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Welcome to Watt's Up, Kettlebell Wellness' monthly newsletter. No, it is not a spelling mistake. We are also not moving into the Rap / R&B music fields or trying to be high school cool. A watt is the international unit for power. We are striving to help our clients up their power, not just when lifting kettlebells or maneuvering their bodies, but also during their everyday lives. Wouldn't you like to have more power to do your daily tasks? Of course you would. The aim of this newsletter is to inform all our regular customers and other interested people about what is happening in Kettlebell Wellness. We shall have news, interviews with clients and trainers, articles, product reviews, etc. Since this is the beginning of something that we believe you will find beneficial, we invite your comments on this newsletter. Please let us know what you would like to be included, or not. Okay, so enough about that then and onto some info to get your wattage up a few notches

Watt's News? •

The good news is that we are expanding. That means that we shall be able to deliver a greater variety of services to you and also, since kettlebell training is relatively new, we shall be able to help people in more and more areas. At this stage we have Kettlebell Wellness partners in Centurion, Pretoria East and (enter trumpet fanfare) since the beginning of November also in Benoni. You will be able to join group classes, focus groups, kettlebell workshops, nutritional seminars and fun camps. You may also receive personal training and get kettlebells and other resources at these partnerships. Please find out more about our range of services to help you get or stay fit, healthy and beautiful at

Kettlebell Wellness also have a facebook page now. Go there to see what is happening, look at some great video's of clients training and just to keep up to date at a glance. If you want more detailed information, also visit the website.

Kettlebell Wellness hosted an information session and workshop on Saturday 16 October. Because Corné wasn't properly awake, we can unfortunately not post any photo's or video here because he didn't get any footage. Bad, bad boy!

Watt people say Every now and then we ask people what they think about us, about kettlebell training and about their experience with our service in general. Here is one client's (and now also good friend) remarks:

Name: Robin Smith Age: 36 What do you do for a living?: Maintenance Engineer Where did you hear about kettlebells?: Web search How long have you been training with kettlebells?: Approximately 1 year Do you use kettlebells exclusively?: Mainly kettlebells. I'm also looking into sandbag training to complement kettlebells What benefits have you experienced with kettlebell training?: Increased functional strength and flexibility, general well-being What is your experience/opinion of Kettlebell Wellness' personnel?: They are very knowledgeable and innovative. Good motivators to push harder Would you recommend kettlebell training and why?: The best training paradigm there is, muscles for go, not for show

Watt's new ? •

As we have mentioned, we are proud to announce the opening of a Kettlebell Wellness Partnership in Benoni. This partnership will be run by Kettlebell Wellness Instructor (KWI) Clinton Hodgskins. If you stay on this side of the universe or know people who stay there, please refer them to Clinton. He is one of the nicest people you will meet in your life. Appart from just being an all-round nice guy, he also has a body to show that he walks the talk and, to top it off, he has enough knowledge to help you get fit, healthy and beautiful. Here are the details for this exciting new hub of fitness and well-being: Venue: Old Benonians Football Club, c/o President Brand & Milburn, Rynfield, Benoni Times: Mondays-Fridays 05:00-06:00 and 06:00-07:00 Contact: Clinton on 082 555 5585 or Kettlebell Wellness on 082 460 8883 / 012 662 2497/


Our all new, superior quality aluminium kettlebells are now available! We are really proud of them. The quality on these are unlike anything you have seen on a kettlebell up to now. The aluminium body is not just beautiful, it is also extremely strong. The good news for you is that we have kept our prices the same although the manufacturing cost is up by 30%. Yes, that is how much we believe in this product. It is also manufactured in an enviromentally friendly way. This might not matter to you, but it does to us and therefor we have another reason to be proud. We shall post a video of this process shorthy.

Watt's cooking?

Kettlebell Wellness is not just about kettlebells and body weight training. The word wellness has the following meaning: 1) the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind , especially as the result of deliberate effort 2) an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating disease. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary) As our pursuit is to help you be well, we offer a diet service to all interested people. Naturally most people who train with us are interested in what they stuff in their faces, but we have a range of levels where we can assist you. This ranges from just informative talks to nutritional half-day seminars to personal coaching and a few options in between. Everything is based on our Logical Diet which is much more than just a diet, it is a lifestyle overhaul. From next year we shall be able to better serve you with your needs regarding dieting, whether for weight loss or performance. We are currently busy with the compilation of the Logical Diet booklet that will be available at all seminars, fun camps and obviously at all Kettlebell Wellness Partnerships.

Watt's next?

In a nut shell, this is what will be happening shortly: • A new Kettlebell Wellness training centre in Benoni from 1 November. • A kettlebell information session in Pretoria on 20 November. Book now. • A kettlebell training workshop in Pretoria on 20 November. Book now. • A Kettlebell Wellness Instructor Certification 6-9 January 2011. Book now. Please visit our website or facebook page regularly to stay up to date with what's happening where.

Watt about other people? We are proud of our trainers because they are nice people as well as competent, knowledgeable trainers with years of experience in the fitness field. We always strive to be up to date with what's happening in the health and fitness industry. Kettlebell Wellness' MD and Chief Instructor, CornĂŠ Dannhauser, is also a writer of note and has published articles for various institutions. But, we don't want you to just take our word on all matters relating to health and fitness. There is a lot of bad stuff out there but luckily also a lot of excellent advice. Here we shall give you informative articles from other reputable authors. Below is this month's article. Enjoy!

