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The “First Look�.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Wedding Planning Checklist.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 The Importance of a Wedding Album.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Real Weddings.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Color Inspiration.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 Yosemite Weddings.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 Bridal Show Events.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 Wedding Vendors Guide.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75 Lodging.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82

Cover Photo The cover image for this issue is by the very talented and inspirational Jaine of Brooklyn View Photography brklynview.com

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Top 10 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

Planning Your Wedding Just Got Easier

What to Wear for your E-Session.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

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Photo by Kiel Rucker

Black Bear Inn Mountain Luxury

Arnold, California

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What to wear for your e-session

by Katelyn James

Here are my TOP TEN tips and recommendations for making decisions about engagement sessions outfits! Enjoy! 1. Most of my couples have two outfits for their engagement session. One outfit is normally on the dressier side and one outfit is more relaxed and casual. 2. Coordinating doesn’t mean “matching”. Wearing the same color in a different shade is actually more ideal than trying to find the EXACT color purple! 3. If one of you is wearing something with a lot of color and pattern, sometimes it’s best to have the other person wear a neutral! 4. This is just an idea! Take it or leave it! Some couples plan their attire to coordinate with their wedding day so that their Save The Dates match the wedding theme and decor! 5. Don’t over think it! Some of my favorite outfits have been when the guy is just wearing a simple colored vneck!



Photos: Katelyn James


6. Make sure you are equal when it comes to how formal your attire is. If the bride is wearing a little black dress…. the groom probably shouldn’t be in shorts and tennis shoes. :) 7. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and wear something that is unique to you! It’s great to wear a dress with a cardigan…. that’s probably what I would wear!… but if you have a unique style, be sure to show it off! Some of my favorite engagement shoots have incorporated my couple’s unique style! 8. If you’re wearing plaid, the bigger the better!! It would be better to have a solid dress shirt than a shirt with teeny tiny patterns. The camera can’t pick those tiny patterns up from far away and that can sometimes result in Chromatic Aberration. 9. Accessorize! Scarves, necklaces, belts…. I love them all! They can add so much to an outfit! 10. Last but not least, this is a tip that I highly recommend paying attention to: Wear attire that is flattering to your figure and your skin tone. It seems like common sense but I’m guilty of this all of the time. We all know that everyone has certain things that look GREAT on them and certain things that aren’t really made for them. For example… I’m pale… because I’m a redhead. I’ve accepted it… I know that’s never going to change… and because of that, I also know that wearing a strapless, pale yellow sundress for a portrait session is NOT IDEAL! I also know that I personally never LOVE the way I look in pictures in sleeveless shirts. Why? I don’t know! I’m fine with my arms…. but I just don’t like that look! So if I were to have a portrait session with my husband Michael… I wouldn’t wear a sleeveless shirt. It’s a compliment to say “Oh, well Katelyn will make it look amazing”…. but the truth is, if you don’t like the way you look in stripes on a normal, day-to-day basis, you’re not going to love the way you look in your images that I take. If you’re self conscious about your legs, don’t wear a mini-skirt. If you’re self-conscious about your arms, it’s probably not smart to wear a tube top…. not that those are even “in” anyway (thank goodness). Bottom line, make sure you wear something that you’re comfortable in. Sure, I’m going to teach you how to pose in super flattering ways, but you’ll love your images so much more if you wear an outfit that you’re comfortable and CONFIDENT in!! Confidence photographs well!! ;) GoldCountryWeddings.com


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Top 10 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping By Christine Tuohy

Let the dress hunt begin! Here you’ll find 10 handy tips for shopping for the perfect wedding dress. 1. Shop early and shop around. Give yourself plenty of time to find ‘the one’. Just like you did with your husbandto-be! You may even need to try on the same dress 2 or 3 times to make sure, and visit multiple bridal shops to get an idea of styles and prices. You can also look through wedding magazines to get ideas. Getting it out of the way early, could save you from making a quick decision later on, that you may end up regretting. 2. Take friends with you. Bring your mother-in-law as a gesture of good will, and maid of honor if you can. If you’d rather have a more solo experience, you can still make them feel included in the process by texting or emailing them pictures of the dresses that you’re trying on. 3. Snap a few photos. Don’t be afraid to take pictures of potential dresses. Sometimes just ‘sleeping on it’ and looking at the photos the next day, over your morning coffee, can make you see the dresses in a whole new light. You can sometimes experience ‘wedding dress overload’ if you’ve tried on a dozen different ones in a day. Give yourself a break. Think it over. 4. Fit the dress to the setting. A formal ball gown might look out of place on a beach, and that long train you’re pondering, could be a bad choice if you’re having an outdoor wedding and dragging it across a lawn. Also, if you’re being married in a house of worship, check if they have any guidelines about exposed shoulders and whatnot. 5. Find a salesperson you trust. Some bridal salon salespeople can be very helpful as far as what type of dress fits your body type, or what different styles you might try based on the ‘buzzwords’ you give them such as ‘romantic’, ‘glamorous’, ‘classic’, or ‘elegant’. But don’t be buffaloed into buying a dress you might not like, by a pushy salesgirl. It’s YOUR day, and it’s ultimately YOUR choice. Go with your heart. 6. Research styles you like on the internet. Print the ones you like and bring them as a guideline for the salesperson. You may like the shoulders on one, but the skirt on another. Piecing together elements of what you like, could lead you to find just what you want. Don’t be afraid to change an aspect of a dress you find either. Don’t like the sash? Scrap it! Train too long? Alter it down! Don’t like the long sleeves? Alter them shorter! Almost any dress can be altered. 7. Trust your instincts. If you need reassurance that the dress looks great on you, it’s probably not ‘the one’. Can you see yourself immortalized forever in photographs in this dress? Or would you look back and think, ‘I never did like that dress…’ When it’s the right one, you’ll know. You won’t even want to try on any others after that. 8. Try it on even if it doesn’t fit! What? Really? Yes! If you’re a 14 and there’s an 8 on the rack that you positively adore, don’t be afraid to put aside any embarrassment and try it on. Have a girlfriend, your Mom, or a salesperson hold the back together while you look in the mirror. You may have just found a dress you would’ve otherwise not even looked at because it wasn’t in your size. Any dress can be ordered to fit. 9. Wear the correct undergarments and shoes to try on dresses. Heel height can affect your posture and the overall fit of your dress. Choose heels in a comfortable height that will be the same as the ones you wear on your wedding day. Undergarments are important as well. When trying on dresses, your undergarments should be similar to what you will wear on your wedding day, so there are no unpleasant surprises after you buy your dress. 10. Pick a dress that fits your body type. Are you self conscious about your arms? Or your tummy? Your behind? Different styles of dresses can hide or accentuate what you do or don’t have. Stick thin? Add some curves with a corset! Top heavy? A-line gowns can add some hips! There’s a style that will flatter any body type out there. Now go find that perfect dress! Happy Hunting!



