately after finishing them, and you think, “When can I do that again?”

Roundtable #5 Target®

EXECUTIVE TEAM LEADER IN TRAINING Use your business, leadership and people skills to inspire exceptional performance. Maximize sales and profits for your Target store. Ensure great guest service and team member satisfaction. Create a fast-paced, energetic environment that delivers a consistent Target brand experience for team members and guests. Use your skills, experience and talents to be a part of groundbreaking thinking and visionary goals. As an Executive Team Leader in Training, you’ll take the lead as you… › Drive sales by overseeing the guest service and merchandising of two to three departments with sales ranging from $2 - $9 million › Act as leader on duty, as well as opening and closing the store on assigned days › Assist with recruiting and hiring of your team › Receive extensive training to help you become a strong store executive leader › Ensure great service by interacting with guests and team members › Strive to achieve sales goals and maintain budget controls REQUIREMENTS › 4-year college degree › Supervisor level experience › Proven conflict management skills › Ability to communicate clearly and effectively in all situations with great interpersonal skills › Flexible work hours including some nights and weekends › Strong cognitive skills, including problem analysis, decision making, financial and quantitative analysis



Use your business, leadership and people skills to inspire exceptional performance. Maximize sales and profits for your Target store. Ensure great guest service and team member satisfaction. Create a fast-paced, energetic environment that delivers a consistent Target brand experience for team members and guests.

Career Prep Academy 2013

Use your skills, experience and talents to be a part of groundbreaking thinking and visionary goals. As a Stores Executive Intern, you’ll take the lead as you… › Gain a significant knowledge base during your comprehensive training program › Work closely with the senior leadership group › Gain the opportunity to make an impact within a Target store as an executive-in-training and project leader › Offer innovative ideas and focusing on results, and inspire your team to do the same › Receive extensive training to help you become a strong store executive leader › Return to school with strengthened leadership and project management skills, and a better understanding of the outstanding opportunities at Target REQUIREMENTS › Desire to pursue a career in retail management › Leadership and strong decision-making skills › Assertiveness and initiative › Team-oriented thinking › Ability to communicate clearly and effectively in all situations › Strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task

› What am I known for? › What am I most proud of? › My greatest strength is: › My personal power lies in: › By this time next year, I will be known for:


› Charisma › Individual Consideration › Intellectual Stimulation › Courage › Dependability › Flexibility › Integrity › Judgment › Respects Others


› Resume › Cover Letter › 1 Minute Commercial / Elevator Speech › Interview › On-the-Job 

Career Prep Academy 2013



Roundtable Discussion Guide

Ways to Help You

Move Forward 1. Talk to us at the CRC.


CAREER PLANNING EXPRESS DROP IN HOURS CRC Library | Weekdays | 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Drop in for assistance with a variety of career-related topics including developing a resume, cover letter, personal statement, mock interviews, and general job search strategies. Stop by our library, sign in at the computer and get help from our Career Ambassadors.

REQUEST A CAREER PLANNING APPOINTMENT Request an appointment with one of our staff members. Meet in person or via phone or Skype. We can assist you with topics such as choosing a major, selecting a career, searching for a job/internship, and much more. To request an appointment: › Log in to Gator CareerLink at › Click on “Request a Career Planning Appointment” › You will receive a confirmation email when your request is approved



Request an Individualized consultation. Individualized consultations are designed to help students get involved at UF. These consultations are geared toward students that want to get involved but do not know where to start. With specialized training in student involvement, IDEAL consultants will help students find organizations that interest them. Contact SAI at to schedule a personalized consultation.

Career Prep Academy 2013

3. Speak to a Strengths Coach. It is important that there is reflection and discussion in addition to taking the assessment. Strengths Coaches can provide strengths training/presentations for your group once your group has taken the assessment and received their results. To request a presentation, email with the time, date, location of your meeting, the makeup of your group, and the type of presentation that you need.



› Everything you do should communicate your brand image. › Building your brand takes time, patience and focus. › Your appearance, words and tone need to represent a positive image of you. › Self-marketing is a learned skill. Create your brand and advertise!

Career Prep Academy 2013

Action Plan Sheet

3 ways I can identify my unique brand and strengths: 1. 2. 3.

3 ways I can develop my brand: (gain experiences, take new responsibilities, etc). 4. 5. 6.

3 ways I can communicate my brand: (brand myself proactively or in a job search) 1. 2. 3.


Center for Leadership & Service

Department of Student Activities & involvement



Target Career Prep Academy Booklet