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Advice on Lice, Inc. Offers Holistic Lice and Nit Treatment Options with Nontoxic Products Advice on Lice, Inc. offers holistic head lice and nit treatment options with nontoxic products. Their treatment options are based on the conventional treatment of lice and nits and also provide detailed and authentic information to prevent recurring infestations. They also offer screening for people to know whether they are infested with lice or nits. Lice and nits might be a problem of an individual but if it’s not detected and treated in time, it infects more people in the family. Advice on Lice, Inc. provides the most appropriate and the best treatment for lice to remove these small parasites and educate families on how to remain free from them. Their professional nitpicker staff conducts screenings with the parents to make sure their children are not infected with lice or nit. Their treatment starts from the manual screening of hair for nits and lice. They screen the entire family as there is a good possibility that more than one family member might be infested. If nits or lice are found, then they start their head lice and nit treatment which includes the application of Rid Lice killing shampoo or Lice MD non-pesticide treatment product. Once done with the treatment, their highly trained nitpickers with the help of the patented NPA Lice Meister comb remove the nits and lice. The whole treatment process will remove most of the infestation, and the family will be given instructions for continuing the eradication process at home. About - The goal at Advice on Lice, Inc. is to educate and assist the Washington Metropolitan Area with the condition of head lice. They have developed a routine method for treating head lice. The Head Lice Removal services offered by Advice on Lice, Inc. are contingent upon the contracting family taking an active role to prevent recurring infestations. There is tremendous controversy surrounding this issue, and it is a concern for Advice on Lice, Inc. that the information that is offered is often misleading or confusing. They try to clarify safe treatment options, and offer a sensible method to facilitate the removal of lice and nits. To know more about them, please visit Contact Address –: Karen and Allan Franco/ Specialists Office: (240) 242-4267 Cellular: (240)305-1420 E-mail:

Advice on Lice, Inc. Offers Holistic Lice and Nit Treatment Options with Non-toxic Products