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New projects with Oman to focus on renewable energy: Japanese envoy

Our Correspondent Muscat

Emerging projects between Japan and Oman will focus on renewable energy, the Japanese ambassador, H E Seiji Morimoto, announced at the University of Nizwa on Monday.

During the speech, made in celebration of Japan's national day, H E Morimoto explained that emerging projects with Oman will focus more on renewable energy and the environment. In particular, the amount of strong sunlight Oman receives should allow for a large scale in-

tegration of solar power, enough to provide a viable alternative source of energy for the country. “Oman will eventually face challenges with its limited energy resources. For the long-term economic development of Oman, it is crucial to develop alternative and new energy re-

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The amount of strong sunlight Oman receives should allow for a large scale integration of solar power

panies has contributed to the nasources, as well as energy saving tion building of Oman. Recognistechnologies. Such development ing the potential of oil and gas increases energy efficiency and sectors in Oman, Japanese comthus preserves precious repanies made a special contribusources. It also leads to the estion to the tablishment of development of new industrial the gas sector by foundations in c onstructing Oman,” he said. “It is crucial LNG processing Oman exports for Oman to plants in Sur.” ten per cent of its develop The ambassaoil to Japan and alternative and dor also said that trade between the efficiency the countries new energy with which reached approxiresources” Oman uses its mately US$10bn, fossil fuels is a according to key factor in in2008 figures. creasing the size There are curof its industrial around rently base and ensuring employment 130 Japanese nationals living and opportunities for Omani nation11 Japanese companies in the als, thereby diversifying the areas sultanate. Current developments in which revenue can be raised. are helping to cement economic The ambassador went on to conrelationships and providing the gratulate Nizwa on achieving the building blocks for future coophonour of becoming the Capital eration, according to Morimoto. of Islamic Culture in 2015. “The presence of Japanese com-

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Physiotherapy meet to provide learning opportunity

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Specialists in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation will be attending a conference in Muscat to further develop these services in the country. The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Khoula Hospital will hold an international symposium along with a series of workshops on October 28 and 29 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, which will include presentations from professionals ranging from podiatrists, orthopaedics and dieticians to prosthetics and orthotics specialists, practising both in and outside Oman. Khoula Hospital is planning to build on established relationships with some institutions

within, and across, Oman’s borders with the aim of improving

the sustainability of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services.

There will be a scientific meeting on the first day, where ex-

perienced speakers and scholars from institutions in Australia, UK, Turkey and India, in addition to local speakers, will present and share their experiences in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. There will be a series of workshops on various topics by the lecturers and, it is hoped through these, local professionals in the field will have a chance to observe the latest techniques. The delegates will also visit and view the rehabilitation services offered in Oman. The event is a follow up to the Ministry of Health’s goal of supporting and encouraging development in health staff training.

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Women traders seek investment Pakistani women affected by 2005 quake hope to find stockists in Oman Alex Adams Muscat

Businesswomen from Pakistan’s beleaguered North West Frontier Province (NWFP) are urging Omanis to invest in their businesses and help those whose lives have been devastated by earthquakes and conflict. The stricken region came into the public eye after an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter Scale hit the province on October 8, 2005, leaving 80,000 people dead and 3.5mn homeless. Recent infighting between militants has also seen the region plunge further into crisis. Following the earthquake, many women in the region have struggled after losing their homes, husbands and families, but businesses such as Annum Collections have been lending a helping hand by helping them earn a living by selling their goods. However, the women who were widowed in the earthquake need more money to send their children to school as well as clothe and feed their families. Now they form a part of a Pakistani businesswomen’s delegation exhibiting their products at this year’s Women Expo, currently being held at the Oman International Exhibition Centre. Tehmina Faheem, a designer with Annum Collections in NWFP, explained that many of the women are seeking invest-

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ment in their businesses as their living costs have risen. “The people who make these clothes were greatly affected by the earthquake. Many of the women lost their homes and their families. It is very important for us to be here to make people aware of their plight. We need big orders to get them the help they need for a more stable life.” Adil Qayyum, vice chairman, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s standing committee on small and medium enterprises, explained that the exhibitors’ presence at the Women Expo

was an important step forward in changing people’s negative perception of the region. “This is giving them the aid and help they need, and they are looking forward to doing business in Oman as well as doing something to promote bilateral economic activity and portray a positive image of the region.” The NWFP businesswomen are part of a much larger delegation put together with the help of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan. Ghazala Saifi, the manager of Khaamta, a small Karachi-based fashion house, said that this delegation is also in Oman to

prove that Pakistani businesswomen are serious about success in the GCC countries. She added, “We are optimistic and we feel that coming here would definitely be helpful for us. We are looking for investors who can stock our products in Oman.” Saifi also said that traditional crafts from the NWFP could die out if they don’t receive funding. “These women produce goods that are known across the world. But it is almost a dying art and it will fade out if they don’t make enough money. Skills are dependent on people being paid well.”

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Kevin Abdulrahman luck  

Our Correspondent Muscat Emerging projects between Japan and Oman will focus on re- newable energy, the Japanese ambassador, H E Seiji Morim...

Kevin Abdulrahman luck  

Our Correspondent Muscat Emerging projects between Japan and Oman will focus on re- newable energy, the Japanese ambassador, H E Seiji Morim...