Simple Elegance...

HURST RANCH 209 . 984 . 3016 Jamestown, Ca.

Photos by Erin Northcutt Photography






Gowns & Veils: Sareh Nouri | Photography: Syed Yaqeen | Headpieces: Jennifer Behr


Sareh Nouri


Hair: Liane Wunderlich | Makeup: Deborah Roberto GoldCountryWeddings.com


Inspiration I love the lightness of Scandinavian nature & design and was inspired to combine the natural elements and beauty of a Swedish summer with a honeymoon feel. I imagined a couple Celebrating their wedding or honeymoon – just the two of them having the most wonderful time, feeling free, laughing and celebrating love. My 2016 collection is quite rustic with lots of texture and opulent Preciosa crystals, but still has a very light feel and it fits perfectly into the Scandinavian style. We were so lucky to shoot at Ystad Saltsjöbad – a very exclusive spa in Sweden where the feeling of wedding and Honeymoon was just perfect. This year’s collection is a tribute to Scandinavian style, lightness and design - simple yet with a boho feel. 22


CREDITS: Photography: Sandra ร…berg Hair & Mua: Mia Jeppson Dresses: Yolan Cris Location: Ystad Saltsjรถbad Sweden Rings: Ole Lynggaard Headpieces & Veils: Jannie Baltzer



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Photos by Stephanie Baker

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The “First Look”

by Katelyn James

First Looks.….they might possibly be the best new wedding trend out there. When I first heard about doing a “First Look” I thought to myself…”that’s cool… but I’ll NEVER do it for my own wedding”. Ohh I can be SO wrong sometimes! Not only did Michael and I share a First Look on our wedding day, I also encourage ALL of my couples to do one as well! First Looks are amazing and SO incredibly helpful to photographers! I have had several photographers ask about First Looks recently and so I thought that maybe I should do an Ask Anything post about them! I’m definitely not a pro at shooting them but I have had more couples opt for the First Look this year than I expected and I LOVED IT! So, there are several reasons why brides do NOT want to do First Looks: 1. Momma won’t approve 2. The Bride wants that “AH!” moment to be when she is coming down the aisle and 3. It’s just too non-traditional. Well, my answer to brides that are unsure is this…. 1. I know you love your Momma, but if this is something you want to do, it’s your wedding and you should go for it! 2. I understand wanting him to be totally shocked and in awe of you as you come down the aisle…that’s understandable, I wanted that too! The thing is, he is going to be “in awe” of you coming down the aisle no matter what! Michael still bawled when I came down the aisle, even though we had seen each other before the ceremony. That moment is so incredible and it doesn’t lose that special feeling if you see each other before hand…. believe me! Michael would tell you that even though we saw each other beforehand, when I came through the back doors of the church and walked down the aisle, it was still one of the most powerful moments of our ceremony! and 3. True, this is a VERY non-traditional concept but it’s AMAZING for several reasons: 1. Your guests will not have to wait over an hour for you to arrive at your reception! When a bride and groom wait to do ALL of their portraits after the ceremony, (family, bridal party, romantic portraits and then travel to the reception) that usually takes an hour and a half, sometimes longer if the couple wants a ton of awesome portraits of just the two of them! Because this is so time consuming, it often leads to rushed portraits and can cause a little stress for the Bride and Groom because they aren’t enjoying their portraits together, they are worrying about their guests having to WAIT. 2. A first look allows you to have time with JUST your husband. When couples decide to see each other for the first time in private, it is an emotional moment that the two of them share and it’s so incredibly intimate. I get to stand off to the side and document it! This is a time for the couple to love on each other, for the groom to tell his bride how STUNNING she is and this moment serves as an once in a lifetime photo opportunity! What most brides don’t realize is that when a bride walks down the aisle, her man may think she looks fabulous, but he is unable to tell her that until AFTER the ceremony! The first look allows couples to embrace and just be together for a few minutes on their wedding day and that is priceless!!



