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By Rosario Garcia

Below is a full lineup of bands confirmed to perform at the upcoming Vive Latino 2012 Festival being held on March 23rd-25th at the infamous Foro Sol in Mexico D.F.

long, long, time ago in a land far away the first Vive Latino was born. Okay, so 1998 wasn’t that long ago and Mexico is only a short flight away, still that opening sentence does add to the mystery, doesn’t it? The OCESA group, one of the leaders in entertainment in Mexico, had the idea of bringing together several Spanish rock groups that alone would not be able to support an arena show, however, if grouped together, could conquer the world… Or at least make for a very attractive lineup for local concert goers. The idea paid off big time, and with Vive Latino now in its 12th edition and considered one of the largest and most coveted Latin rock concert events in the world, it continues to pay off. The very first Vive Latino was held over a short weekend and featured a grand total of 27 Spanish rock bands which included: Hell’s Angels, Illya Kuryaki, La Barranca, Kenny and Electric, Juan Perro and Aterciopelados, amongst others. Fast forward to 2012 and the mammoth event is held over a three day period, featuring nearly 80 bands from around the globe performing on 4 different stages in the heart of Mexico City, Mexico. All types of Latin alternative rock music is represented each year ranging from good ‘ol rock & roll, reggae, ska, to hip-hop or the ever popular pop-rock music. No matter your musical tastes, you are bound to find something you love in the Vive Latino lineup. This year, the variety is no different as Mexico City D.F. get’s ready to welcome such bands as Enrique Bunbury (ex-Heroes del Silencio leader), Café Tacvba (Mexican rock giants), Antidoping (Mexican reggae), Molotov, Zoé, Illya Kuryaki, Kinky, La Vida Bohéme, Sekta Core, Toy Selectah, Austin TV, Alfonso André, Caramelos de Cianuro, DLD, Señor Flavio, Instituto Mexicano del Sonido, and many more. As always, the Vive Latino also caters to the Mexican emos who love their British and English rock and will be featuring such artists as Kasabian (English swagger rock), Madness (British ska-rock), Gogol Bordello (NYC global cabaret rock), TV on the Radio (American art rock band), Foster the People and Fatboy Slim, among others.

Adhesivo, Alfonso André, Amandititita, Antidoping, Antoine Reverb, Austin TV, Black Tide, Café Tacvba, Caramelos de Cianuro, Carla Morrison, Catupecu Machu, Comisario Pantera, Def con Dos, Dënver, Descartes a Kant, Disidente, Dld, Eddy y los Grasosos, El Brujo, El Personal, Enrique Bunbury, Estirpe, Forastero & Manicomio Clan, Foster The People, Francisca Valenzuela, Furland, Gogol Bordello, Haragán y Cía, Hello Seahorse!, Hocico, Illya Kuryaky, Instituto Mexicano del Sonido, Jaime López, Jauria, Javiera Mena, Jumbo, Kapanga, Kasabian, Kinky, La Lupita, La Vida Bohéme, Los Caligaris, Los Esquizitos, Los Kung Fu Monkeys, Los Patita de Perro, Lost Acapulco, Madness, Mamastróficos, Manos de Topo, Maskatesta, Molotov, Monocordio, Napoléon Solo, Niña, Nonpalidese, Phito Torres, Puerquerama, Rodlevario, Sekta Core, SelectroOn, SFDK, Sidhartta, Señor Flavio, Suave as Hell, Systema Solar, Tanke, The Volture, The Wookies, Toy Selectah, Triciclo Circus Band, Tropikal Forever, TV on the Radio, URSS Bajo el Árbol, V for Volume, Vetusta Morla, Voltax, Wrokk, Zoé y Fatboy Slim.

The main question is, will this incredible line-up surpass the astounding number of fans that literally invaded last year’s Vive Latino Festival for a chance to witness the historical Caifanes reunion? It’s hard to imagine, especially for those of us who were there sardined amongst the rest of the 60,000+ screaming fans in attendance. The headliners for each day have already been identified as follows: Friday, March 23rd, Zoe, Enrique Bunbury and Black Tide will be closing the night at the various stages. Saturday, March 24th, Café Tacuba and Kasabian will be going head to head. Last but not least, on Sunday, March 25th, Molotov and the Madness will be in charge of closing the festival. For those of you that are crushed to learn that Zoe and Enrique Bunbury are both playing at the same time, do not fret, there is always a 15-20 minute difference in stage time that allows you to watch parts of each bands set if you really set yourself out to watch bands playing amongst the several stages.

