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PRE-MED COURSE OF STUDY Program Overview Supplementing traditional degree requirements at Kettering with the Pre-Med Course of Study prepares students for a career in the health sciences. This program is ideal for students who are considering going into the fields of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, or the health sciences. Completing this course of study ensures students get a well rounded science education, preparing them for medical, professional, or graduate school. T  he Pre-Med Course of Study is built around common Medical School prerequisites: O  ne year of introductory chemistry: CHEM-135/CHEM-136 or CHEM-137/CHEM-136 and CHEM-237/CHEM-238. O  ne year of organic chemistry: CHEM-345/CHEM-346 and CHEM-347/CHEM-348. O  ne year of introductory biology: BIOL-141/BIOL-142 and BIOL-241/BIOL-242.  One-half year of Biochemistry: CHEM-351/CHEM-352. O  ne year of Physics: PHYS-114/PHYS-115 and PHYS-224/PHYS-225 O  ther requirements for most medical schools, such as one year of college math and courses in liberal studies, are already included within the degree programs at Kettering. W  hile most medical schools do not usually require other courses as prerequisite courses, we do also recommend taking other specific courses to help prepare students who plan on taking the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). These include Biochemistry II (CHEM-451), Anatomy & Physiology (BIOL-341), and a Psychology course. Kettering’s Biochemistry program already includes these specific courses required for entrance into most medical schools. Applied Biology students need to only take one additional physics course (PHYS-224/PHYS-225) to complete these typical entrance requirements. Students in any of the other degree programs can obtain the required courses by completing the Biochemistry minor, a year of Physics, and a year of Biology to obtain the most common Medical School

prerequisites. Students can typically utilize free or technical electives to take a portion of the credits in the Pre-Med Course of Study. For a sample curriculum for your degree program that incorporates the pre-med course of study, see your degree program department chair or Dr. Stacy K. Seeley (pre-med coordinator). The Premedical Education Course of Study will not appear on the transcript. The two Organic Chemistry and one Biochemistry courses comprise the Biochemistry Minor. As such, students completing the Premedical Education Course of Study will earn a Biochemistry Minor which will be listed on their transcript. Students are also encouraged to participate in Kettering’s Health-focused Education and Learning (K-HEAL) course cluster for additional health-focused courses throughout the curriculum. For more information, interested students should contact K-HEAL@kettering.edu.

FACULTY CONTACT Stacy K. Seeley, Ph.D. Room 3-10,3 MC, 810.762.9561 chem@kettering.edu

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Pre-Med Program  

Pre-Med Program