3. Couples that choose a first look always end up with 40% more portraits than those who do not opt for the First Look AND the bride’s makeup is still in tact (sometimes tears from the ceremony can require a makeup touchup and this can take close to 15 minutes of time). 4. It calms nerves…. BIG TIME. This is huge for the groom. Almost ALL grooms that have experienced a First Look admit that seeing their bride beforehand eases the wedding day jitters and allows them to relax and actually enjoy their ceremony! (Michael would agree!) 5. Last but not least, a First Look is the answer to the wedding day timeline crisis! It creates ample portrait time and allows the bride and groom to celebrate freely. Attention all late fall, winter and early spring brides…. you will most likely run out of natural light for portraits after your ceremony….a First Look is a great solution for this issue!! Right Brit?! (My fabulous January Bride that is doing a first look! Can’t wait!!) While I LOVE first looks, I never pressure my couples into doing them. I always tell them all of the reasons why it’s a smart decision but if they really aren’t interested, I drop it. It’s their wedding day! It’s my job to make them happy and to help them plan a great time-line for pictures, but ultimately, it’s their decision. Whew! I could go on and on. Really, I could! I LOVE first looks and I love how much my couples appreciate them afterwards! It is definitely a HUGE decision but I have never had a couple that wasn’t THRILLED that they decided to go for it! Photos:Katelyn James





Romantique Collection




Canto Paradiso & Elan



Deco to Disco COLLECTION



Wedding Planning Checklist 1 Year to 6 Months Prior • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Choose a wedding date Decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding Select the colors, theme, and details of your wedding Choose and book a location and officiant for your ceremony Choose and book your reception location Select the caterer and choose a wedding cake Choose a florist and start planning your wed ding flowers Book the musical entertainment and master of ceremonies Find a photographer Write your guest list Make a bridal registry Decide on bridesmaids, groomsmen, and remainder of bridal party Start shopping for your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses Begin thinking about your preferred honey moon location

6 Months to 3 Months Prior • • • • • • • • •

Finalize your guest list Choose your invitations Mail invitations Purchase the wedding gown and veil Purchase the bridesmaids dresses Purchase or arrange for rental of groom and groomsmen tuxedos Book your honeymoon Plan the rehearsal dinner Arrange transportation to and from the wedding and reception

3 Months to 1 Month Prior • • • • • •

Obtain the marriage license Purchase the wedding rings Have the mothers of the bride and groom choose their dresses Confirm all catering, floral, and travel details Create your wedding programs Plan and invite everyone to the rehearsal dinner

• •

Purchase wedding accessories like favors and place cards Finalize all music with the DJ or entertainment provider

2 Weeks Ahead • • • •

Finalize all details with the caterer and give an updated guest count Confirm all plans with your florist Go over the photo timeline of the wedding day with your photographer Obtain your tickets for your honeymoon

1 Week Ahead • • • •

Pack for your honeymoon Give the wedding party their gifts Hold the rehearsal dinner Attend bachelor/bachelorette party

Day Before • • •

Relax with family and friends Get wedding manicure The bride should stay with loved ones and retire early

Your Wedding Day • • • •

Stay calm! Enjoy a healthy breakfast Visit makeup artist and hairdresser Get dressed for your wedding and …

Savor every wonderful moment of your special day! Bride Tip: When going to bridal shows, type up address labels in advance, so you don’t have to spend time filling out all the prize registration forms. Bride Tip: Do your dress shopping as early as possible. 6 to 9 months is recommended, to allow enough time for the dress to be ordered, shipped, and to have any alterations completed.

1 Month to Two Weeks Prior •


Plan makeup and hairstyling, book professional stylist if desired GoldCountryWeddings.com

Barretta Gardens Inn

A European Style Bed and Breakfast in Sonora, Ca

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The Importance of a Wedding Album


My wedding photography is something I would SO go back and change if I could. I really wasn’t prepared for how important the wedding photography was going to be for me after my wedding, and for that reason I just didn’t do enough research or allocate enough of our budget to this area. For this reason I am now unhappy with our photographs. After deciding a month before our wedding that getting a friend with a good camera to take the photos wasn’t our best laid plans, we got a couple of recommendations for photographers and went with the cheapest. We booked a 6 hour digital only package……Big Mistake. The 6 hours didn’t include any of the wedding once the sun went down, which meant we had to rely on our rather drunk guests to take photos of our beautiful candle lit villa… the results were not good! The digital only package didn’t give us any sort of album, just a disc of images to do what we wanted with! It was about 6 months later that I regretted this decision and wish we had gone for an album package. So today I want to talk to you about the importance of a wedding album. Now I know photography can seem like a BIG expense when you first start planning your wedding, BUT an investment in a good photographer and the right photographer is money well spent; believe me, I really wish I’d spent more. I am all for choosing a photographer who lets you have the images on a disc so you can print away to your heart’s content and have a copy of all the images, BUT a good album is so important. Why? Well, I shall tell you. An album is what you will look at time and time again, you will get the album out and show relatives and friends. You will get it out on anniversaries and look through the pages, you will show your children and in years to come you will show your grand children. Looking at the images via disc on your computer or i-pad just isn’t the same. Discs won’t last forever, they get lost, scratched, broken and with technology moving as fast as it is, who is to say how long we will be able to use them for? You may decide to make up your own wedding album with the disc. I did this and the results aren’t great. I made two albums. Album 1) I got a select few printed out from a leading photography shop, quite large and popped them in a big album, you know the ones with the tissue paper in between. Yes they look OK, but the photos have already come unglued and the quality of the images isn’t as good as it would have been from a professional album. Album 2) I designed my own album via an online photo book maker, you know the ones where you can design the background, the cover and add as many images as you like per page. This album is bad! I managed to get 300 images in one book, never a good idea. The book looks cluttered and badly designed and the image quality is poor. I have seen lots of these books and to be honest none have ever looked that great. Photo books are a fab idea for holidays, or birthdays but for a wedding album, honestly leave it to the professionals.



