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The Stinky Pirate And The Princess

By P. Kevin Morley Illustrations by Kevin Groat

Peeeeeeee-yooooooouuuuuuu! Once upon a time, there was a really, really, REALLY, REALLY, super-stinky pirate named Pierre. He smelled worse than rotten eggs and worse than really stinky cheese. Pierre sailed with other pirates who were sort-of stinky. But none was nearly as awful-smelling as Pierre. Poor, stinky Pirate Pierre.

The other pirates had to hold their noses whenever they were around Pierre. “Peeeeeyooooouu! You STINK, Pierre!” they would tell him. And once in a while, the smell got SO bad that pirates would jump overboard just to escape the stinky stinkiness of icky-smelling Pierre. Poor Pierre. But because Pierre was a good pirate who worked hard to steal treasures from other ships (which is what pirates do best) the captain of the ship allowed Pierre to sail on his ship. But Pierre had to stay in the crow’s nest, where he smelled the least.

Written by P. Kevin Morley Illustrations by Kevin Groat This is P. Kevin Morley’s first children’s book. It grew out of a bedtime story he told to his two wonderful children, who happen to like pirates and princesses. One of hundreds of Morley’s bedtime stories, The Stinky Pirate and the Princess is the first of many books Morley plans to publish. A graduate of the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism, Morley is a photojournalist for the Richmond (Va) Times-Dispatch and lives in Richmond where he also teaches at the University of Richmond. A native of Richmond, Virginia, Kevin Groat grew up immersed in the arts. From fine art at a young age to earning a Masters degree from the Virginia Commonwealth University Brandcenter in Art Direction, Kevin continues to expand his horizons in hopes to make an impact in the creative world. For more about him and his work, go to

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The Stinky Pirate & The Princess **preview**  

Pierre the Pirate has a problem. He STINKS. After he finds himself on an island with the beautiful Princess Penelope, his body odor become...

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