Crossmedia Design Portfolio, Ketiskia C. Hodge

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Ketiskia C. Hodge

Through the Eye of a Fly Photography / 2016

Through the Eye of a Fly Sulpture / 2016

After Life Film / 11:44 / 2017

Creating new spaces can be done in different ways, by determining the width, height, length and shape. Through sight we enter into buildings and their different rooms. When approaching a certain room, we quickly conclude that we’re fully aware of the space’s aspects (whether it is small or large). This is manifested even more as we rotate throughout the room in order to view all of its sides and to calculate through sensation how the ceiling relates to our own height. Nevertheless, because of the limits of the human visual system, we only take in a portion of a room’s available information. By moving through the room, the information expands. From this standpoint, this conceptual research focuses on vision and its ability to create new space by using the focus point as begin point and the limits of the perceptual span as crop tool.

Trusting a Tree Ceramic / Screen printing / 2017

Why are artists poor? The project “The Loverly Everyone” is a reaction towards Hans Abbing’s book “Why Are Artists poor”. The book is fixated on the growing number of artists and mentions the reasons thereof. Hans Abbing’s narrative also focuses on the economical and political structure in relation to the arts and states the esteemed consequences for artists of different ranks.

The Lovely Everyone Image / Poster / Folder / Soil / 2017

Roots Ceramic / 2017

The Less Waste Concept Stopmotion / 2:21 min / 2019

Meaning Illustrations / charcoal / 2020

Cross Cultural Misunderstanding People Thesis / 2020

09-06-17 On the 6th of September 2017, the Caribbean Island Sint Maarten was hit by hurricane Irma. The category 6 hurricane caused tremendous damage on the island and left it completely devastated. As it is my home country, I was able to travel to the island and see my family whom were all safe. Balance is a project based on photographic images that were taken during my stay on the island. Besides the damages that were seen everywhere, the aim was to somehow find balance within it all. This meant searching for images that did not only express brokenness, but wholeness as well.

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