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Š 2014-Kevin Siegel

I write this to you all as a basis of your own unique sense of value, just as long as we understand why we do so in the universal tongue. If you may see it as the conceit of wisdom, I welcome it to exit yourself and be heard, but I tell you it is not of the conceit of wisdom for I set myself to respect all those with their relationships to the land, the third choice of faith or what have them. Above all, it is also a value I hold dear to you for why it came and welcomes back as a tool to use for the better that we require you for. If you sense a confrontation, why see it as it should be? The laws and principles of animism should not have to guide us in that sense of the confrontation in all of its stages. There is no explanation for its understanding, above all. We should only see animism as an understanding, and that only, for labels many others wish to put across do only good for the continued confrontation. It is also certainly not solely confined to those with firm thoughts on altruism and spirit self-advancement that is rooted in various traditions; the Nayaka people of southern India do not become the comparisons of either direction when it comes to understanding your own animism. I first heard of such a powerful account of a particular relationship, which will never be confined to strict doctrines that only spread clever and unhidden heinousness, by a good friend from the name of James Lee. James is a devout Christian and God-fearing man, but the terms “religion” and “religious” mean absolutely nothing to him in his faith. He questioned what animism entails; he could hardly pronounce the word the first time around. I cringed at the fact of having to stomp down on animism and somehow give it boundaries, but I explained it as being the understanding that every non-human property possesses its own potent spiritual essence. After much deep, effortless conversation that usually forgoes young university students, he sensed I was confusing this belief of animism to simply environmentalism; he was valued in his

point, especially when he sees nature as inanimate objects with only the spirit of God within them all and nothing else. Upon hearing those words, I explained to him the importance of universality found within animism and how we can all learn this trait to respect each other’s relationship with God, spiritual conducts that we see in the Karen or Naxi people in Asia and now longer have the fear to blaze a confrontation. It is a simple lesson, equality, but how unnecessarily strenuous we senseless people make it out to be. The lessons of the sand beetle are one with selflessness, of not a process of throwing all down and down until there is no thought for future generations and not thinking about the eventual deserving, no matter how unjustified by our individual master plans constantly being amended over our common home and Mother. We certainly owe much to the reaching work of Graham Harvey, especially when he graces us with such words referring to the new ideas of animism as “the widespread indigenous and increasingly popular ‘alternative’ understanding that humans share this world with a wide range of persons, only some are human.” Many of us construct adaptations of acceptable forms of interactions that vary and evolve only through our own understanding, but at quite a few times, not with others as they can also be through the speaking rocks, waving trees and plasticfilled hedges with rampant self-glories that must be eliminated by us; the drive of simple work should not find an inference in us as “extraneous.” Wherever this liberation takes you, no matter how narrow in theory, it should be calm and curious in nature. Why condemn those who find solace in Gala and their key in partnership with the land of unknowable circulation? Why must it to be essential for you not to understand with sincerity but only for borders and names? Just like how those of any good faith and passion, as long as it does no other person any unnecessary harm, have their own selves emanate what they

rightfully choose to understand; with this, we can understand that no person has the natural right to push themselves through another and mold them to understand how one faith is synonymous with a goodness that could only be of your creation or of a creation that is bludgeoned to be an illusory replacement for universality and common moral invitation. The changed man is changed. He has his other forms we cannot understand even with his insight. Animism allows us to forget about such knowledge that is so foreign to us as well as the frameworks for our survival in destroying others. A continuation of your ghastly reactions to this must be gifted to me as your grace but it will never be justified with your overlapping processes. Yes, the person is alive but even death is the invitation for us to start from nowhere.