To round up this awesome music festival, there is plenty to do while you’re there including shopping for new music and merchandise at the “Tianguis del Chopo” or eating and drinking yourself into a coma at the food court area. However, the most incredible part of this festival is the price of admission! A three day ticket bundle is only 1,200 Mexican Pesos which translates to approximately 90 US dollars! Not bad for access to 80 top-notch bands and guaranteed good times. So brush up on your Español and start searching for some cheap flights to Mexico for the 12th edition of the Vive Latino Festival! █



TROPICAL He started a band early on along with his brothers where he quickly developed his great singing abilities. At the young age of 12 years old, Reyes traveled to the city of Santo Domingo and quickly started working hard occupying many jobs. However, he never let go of his dream to make a living making music. It wasn’t until Reyes met a man named Juan B. Genao that his life would begin to change. Genao was known for finding young talent and then converting them into big-name artists. It was also Genao who helped Reyes discover his great dream of becoming a bachata musician and begin his road to fame in the hearts of Latin Americans everywhere. Finally, in 1991, with help from Genao, Reyes released his first album “Tu seras mi reina” and it marked the beginning of close to two decades of albums to follow. It was shortly after his first album was released that he became the self-proclaimed “Prince of Bachata” (El principe de la bachata). Frank’s big break came when Sony released his Estelares de Frank Reyes on September 2, 1997. In 2001, Reyes was named bachata artist of the year. This was not his first or last award as he has also been recognized with a Casandra award, a major local recognition as well as being nominated by Acroarte, the Dominican art journalists association, for Best Bachata performer.

Picture courtesy of C.O.C. Productions

By: April Rose

IT TAKES MORE THAN ONE ARTISTIC TALENT TO TURN A GREAT MUSICAL ARTIST INTO A WORLD RENOWNED MEGA SUPERSTAR. THERE’S JUST SOMETHING ABOUT HOW AN ARTIST EXPRESSES THEIR EMOTIONS INTO WELL COMPOSED LYRICS COMBINED WITH GREAT RHYTHMS THAT TURN A GOOD SONG INTO A CLASSIC. A CONTINUITY OF MUSICAL HITS IS WHAT MAKES AN ARTIST UNFORGETTABLE, IN DEMAND AND WIDELY KNOWN. TROPICAL SINGER FRANK REYES, HAS ACCOMPLISHED ALL OF THE ABOVE AND MUCH MORE. Known as one of the best bachata artists throughout Latin America, Frank Reyes has been astonishing the world with his musical talents for decades! He has provided the Latin American music industry with endless hits time after time. He’s a true success story, born in the small rural town of Tenares in Boba Arriba, Dominican Republic in 1969 with dreams of getting to the big city and reaching stardom.

Frank Reyes has worked hard for his success never taking a break from making music. His dedication and passion for music is evident in the 21 albums he has released between 1991 and 2010. Seriously, how does he do it? The answer may date back to the freedom Frank Reyes was given early on by his record label. They gave him complete musical freedom and encouraged him to always push the envelope and take the bachata genre into a whole new level. He took them up on their offer and often pulled unheard of stunts like hosting a concert in Santo Domingo where he performed backed up by an orchestra and called it “Bachata de gala”. The show was a complete success selling out to his adoring fans. He’s also one to merge into other genres with ease and balancing his albums out with various rhythms such as merengue and even mambo. So if you’re looking for an expansive musical experience, then come to Bravo! Bravo! in Washington DC on February 24th to see Frank Reyes perform. Come enjoy his amazing bachata rhythms and dance an unforgettable night away in an intimate setting. █



Pictures courtesy of Eva Ayllón



By Manu Mayor

ne of Peru’s foremost Afro-Peruvian musicians, Maria Ayllon a composer & singer, adopted her stage name “Eva” from her maternal grandmother. During the early 70’s Eva Ayllon performed at many ‘Peñas’; a place where people go to eat, drink and party to the sounds of Peruvian folk music from the coast, otherwise known as musica criolla. From 1973 to 1975 she was the voice of the popular trio Los Kipus. She eventually left Los Kipus to pursue a solo career that by 1979 took her to Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan. By this time Eva’s voice was bringing not only Peru’s musica criolla to life but also its rich Afro-Peruvian rhythms. Afro-Peruvian music while a big part of the identity of Peru’s black community, gained wider popularity in Peru during the 1950’s. It’s during this

time that Eva Ayllon was born and from a young age was encouraged by her grandmother to follow her musical tendencies. It was clear early on that she was endowed with a great talent, she could sing like nobody’s business. Today she is considered one of the top interpreters of the genre and is known internationally in the World Music circles. Although Eva Ayllon seemed to be destined for stardom from an early age, it wasn’t until 1994 that she really earned the acclaim her vocal and show skills deserved. This was the year Eva took her whole staff of musicians and technical crewmembers on an international tour that assured a show of the highest quality. Ever since then, she has been invited to international events year after year in countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, the United States, Canada and Japan. Eva Ayllon’s extensive musical career spans over 20 albums, one of which was nominated for a Latin Grammy in the best Folk Album category.

