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Portfolio Master of Landscape Architecture 2020 University of Colorado Denver Kevin Small

809 White Pine Drive Bellvue, Colorado Phone: 630-338-9119

I envision a world that embraces the energy of places in a manner that is mutually beneficial to people and the environments we inhabit. I believe that people and the non-human environment can thrive together through higher level thinking and conscientious decision making.

Zermatt, Switzerland Personal Photo - 2019


URBAN PRAIRIE An Urban Tall Grass Prairie


URBAN REVITALIZATION Sun Valley - Denver Studio Proposal


WEST LEGACY PARK Park Design for the City of Delta, CO


HAND GRAPHICS Hand Renderings & and Photoshop

URBAN PRAIRIE AIM This studio project re-imagines “Denver’s Front Yard” at Union Station. By exposing the endemic vegetation of the front range in the center of Wynkoop Plaza, visitors are confronted with a polarized landscape. This experience generates moments of contemplation and hope to spur an empathetic relationship with Denver’s endemic environment. IMPACT Bold displays of this magnitude, on an iconic parcel, begin to impact the way people and property owners choose to manage there own land. The positive impact can be exponential as this project subtly addresses, urban expansion, heatisland effects, looming water shortages, and climate change. An urban prairie abstracted at Union Station. TOOLS Auto-Cad, Photoshop, InDesign, Colored Pencil, Ink

Overlooking the urban prairie. A view from a deck installation off of Union Station.

The creative process for this project started by studying existing space, pedestrian traffic patterns, and the perceived energy on site. The energy of the site was abstracted in a three dimensional model made without the use of fasteners, glue, or tape. This conceptual understanding allowed my design process to take literal form through an iterative process of sketching and three-dimensional digital modeling.

Urban Prairie

Diagraming Space:

Concept Modeling:

Flux & Flow Diagrams

Abstracting energy in three dimensions


Shift in Usage

Rush Hour


Transforming Space: Initial sketch of concept

Snooze A.M. Eatery

Birds-eye View

Wynkoop Plaza Union Sta on Front Porch

Front Porch Art Installa on Front Range Grasses Front Range Shrubs Wildowers Local Boulders

Perspective conceptual rendering

Plan rendering

The result in an interactive an visually striking space that embraces the innate wildness of the front range. The use of endemic plants support water-wise planting and showcase the beauty in Colorado’s naturally rustic color.

URBAN REVITALIZATION AIM This second year graduate studio presents an opportunity to combine extensive site analysis, research, design skills, and innovation to create a space that enhances the Sun Valley area of Denver Colorado from the lens of healthy living while embracing over 100 years of history and culture that have shaped the area. IMPACT My creative process led this project’s outcome to the development of a space that preserves the essence of culture and history at Sun Valley through a design that demands a dependency on the existing atmosphere and authenticity. This space is titled “Industry Square.” A new age, mixed-use zone that encourages localized growth in the center of the region in a manner that relies on Sun Valley’s rustic nature. TOOLS Auto-Cad, Photoshop, InDesign, Colored Pencil, Ink

An abstraction of spatial awareness.

Design process including abstractions, concept diagrams, and color studies

The Creation of Industry Square In this project I was able to further understand emotional space through a series of site visits and creative abstractions. At the core of Sun Valley is its rich history of hard work and industrial vibrance. These early studies led me to a project that embraces the history of the area’s culture in a defined multi-use space.

A Renewed Sun Valley The final product is displayed as a courtyard that provides a safe space for residents to relax and enjoy quiet freedom, secluded from the surrounding industrial activity. This space also provides the promise of increased economic impact to the area as well elements that meet healthy living standards in Denver.


Industry Square Commercial


OOutdoor utdoo seating

Multi-Use Use ssp spac ace Healthy Food

Water-wise planting Cafe

Pavil viliion Splash sh pad paad

Picnic area


water-wise planting Light industrial

Semi-privat vatee rres esidential


Industrial art display



Perspective rendering

WEST LEGACY PARK AIM West Legacy Park is a pocket park design that aims to capture the true character and history of the City of Delta. Through a series of community meetings and design charrettes, our CCCD team and myself presented the town with this inclusive design proposal. Construction is set to begin Fall, 2019. IMPACT This project will result in a park central to Delta’s downtown that effectively embodies the town’s history, culture, and values. It allows for residents to enjoy the parks amenities and have a symbol of pride downtown. West Legacy Park, named by local elementary students, represents tradition above all else. TOOLS Auto-Cad, Photoshop, InDesign, Colored Pencil, Ink *The outcomes of this project were the product of group collaboration, all graphics represented were done personally.

