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Weather Safety

Mother’s Day Results

Volume 15 Number 4 June/July 2017

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6 Mother’s Day Results

USTPA Officers

2017 President: Joe O’Dea, Greenwood Village, CO Treasurer: Chris Sullivan, Rayville, LA VP Production & Quality Control: Cathy Herrmann, Syracuse, KS VP Rules & Bylaws: Ken Coulson, Loveland, CO VP National Ratings: Brian McClain, Benton, KY Immediate Past President: Tom Bross, Wellsville, PA Secretary: Noah Sodrel, Labelle, FL Flag’sUp! Editor: Bailey Nichols Advertising Inquiries Flag’sUp! 1951 Ft. Worth Hwy, Suite 104, Weatherford, TX 76086 Editorial Inquiries Flag’sUp! • USTPA 1951 Ft. Worth Hwy, Suite 104, Weatherford, TX 76086 Subscription Inquiries United States Team Penning Association P.O. Box 1359 | Weatherford, TX 76086 Flag’sUp! (ISSN 1551: 6725) is published bi: monthly by the United States Team Penning Association (USTPA) 1951 Ft. Worth Hwy, Suite 104, Weatherford, TX 76086

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11 Weather Safety by Heidi Cook

15 Chaplain’s Corner Ownership/Patents

16 USTPA Show Results BC USTPA Show Calendar

Regional Shows: 6 The Royal Flush Show

12 Chris Lebrecht Memorial Show

17 Labor Day Shoot Out

Bi: monthly subscription with issues as follows: December/January, February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November

USTPA Mission Statement



The purposes of the United States Team Penning Association are to engage those with an affinity for the western lifestyle in the sports of team penning and ranch sorting and to develop resources and services for the benefit of USTPA members and growth of the sport. Flag’sUP June/July 2017 5

#9 Truck sort shootout qualifier. Pick 1, Draw 1. Ten ride limit

Aug 4th JL Super sort #9 draw

Friday Entry Fee $55

9:00 AM Added $ $5,000.

Open HC Pen Pro/Am/Nov ShootOut Aug 5th

$70 $3003 rides Saturday


Penning #13 #11 #9 #7 Youth Draw #5 #3 Draw

Entry Fee $65 $65 $60 $55 $20 $50 $40

Added $ $1,500 Rifles $1,500 $1,000 Saddle pads $500+pads Saddle pads

Aug 6th


8:00 am

Sorting Open HC Sort

Entry Fee $70 #9 Truck shootout $50 Youth Draw $20 #6 $55 #3 $45 6 Flag’sUP June/July 2017

80% PB

All Draw 8:00 am

Added $ $2,000 50% payback Saddle pads $1,000 $500+pads

• • • • •

All Classes are Pick 3/ Draw 1, except Open Classes are Pick 2/ Draw 2 and Youth Classes & #3 Draw penning are All Draw . JL Super Sort classes are all draw. ShootOut is All Draw QuickDraw format. 1st ten paid riders in open, am and nov divisions are eligible eligible- 3 rides mandatory 60% Payback/ 80% ShootOut 40% back to 2nd go. go RV’s $25/night Stalls $60/show $3.50 per ride USTPA fee, and $1.50 per ride show fee

