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Winners Defined By Kevin Abdulrahman Winners are regularly faced with importantly we have to deal with them, and challenges. They understand that challenges do so effectively. You can’t expect for things are required ingredients to win. In fact if you to be served for us (at least initially). You are not facing challenges, then the chances have to get out there and play. are you’re operating well below your true Winners know that life is a battlefield, and capabilities. Some challenges arise as a result there will be expected and unexpected twists of poor choices you’ve made, whilst others are and turns. How you deal with challenges at times, out of your control. Nevertheless, will determine whether you make the cut. you must learn to understand that a challenge, It will determine whether you will rise and no matter how severe, is simply part of the inherently, whether you’ll win or not. For it’s game you have chosen to play. It’s a required not what you are hit with, but how you deal ingredient of the game. with the hit. It’s not how you are hit, but how What about if you choose to resign and be hard you can hit back. It is not your size in at the complete mercy of the challenges you the fight that matters, but the size of the fight face? in you that will ultimately determine whether Well, you won’t stand a chance. they will stand a chance at winning. I would like to suggest that it’s not the Life is full of challenges. Smile in the face challenges that define you. Winners are not of challenges and adversities. If you are dealt shaped by the challenges they face, but by a tough situation, be sure that you are the how they face their challenges. When faced person that can handle it. For I believe we are with a challenge, you need to push through all given challenges and hardships based on it, over it, to the side of it. You do what ever our abilities to handle them. I don’t believe Life is certainly not a you have to do, to get to the other side. As that we are ever faced with a situation that we seven star hotel. It’s difficult as it may seem, or as hard as it may are unable to handle, even though it may feel indeed a combat zone. feel to recognise this fact, just like a coin, an like it at the time. Expect and welcome event will always have two sides to it. Welcome challenges in your world. challenges. Whatever Take a large organization such as Google as Welcome challenges from your competition. an example. Do you think they let challenges The challenges you face will help expand home business you’re into, hold them back? Do you think they bring your thinking. It will help you grow stronger. strap up your boots and everything to a complete halt because they are It’s through challenges that winners’ thoughts start playing. Remember faced with a crisis? No, they continue to push are invoked. Through challenges, winners that Winning is a choice. forward, fine tuning and working on their are inspired to think. Through challenges challenges along the way. It’s important to winners turn their dream into reality. Through note, that winners still keep their eyes locked challenges, winners begin to lead. Through on their vision, and therefore are constantly challenges, winners set forth towards victory, moving forward as opposed to many who are taking the sit and wait for nothing is sweeter than winning, especially when the odds are approach. stacked against them. I was at a lobby in a hotel once, when I met a friend. We chatted Winners will play against the odds. They dare to be different. They about the state of the economy and both agreed that although things dare to think differently, talk differently and do differently. When all were tough, opportunities were there, they were simply repackaged the odds are against them, winners will always choose to play the and presented in different forms. game. Sure they are told that they stand to fail, but winners know that He then made an interesting comment. He said, “Life is not a hotel. they would rather fail moving forward than fail standing still. To Life is a battlefield. You must fight through life. Most people are them nothing tastes sweeter than beating the odds. When people are expecting life to be the equivalent of seven star hotel service. It just talking down on them, against them and behind their back, nothing doesn’t work that way.” gives a winner more joy than creating massive results. His words were the truth. Life is a game, and like any game, Life is certainly not a seven star hotel. It’s indeed a combat zone. we have to actively play. Like any game, just when you think you Expect and welcome challenges. Whatever home business you’re know what will happen, something of a completely different nature into, strap up your boots and start playing. Remember that Winning happens. Life is full of twists and unexpected turns. That’s what is a choice. makes life interesting, not knowing what’s around the corner. More Winning is an attitude. Have a Winning Month.

Kevin Abdulrahman, a British Yemeni, is an International Author of THE BOOK on Winning The Game Of Life. Contact Kevin Abdulrahman by jumping on or email his team at



November 2009

Kevin Abdulrahman Winners Defined  

Kevin Abdulrahman, a british Yemeni, is an International Author of THE bOOK on Winning The Game Of Life. Contact Kevin Abdulrahman by jumpin...