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failure (What if I blow it?) can trigge r a major onse t of the blue s. What is T HE Cure ? Re st YOUR Physique ! If you ne e d to conside r a bre ak – do so! You’ll be much more e ffe ctive whe n you re turn to your work. If you are burning the candle at e ach e nds – you are not as bright as you think you are . REORGANIZE YOUR Life ! Ge t this – it is an important diffe re nce : Discourage me nt doe s not always me an you are doing the wrong factor. It may just be that you are doing the right factor in the wrong way. Atte mpt a ne w approach. Shake things up a little . Re me mbe r AN ACCOUNTABILIT Y Companion WILL Assist YOU! Finding an accountability companion can give you ne w e ne rgy. T he re is incre dible motivating powe r in figure s. RESIST T HE DISCOURAGEMENT ! Battle back. Discourage me nt is a option. If you are se nsation discourage d it is simply be cause you have se le cte d to re ally fe e l that way. No 1 is forcing you to re ally fe e l poor. Dangle on. Be pe rsiste nt. Do what is right in spite of your fe e lings. No se nsation lasts pe rmane ntly.

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