Jared Lesh (405) 269 269-3467

Tom Jurgens (605) 940 940-8631 tom@raecobuilders

Mother’s Day


Open HC Pen Average: Weston Raub, Cali Brookshire, Brian McClain

#5 Penning Average: Noah Sodrel, Brandon Underwood, Jordan Sodrel

#7 Penning Average: Paul West, Byron Borders, Chris Brian

#9 Penning Average: Jackson Ammerman, Joel Lesh, Pamela Stang

#11 Masters Penning Average: Emmett Whitehurst, Bob Jamison, Brenda Dunn

#11 Penning Average: Jordan Lesh, Noah Sodrel, Sarah Sodrel

Flag’sUP June/July 2017 7

Mother’s Day


#13 Penning Average: Katie McGuffin, Jordan Lesh, JT Powell

QD Penning Average: Ryan Smith, Jordan Lesh, Weston Raub

Pro-Am-Nov QD: Jordan Lesh, Cali Brookshire, Brandon Underwood

Pro-N-1 Penning: Erin Baker, Randall Davis, Lynn Davidson

JR Youth Penning Average: Sonya Buckner, Shiann Buckner, Brooke Mitchell

SR Youth Penning: Cali Brookshire, Brenden Haselip, Sarah Sodrel

8 Flag’sUP June/July 2017

Mother’s Day


Open HC Sort Average: JT Powell, Tanner Keith

#3 Sort Average: Tony Field, Craig Anderson

#6 Sorting: Rodi Torres, JT Powell

#9 Sort Average: Jordan Lesh, Brenden Haselip

JR Youth Sorting: Bleu Hall, Annabelle Terrell

SR Youth Sorting: Lexi Liles, Kelly Daniel

Flag’sUP June/July 2017 9

“Big Chris” you will forever be missed. You touched the hearts of so many people. Fourth of July in Whitesboro, TX was an event that you made special for every family attending each year! You produced an amazing firework show! We want to honor your memorial with a BANG! Your huge heart and generous attitude impacted so many people in our sport! I know you’re sporting that famous smile watching all of us ride and slide! GO BIG or GO HOME!

Friday 4:00 PM


Saturday 8:00 AM


Sunday 8:00 AM


#12 3 man 2 gate


Open HC Draw Pen


Open HC draw sort


#13 Pen


#9 Truck qualifier

(Pick 3 draw 3)

#11 Shoot Out Pen ($100.00 entry fee, 4 ride limit, 80% PB,

($50.00 entry fee, 50% PB,

change 2 partners)

10 ride limit Pick 1 draw 1)



#9 Pen Youth Draw Pen


Youth Sort




#6 Sort


#7 Pen


#3 Sort


#5 Pen

Buckles All Classes are Pick 3/ Draw 1, except #9 Truck qualifier is pick 1 draw 1, 10 ride limit and #12 3 man is pick 3 draw 3. Open classes, Youth Classes are All Draw.


10 Flag’sUP June/July 2017

All classes are $60. entry fee, except #11 shootout is $100., #9 sort is $50. and the youth is $20. 60% Payback/ 80% payback in #11 Shoot Out 30% back top 10, all except youth RV’s $60/show Stalls $60/show $3.50 USTPA fee per ride, $1.50 JL arena fee per ride

Jared Lesh- (405) 269-3467 10801 E Hwy 82 Whitesboro, TX. 76273

All USTPA rules and fees apply

By Heidi Cook, NON-Professional Horse Trainer & USTPA Writer, Summerville, Georgia

Weather Safety What career can you have in which you can be wrong at least fifty percent of the time and still not be fired? A meteorologist! With that said, the weather is sometimes anything but a laughing matter. It can cause everything from fires to floods, and you need to make sure that you’ve done everything you can to protect your beloved equines in the event of even a minor disaster.

Lightning An electrical storm can oftentimes be a horse owner’s worst nightmare. Clouds form when warm air rises from the ground, heats the air above it, and then is subsequently cooled by water vapor in the sky. The temperature in the upper portion of the cloud is naturally extremely cold, oftentimes forming pieces of ice that eventually start to bump into themselves in a million tiny collisions. Over time, the collisions cause an electrical charge to be built up, with the positively charged particles staying at the top of the cloud and the heavier, negatively charged particles residing at the bottom. Eventually both charges grow large enough to touch, with the result being lightning. When this happens and a bolt of lightning strikes, it naturally tries to find its way to the ground via the path of least resistance. Horses will usually listen to their instincts to try to find a low, protected area to ride out a storm. However, in the event that lower ground is not available in their pasture, you will most likely see them huddled around a tree. Trees are often lighting’s preferred path to the ground due to their moisture making them a better conductor than the air, along with the fact that they are often the tallest point in the vicinity. Of all trees, oaks and poplars tend to be both

12  Flag’sUP June/July 2017

taller and contain a higher moisture content, which increases their chances of being struck. When lightning strikes a tree in which a horse, cow, or even a person is standing under or near, the current passes through the tree, spreads out through the ground around it, and then can flow into that being, resulting in electrocution. The same can happen if a bolt were to hit a wire fence that someone was standing too close to, or even a barn or other small structure. The good news is that a few preventative measures can lower your risks of being affected by lightning. If your horse typically likes to seek shelter under tall, solitary trees, consider putting up fencing that will prevent them from getting too close. You should also consider the risks when deciding where to place things like run-in sheds. Drainage options might make you tend to place these buildings on upper ground, but a lower location might be the better choice. You’ll also want to ensure that both buildings and fencing are grounded, which involves a steel or copper pipe being driven into the earth that gives current a direct path to the ground. Finally, make sure that you have a working fire extinguisher handy in the event that a lightning strike causes a blaze.

