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By the time you read this article, the question on the minds of many of you will be, how did 6 months of the year pass by me? How did 180 days whisk through like a breeze leaving you with the only thought, how on earth has all this time slipped? Yet again! I personally can’t believe that we are going into month seven already, and that 6 months of the year has gone by.”I can’t recall how many times I have said this line or a variation of it (depending on the number of months that just flies by), and I know I am not alone. It only seems like it was yesterday that we were celebrating a bright and prosperous start to the year. And yes, both bright and prosperous that it has been (I hope it to be the case for you), I always find that looking back into my own life, there is so much more that could have been done. After all, 6 38

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months is 180 Whole Days with which so much could have been achieved. Yes I have done a fair bit, but we are talking about a whole lot of days that I could have really done much more with (I’m being absolutely truthful here). And so, it’s only fair I ask you the same question. Was there more that you could have done? Could you have done 10 per cent more? 20 per cent more? I will be even bold enough to ask, Could you have doubled your efforts now that you are looking back at the last six months? I am asking you questions to which I already know the answers of. I will assure you that if you dig deep within yourself, the answers would be a resounding yes. You definitely know you could have done more, if you are unhappy with

your results so far. Some of you have achieved astounding results being the successful and go getters that you are. In fact I have spoken to many of my successful friends and when I even asked them, “Could you have done more?” believe it or not, they all still replied with a unanimous YES”. And so I thought I would write this article to serve as a reminder, not of what you have achieved so far, and want to achieve moving forward. You could be on target, ahead or behind, in what you set out to do. My focus is not to disregard your effort so far, but we both know that there is more in you. And this is what I want to stress on. There is MORE IN YOU. Because as I stated earlier, if push came to shove, you could have not only increased and bettered your efforts by 10-20%, you could easily double your

productivity, enhance your decision making process and take bigger actions. It is in you. I know it. And you know it too. And if you didn’t until this point, then you do now. How can I be so sure of what I’m saying without even having met you? Pretty simple really, and I will use a very simple context as an example. How would you operate if you only had six months to live? Would you go about letting the minutes of your hours, and the hours of your days slip by? Or would you make the most of it? If the next six months were your last six months on this earth, how would you operate in your day to day life? Would you operate faster? Would you think quicker, make bolder decisions, take action where you need to and reduce procrastination? Would you be fearless in facing challenges? Of course you would, because you know that the clock is ticking. I know that you would pull out all stops. Nothing could get in your way, and the intensity with which you would make your moves would be on a different level. If the next six months were your last six months, and if you wanted to make sure you left your mark on this planet, then I assure you that you would

Move with Momentum. I know that you will have a down day. I know that there are days when you won’t feel like doing anything. I know this because, like you, I am human as well and have experienced (and continue to experience it). We all have our days where we simply can’t be bothered. However, the sign of a winner is in their ability to go through the feelings that everyone experiences and pull themselves together. It is not difficult to get carried away by the current of life and everything it washes your way. A winner is able to remind themselves why they are doing what they are doing? What is it they need to do? They know the value of moving with momentum and importantly how they want to feel when it comes to them reflecting back on the time they have lived, be it six months, six years, or a life time. Yes you can feel guilty for not having done what you said you were going to do. Yes you could be angry for having wasted so many months of the year so far. Yes you can get all upset, stressed and up tight about it, and end up do nothing different (which in any instance will leave you exactly where you are therefore rendering this option pointless).

Or you can think like a winner and use this awareness of how much more potential you have and make a decision to ensure that the next six months will be far more fruitful than the first six months, on any level- or better yet, on every level. Will the next six months be the same as the last six months? Or will you achieve much more in your personal and professional life? Because as we know it, the unforgiving nature of time will mean that December 31st will be just around the corner, and we will all collectively take some time to reflect on what was yet another lightning bolt of a year, asking the questions, Could I have done more? Could I have been more? Could I have given more? The answer tends to always be (you guessed it), a loud YES. All you can do today is reflect on what has been the first six months of your year. But until the 31st of December, you can get out there, and Create the Reflection you desire. Move with Momentum. Have a Winning Month!

(Kevin Abdulrahman is the International Author of a series of winning books, an Inspirational Keynote Speaker and an In Demand Mind Nutrition Expert. Kevin’s articles are regularly published in magazines, reports, newsletters and newspapers, constantly being used as resources all over the world. Kevin helps winning organizations, universities, sports teams and individuals create breakthrough results. You can get Kevin Abdulrahman’s books and request for him to speak/train your group by going on

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