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Preservation and modernity are not opposites. Re-using The Queen Theatre to a dinner theater Keun Young Park Advisory Committee

Robert Warden, Chair, ARCH Anat Geva, Member, ARCH Jose Fernandez-Solis, Member, COSC

Conditions Before

The building has deteriorated after 30 years of vacancy and neglect.

The building has

historical and emotional value for downtown Bryan.

71-year-old building


Koolhass on preservation

Koolhass (2011) “preservation and modernity are not opposites.” The type of preservation which architects are currently involved in is one that is more artificial.

Historic district Downtown Bryan

12 percent of the earth’s surface has already been landmarked by groups like Unesco, and is expected to rise steeply. What’s more, the age of what is being preserved continues to shrink. This can be observed in our society’s morbid dedication to preservation. Secretary of Interior’s Standards for rehabilitation are too conservative and frequently result in mediocre design. Our modern history should be preserved, as a continuum of past and future history.

Key goals and evaluation criteria 1. Redesign The Queen Theatre to help the place remain a historic icon in downtown Bryan. Design for preservation is a creative solution to establish compatibility between historic design and contemporary design. 2. Compare my own building reuse design with that of a local architect, which is currently undertaking a project to convert an archaic theater to a dinner theater. 3. Design a building with materials that help achieve elegance through superior detailing and craftsmanship 4. Improve the quality of community life by providing a distinctive space that is accessible and comfortable. The theater will serve as a place for public and private gatherings. 5. Utilize sustainable materials such as non-toxic, recyclable materials and those than can enhance building performance (such as an enhanced HVAC system).

Current restoration :

Arkitex Studio

This theater is now undergoing a rehabilitation process led by a local architect firm, Arkitex Studio, which will convert the building to a dinner theater by 2014.

The nonprofit agency agreed on Tuesday to purchase the building for $185,000 from Astin Redevelopment in hopes of turning it into a community entertainment venue and communications center. Another $800,000 to $900,000 will be needed for renovations.

Program of proposal

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Code, Historic district ordinances, Standards in the historic Case studies

1. Chatelard theater : 2. Carolina Theatre : 3. Jardin de Jade Restaurant:

Adaptive reuse from barn to theater Restoration project Modern restaurant in Hongkong

district of downtown Bryan

Designing and restoring historic buildings should be in accordance with the 1994 Standard Existing Building Code (SBCCI), historic district ordinances and the City’s design guidelines booklet. The Downtown Bryan Master Plan must also be respected and used as initial guidelines for the project. It is also important to refer to The secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties as a guideline to follow US standard practices for historic building treatment.

Thesis proposal  

Adaptive reuse; dinner theater