Heavy Storms

While lightning can be a piece of the threat during a heavy storm such as a tornado or hurricane, the wind and rain that accompany the event can also be a danger to your horse. The main question that horse owners often ask is whether it is safer for their horse to be in the barn or the pasture. Unfortunately, there is not a single right answer to this question as a lot depends on your personal set up. Horses in a large pasture do have the option to try to re-locate to a different area, unlike a horse locked inside a barn that is unlucky enough to be in path of the storm. On the other hand, pastured horses may be struck by flying debris or the previously mentioned lightning when left outside. While it is costly, the best option would be an underground storm shelter, which can be made to mimic a horse trailer to allow for the most comfortable place for your favorite equines to weather the storm. In the event that you don’t have this luxury available to you though, there are still measures that can be taken to increase your horse’s chances of survival in the event of the disaster. For example, when a warning is declared, put leather or breakaway halters or leather neck tags on every horse at your facility. Make sure that the halters have at minimum your phone number on them so others will know who to contact in the event that they get lost

during the storm. You can also braid contact information into their manes or tails, or even write directly onto the horse with a grease pen if you would prefer not to have a halter on them. You should also evaluate any structures that your horse may reside in during a heavy storm. Things like hurricane clips and reinforced beams and tie-ins could make the difference between the structure remaining standing and the alternative. Consider any items that could become projectiles during the emergency and remove them as best you can. Another tip is to place fly masks on especially any outside horses to help avoid eye injuries, as well as heavy turnout blankets to protect them from flying debris.

Floods, Earthquakes, Wildfires, and Other Emergencies

No matter what the emergency has turned out to be, one of the best pieces of advice is to listen to the experts. If your area has issued a notice to evacuate, do not hesitate! You would much rather leave and it turn out that you did not have to, than stay and wish you would have left. Prior to the disaster occurring, sit down and create an emergency plan that includes how you will act in the event of evacuation. If you do not have the means to trailer all your animals at one time, decide what you will do for each individual prior to leaving. Remember that in the event of a wildfire, it is oftentimes not the actual flames that cause the most damage to you and your livestock, but rather the smoke, which can affect you from miles away. When creating your plan, ask yourself questions such as who to call to notify of your plans, where you will go, how you will get there (including alternate

routes if possible), and when you plan to leave. Make a list of the items that you think you will need ahead of time, being sure to include buckets for feed and water, as well as any extra halters, leadropes, fly spray, and any necessary medications or supplements. Keep first aid kits in both the barn and any trucks or trailers that you may use during an evacuation and know how to use them! Primarily though, remember to get yourself to safety first. You cannot help your horses after the storm if you are injured (or worse)! Heidi Cook has been riding/training horses for over twenty-five years. Along with her husband, she owns and operates Cook Arena, Cook Saddlery, and Cook Arena Corgis of Summerville, Georgia. Feel free to email comments or ideas on future articles to!

Flag’sUP June/July 2017  13

Rev.2 01/25/17

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2017 USTPA National Production Shows USTPA Spring Round-up in Guthrie, Oklahoma USTPA Mother’s Day Spectacular in Ft. Worth, Texas USTPA Schaefer World Championship in Ft. Worth, Texas

14 Flag’sUP June/July 2017

April 21-23 May 12-14 November 7-11

Chaplain’s Corner “Ownership/Patents” As I was remembering the article from last issue on God owning our bodies (houses) with us occupying one part of the duplex house, it led me to think about all that God, the Creator, does own. “The earth is the LORD’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it” (Psalm 24:1 ). When someone creates something, they own it, right? Yes, then to insure ownership rights, one may apply for a patent from the USPTO. It sometimes takes some time to get that patent approved with all the necessary governmental paperwork. So in the meantime, the patent is pending. If someone else steals your idea during that time period, can they claim it or is your ownership assured? That’s always up to question and debate with court cases that can ensue. Since God created everything and he is God, He owns everything and everyone. He, in a sense, has the patent on each one of us as a whole. But it’s somewhat like the issue of patent pending. I believe until a person acknowledges who God is (has the approved patent) and desires to follow His ways, the patent on us is still pending. It is subject to theft. The Bible tells us the devil comes to steal and destroy while Jesus comes to give us abundant life (John 10:10 paraphrased). So I ask you, is your patent pending or completed? Are you in danger of having your patent (life) stolen or made abundant? It’s much like the church sign I saw one day which said, “Be a heart donor, give your heart to Jesus”. That’s the idea of getting the approved patent application. Part of that application process