You hired a professional to take the photos, so why not hire a professional to print the photos? Your photographer will be able to print out the images into a book at a high quality that will do the original photo justice. Now I know there a many of you out there on a budget and you may feel a wedding album is just one more thing to add to the ever-growing wedding budget. The beauty of the album is it’s something you can order once the wedding is over, not something you have to pay for straight away. You can choose the album 6 months after the wedding, with some photographers allowing a year to choose and pay for one. Why not consider using some of your wedding present money to put towards the album? I asked a couple of photographers what they thought. Here is what they had to say. “ I think photographs are meant to be experienced. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve rummaging through old boxes of photos. It wasn’t just the content of the photos that I loved – but the entire experience of discovery. What would I look at next? What would I uncover? If two photos were stuck together, I would carefully pull them apart so I could discover what lay hidden away. It was the smell of the paper and the brittle feeling in my hands. It was the yellowing corners and the names scribbled on the back. When you buy a wedding album – you are buying the experience that your children, grandchildren (and even ancestors!) will have with your memories. They will flip the pages and debate who was who. They will laugh at the fashions and marvel at how much they looked like you. This is just not the same when you are viewing photos on your computer or television screen. It all becomes image – you miss the experience.” Jaye – Tux and Tales Photography “ In my opinion you just can’t compare an image on screen to a professionally printed image… there’s something about seeing it on paper, being able to touch it, having something physical in your hands. Seeing that finished product is magic and for me, well obviously I love to see my images printed in a beautiful handcrafted album. I know that it is going to be treasured and brought out at family gatherings. proudly shown off to friends and eventually passed down to the next generation so they can laugh at (and eventually copy) the fashions. I chose about 70 images for my own album – I never even look at the rest that are sitting on a disc. In fact it’s been almost 6 years, I don’t know if the disc even works any more… I think I backed them up somewhere… but I have my album, so I’m happy. If you are considering an album most photographers will let you order up to a year after the wedding so all the big expenses are paid. Heck, get one for your first anniversary… it IS ‘paper’!” Claire – Claire Penn Photography So what do you think? Are you married and did you choose to buy an album from your photographer? Or did you make the decision to only have a disc package? Are you currently looking into photography for your wedding? Have you considered an album?





300 Acres - Large Barn Facilities - 20 Carriages - Western Saloon

Mother Lode Ranch ~ Western Style Wedding Venue ~

Don Rumsey


Sonora, Ca.




Sean & Corinne

Photography: Katelyn James Photography (katelynjames.com) | Coordinator: Anna Burke Events | Floral Design: DIY Catering: The Mix House / Boka Taco Truck / Mister Softee | Cake: DIY Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal





Justin & Kristin







Photography: Still Memories Photography (stillmemoriesphotosite.com) | Floral Design: Country Flower Hutch Venue/Catering: Ironstone Vineyards (ironstoneweddings.com) | Hair And Makeup: Mirror Mirror Salon | Cake: Cornerspace Cakes DJ: Sound Extreme (soundextreme.com)



Matt & Marianne

Photography: Sarah Kate Photography (sarahkatephoto.com) & Joshua Aull Photography (joshuaaull.com) | Event Design: Stefanie Miles Events Floral Design: Bows And Arrows | Wedding Dress: Rue De Seine | Reception Venue: Sunstone Winery | Hair And Makeup: Rachelle Hali Of TheHalcyon Agency | Bow Tie: Tom Ford | Groom’s Attire: Hugo Boss | Bridal Styling: Stefanie Miles Events Groom Styling: Fresh & Polished | Wedding Dress Boutique: The Dress Theory





Korey & Alyssa

Photography: Jennifer Rapoza Photography (jenniferrapozaphotography.com) | Venue: Zuni Vineyards | Floral Design: Sweet Lilacs (sweetlilacsstudio.com) | Desserts: Alicia’s Sugar Shack | DJ: Sound Extreme (soundextreme.com)







Dean & Stephanie





Photography: Caroline Frost Photography (carolinefrostphotography.com) | Floral Design: Plenty Of Posies | Catering: The Heights Cafe Hair: Haute House Hair Salon | DJ: Sugartown Industries | Venue: Gratitude And Grace | Macarons: The Sweet Praxis | Planning: Terra Rosa Rentals: McCarthy Tents & Events



Peter & Vanessa

Photography: Elizabeth Messina Photography (elizabethmessina.com) | Wedding Planner: Tina Reikes of Bear Flag Farm Floral Design: Bear Flag Farm | Catering: Paula LeDuc Fine Catering | Hair And Makeup: Amanda Beczner Bridal Gown Designer: Elizabeth Fillmore | Bridal Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Groom’s Attire: Armani Custom | Venue: Bear Flag Farm Cocktail Tent and Pergolas: Raj Tents | Event Lighting: Got Lights | Ceremony Music: Dolanc String Quartet Reception Music: Hip Entertainment





Caleb & Kelsey



Tell us about your favorite parts of your wedding day! My favorite detail was my wedding cake! I sketched a rough design for my wedding cake about a week after becoming engaged. As soon as I met Juanita at Dulce Desserts, I knew she had to make my cake. We made several changes, but the general idea was exactly as I originally sketched it, and it came to life even more beautifully than I could have ever imagined. We also had three custom flavors including European butter cake with fresh strawberries and lemon curd, Chocolate chip cake with chocolate ganache and nutella buttercream, and Confetti cake with white chocolate butter cream. It was DE-LISH!! My favorite memory is dancing at our reception. We have some very energetic friends and family, and an awesome DJ! It was a great party! I’d also be lying if I didn’t say that working with Julie was one of my favorite parts of the day. She is so fun to be around and makes it so easy to feel relaxed while being photographed! Every time Caleb and I look at or think about our photography, all we have to say is how lucky we feel to have found Julie and to have had the absolute pleasure of working with her!! Any advice to future brides? Anything you would change? I’d say start planning as early as you possibly can so you never get behind on anything. Try to enjoy every part of being engaged, because once its over you will start to understand how special of a time that short period of celebration is in your life. Describe your wedding style and the little things you added to make your wedding special and unique to you. Our wedding style was a mix of Southern chic and whimsical vintage elements. The wedding was set at a very unique “barn” that has more of an Italian villa look. The venue alone added a special touch as the barn is atop a hill with an incredible view of the Franklin countryside. Our ceremony space centerpiece was an 8 foot wooden cross that was hand made for us as a wedding gift from a family friend. At the reception, we used my greatgrandparent’s vintage orchid boxes from their old green house as well as a mix of clear and blue glass bottles and jars as our centerpieces. Our flowers were orange and pinks to bring a bright and fun element to the look. We also used hand cut mint and gold confetti dots on our tables around the centerpieces. We had a fabulous custom cake and custom paper goods which both really tied many of the different elements together all in one place (including our fun florals, dots, and mint/gold elements). We also served “Mexican” coke bottles to our guests, one of Caleb and I’s favorite treats. Its sweetened with cane sugar and we both agree you can taste the difference! Our favors were little bottles filled with a variety of loose leaf teas, one of my favorite treats! Last, we had a Rocky Top exit with orange and white shakers since Caleb and I met during our time as students at UT. GoldCountryWeddings.com