5 Ways to Burn Fat At Home You don't need expensive cardio machines to lose fat. Instead, you can do fast workouts full of fun exercises for fat burning at home with hundreds of simple moves. In fact, there are 5 simple categories of fat burning exercises. If you put at least one of each fat burning exercise into your workout routine, you'll lose fat at home in short workouts of 30 minutes or less, only 3 times per week. The 5 fat burning exercises categories are squatting, pushing, pulling, single-leg exercises, and total body ab exercises. It's that simple. You can do hundreds of these types of home fat burning exercises with just your bodyweight, and I'm going to show you how. In fact, you can put them together in a powerful fat burning circuit just like this. Start with a squat exercise, then do a pushup exercise, follow that with bodyweight or dumbbell rows, then do a single leg exercise, and then finish with a total body ab exercise. Do 10-15 repetitions per set. Don't rest between exercises. Rest one minute at the end of the circuit. If you are fit, you can do 1-2 more circuits. Powerful stuff! The first category is the squatting motion. It is the most effective exercise method for burning calories because it uses your large leg muscles. Here's something you didn't know. If you wanted to burn fat and flatten your stomach, and you only had time to do either bodyweight squats or ab crunches, you'd be better off doing squats! Squats will burn more calories, work more muscles, and help you burn fat better than crunches. Fortunately, there are dozens and dozens of ways to do squats. For beginners, you can do wall squats or basic bodyweight squats. For intermediate level strength, you can do prisoner squats, Y-squats, and split squats (which also fall into the single-leg exercise category). Finally, if you are advanced, you can do single-leg squats. Those are all the bodyweight only exercises. However, if you have dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbells, you can do more advanced fat burning exercises like dumbbells squats, kettlebell swings, or deadlifts. But be careful, you can only do these exercises if you have proper technique. Fortunately, these exercises burn even more calories and help you sculpt your body and improve your fitness at the same time. The next type of home fat burning exercise is the pushing movement. That means pushups of all kinds (kneeling, regular, close-grip, decline, spiderman, etc.) or presses with dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbells. Again, hundreds of choices.

The third type of exercise is any type of pulling exercise. From chinups to pull-ups, bodyweight rows to dumbbell rows, kettlebell swings to deadlifts, there are a lot of options here, and as you see, some exercises can even cross-over into the squatting category. If you have resistance bands, you can use those as well. The fourth category is back to the lower body, with some type of single-leg exercise. Your options include lunges, split squats, step-ups, 1-leg squats or 1-leg deadlifts, or even 1-leg lying hip extensions for beginners. Finally, time to finish the circuit with a total body ab exercise. This does not include crunches. Instead, use stabilization and dynamic stabilization exercises like the plank, side plank, stability ball rollout and stability ball jackknife, mountain climbers, and all their variations. Instead of 5 exercises for fat burning at home, I gave you at least 25 ways to burn fat at home. You don't need fancy machines and you can just say NO to cardio with 21st century fat burning workouts in the comfort of your own home.

About the Author: Click here for more fat burning exercises to burn fat and get a flat stomach. If you want to burn fat and build muscle, then get started with the research proven Turbulence Training workouts. Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men's Health, Women's Health, and Oxygen magazines.

Article Source:

Watt other resources do you suggest? Kettlebell Wellness only started working on it's own products recently, but there are some fantastic resources that you may purchase over the internet. Here we shall feature two such products.

Since most people have fat loss as their number 1 goal, we recommend Keith Weber's The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout. Get ready to get in shape fast with this high octane work along DVD. If you love this DVD there is also a follow-up available – same madness, same extreme results!

If all this looks too intimidating, or it looks like too much testosterone for your liking, then have a look at The Kettlebell Goddess Workout by Andrea Du Cane. She is considered as one of the leading female trainers in the world, so you will receive top notch instruction and a great work along DVD.

This is a Must for those of you who are serious athletes and kettebell fanatics. We highly recommend The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout. It will challenge you to your bones even if you're tough as nails and build your strength and cardiovascular capacity fast. It's broken into short segments of high intensity exercises that are very easy to follow. You can feel satisfied after doing just one killer 5 - 10 minute session or you can simply do as Keith Weber does in this nicely shot video by the ocean - and go non-stop like the Terminator. But, you may want to leave a phone nearby to call for someone to come pick you up off the floor. Seriously no matter what weight you use or where you're at physically, this will get you into tremendous shape fast. Great Video!

- Creators of CoreForce Energy and Hot Burning Body, Kettlebell Instructors Garin Bader/ Vanessa Bade

This video is challenging, exhilirating and definitely worth purchasing. The proper positions and form are carefully explained and demonstrated, the warmup and stretches are great, and the fact that you can mix and match the exercises for your own personal workout is wonderful. I look forward to doing my kettlebell workout each day and feel fantastic when I'm done. After just 3 weeks, I've moved up to a heavier kettlebell, and have lost inches around my waist and hips. All hail the Goddess (workout)!

Linda Del

Watt's to do? Come and join in the fun if you have not done so yet! We would be honoured to help you look better, feel better and perform better. If you are a regular client, we appreciate you for trusting us with your health and fitness and giving us your business. If there is anything that you think we should know about or consider, please do not hold back. Contact us immediately!

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Watt's Up! Issue 1  

Kettlebell Wellness is South Africa's premier kettlebell and nutrition training centre. This is their newsletter for powerful bodies and pow...

Watt's Up! Issue 1  

Kettlebell Wellness is South Africa's premier kettlebell and nutrition training centre. This is their newsletter for powerful bodies and pow...