includes understanding that we can’t get the patent approved solely on our own. We need a redeemer. Someone to get all the paperwork correct. Someone who has the authority and direct line to God. That would be Jesus. It’s like having a lawyer or advocate for you. As we just passed through the Easter season, perhaps the most important time for Christians, since without the empty tomb, our faith would be meaningless. With the empty tomb, Christians have something that no other faith has – a patent of a Risen Savior and Lord who overcame death; a Redeemer who absorbed all the sins for those that believe and trust in Him. While God has always owned us from the beginning of time, disobedience and sin broke the original patent so to speak. Since man and woman disobeyed the one provision of that original patent – eating from the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden, God had to go through with the consequences of that act of disobedience which He had warned them about in the beginning. He told them that if they disobeyed then they would surely die. So all of us will die but because God is a loving and merciful God, He doesn’t leave us without a way out of eternal death. He restored His patent agreement with us through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus – our Redeemer. Without our Redeemer, we would be only in the patent pending stage never to get that ultimate patent issued from the heavenly government. So what does God require of us. Apply for the patent through Jesus

Christ. Admit you do not own yourself and need Someone to redeem you from all your sins because “all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory” (Romans 3:23) and “the wages [consequences] of sin is death” (Romans 6:23b). But if we finish verse 23, it goes on to say “but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Then later on in Romans, you can find the specific plan of action on that patent “if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that god has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9) Even in the Old Testament we have such wonderful news from God. Micah 6:8 “…What does the LORD require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?” I close with simple, straight-forward thoughts of what God’s will is for all those He owns and has a patent on: (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) “Always be: Joyful Prayerful Thankful Full of praise for God Full of fellowship with Him” “May the LORD bless you and protect you. May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you. May the LORD show you His favor and give you His peace” (Numbers 6:24-26) Chaplain Margaret McLain Team Penners for Christ

Flag’sUP June/July 2017 15

USTPA Show Results May 12-14, 2017

Mother’s Day Show Ft Worth, TX

Open HC Pen Average Rank Name 1 Raub, Weston Brookshire, Cali McClain, Brian 2 Mills, Nick Lesh, Joel Lesh, Colette 3 Graham, Ross Blackman, Bryan Mills, Nick

$2,424 Time 90.6 117.37 114.13

#13 Penning Average Rank Name 1 McGuffin, Katie Lesh, Jordan Powell, JT 2 Blackman, Bryan Smith, Ryan Daniel, Kelly 3 Roberson, Tommy Brookshire, Cali Dean, Rick

$3,057 Time 132.97

QD Penning Average Rank Name 1 Smith, Ryan Lesh, Jordan Raub, Weston 2 Lesh, Joel Brooks, Terry Lesh, Colette 3 Foreman, Matt Lesh, Jared Keith, Connor

$2,583 Time 111.14

103.65 123.96

123.36 126.74

#9 Penning Average $3,627 Rank Name Time 1 Ammerman, Jackson 118.02 Lesh, Joel Stang, Pamela 2 Buckner, Sonya 128.07 Torres, Rodi Oglesby, Mary K 3 West, Paul 128.39 Robertson, Lynn Perkins, Danny #7 Penning Average Rank Name 1 West, Paul Borders, Byron Brian, Chris 2 Stovall, Tanner Liles, Lexi Liles, Cindy 3 Brooks, Terry Oglesby, Mary K Palasek, Kit

$3,501 Time 122.08

#11 Masters Penning Average Rank Name 1 Whitehurst, Emmett Jamison, Bob Dunn, Brenda 2 May, John Bross, Tom Olson, Steve 3 Bross, Tom Davidson, Skip McComas, David