Photography: Julie Paisley Photography (juliepaisley.com) | Event Design: Firefly Events | Floral Design: Knestrick by Design Wedding Dress: Jacinda by Watters | Bridal Boutique: Low’s Bridal Invitations: Designs in Paper | Cake: Dulce Desserts




Mike & Alice



Engagement Session A sweet picnic in the heart of Paris! The “Bride to Be� Alice, brought along some amazing props for their picnic engagement session, including a heart shape book and a cutting board with their state (Illinois) etched onto it!

Photography: French Grey Photography frenchgreyphotography.com GoldCountryWeddings.com


Wedding Venue Picklepatchdeli.com


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Photos by Craig and Eva Sanders Photography

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Year-Round Vacation Home Rentals Wedding and Event Center

Bring your family and friends together to share in your joyous occasion! Our new EVENT CENTER features a spacious dining hall, open deck, fireplaces inside and outside, and more! Visit Our Website Or Call To Book Your Wedding Today!

866.627.9190 www.RedwoodsInYosemite.com



Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite Rustic, Elegant Romance Nestled amongst majestic giant sequoias and towering mountains just minutes outside Yosemite National Park’s southern gate, Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite lends elegance, charm and exquisite service to one-of-a-kind nuptials. Whether couples want to be one with nature or throw a black tie affair with forested views on their big day, Tenaya Lodge has a location to fit every wedding wish. Brides and grooms focused on the outdoors can set the scene for “I do” under the High Sierra skies on the open-air grand terrace, or tie the knot and dance the night away in the covered outdoor pavilion. The lodge also has a number of indoor options, including an expansive grand ballroom that can play host to over 1,000 guests. Tenaya’s expert team of wedding planners stand by couples from day one, offering coordination on anything from planning a simple menu to orchestrating the full wedding day. And, thanks to the skills of the lodge’s culinary staff, each sip and bite of the celebratory menu will be fully customized and completely delicious. For brides and grooms with eco-conscious sensibilities, Tenaya Lodge delivers. The lodge’s parent company, Delaware North, abides by a number of regulations in keeping with its signature GreenPath philosophy, and the Double Silver LEED-certified hotel has earned accolades from the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders program, the California Green Lodging Program and more. To alleviate pre-ceremony stress or beautify for the big day, the luxe onsite spa, Ascent, offers a suite of options specially designed for brides-to-be and their attendants. If the honeymoon calls for an extended stay at the lodge, couples can also indulge in a full spa experience with treatments built for two. Tenaya’s Premium Rooms are sporting a brand new remodel from top to bottom, and couples looking to live the high life will fall for the ultra-modern – and thoroughly romantic – adults-only Garden Suites and Contemporary Suites with fireplaces, soaking tubs and more. Brides-to-be can learn more at TenayaLodge.com/Weddings. For personal assistance, contact Weddings and Special Events Manager Charlene Kelley at 559-692-8953 or tenayaweddings@ dncinc.com




Affordable Elegance Wedding Ceremony, Reception, Overnight Accomodations in a Beautiful Setting at Saddle Creek Resort & Country Club

For Package Information Phone 209.785.8587 www.saddlecreek.com

1001 Saddle Creek Drive Copperopolis, Ca.

Vida Buena Farm


I M AG I N E taking your vows under the 100-year old oak tree. Walk up the grand stairs to the Mediterranean inspired gardens, past the fountain and herb garden, to the bocce court, framed by vine-laden trellises. At Vida Buena Farm, you can create your perfect wedding experience – anything you want from the food and the wine, to the music and decor, is up to you.

Let us help you make your day perfect.




photos by Meg Sexton

Specializing in Weddings & Events

35 S. Washing�on St�eet Sonora, Ca. 209-532-9533 MountainLaurelCA.com 72


Planning a small and elegant wedding in Sonora? or looking for an exceptional place to host your wedding guests? The Inn on Knowles Hill 1927 Mansion Overlooking Historic Downtown Sonora www.knowleshill.com Tel 209-352-4333

City Hotel Restaurant & What Cheer Saloon 209-532-5964



Banquet Room

Fine Dining

Rehearsal Dinners

22768 Main St., Columbia, Ca.



o hair make-up nails facials massage Photo by Charleton Churchill Photography

125 Peek St., Ste. B & F, Jackson



Wedding Vendors Guide ATTIRE BANDS BEAUTY

On the following pages you will find


resource listings of our most talented and unique wedding professionals. They are color coded and grouped in categories, to simplify planning your wedding.


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Let’er Buck

Rusty Rockers Band

Studio 3 Salon

Sonora, Ca. 209-533-1144 leterbuckwesternwearanduniform.com

San Andreas, Ca. 209-293-3139 www.therustyrockers.com

Sonora, Ca. 209-588-8833 www.studio3salonsonora.com

Our goal has always been to provide our valued Groom and groomsmen, with the best selection and fit of tuxedos and suits, so they will look their best on the wedding day.

If you enjoy old time rock and roll and if you like old classic country tunes, you’ve come to the right place. We provide great music that will take you back in time and bring back those forgotten memories.

