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How To Make Your Movie Look Really Good Over time i've come to understand the different things that people are looking for with a free movie editing tool. They basically want something which will help them produce a good video, swiftly and at reasonable as well as zero cost. To that particular end I am outlining here my 5 best tips for making the video look really good. 1) Start with good footage The old adage of "Garbage throughout : Garbage out" is applicable doubly so together with video. At some point together your journey to making a video you are going to end up compressing the footage to your codec (such as if you upload it in order to Youtube). The result of this can be a loss of top quality. It is thus very important that you start with the very best quality footage you can. This means taking footage from the source. This should be your own camera/camcorder. Don't be tempted to extract footage from a DVD, or replicate footage from something on the internet. The chances are that this will already be pressurized and will put you for the back foot to begin with. Make your resource footage as good as feasible. This also means making sure you shoot beneath the ideal conditions. Make certain your footage is actually well it, the audio is as excellent as possible and you've got framed your issue well (No slicing off the tops of heads or getting someone slide out the side out the frame !) 2) Work out a storyboard first after that edit it together When you bring the actual footage into your personal computer make sure you have some notion what you're going to perform with it. Create a storyboard first. A lot of today's free editing equipment have storyboard features built in where you can pull and drop video into a sequence in order to 'tell the story'. This is the point in places you find out whether you are missing out on any footage. Did you get the video of the family operating away for the vacation If this is a wedding video did you get the bride to be throwing the bouquet, leaving the religious organization and cutting the wedding cake If you missed any kind of shots, the storyboard will tell you that. Sometimes you can go back and also pick-up these shots later, but with something similar to a wedding that's not destined to be easy. The storyboard will, at this point, enable you to specify how you wish to move the story for you to bypass the video you haven't got. In case you didn't get the photo of the bride and groom leaving behind the church inside the limo, can you * instead - convey a clip of people waving and then insert an image of the happy few leaving from the established photo's? Or think about picking footage from some of the other folks have been there with their camcorders and making a 'montage' of them leaving. Storyboarding is an excellent way of achieving this. 3) Don't get a little obsessive with the transitions We almost all like Star Wars. It was seminal movie. R2D2, C3PO, Luke along with Leia etc. Good vs evil. Gentle vs dark. Superb. But when you watch it have you ever noticed that there isn't a single shot where the transition between two scenes is straightforward? the particular screen 'swipes', or 'wipes' or 'blends' or 'swoops' between your two scenes introducing some really extraordinary transitions. Back in the delayed '70's these were all 'optical effects' (which in turn meant they were

carried out using lenses, visual printers and movie rather than by pc ). Impressive though they were, I found them stealing attention. Here's why: too many fancy transitions spoil the effect and go ahead and take audience out of the film. Modern editing software usually comes packed with different transition consequences. Windows Movie maker alone has 60 of them with such exotic names as "Whirlwind", "Sweep out there ", and "Wipe, define ". It is very easy to put these and there is a temptation to put one more between each cut. Will not ! This will only take away from the quality of the footage. Most changes can be dealt with both as a straight reduce (One scene moves directly to another without obvious overlap), any dissolve (One arena slowly appears too much of the last one as the last one disappears) or perhaps a fade (One landscape disappears to dark-colored and a new landscape appears from dark ). If you start to employ too many transitions they may distract from the movie and 'get within the way' 4) Keep it inside original form providing possible (don't compress ) I talked previously about how compression will cause you a problem. Which means that if you can avoid compressing your footage in any respect, please do. In the normal course of events you will compress your video when you take it out of a camera, re-compress it when adding game titles and effects, and also re-compress it yet again to write to dvd movie or to Youtube. Each and every compression will lose high quality. If you can avoid some of these steps it will be better for your final result. Does your manager allow you to do titling or simple results (This avoids 1 compression) Can your DVD authoring device accept uncompressed enter (that saves another generation). Things like this will always improve your final result. 5) If taking pictures for youtube employ plain backgrounds along with little movement Youtube offers it's own distinct problems which should be addressed. The nature from the small file size along with high compression imply that anything on Youtube containing lots of movement will look quite blocky. (you merely have to look at the beginning 2 seconds involving Nickelback's "Rockstar" movie on Youtube to understand what can happen to even a professional video when it get's compressed). The best quality Youtube videos typically have the following issues in common • The have minimal motion in the shot (speaking heads work adequately ) • They are generally fairly plain in design (No fancy, multicoloured backgrounds) • They are simple (practically nothing complicated about the picture - minimal digicam movement) The reason is that each of these factors combats for the weaknesses of the youtube. Com format which are the belief that in order to get a large online video into a small dimension it has to be compressed. The compression causes artifacts. Minimising movements and keeping things simple allows the particular compression to work more effectively thereby improving the file size. Summary A bit of pre-thought and a few simple responsibilities will ensure that your video is optimised being the best it possibly can be. Don't try to reduce corners because items like that will always meet up with you. Click Here for a Proven Traffic Generating System that will get you on the 1st page of Google in


How To Make Your Movie Look Really Good  

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