$2,508 Time 149.05

127.58 129.61

134.54 137.31

Pro/Am/Nov QD $3,033 Rank Name Time 1 Lesh, Jordan 112.95 Brookshire, Cali Underwood, Brandon 2 Lesh, Joel 125.5 Sattler, Roy Fontenot Free, K Renee 3 Dean, Carrie 126.64 Sattler, Roy McComas, David #11 Penning Average $3,798 Rank Name Time 1 Lesh, Jordan 96.95 Sodrel, Noah Sodrel, Sarah 2 Underwood, Justin 97.16 Olson, Steve Wells, Jake 3 Keith, Tanner 100.97 Walker, Tammie Whitehurst, Emmett

16  Flag’sUP June/July 2017

Pro/N/1 Penning Rank Name 1 Baker, Erin Davis, Randall Davidson, Lynn 2 Baker, Erin Buckner, Shiann Hardy, David 3 Buckner, Brian Buckner, Shiann Allen, Janeice JR Youth Penning Average Rank Name 1 Buckner, Sonya Buckner, Shiann Mitchell, Brooke 2 Brooks, Terry Buckner, Shiann Koch, Jake 3 Brooks, Terry Thomas, Brylee Haselip, Ashtyn SR Youth Penning Rank Name 1 Brookshire, Cali Haselip, Brenden Sodrel, Sarah 2 Daniel, Kelly Duleba, Skylar VanTrease, BillieKay 3 Brookshire, Cali Koch, Christina VanTrease, BillieKay

Following are results for recent USTPA Sanctioned events. Results are listed in date order.

$777 Time 77.28 88.23 100.15

$302 Time 83.8 94.87 117.26

$387 Time 85.58 93.75 56.12

#5 Penning Average $2,355 Rank Name Time 1 Sodrel, Noah 120.46 Underwood, Brandon Sodrel, Jordan 2 Dunn, James D 123.75 Schooley, Pam Dunn, Brenda 3 Liles, Lexi 137.37 Rondy, Rochelle VanTrease, BillieKay Open HC Sort Average Rank Name 1 Powell, JT Keith, Tanner 2 Johnson, Dustin Dean, Carrie 3 Lesh, Joel Mills, Nick 4 Buckner, Brian Keith, Tanner 5 Raub, Weston Sfera, Steven

$1,922 Time 155.58 162.18 137.37 168.85 159.05

#9 Sort Average Rank Name 1 Lesh, Jordan Haselip, Brenden 2 McGuffin, Katie Saggione, Niki 3 Keith, Connor Powell, JT 4 McClain, Brian Borgia, Nick 5 Sfera, Steven Field, Tony

$1,564 Time 154.28

JR Youth Sorting Rank Name 1 Hall, Bleu Terrell, Annabelle 2 Haselip, Ashtyn Terrell, Annabelle 3 Hall, Bleu Haselip, Ashtyn 4 Moellendorf, Kayla Terrell, Annabelle 5 Hall, Bleu Moellendorf, Kayla

$108 Time 112.13

169.32 170.06 177.03 159.33

72.95 36.48 89.84 41.76

SR Youth Sorting $274 Rank Name Time 1 Liles, Lexi 110.87 Daniel, Kelly 2 Duleba, Skylar 118 Brookshire, Cali 3 Thomas, Brylee 110.84 VanTrease, BillieKay 4 Duleba, Skylar 69.95 Sodrel, Sarah 5 VanTrease, BillieKay 59.56 Buckner, Shiann

#6 Sorting Rank Name 1 Torres, Rodi Powell, JT 2 Clary, Kent White, DeRoy 3 Thomas, Brooke Schooley, Pam 4 Rondy, Rochelle Liles, Cindy 5 Brookshire, Cali Thomas, Shawna #3 Sort Average Rank Name 1 Field, Tony Anderson, Craig 2 McComas, David Allen, Janeice 3 Allred, Dean Gremillion, Paul 4 Daniel, Kelly Daniel, Kelcie 5 Mineo, Trisha Teltow, David

$2,178 Time 162.36 169.45 162.43 170.36 177.58

Time 176.52 144.22 159.79 165.28 175.54

Lazy E Arena

Guthrie,OK April 21-23, 2017 #13 Penning $408 Rank Name Time 1 Blackman, Bryan 19.53 Field, Tom Gibbs, London 2 Lesh, Colette 19.54 Ammerman, McKenzie Brookshire, Cali 3 Rondy, Rochelle 20.42 Rondy, Jim Saggione III, Louie Open HC Penning Average Rank Name 1 Mills, Nick Stang, Kevin Blackman, Bryan 2 Blackman, Bryan Brooks, Terry Brookshire, Cali 3 Lesh, Colette Lesh, Joel McClain, Brian