We are a full-service salon with highly trained professionals who offer the latest in cutting-edge techniques. From brides to bridal party-make-up, hair cut, trim, style - all your wedding needs.







Simply Delish

Chef Dave Cooks

Jackson, Ca. 209-223-4255 www.skintiquedayspa.com

Sonora, Ca. 209-533-1177 www.simplydelishshop.com

Sonora, Ca. 209-928-1306 www.chefdavecooks.com

We offer all hair and nail services, facials, waxing, permanent make-up, massage, body treatments, spray tan and professional make-up application using air brush and bareMinerals.

Wedding cakes, celebrations cakes for all events! Have a vision? An idea? A theme? Bring your ideas or pictures of the cakes you’re interested in to us and we’ll work to bring your vision to reality.

Your source for gourmet cakes, cupcakes, cookies and tarts. Outrageously delicious!




Lila and Sage

Murphys, Ca. 209-728-2604 www.lilaandsage.com

Columbia Kate’s

Columbia, Ca. 209-532-1885 www.columbiakates.com

City Hotel and What Cheer Saloon

Weddings…Birthdays…Anniversaries….. or just because you want to eat cake….

Delicious Wedding / Special Occassioncakes and desserts of many varieties. We also Hosting bridal showers, wedding lunches and small events.

Simplify wedding plans by choosing City Hotel. We offer both onsite and off site catering menus. Delicious food with elegant presentation, by our experienced staff, is sure to be a most memorable meal on your wedding day.




Outer Aisle

Lila and Sage

Pickle Patch Deli

Lila & Sage has a creation for your special occasion.

Columbia, Ca. 209-532-5964 www.cityhotelrestaurant.com

Murphys, Ca. 209-728-9112 www.outeraislefoods.com

Murphys, Ca. 209-728-2604 www.lilaandsage.com

San Andreas, Ca. 209-754-1978 www.picklepatchdeli.com

Our farm to table inspired dishes are great for any occasion and budget. We offer onsite and off site, full event catering & mobile BBQ. Call today for all your menu needs.

Our experience started with the love to prepare for our clients beautiful and delicious meals using fresh seasonal ingredients and has grown into a business that offers full service attention to every detail of your event.



We offer onsite and off site catering menu options with fantastic, fresh food. We can provide full service catering services (where we set up, serve and clean up the mess for you) or simply drop off some scrumptious food for your event.


Beth Sogaard Catering

Lunch Lady Catering

Chef Dave Cooks

Plymouth, Ca. 1-866-441-2384 www.chefbethcatering.com

Murphys, Ca. 209-768-1044 www.lunchladycatering.com

A beautiful selection of dishes can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. No matter what the occasion, whether a sit-down reception for 200 or an intimate picnic in the wine country for 2, we can make it delicious and memorable.

We offer seasonally inspired, perfectly planned, elegantly executed, completely creative events and event services in Murphys, Arnold, Sonora, Yosemite, and all over northern California!




Old Skool Pie Wood Fire Pizza

Lori Cole Events

Events Extraordinaire

Mobil, artisan wood fire pizza. We specialize in weddings, farmers markets, festivals, art & craft fairs and catering.

Full service design, planning, production, and coordination. Let our team handle all the details, while you enjoy the festivities. Experienced management with a professional team, will make your day perfect.

Specializing in creative and eco-friendly events and weddings. We do all of the work so you can relax and enjoy the day. Our customer service is beyond compare.




3B’s Event Planning

Sound Extreme Productions

Sonora Florist

Each one of us has a vision of the perfect event. We will make your vision become reality and plan the event to your heart’s desire.

Your choice in disc jockey, lighting, staging, decor or sound reinforcement is one of the most important decisions you’ll be making as you plan your special event. Whatever your needs are, Sound Extreme is here for you.


DJs GoldCountryWeddings.com

Sonora, Ca. 209-559-4571 www.facebook.com/oldskoolpie

Soulsbyville, Ca. 209-591-8801 www.3bseventplanning.com

Turlock, Ca. 209-480-4668 www.loricoleevents.com

Sonora, Ca. 209-532-0868 www.soundextreme.com

Sonora, Ca. 209-928-1306 www.chefdavecooks.com Let my 36+ years of professional food service experience preparing a multitude of cuisine styles make your special event shine!

Sonora, Ca. 209-352-0429 www.sonora-events.com

Sonora, Ca. 209-532-9533 www.mountainlaurelca.com We are a full service florist, creating and inspiring diverse floral design. Our team is thrilled to fulfill your floral vision for any occasion.


Sonora, Ca. 209-840-2949 www.sweetlilacsstudio.com

Valley Springs, Ca. 209-304-3702 shawnkuntz1@gmail.com

Shawn Kuntz

Brklyn View Photography

Flowers represent beauty, love and life. My floral work is relaxed, airy, casual and romantic. I love texture and sweet fragrance.I love the combination of peonies, open roses, queen anne’s lace, dusty miller and of course, lilacs.

The ceremony is the heart of your wedding, the moment when you become a married couple. It should be a natural expression of yourselves and a genuine reflection of everything that makes your union unique.

Jainé M. Kershner is a Fine Art Wedding Photographer in Brooklyn, NY. Specializing in film photography, she has a natural, romantic and timeless approach to weddings. Available to travel for destination weddings.




Still Memories Photography

Jennifer Rapoza Photography

Danyelle Dee Photography

Sweet Lilacs

Brooklyn, N.Y. 917-880-2292 www.brklynview.com

Sonora, Ca. 209-768-0430 www.stillmemoriesphotosite.com

Sonora, Ca. 209-613-4476 www.jenniferrapozaphotography.com

Sonora, Ca. 209-736-6771 www.danyelledeephotography.com

We love capturing the celebration and love between the bride and groom on their special day, so they can look back and remember every joyful moment, through their wedding images.

