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The role of an occupational therapist is to help people who have or are at risk of experiencing a physical, mental, or cognitive disorder achieve a meaningful and purposeful quality of life. An occupational therapist is trained to use assessments and treatments to help develop, recover, or maintain daily living skills. In eight semesters, the Kettering College OTD program provides an academic environment for students to develop the professional and technical skills needed to become caring, compassionate, respectful, competent entry-level occupational therapists. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in a health, education, or humanities area.

MASTER OF PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT STUDIES A physician assistant (PA) is an advanced practitioner who acts as an extension of the physician in making diagnoses and treating patients. Working as part of a patient care team, a physician assistant works in all practice settings, performs

comprehensive history and physicals, orders and interprets diagnostic tests, prescribes medication and performs procedures. Applicants to the MPAS degree at Kettering College must have a bachelor’s degree with specific prerequisite courses from a regionally accredited institution or be enrolled in KC’s bachelor’s degree program in human biology. The MPAS requires seven semesters of year-round study, starting in May.

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HUMAN BIOLOGY The human biology degree at Kettering College provides a unique learning opportunity for persons interested in health-related careers such as medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy. Graduates with a human biology degree can apply to a professional school or university to complete the required graduate study necessary for entry into their chosen profession. This is a four-year degree that also offers a “3+2”-year accelerated option for students interested in applying for KC’s Master of Physician Assistant Studies.

THREE-YEAR BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING (PRELICENSURE) Registered nurses (RNs) care for and educate individuals, families, communities and populations about various aspects of health care to promote optimum wellness. In the pre-licensure BSN program at Kettering College, new cohorts enroll each fall; students begin by taking one year of general education courses that provides a solid foundation to begin nursing courses. Students admitted/ matriculating into the nursing major attend courses year-round — fall, winter, and summer semesters — for two more academic years, completing the program in July.

THREE-YEAR BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN RESPIRATORY CARE (FIRST-PROFESSIONAL) Registered respiratory therapists (RRTs) provide direct patient care services, assess patient needs, develop respiratory care plans, educate patients, and manage care in patients with cardiopulmonary disease as well as trauma victims. The Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care (BSRC) curriculum provides


graduates with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required for entry into the respiratory care profession. New students are admitted to the respiratory care program in the fall of each academic year. Following successful completion of the BS degree, graduates are eligible for the credentialing examinations offered by the National Board for Respiratory Care.

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL SONOGRAPHY (ULTRASOUND) Diagnostic medical sonography uses sound waves (ultrasound) to produce both 2D and 3D dynamic images of tissue, organs, and blood flow inside the human body. Kettering College’s sonography curriculum includes study in all four areas of specialization — abdominal, vascular, obstetrics/gynecology, and echocardiography. The sonography degree at KC requires that students complete a year of prerequisites before applying for entry to the major. Three years of coursework after that leads to a bachelor’s degree in sonography.

ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE IN RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY Radiologic technologists use sophisticated X-ray equipment in imaging body structures and organs to assist the physician in the diagnosis of diseases and injuries. The associate degree in radiologic technology at Kettering College consists of two academic years, attending courses yearround – fall, winter, and summer semesters, completing the degree in April.

ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE IN NUCLEAR MEDICINE TECHNOLOGY The nuclear medicine technologist is a paramedical worker concerned with the use of radioactive materials for physicians to diagnose and treat medical conditions. The nuclear medicine course of study at Kettering College is a cooperative educational endeavor with the Nuclear Medicine Institute at the University of Findlay. The first year of the major is spent at KC, acquiring the courses required for admission to the NMI program. The student will spend the first semester of the second year at the Findlay campus and the final two semesters at a clinical site.

ONLINE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE COMPLETION IN NURSING The Kettering College BSN completion degree is designed for registered nurses who have an associate degree or its equivalent in nursing. The degree consists of 48 semester credits beyond the Associate of Science nursing degree or its equivalent and at least 36 upper-division credits; 30 credits must be taken from Kettering College. It is the equivalent of the junior and senior years of a baccalaureate degree. All coursework required for the degree is offered online; non-nursing courses are also available on campus. Students may begin the degree any semester and may choose a full-time or part-time pace of study. All coursework must be completed within five years of enrollment in the program.