$2,517 Time 93.53

QD Penning Average Rank Name 1 Lesh, Jared Johnson, Dustin Horn, David 2 Graham, Ross Lesh, Colette Lesh, Jordan 3 Horn, David Johnson, Dustin Lesh, Joel

$2,190.24 Time 99.85

94.03 97.65

99.95 101.05

#9 Penning Average $2,553 Rank Name Time 1 Ammerman, McKenzie 115.86 Mills, Nick McClain, Brian 2 Lesh, Joel 123.54 Ammerman, Jackson Stang, Pamela 3 Brookshire, Cali 128.83 Hayes, Charles Mills, Nick 4 Belter, Mike 133.26 Estes, Gary Grady Gelvin, Heather 5 Estes, Gary 135.29 Herrmann, Henry Field, Tom #7 Penning Average $2,649 Rank Name Time 1 Rondy, Rochelle 138.77 Ammerman, McKenzie Blakely, Shelly 2 Mills, Nick 147.77 Whitehurst, Emmett Hayes, Peyton 3 Garrison, Mike 142.93 Eshleman, Brian O’Dea, Joe 4 Bledsoe, Lawcyn 151.77 Field, Tom Torres, Rodi 5 Haselip, Brenden 78.39 Herrmann, Cathy Harmon, Cassie

#11 Masters Penning Average Rank Name 1 O’Dea, Joe Horn, David Hammerstrom, Daryl 2 Hammerstrom, Daryl Horn, David Allen, Mark 3 Horn, David O’Dea, Joe Herrmann, Cathy

$2,364 Time 135.79 146.4 83.38

Pro/Am/Nov QD Average $2,695.68 Rank Name Time 1 Johnson, Dustin 92.6 Spears, Colby Pomerleau, Deb 2 Lesh, Joel 111.8 Brookshire, Cali Pomerleau, Deb 3 Lesh, Joel 122.06 Lawrence, Lori Hall, Jennifer 4 Brooks, Terry 122.12 Haselip, Kyler Haselip, Brenden #11 Penning Average Rank Name 1 Johnson, Dustin Allen, Mark Hogan, Faith 2 Saggione, Niki Rondy, Rochelle Allen, Mark 3 Saggione, Niki Bray, Patrick Stang, Pamela 4 Buckner, Sonya Mills, Nick Bledsoe, Larry 5 Gustafson, George Clary, Kent Haselip, Kyler

$3,321 Time 83.4 97.29 104.76 108.05 111.43

Pro/N/1 Penning Average $855 Rank Name Time 1 Blackman, Bryan 80.63 Still, Mike Crossey, Lj 2 Saggione, Niki 86.84 Whittemore, Samantha Haile, Sheri 3 Johnson, Dustin 92.43 Bray, Scarlett Allen, Janeice 4 Blackman, Bryan 106.16 Bledsoe, Denice Ford, Del Open HC Sorting Average Rank Name 1 Horn, David Mahony, Pat 2 Blackman, Bryan Brooks, Terry 3 Raub, Weston Torres, Rodi 4 Brooks, Terry Belter, Mike 5 Gustafson, Josh Kruger, Brandon SR Youth Penning Average Rank Name 1 Haselip, Ashtyn Haselip, Brenden Haselip, Kyler

$2,925 Time 160.76 149.33 163.33 163.75 167.66 $0 Time 33.79

JR Youth Penning Average $236 Rank Name Time 1 Lesh, Joel 85.67 Hall, Bleu Ammerman, Preston 2 Lesh, Joel 87.15 Hayes, Peyton Bledsoe, Lawcyn 3 Brooks, Terry 89.94 Baber, Milana Buckner, Shiann JR Youth Sorting Average Rank Name 1 Haselip, Ashtyn Bledsoe, Lawcyn 2 Hall, Bleu Bledsoe, Lawcyn

$180 Time 106.92 70.89

SR Youth Sorting Average Rank Name 1 Buckner, Shiann Bledsoe, Lawcyn 2 Haselip, Ashtyn Haselip, Kyler 3 Buckner, Shiann Haselip, Brenden

