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AVOID THESE  MISTAKES  IN  YOUR  MUSIC   CAREER!!!!!!     1. Picking  the  wrong  beats!  –  There  is  nothing   more  complained  about  from  my  a&r  friends   then  this…  In  order  to  get  to  the  next  level  of   your  career,  you  NEED  THE  RIGHT  BEATS!  If   you  are  underground  that’s  fine,  but  if  you  are   going  MAINSTREAM??  You  Need  a   mainstream  HIT!   2. Be  Realistic  –  Everything  doesn’t  happen   how  we  plan  sometimes,  so  this  is  important   to  your  career.  Most  people  run  at  the  first   sign  of  failure….  Being  realistic  will  keep  you   on  your  feet.  People  fail  you,  opportunities   don’t  work  out  sometimes,  situations  just   happen.  Keep  your  head  up  always,  but  BE   REALISTIC!   3. The  Way  You  Promote  Yourself  –  You’re  the   reason  your  music  succeeds  or  fails.  (Some   artists  don’t  promote  at  all,  some  artists  wait   for  labels  to  do  everything  for  them)Always   promote!!!     4. Don’t  Kill  Yourself  In  The  Pursuit  Of   Music-­‐  You  can’t  write  a  whole  album  in  one   night!  You  gotta  build,  nothing  happens   overnight.    

5. Invest –  Don’t  be  afraid  to  invest  in  yourself.   You  are  the  CEO,  the  A&R,  the  Artist,  and  most   important…  the  Investor.  If  you  go  the  cheap   way,  you  will  get  the  cheap  results.     6. Don’t  worry  about  what  it  looks  like  –  I   know  sometimes  it  gets  hard…  It  seems  like   things  just  won’t  work  out,  people  stop   believing  in  you,  and  hell  even  you  stop   believing  in  you…….  FORGET  THAT!  ALWAYS   KEEP  YOUR  EYES  ON  THE  PRIZE!  Failure  is   only  reality  when  it  is  excepted  by  you,  so   don’t  except  it.  You  fall,  but  you  get  right  back   up!!!!   7. Tweeting,  Instagraming  (“In  The  Studio”,   pics,  etc)  –  Its  all  good  to  tweet  “in  the   studio”,  and  taking  pics,  if  you  are  putting  out   product  often.    If  all  you  do  is  tweet  and  you   have  no  product  done,  how  do  you  expect  a   fan  to  take  you  serious?   8. Not  Having  Your  own  Equipment  –  This  is  a   common  fatal  problem.  A  serious  artist  needs   to  have  their  own  equipment,  recording,   mixing,  and  mastering  their  own  records.   Now  if  you  don’t,  it  doesn’t  mean  your  not   serious,  you  just  might  not  know.  You  need  to   be  able  to  record  when  you  are  inspired,  not   when  time  is  available  in  the  studio.  

Remember the  night  when  you  had  a  dope   idea,  and  you  had  to  record  it  in  your  phone,   or  computer.  Got  to  the  studio  and  couldn’t   finish  because  you  only  have  3  hours   booked……  This  is  a  problem,  and  it  will  hold   you  up.  You  don’t  wanna  be  held  up,  you   wanna  be  moving,  recording  ,  promoting,  at   all  times.  You  can’t  promote  if  you  have   nothing  to  promote.       Take  everything  I  say  and  apply  it.  You  will   see  results.  I  am  dedicated  to  your  success,  I   want  you  to  WIN!  Matter  fact  you  already   WON!  You  are  a  great  artist,  with  great  ideas,   with  your  own  equipment,  promoting  and   making  money,  living  your  dreams!!!!!   I  Believe  in  you!  LETS  GET  IT!  

Avoid these mistakes in your music career  

Lots of us make mistakes. And these are some of the common mistakes I see artists making.

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