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Moving Forward Smarter This is a great time of the year to take a moment and think about how you would like this year to work out for you moving forward. It is a good time to reflect on all that was, all that could have been and all that should have been. It’s a time to look at what resources were utilised best and how much more could have been done. It may be tough to make a good judgement call when in the moment, but looking back now, can you say it with all honesty, that more could have been done?

Where are you now? Where is your life

to where they are today. By not setting

who have ended up getting that failed

today? Where is your business today?

themselves up with a target, they have

result. Why is that?

How does it rate on a scale of 1 – 10—1

planned to fail.

being miserable and 10 being euphoric?

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What about you.

Did you even

fail to plan the route ahead. They fail

and think of what you had envisaged

think about setting a target for

to plan their road map, their strategy

your life (and your business) to be to-

where you are today?

in order to win the game. Most people

day, would you say you have everything


Kevin Abdulrahman

Although many never plan to fail, they

If you were to go back five short years

you wanted (Be honest)?

spend more time doing their hair in Don’t feel bad, you are not alone

the morning or planning their sum-

(though that doesn’t make it better). It

mer holidays than thinking about what

Have you today achieved every-

may sound ridiculous, but most people

they truly want out of life. By failing to

thing that you wanted and thought

are inadvertently planning to fail. Why

plan they have, with complete inten-

of five years ago?

do I say that? I mean, you don’t hear

tion, planned to fail. Could this be true

people coming up to you and saying,

of someone you know? Could this be

Most people, after spending a bit of

“Oh by the way, I have just finished

you? Most people have a “sit and wait

time reflecting and being honest with

planning how I can fail this year and do

approach”. That is their plan and it cer-

themselves, come to an unfortunate

a good job at it.” You would never hear

tainly isn’t a winning one. Others have

and rather shocking truth. Most have

someone actually say that, yet nine

a last minute approach to things. They

hoped to be in a better place compared

times out of ten, we know of people

may have thought very briefly of a five


International Author, Inspirational Speaker on Motivation and Leadership. The Authority in the field of Mind Nutrition.

year plan because it was the in thing to

and worked planned for say develop-

individuals that make up your teams)

do, but only decide to implement ev-

ing their people to become resourceful

thoughts, decision making process and

erything in the last quarter of the final

when times are tough.

actions must change.

through their five year goals mark. I am

I will make an audacious statement and

Plan in advance.

not only talking about planning for the

challenge you by saying that the same

want to achieve this year and even five

big things. Planning is important for all

applies to you. If you reflect back on

years from now. Start taking the ac-

aspects of your life and business—from

the year that you have just had, there

tions today. You can’t achieve what you

the big goals to the smaller, day-to-day

are areas where you have left money on

want in five years, if you leave it all to


the table- money that could have been

the last quarter of the last year.

year. All with the hope that they scrap Plan for what you

“No one needs to give you permission to be Great. You hold that Authority”

Kevin Abdulrahman

yours but was left on the table. Think like a Winner. Plan like a

I’ve found that when I am coaching and consulting clients, they (all) realise

Now you can spend time crying over

Winner. Decide like a Winner and

how much more they could have done,

spilled milk, or you can learn from your

Act like a Winner.

how much more efficient they could

past in order to operate and move for-

have operated, how much talent they

ward smarter.

allowed to go to waste and how much

This is the time to begin moving forward smarter.

better they could have planned for their

For if you continue to do the same things

growth, prosperity and dealing with

over and over again without change,

This is the time to make your plans and

challenging situations. In short, they

the picture will remain the same. This

work on it.

all look back and see how much money

year will just be like the last. You can

they have left on the table. They see

hope and wish for it to be different, but

Until we meet in person, Get In-

gaps in where they failed to make the

it won’t. As common sense would dic-

spired, Get Informed and Get Go-

most of situations by not having had

tate, for things to change, your (and the



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Kevin Abdulrahman Moving Forward Smarter  
Kevin Abdulrahman Moving Forward Smarter  

03 • 11 This is a great time of the year to take a moment and think about how you would like this year to work out for you moving forward. I...