$0 Time 106.97 83.85 88.68

#5 Penning Average $2,223 Rank Name Time 2 Heidelberg, Houston 111.45 Bledsoe, Lawcyn Ensminger, Mark 3 Freiheit, Travis 115.38 Grady Gelvin, Heather Spencer, John 4 McKown, April 121.59 Haile, Brent Dummitt, Randy 5 Horn, Lisa 123.24 Jaques, Greg Bledsoe, Larry 6 Stang, Pamela 135.22 Womack, William “Bill” Backstrom, Brian #9 Sorting Average Rank Name 2 Saggione III, Louie Freiheit, Wesly 3 Buckner, Brian Prather, Alex 1 Blackman, Bryan Haselip, Kyler 4 Clary, Kent Brooks, Terry 5 Roberson, Travis Field, Tony

$2,446 Time 157.42

#6 Sorting Average Rank Name 1 Hammerstrom, Daryl Mahony, Pat 2 Brookshire, Cali Mineo, Trisha 3 Heidelberg, Houston Perry, Jason 4 Field, Tony Haselip, Kyler 5 Lawrence, Lori Haselip, Kyler

$1,966 Time 173.22

158.5 159.4 163.95 162.87

174.09 169.4 175.79 173.46

#3 Sorting Average $1,004 Rank Name Time 1 Hayes, Peyton 163.78 Hayes, Charles 2 Womack, William “Bill” 164.24 Ammerman, Preston 3 Ammerman, Preston 171.48 Ammerman, McKenzie 4 Womack, William “Bill” 153.07 Haselip, Brenden 5 Jaques, Greg 169.1 Perry, Jason


Friday 4:00 PM


#12 3 man 2 gate


(Pick 3 draw 3)

Saturday 8:00 AM



Prize $500

Open HC Draw Pen


Open HC Draw sort

#13 Pen


#9 Truck qualifier

#11 Shoot Out Pen


Sunday 8:00 AM

80% PB


($50.00 entry fee, 50% PB, 10 ride limit Pick 1 draw 1)

($100 entry Pick 3 draw 1, limit 4)

#9 Pen


Youth Sort


Youth Draw Pen


#6 Sort


#7 Pen


#3 Sort


#5 Pen


All Classes are Pick 3/ Draw 1, except #9 Truck qualifier is pick 1 draw 1, 10 ride limit and #12 3 man is pick 3 draw 3. Ope Open n classes, c Youth Classes are All Draw. All classes are $60. entry fee, except #11 shootout is $100., #9 sort is $50. and the youth is $20. 60% Payback/ 80% payback in #11 Shoot Out 30% back top 10, all except youth RV’s $60/show Stalls $60/show $3.50 USTPA fee per ride, $1.50 JL arena fee per ride All USTPA rules and fees apply

Jared Lesh- (405) 269-3467 10801 E Hwy 82 Whitesboro, TX. 76273

Flag’sUP June/July 2017 17

Team Penning and Ranch Sorting Horses for Sale Over 25 horses in the Show Barn at all times. A horse for everyone... Open- Amateur- Beginner Group Clinics and Private Lessons available, Call to schedule one in your area! Quality horses from World Champion competitors that know what it takes to get in the winner’s circle.

Jared Lesh Cowhorses Whitesboro TX • (405) 269-3467 • •

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Todd Jey Saddlery ....................................................... 3

Buckner Cow Horse ....................................................14

USTPA National Shows ..............................................14

Jared Lesh Cowhorse ..................................................18

LeichtWorks ..............................................................18 Montana Silversmith ................................................IBC 18 Flag’sUP June/July 2017

2017 June 30, 2017

August 25-27, 2017

Pen: Open HC Sort: Open 3 man

Pen: Open HC, #13, #11, #11 Masters, #9, Youth, #7, #5 Sort: Open HC, #9, Youth, #6, #3 Contact: Bryan Blackman (210)896-5757 (sanctioned)

USTPA Estes Park Firecracker Estes Park, CO Contact: Joe O’Dea (303)472-4974, Ken Coulson (970)203-4823 (sanctioned)

July 1-2, 2017

USTPA Diamond B Arena Healdton, OK

September 1-3, 2017 JL Arena Whitesboro, TX

USTPA Estes Park Firecracker Estes Park, CO Pen: Open HC, #11, #6, all youth draw Sort: #9, #4, all youth draw