Specializing in Engagement, Wedding and Bridal Boudoir photography. We service the Motherlode, Central Valley, Sacramento and entire Gold Country.

DanyelleDee is a fine art photographer with an artful approach to wedding and lifestyle portraiture. Her use of natural light creates images that tell an everlasting love story for each of her clients.




Porter Rents

Radovich Vintage & Rustic Decor Rentals

Link Line Charter

Sonora, Ca. 209-588-8621 www.porterrentsonline.com

Jamestown, Ca. 209-984-4463 www.radovichhayandfeed.com

With our extensive inventory of products, we can serve all your special event needs no matter how small or large the event… anytime, anywhere.

Let us help you create your Best Day Ever! We have unique one of a kind treasures. Make Our Treasures Yours.



Showroom:18389 Main St. Jamestown

Sonora, Ca. 209-694-8747 www.linklinecharter.com Our company specializes in Bus Charters and Shuttle Service. Enjoy a day or overnight trip to Yosemite, Reno or maybe just touring our beautiful Motherlode. Relax at your wedding, knowing your guests are well taken care of.


Mother Lode Adventures Charter Services

Pinecrest Chalet

Bear Valley Lodge

Pinecrest, Ca. 209-965-3276 www.pinecrestchalet.com/weddings

Bear Valley, Ca. 209-753-2301 x777 www.bearvalley.com/groups-weddings

Seeking convenient shuttle transportation for your wedding? Mother Lode Adventures Charter Services is the perfect solution. We offer services customized to your guests’ needs.

Are you looking for a wedding venue that is not only romantic but stylish as well? Then welcome to Roseville Weddings. For many years, we have catered to numerous couples who have tied the knot and experienced one of the finest wedding services all throughout California.

Imagine saying “I Do” at 8,600 feet on a spectacular mountaintop. Mountains, lakes, wild flowers, granite walls or snow drifts become unique places to tie the knot. Visit and experience all the grandeur of the Stanislaus National Forest.

Outer Aisle

Black Oak Casino Resort

Black Bear Inn

Twain Harte, Ca. 209-677-3183 www.mlacharters.com


Murphys, Ca. 209-728-9112 www.outeraislefoods.com Our farm to table inspired dishes are great for any occasion and budget. Our large dining room can be booked for your special function. We offer mid-week special rates and availabilities for both day and evening reservations.


Mother Lode Ranch Sonora, Ca. 209-928-1041 mlranch@frontier.com

We specialize in Western ranch weddings. Outdoors or in our barn – you can celebrate your special day at the Ranch. No wedding party is too large to fit within our ranch land. Our barn, well it’s just too pretty for words.




Tuolumne, Ca. 209-928-9348 www.blackoakcasino.com Put your special day in the hands of our dedicated staff, with their impeccable attention to detail. Creative catering options, full service bar and complimentary valet offers that touch the heart of elegance every bride and groom dreams of.

Arnold, Ca. 209-795-8999 www.arnoldblackbearinn.com We offer both indoor and outdoor venue spaces for your event, tailored to the seasons and your requirements. Whether you are planning a lavish celebration of 150 or an intimate gathering for 30, The Black Bear Inn is ideally suited for your wedding celebration.



Ironstone Vineyards

Wedgewood Banquets

Murphys, Ca. 209-728-1251 www.ironstoneweddings.com A sanctuary set against the natural beauty of the Sierra Foothills, our lake side gardens, wood covered bridge, sprawling oak studded lawns, and of course, the rows of grapevines provide for an amazing backdrop for the wedding you have always imagined.

1-866-966-3009 www.wedgewoodbanquet.com Speaking of peace of mind, our nearly 30 years of experience has taught us exactly how to host your ideal event, no matter how unique! We put on 3,000 successful weddings each year at our 30 venues. You can rest assured your celebration will go on without a hitch.

VENUES GoldCountryWeddings.com


Courtwood Inn

Pickle Patch Deli

Ridge Golf Club

Murphys, Ca. 209-728-8686 www.courtwoodinn.com Courtwood Inn is available to host your next special event from business retreats and family reunions to small elopements and girlfriends getaways. Five guest rooms are available for events.

San Andreas, Ca. 209-754-1978 www.picklepatchdeli.com

Auburn, Ca. 530-888-7888 ext. 640 www.ridgegc.com

Gardens at the Pickle Patch for your Wedding! In addition to great food, we offer some fantastic ambiance ... ambiance which is available for rental for your event or special occasion.

When your wedding deserves more than the average venue, choose The Ridge Golf and Events Center and let our professional event planners work with you to create memories that will last a lifetime.




Knowles Hill Inn

Prospect 772 Winery

Hurst Ranch

Knowles Hill Inn is a 1927 mansion overlooking historic downtown Sonora.

In the Sierra foothills nested just outside of the city of Angels Camp is a specially nurtured piece of land in Calaveras County. Come out and see just how your perfect day could unfold at Prospect 772 Winery!

A wonderful place for your best day. An old western town, pond, train and beautiful property will be the backdrop for some amazing photos on your wedding day.




Sonora, Ca. 209-352-4333 www.knowleshill.com Planning a small and elegant wedding in Sonora? or looking for an exceptional place to host your wedding guests?

Barretta Gardens

Angels Camp, Ca. 209-736-9361 www.prospect772.com

Jamestown, Ca. 209-984-3016

Sonora, Ca. 209-532-6039 www.barrettagardens.com

Twain Harte, Ca. 1-800-585-1238 www.lazyz.com

Lazy Z Resort

Saddle Creek Resort

Barretta Gardens can offer indoor and outdoor space for intimate weddings and ceremonies or if your ceremony is in the vicinity, the entire house can be booked to accommodate the wedding party.