ONLINE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE COMPLETION IN HEALTH SCIENCES Kettering College offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences designed for those who have obtained an associate degree or its equivalent in health care and wish to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree. Students may choose a full-time or part-time pace of study in an online learning environment. This degree can enhance career mobility within health care settings and may serve as a foundation for graduate education. Those seeking







a specialized field in radiologic technology that includes computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), vascular interventional technology (VIT), and cardiovascular interventional technology (CIT). Students entering Kettering College as graduates of either an associate degree or certificate program in radiologic technology, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, or diagnostic medical sonography may continue their education with several one-semester certificate programs. These may be taken individually or as paired programs that may lead to the BS degree.

College offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences designed for those who want a bachelor’s degree in healthcare management. The course of study is equivalent to a four-year degree taken in three years of full-time, year-round study. This degree prepares students for manager positions and roles leading to upper-level leadership in health care. A specially designed pre-OT track prepares students for occupational therapy programs including Kettering College’s occupational therapy doctoral program. The program also can be a bridge to a master’s in healthcare administration.






greater emphasis in specific health care disciplines may choose from majors in education, management, diagnostic medical sonography, respiratory care, or advanced imaging.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SERVE IN A MEDICAL CLINIC OVERSEAS? Our international medical missions (IMM) program gives students the opportunity (as their schedules allow) to serve in remote medical clinics, providing hands-on service in various parts of the world. Current medical clinic options are in Thailand, Chad (Africa), Majuro (Marshall Islands), and India.

KC.EDU (800) 433.5262


ABOUT US schools do not have this ability and can be double Kettering College’s price.

As a Christian institution operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Kettering College believes that through your time here, you will learn to care for your patients’ physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

teaching hospital with programs for educating future physicians, nurses, and other medical staff, enabling students to build relationships with medical professionals as they fulfill clinical rotations.

Kettering College is owned by Kettering Medical Center, which is one of Kettering Health Network’s eight hospitals. Four of the network’s facilities are rated among the nation’s 100 Top hospitals. Kettering Health Network also operates 60 state-ofthe-art outpatient facilities throughout the Greater Dayton and Cincinnati areas.

Health care is our specialty. Kettering College has been placing its graduates in the most in-demand areas of health care since it’s opening in 1967.

Kettering College is in the city of Kettering, a suburb of Dayton, Ohio.


Seeing is believing. Come and visit! Kettering Admissions Planning Session (KAPS) at 4 p.m. on Tuesdays and at 6 p.m. on Thursdays (except holidays). If one of these times does not work for you, call us at (937) 395-8601 to set up an alternative time.

Our faith-based, mission-driven network has over 11,000 employees, 1,700 physicians, and 1,500 volunteers. Each hospital in our network is a designated

Cost can be a determining factor for many people, and private higher education costs are rapidly increasing. Because we are owned by Kettering Medical Center, Kettering College can offer competitive tuition pricing, compared to local and national private schools. Many private

College is an investment in your future, and Kettering College, a smart investment.


ADMISSIONS CHECKLIST APPLY ONLINE: Go to and click the “Apply Now” button. STUDENT PERSONAL STATEMENT: Fill out and submit your student personal statement by going to OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS: Have your high school and college(s) send your transcripts directly to Kettering College. Hand-delivered transcripts cannot be accepted. MATH PLACEMENT TEST: Go to to see if you are required to take the MPT and for instructions on taking it. ACT/SAT SCORES: If you graduated from high school in the past five years and have fewer than 24 hours of college credit, have your ACT and/or SAT scores sent directly to Kettering College. International students: Please visit for more information. Contact the Kettering College admissions office at (937) 395-8628 if you have questions during this process.

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