Blue Gramma Grass Bouteloua gracilis

Rabbitbrush Ericameria nauseosa

Tadpole Bu ercup Kinorhyncha ranunculus

Sketch of plant types endemic to Delta, CO

A summer evening at West Legacy Park

Planting & Hardscape Plan

Planting & Hardscape Plan

PLANTING BED 2 x 1 Sagebrush, Artemisia borealis x 4 Blue Grama, Bouteloua gracilis x 3 Little Blue Stem, Schizachyrium scoparium

PLANTING BED 3 x 1 Medium Boulders x 1 Rabbitbrush, Ericameria nauseoso x 3 Blue Grama, Bouteloua gracilis x 3 Mexican Feather Grass, Nassella tenuissima x 2 Little Blue Stem, Schizachyrium scoparium Down Lighting

PLANTING BED 1 x 4 Medium Boulders x 4 Small Boulders x 3 Mountain Mahogany, Cercocarpus montanus x 2 Rabbitbrush, Ericameria nauseoso x 5 Mexican Feather Grass, Nassella tenuissima x 4 Blue Grama Grass, Bouteloua gracilis x 3 Little Blue Stem Grass, Schizachyrium scoparium

Rubberized Playscape Surface (Mulch) Rubberized Playscape Surface (Blue) Down Lighting

Terracotta Colored Concrete Surface (Throughout)

Down Lighting

Blue Cobblestone Surface

WEST GATEWAY 1 Medium Boulder 5 Small Boulders

Down Lighting

Area Drain EAST GATEWAY x 2 Medium Boulders x 4 Small Boulders

Area Drain

Down Lighting

Down Lighting

Blue Cobblestone Surface

Down Lighting PLANTING BED 4 x 1 Medium Boulders x 2 Blue Grama, Bouteloua gracilis x 1 Little Blue Stem, Schizachyrium scoparium

Brushed Concrete Surface Lighter Colored Concrete Surface

Awning Lighting Down Lighting Blue Cobblestone ADDITIONAL FEATURES x 10 Small Boulders Surface x x

8 Medium Boulders 2 Large Boulders







Technical Documents These documents represent the extent of conceptual work at the Colorado Center for Community Development. For this project, our final proposal included planting, hardscape, lighting, and detail plans. The project required extensive work in autoCad. Final renderings were produced with colored pencil and Photoshop editing.

Site Amenities

Site Demensions & Lighting Water-Wise Planting Natural Playscape

Public Art Gabion Seating

Parametric Seating

Instagrammable Wall

Rock Canyon

Parametric Seating

Boulder Gardens

Public Art Gabion Seating

22 23


Symbolic River Design



Buttresses per structural engineer, shown as suggeVWLRQ

Symbolic River Design 21


Attached Seating / Table



8.3 8 .3

Drinking Fountain 18

Water-Wise Planting Gabion Seating








24.0 8.0 21.2




8.0 8 .0





Electronic Kiosk

10 0 10.0

14 20

13.0 8



Restrooms & Storage


Tree Lighting Area Water Wall / Projection Screen





Bike Rack

Stage / Shade Structure



Bike Rack


West Legacy Park, City of Delta - Rendered Plan


5 0 10 Scale: 1” = 10’ - 0”



17.0 125.0



HAND GRAPHICS AIM In the field of design the ability to express concepts quickly and effectively is a strength. In my graduate studies, I have strived to enhance this skill. IMPACT Through work in groups and with clients, sketching on site and in real time has allowed me to better communicate ideas. Through hand graphic skill I have had the opportunity to work in a free-lance capacity throughout graduate school. TOOLS Photoshop, Colored Pencil, Ink, Pencil

Manipulation of landform in Rangely, CO.

Larimer Square

Planting Proposal and Rendering These professional renderings represent a planting plan and design proposal for the city of Craig, Colorado while working to the Colorado Center for Community Development (CCCD). All renderings are done by hand with final touch-ups in Photoshop.

Perspective rendering

Plan rendering

Section rendering

Projects for Thrive Landscape & Design Medium: pen, color pencil, and Photoshop

Hand rendering for residential design projects Professional rendering to aid in the design proposal process.

Rendering for Thrive Landscape & Design

Profile for kevin.small

Kevin Small - MLA 2020  

Landscape architecture, academic & professional portfolio.

Kevin Small - MLA 2020  

Landscape architecture, academic & professional portfolio.