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CENTRAL KARELIA – C L E A R WAT E R S A N D F R I E N D LY P E O P L E Central Karelia is surrounded by clear waters and green forests. The region is characterised by large lakes and impressive hill and grove landscapes. We are the southernmost part of North Karelia, situated by the Ladoga grove zone. We are also international: our daily lives are spiced up by our location right by the Russian border. Highway 6 and a train connection from Helsinki make it easy to get here.

Central Karelia has 19,300 inhabitants. With more than 5,200 summer cottages, the region gets busy in the holiday months. Work and entrepreneurship are highly valued. An increasing number of employees in the region will be retiring in the next few years, so new employees are being recruited by both private companies and public administrations.

Our services work well and are excellent in relation to the size of the region. We can find almost everything we need in our daily lives right here. Our leisure time is spent on sports, culture and other active hobbies. Everyday life here is easy; people have no reservations, and as is the Karelian way, they care about each other.


Some people enjoy the easiness of life in a flat, whereas others want a house and garden of their own. In our region, people will find a home to their liking, either in a city-like environment with blocks of flats and terraced houses or in a countryside setting by the village road or far from neighbours. Here you can live spaciously in a safe environment.

Puhos also on the Lake Pyhäjärvi side once the zoning is complete. Puhos is a lively, traditional village between two large lakes, with a village school, shop and post office of its own. Zoning of a new housing area is also about to begin in Kitee, right by the centre, in Meijerinranta.

The municipalities in the region

Tohmajärvi is also investing in its plot selection: for example, there are plots right in the middle of pic-

sell plots of various sizes for building your dream home. There are new plots in Puhos, Kitee, some of which are on the shore of Lake Orivesi. There will be more plots in

turesque pinewoods in the Tikkala village as well as in the Kemie area and other villages. Tikkala is a growing village by Highway 6. The local people are actively involved

in the development of their village by, for example, running the renowned Kassan Baari bar. Rääkkylä attracts new residents particularly in Vuoniemi, where plots are available near Lake Pyhäselkä and the beautiful Vuoniemi conservation area. Kesälahti has some individual plots for sale. You will not be frightened by the prices. The spacious circumstances of living are complemented by the safe environment, well-working services and diverse pastime possibilities.


There are a wide range of hobbies to choose from. The diverse nature attracts many to the forests and lakes. Fishing, hunting, mushroom and berry picking and other activities in the nature are the primary means of relaxation for many locals. Sports facilities are maintained by the municipalities, villages and associations. Those interested in sports have access to an extensive selection ranging from diving and team sports to ski jumping.

Kitee’s AIMO area is a paradise for fans of motor sports: rally

cars, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and aeroplanes have all found their place around Kitee Airport. Plans are in place for a dog activity field and a shooting range. The Finnish Championships of several sports are organised in the area every year. Culture arouses interest. There are several amateur theatres, choirs and bands in the region whose shows are on par with those of professionals. Musical instruments and singing are of particular interest to young people, who are trained by the Music Institute of Central Karelia. The

great story of the Kitee-based Nightwish shows that the world is open to those who are good enough at what they do. Pesäpallo (Finnish baseball) is the number one hobby for many young people. They have great role models in the players of the local team Kiteen Pallo, many of whom were raised by the team’s youth division. Each week during the summer, KiPa’s matches draw thousands of fans to the Rantakenttä field.

HAPPY ENTREPRENEURS We appreciate work and entrepreneurship. Here, an entrepreneur has several advantages compared to the rest of Finland. For example, companies can receive maximum support for their investments and development. Central Karelia Development Company KETI Ltd helps new companies get started and assists existing companies in their development. The availability of labour is relatively good. Based on the needs of companies, qualified new personnel can be obtained quickly through recruitment training.

The enormous Russian market is close by: St Petersburg is a shorter distance away than Helsinki. The Niirala international border crossing point sees about a million border crossers each year. Russian customers are good for the profitability of trade, tourism and service companies in particular. An excellent way to start as an entrepreneur is to continue the operations of an existing company. There are dozens of companies in various fields for sale in the area, with the current entrepreneurs

ready for retirement after a life’s work. To companies contemplating operations in our region, we offer a comprehensive service package. We can assist companies in finding suitable premises and employees, help with investment and development aid applications, etc. There is always room for new companies!


In addition to comprehensive schools, we have several options for further studies. The upper secondary schools of Kitee and Tohmajärvi prepare students for higher education, and North Karelia College Kitee produces professionals in various fields. The upper secondary schools have nice facilities – Ilmarinen, Kitee’s new cultural and education centre, was inaugurated in autumn 2010. Under the provincial educational federation of municipalities, North Karelia College Kitee offers a wide range of qualifications, from electrician to farmer and

animal attendant. There is also a special programme for both a vocational school certificate and the matriculation examination. Those who have taken this special programme have quickly found employment, so it is a clear asset on the labour market.

Adults can be students as well. The provincial adult education centre arranges various courses. The selection is complemented by a variety of labour, personal and apprenticeship training options, for which the student can receive various kinds of benefits.

The Central Karelia Music Institute is responsible for music education in the region with excellent results. What is even nationally exceptional is the fact that all these educational institutes are

At the provincial level, more study opportunities are provided by the University of Eastern Finland and North Karelia University of Applied Sciences in Joensuu.

involved in regional co-operation, making the studies accessible to all students.

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