Pen: Open HC, #13, #11, #11 Masters, #9, #7, #5, Youth Sort: Open HC, #9, #6, #3, Youth, 3 Man 2 Gate Contact: Jared Lesh (405) 269-3467 (Sanctioned)

July 1-2, 2017

September 9-10, 2017

USTPA Central Minnesota Team Penning Association Detroit Lakes, MN Peng: Open HC, #9, #5, #3 Sort: Open HC, #9, #5, #3

Contact: Scot Stelter (218)849-4714 (sanctioned)

July 7-8, 2017

USTPA Buckner Cowhorses, West Monroe, LA Contact: Brian Buckner (601)867-1090 (co-sanctioned)

July 9, 2017

USTPA Buckner Cowhorses, West Monroe, LA Pen: Open HC, #11, All Draw Youth Sort: Open HC, All Draw Youth, #3 Contact: Brian Buckner (601)867-1090 (sanctioned)

July 14-16, 2017

USTPA Diamond B Arena Healdton, OK

Pen: Open HC, #13, #11, DQ, #9, #7, #5, Youth Sort: Open HC, #9, #6, #3, youth Contact: Bryan Blackman (210)896-5757 (sanctioned)

August 11-13, 2017

USTPA Central Minnesota Team Penning Association Detroit Lakes, MN Pen: Open HC, #9, #5, #3 Sort: Open HC, #9, #5, #3 Contact: Scot Stelter (218)849-4714 (sanctioned)

Vomano Valley, Abruzzo2

Pen: #16,#13,#9, #6, Youth Contact: Giulio Gallazzi ( (sanctioned)

September 16-17, 2017 Buckner Cowhorses Bastrop, TX

Contact: Brian Buckner (601) 867-1090 (sanctioned)

September 29- October1, 2017 Diamond B Arena Healdton, OK

September 30- October 1, 2017 Central Minnesota Team Penning Association Detroit Lakes, MN Pen: #9, #5, #3 Sort: #9, #5, #3 Contact: Scot Stelter (218)849-4714 (sanctioned)

October 6-8, 2017

Region 1 & 2 Finals Whitesboro, TX

Pen: Open HC, #13, #11, #9, #7, Youth, #5, Pro/N/1 Sort: Open HC, #9, Youth, #6, #3 Contact: Jared Lesh (405)269-3467 (sanctioned)

October 21-22, 2017

Vomano Ranch Vomano Valley, Abruzzo2 Pen: #16, #13, #9, #6, Youth Contact: Giulio Gallazzi (sanctioned)

October 28-29, 2017 Lazy J Arena Stillwater, OK

Contact: Joel Lesh (405)269-8425 (sanctioned)

November 7-12, 2017

Pen: Open HC, #13, #11, #11 Masters, QD, #9, Youth, #7, #5 Sort: Open HC, #9, Youth, #6, #3 Contact: Bryan Blackman (210) 896-5757 (sanctioned)

USTPA Schaefer World Championship Finals Ft Worth, TX

September 30- October 1, 2017

November 24-26, 2017

Pen: Open HC, #9, #7, #11, #5 Sort: Open HC, #6, #9, #3 Contact: Holly Brown (712)490-9973 (sanctioned)

Pen: Open HC, #13, #11, #11 Masters, #9, #7, #5, Youth Sort: Open HC, #9, #6, #3, Youth, 3 man 2 gate Contact: Jared Lesh (405)269-3467 (sanctioned)

Arrow B Arena Ponca, NE

Contact: USTPA office (817)599-4455 (national event)

JL Arena Whitesboro, TX

September 30- October 1, 2017

December 1-3, 2017

Pen: Open HC, #11, #9, Youth, #5 Sort: Open HC, #9, Youth, #6, #3 Contact: Brian McClain (270)703-5660/ Noah Sodrel (863)673-1842 (sanctioned)

Pen: Open HC, #13, #11, #11 Masters, QD, #9, Youth, #7, #5 Sort: Open HC, #9, Youth, #6, #3 Contact: Bryan Blackman (210)896-5757 (sanctioned)

Region 3 & 4 Finals Tunica MS

Diamond B Arena Healdton, OK

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Horse Magazine for team Penning and team Sorting

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