Eva Ayllon was born for singing; her voice is as powerful as it is versatile. Her music flows into various ranges and styles in a way that seems natural and effortless. She seduces and enchants her fans from around the world regardless of nationality, or ethnicity. An Eva Ayllon live show is a musical journey that you must experience for yourself. She’s often been compared to international legends such as the “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin herself, as well as, the now gone Cesaria Evora. A chance to listen to her legendary voice is definitely something not to be wasted. So whether you are a long standing fan or simply consider yourself a music fan who is open to experience new sights and sounds, then you cannot miss Eva Ayllon during her upcoming show on Sunday, April 1st, 2012 at the State Theater in Falls Church, VA. See you there! █




Photos courtesy of Columbia Artist Management Inc

Ballet Folklórico De Antioquia By Maria Veronica Cevallos

ith the vision of its founder, Albeiro Roldán Penagos, to become “the best cultural ambassadors” of Colombia worldwide, the Ballet Folklorico de Antioquia continues the mission that started more than 20 years ago in Medellin, Colombia. Since the first open audition Roldán held in 1991, the group instantly became one of Colombia’s most recognized and talented dance companies. The company’s dance ensemble aims to display Colombia’s rich cultural diversity with a show full of color, music, and dance. Colombia is known the world over for its music, and it is indeed in this show that we get to experience the sounds and rhythm of the beloved “cumbia colombiana” or salsa. And yet, the Ballet Folklorico dance troupe will show that these are not the only rhythms danced in Colombia. As diverse as its roots and its people, Colombian music is a mixture of a number of influences. The dancers of Ballet Folklorico take you on a trip through Colombia’s regions where African, European, Indigenous and Caribbean influences ebb and flow to make different rhythms, accompanied by different spaces and landscapes, and even have ritualistic roots, too. Cumbia itself was at first a mixture of African, Spanish and Native Colombian’ music which rose from the Atlantic coast of Colombia. Another rhythm from the same region, yet much more influenced by Afro-Colombian roots, is the “Currulao,” a much different type of music where subtlety is more predominant as the dance is guided by the sweet sounds of marimbas and drums, which give it a distinctly tropical feel.

Moving towards the interior of Colombia is yet another type of music, the “Bambuco,” a wildly different type of music thatso me describe as being one of the most representative types of music of the country. Bambuco is the result of native and European influences and closely resembles the waltz in its beat pattern. Of similar roots, the “Guaneña” sounds happy and nostalgic at the same time, so it’s no surprise that its expressiveness is its main lure. Another distinct and different rhythm is found in the regions near Colombia that share its borders with Venezuela, the “Joropo.” Usually associated with Venezuela, the Joropo shares its origins in the Colombian southeastern region of Orinoquía, of possible Andalucian, Arabic, and Spanish influences. The Joropo is characterized by a fast-paced rhythm and stepping in another waltz-like type of dance. This is but a small sampling of the musical diversity in Colombia. The Ballet Folklorico de Antioquia’s dance troupe performs all of these and more in their seven productions. Other dance numbers include “Merecumbé,” “Moña,” “Pasillo Vasillao,” and of course, the Colombian Salsa. Perhaps two of the most impressive dance numbers the group performs showing their dynamism and skill are that of their interpretation of “San Agustin,” a sort of modern dance interpretation generating a contrast to the traditional music and that of the “Mapalé,” a fast-paced and sensual dance of African roots requiring incredible physical stamina which takes it’s name from the Mapale fish found in Colombia. Not to be missed is the wonderful musicianship employed in this show, which is a perfect complement for such breathtaking dance interpretations. The company has attained great achievements with the

dedication and passion for their work, winning awards for not only their skill and expertise, but also their work in preserving the very best of Colombian culture. One of the most notable honors to this group was representing Colombia in the cultural program of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Ballet Folklorico de Antioquia will be making their stop in the area at George Mason University’s Center for the Arts Center on March 3rd. █




