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Motivation To Lose Weight-losing Weight Fast I re ce ive d an e -mail from my pastor, Rick Warre n, re garding discorage me nt. Pre se ntly, 8000+ associate s of our church are e nrolle d in “T he Danie l Plan”, a ye ar le ngthy he alth initiative adminise re d by Dr. Mark Hyme n. Dr. Danie l Ame n, and Dr. Me hme t Oz . Whe n I re ad the e -mail, it was so applicable to those of us who battle with we ight re duction and our journe y to ge t he althy and fit, I be lie ve d I would move on some of the main factors to you: Discourage me nt is a illne ss unique to human be ings: It is unive rsal. Eve rybody ge ts it. It is re occurring. You can capture it more than as soon as. It is highly contagious. Dangle about discourage d individuals – you’ll be contaminate d. WHAT Le ads to DISCOURAGEMENT ? #one Trigge r: Fatigue . Whe n you are physically or e motionally fatigue d, you are a primary candidate to be contaminate d with discourage me nt. Your de fe nse s are re duce d and things can appe ar ble ake r than the y re ally are . T his fre que ntly happe ns whe n you are about half way via a major ve nture – you are e xhauste d but you cannot quit. #two Trigge r: Aggravation. Whe n unfinishe d dutie s pile up, it is natural to re ally fe e l ove rcome . And whe n trivial matte rs or the une xpe cte d inte rrupt you and pre ve nt you from accomplishing what you re ally ne e d to do, your frustration can e ffortle ssly produce discourage me nt. #3 Trigge r: FAILURE. Some time s, your be st laid ide as drop apart: the ve nture collapse s… the offe r falls via… the orde r is cance lle d. How do you re spond? Do you give in to se lf-pity? Do you blame othe r pe ople ? As 1 man said, “Just whe n I think I can make e nds satisfy – some body move s the e nds!” T hat’s discouraging! #four Trigge r: Worry. Worry is powe ring more discourage me nt than we ’d like to confe ss. T he fe ar of criticism (What will the y think?), the fe ar of duty (What if I cannot handle this?) and the fe ar of failure (What if I blow it?) can trigge r a major onse t of the blue s. What is T HE Cure ?