There is a tragedy in our understanding of animism. I’m reminded promptly by the parodied, spoken word tune of “Deteriorata” handled by Norman Rose with a voice and specified mindset that are both eternally and rightfully mysterious. It is the chorus that instantly created a wonder within me and a wonder we should all understand properly in expression: “You are a fluke of the universe. You have no right to be here. Whether you can hear it or not, the universe is laughing behind your back.” We are not truly worthy of animism and we never will be. It is only through our understanding through this tragedy that we are common with a home that we have always thought inferior and regenerative of all our selfishness. To all of mankind, I also say that this understanding of the rightful tragedy is one of great freedom, teaching and inner submission. We certainly cannot lead ourselves waywardly down the road of utter deposition of the characteristics that made us void and thoughtless, and we still

cannot be mindful of this rightful tragedy and forget how to make ourselves ever-sufficient and progressing; blindness is no cure to invalid sight. She is forever resilient, though. I am guided by her and respecting the notions that my end has already been assured because it is not bound by evidence that promises narrowness through speech that is wonderfully greater than their own. I am with her to receive what I don’t deserve and try not to ask or wonder too much in lost regions that are for the instantaneous and self-describing. It is only through understanding and having our fear drift away by listening do we see that the inferiority complex is of our making and a matter to be formally bequeathed, though I can’t say that it has been so always; it is no longer worth anything, but of course only to yourself, for us to scapegoat those who find the simple-appearing but endlessly-fascinating and questioning piece of the ithyphallic male born of the grass and the seasons to be objects of a vision only worth forgotten and formulaic. We are capable of far more yet choose for things to last longer than they never were and only heightened with confusion when it somehow really does exist. Motion will be essential for us as well. This molds the contours of stories in ways that are liberating and not restrictive to self-described masters, even if such a manner is expressed amicably. Of course, I cannot speak on behalf of all stories with all of their forms since words in the “every” sense, with all their variations, have absolutely no value to me as my deserved capacity of mind and doing keeps me in that state, but I hope to release something for work to be continued. Whether one claims to able to wisely and carefully subsidize a seamless grain of the Earth’s sounds above where they only wish to understand revisions from their own compass or not, the transfer, exchange and voluntary actions of mutual construction is greater than all of us. I may see some of the budding tomatoes broken off from their places on the branches that make up

our towering Mother’s anatomy, but I must stop and listen at the end of my own lesson. The nonquestioning tomatoes lying abstractly on part of the bones away from their brethren on that guiding tree, for me, symbolizes what we can never completely fall. If we may choose to undertake our universal right to submerge in an understanding about our world that represents a truth never amounted to any one forgetful individual, we will not only look towards the ground while our actions helplessly fly and cleanse the air of freedoms not interested in wishes. Another will then go on to explain their own angle of such a teaching and never be discriminated to speak justly and fearlessly. With never only this, we will learn more, which I consider more important for you than myself or else the teaching would be manipulated to conceive a system to promote boundlessness and perfection when we can easily look underneath and view an expiration date frequently scratched out with nonexistent objects for sale to the public. I’m not here to promote or create a system and I will inform you of that now and not fiendishly admit that I will in a manifesto sponsored by volatile misinterpretation. This natural motion of ours must continue for us to advance and understand clearly while our networks remain free for truth-bearing flukes with no interest in shouting at any volume. You all drive me to respect those personal constructs of sentiment; you all drive me to understand the discipline as I walk among her greens with feet to move fast and be missed; you all drive me to reserve myself to your own accounts and visions as the sole struggling one in a self-created world of defined horridness and cynicism; you all drive me to be impressed with a logic that lies in ordered systems that abides by fixed outcomes; you all drive me to be entertained by formulaic outlets that only reaches out further to those who care to be filled and not just entertained; you drive me to recall tangible anomalies that are only really expressed with

your honesty and enjoyment of perception. Yes, I do see it in such a way and not only on worthless paper alone. We must keep in those ahead of as well since they too will have to create their own standards of the ground they stand upon, of the air they breathe with determination, of where they come from and how they decide to treat the beings that surround them and why; too many only wish to change everything they come across rather than themselves. I will see it continue on with them as our laws be spread over our forms of land and not those, at least for now, that others hastily see as unequal. Animarchists unite but only properly and without fabled capacities.

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