A beautiful hideaway nestled in California’s Gold Country surrounded by the splendor of the Sierra Mountains. Our 40 acres offer a spectacular venue designed to transform your memorable occasion into the wedding of a lifetime.

Choosing Saddle Creek Resort for your Wedding and Reception is a choice to relax and enjoy your special day with your close friends and family members allowing us to see to your every need.




Copperopolis, Ca. 209-586-3533 www.saddlecreek.com

Twain Harte Tree Farm

Sequoia Woods Country Club

The Redwoods

Arnold, Ca. 209-795-1000 ext. 8 www.sequoiawoods.com Sequoia Woods Country Club has been offering one of the most beautiful locations for mountain weddings and other special events in the county. The backdrop is the tree-lined golf meadows and ponds, lending variations in elevations for wonderful photographic opportunities.

Wawona, Ca. 855-543-6656 www.redwoodsinyosemite.com It will be difficult to choose from the many stunning views as backdrop for your special event. The Redwoods In Yosemite brings your friends and family together to share in your joyous occasion while enjoying a mini vacation of their own.

Greenhorn Creek Golf Club

Long Barn Lodge Long Barn, Ca. 209-586-3533 www.longbarn.com

Victoria Inn

Murphys, Ca. 209-743-7921 www.victoriainn-murphys.com

Greenhorn Creek is a perfect setting for your wedding ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner, or bridal shower. With award-winning cuisine and a professional staff , we will ensure that no detail is left to chance.

Long Barn Lodge & Event Center is a beautiful place for your upcoming Wedding Ceremony and Reception. The natural beauty of our grounds provide three lovely ceremony sites to choose from and enough space for up to 350 guests.

Quiet elegance in the heartof Wine Country. Weddings-Elopements-Honeymoons Renewals-Catering-Lodging and Planning Services.




Twain Harte, Ca. 209-586-7666 www.twainhartetreefarm.com At an elevation of 3500 feet, we offer multiple scenic settings that may feature a pond, a stream, and/or a meadow, all surrounded by majestic, forested hillsides perfect for weddings, and also suitable for reunions, retreats, or other gatherings.


Angels Camp, Ca. 209-736-8181 www.campsrestaurant.com



Simplify Vida Buena Farm

Your wedding planning...

Vallecito, Ca. 209-736-9638 www.vidabuenafarm.com At Vida Buena Farm, you can create your perfect wedding experience – anything you want from the food and the wine, to the music and decor, is up to you. Let us help you make your day perfect.


goldcountryweddings.com GoldCountryWeddings.com


Angels Camp


Travel Lodge 1-800-525-4055

The National Hotel 209-223-0500

Auburn Holiday Inn 888- 976-4808 Best Western 877-574-2464 Comfort Inn 866-611-6301

Jackson Rancheria Hotel 209-223-1677 Holiday Inn Express 1-877-859-5095

Mariposa Mariposa Lodge 1-800-966-8819

Foothills Motel 866-611-6301

Best Western Plus 1-800-568-8520

El Dorado Hills

Comfort Inn 209-966-4344

Holiday Inn Express 916-358-3100 Marriott 916-293-8723 California Suites 510-429-9700 Suite America 916-941-7970


Yosemite Inn 209-742-6800

Mokelumne Hotel Leger 209-286-1401

Murphys Courtwood Inn 209-728-8686

Courtyard 916-984-7624

Murphys Inn Motel 209-728-1818

Hampton Inn & Suites 916-235-7744

The Victorian inn 209-728-8933

Residence Inn 916-983-7289

Murphys Historic Hotel 209-728-3444

Lake Natoma Inn 916-932-2769


Placerville Bella Vista B&B 530-622-3456

The Groveland Hotel 800-273-3314

Cary House Hotel 530-622-4271

Lillaskog B& B 209-962-1818

Best Western Plus 530-622-9100

Evergreen Lodge 209-379-2606

Rancho Cordova Holiday Inn 888-987-8843

Hotel Sierra 916-638-4141 Marriott 916-638-4141

Roseville Courtyard 916-772-5555 Best Western Plus 877-574-2464 Hampton Inn 916-772-9900

Sacramento Citizen Hotel 916-447-2700 Embassy Suites 916-326-5000 Double Tree 916-929-8855 Courtyard by Marriott 800-340-0665 Westin 916-443-8400 Four Points by Sheraton 916-263-9000 Larkspur Landing 916-646-1212 Riverboat Delta King 916-444-5464

Springhill Suites 916-925-2280 Residence Inn 916-649-1300

Sonora Black Bear Inn 209-795-8999 Inns of California 209-532-3633 Gunn House 209-532-3421 Sonora Inn 209-532-2400 Barretta Gardens B&B 209-532-6039 Knowles Hill B&B 209-532-4333 Best Western 209-533-4400

Sutter Creek The Hotel Sutter 209-267-0242 The Hanford House Inn 209-267-0747 Foxes Inn 209-267-5882 Sutter Creek Inn 209-267-5606


Hilton Garden Inn 916-568-5400

The Redwoods 888-225-6666

Red Lion Hotel 916-922-2020

The Ahwahnee 209-372-1407

Hilton Arden West 916-922-4700

Wawona Hotel 209-375-6556

Clarion Hotel 916-444-8000

Yosemite Lodge at the Falls 1-866-539-0036

Wedgewood Sacramento Properties

Kiss the stress goodbye With Wedgewood taking care of all the details, the only thing you’ll have on your hands is a ring.

David Girard Vineyards

The Sterling Hotel

Sequoia Mansion


Downtown Sacramento


For nearly 30 years, couples have customized our all-inclusive wedding packages to create their ideal celebrations. From basic planning to complete coordination, you can pick and choose which of our affordable services to include in your package—and then leave the rest to us! Discover your perfect fit at Wedgewood’s Sacramento locations.



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Gold Country Weddings 2016 Issue 2  

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