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Retail boutique:


Take a walk along the shop

Keun Young Park ARCH 607, Fall 2011 Studio: Mark Odom

The old with the new The dialectic of Modern and Classical vocabularies doesn’t devolve into discordance. Instead, the juxtaposition highlights the drama of both.

To respond urban context

Incoporats the past, not intrusive. Materials and colors. Exposed concrete Scale and rhythm. Adjacent building height: 35’ My builidng height: 26’ Openness: Path through the open link. Provide a pleasant space.

South Facade

Framing a view Highline, NY

Raised sittings

Horizon Media Office

by Lloyd Russell

Concrete can do many thing.


Chapel Tree of Life


Sitting Park

Take a walk, and if you like the Nooka’s product, buy it, if not, it’s okay.

A self-check out services sytem for shopping. While shopping, people can take a walk around the steps and raised stair sittings, breathing in the fresh air.

Remove walls from the perimeters.


Allow light in this alley.



Structural concept

Minimum disturbance to the site. open space on the ground floor.

A singble volumn afloated building to create an open ground space with raised sittings.

Site-sensitive design: Orientation & Passive design:

To reduce construction costs from afloat building, use economical structure; Steel framing with metal deck and plaster skin on it.

Open risers allow views and daylights. Sittings are exposed to the indirect sunlight in this alley. Office faces north.

Material conscious design: Concrete finish stucco: Cost effective than exposed concrete. Easily applied and low maintenance.

Structural details

Stucco / Wallboard / STL stud Insulation Drywall



Concrete finish STUCCO

Metal deck In-Situ concrete Tube steel Reinforcing mesh

Metal deck concrete slab

The use of material:


Concrete finish stucco.

Color Texture Scale

Gray to match the neighborhood historic building fabric. Enhancing the light and shadow effect on the surface. Created by joints.

A ceiling that has a little bit of lighter tone than wall gives stable look.

Dark floor absorbs light. Display area is the brightest.

Self-check out store are the next generation of retail sales.

Both sides of the display areas are front, no backside, and wheelchair accessible.

Vending machine as a light box

Framing a view

A dramatic moment with expectation reaches at the top, and look down and see people move around. Section for built-in lighting

Tree like lighting for a park mood.

A sense of the mood delivered by the built-in lighting underneath the treads.

oculus as a light shaft

oculus as a waterfall when it rains

built-in lighting


Spacial program DISPLAY

Vertically expanded by relatively high ceiling to make feel spacious. Strong contrast to light and shadow On the one side, natually shaded by a building above. On the other side, raised sittings with open riser allows full daylight.



All the business activity happens on the ground floor. ADA


Small restrooms

Propotionally, display area is more important than restroom.

Ground Floor

2nd Floor

Colored doors: indication of important place such as restroom or exit.

Light and lighting Light study: Creating effect when light penetrates through objects.

Take a walk along the shop  
Take a walk along the shop  

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