RKM& KEN-Y By Juan Leon

uture stars of el genero; Jose Nieves Jaime (R.K.M.) and Kenny Ruben Vazquez Felix (Ken-Y) were born and raised in Gurabo, Puerto Rico. R.K.M. (he was once known as Rakim but changed his moniker to differentiate himself from hip-hop artist Rakim) and Ken-Y began performing together in high school. After appearances on reggaeton compilations (such as the “Warriors 4” compilation where they were joined by other prominent artists and duos in the genre including Daddy Yankee, Baby Rasta y Gringo, Hector y Tito and Karel y Voltio), performances at house parties, and releasing a few mixtapes (“Los Reyes del Mambo”, “Esperando el Momento”), R.K.M. y Ken-y eventually caught the ear of Nicky Jam who brought them to Ralphy Pina of Pina Records. Earning comparisons to Zion y Lennox (R.K.M. raps while Ken-Y sings); the duo quickly began to experience some serious success. Their debut album “Masterpiece” in 2006 quickly reached platinum status and led to a number one single (“Down”), as well as, other charting singles (“Me Matas”, “Igual Que Ayer”, “Dame Lo Que Quiero) which garnered them great popular acclaim. September 2008 saw R.K.M. y Ken-Y releasing “The Royalty: La Realeza”. The duo’s sophomore effort also went platinum, went to number one on the Billboard Top Latin album charts and spawned four hit singles: “Mis Dias Sin Ti”, “Te Regalo Amores”, “Tuve un Sueño” and “Vicio Del Pecado”. R.K.M. y Ken-Y’s latest effort “Forever” (released in 2011) has them building on their previous chart-topping successes. The duo has also been tirelessly compared to Zion y Lennox. The

comparisons are apt as far as pop savvy, romantic emphasis and inventive production are concerned, but end when it comes to style. For one thing, R.K.M.’s rapping doesn’t contrast as starkly with Ken-Y’s singing as Lennox’s complete stylistic vocal opposition to Zion. Another song on the album, “Mas” is a strong showcase of how well Ken-Y and R.K.M.’s tones complement each other: Just as solid as Zion y Lennox’ effective stilo but in a different way. With their emphasis placed on direct, old-school romanticism, their music often lyrically recalls the emotional nakedness of classic R&B. Here on “Mas”, R.K.M. echoes Ken-Y’s singing with his own vulnerable rapping. Mytizko (El De Las Melodias Locas) is officially credited with handling production work on “Forever”, but the influence of Pina Records’ own Eliel is felt in the ethereal atmospherics and subtle, tasteful and evocative touches throughout the album. Production is excellent on every track but absolutely shines on the accordion-tinged (possibly

Fulanito influenced?), hit “Mi Corazon Esta Muerto”. This single not only has pop appeal deserving of a mainstream (not just Latin mainstream) chart placement, its similarly as fantastic as the cross-over remake of Lucenzo’s hit “Danza Kuduro” executed by Don Omar. The updated “Adam and Eve” retelling of the Marlon P directed “Mi Corazon Esta Muerto” video isn’t sexist as much as it is an expression of man struggling with woman’s allure and mystery (a theme that permeates the work of almost all popular male reggaeton artists). As great as “Mi Corazon Esta Muerto” is, R.K.M. y Ken-Y may have saved their best for the first track on “Forever”. The album-titled opener showcases Myztiko’s best work on the album and might be R.K.M.’s finest as well. The combination of Myztiko’s take on “American” pop production/instrumentation (the dembow beat is left behind in favor of Timbaland style synthesizers and beats), Ken-Y’s direct, simple but powerfully emotional singing, paired with R.K.M.’s quick, profound delivery, makes “Forever” the album’s standout track. It also exemplifies R.K.M. y Ken-Y’s uniquely hopeful and faithful vision. “Forever” is a jarringly optimistic title for an album in the cynical and crass present. R.K.M. y Ken-Y show they understand the purpose of pop music and the sustaining quality of art in a time when romanticism and emotion are often ridiculed as weakness. Their music often feels like it’s coming from a different era, but it might be just what we need. Now. R.K.M. y Ken-Y will be performing live March 23th at Galaxy Nightclub. For more information and tickets go to Make sure to check them out! █ Pictures courtesy of Esko Ent.



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Pictures courtesy of AEG Live

By Christina Cortés

pon easily selling out 18,000 tickets to his Madison Square Garden performance in only four hours during a presale, it seems fair to say that he is definitely working towards establishing himself as much more than “just some bachata singer.” Following the unexpected but amazing sales figures for the February 11th show, two more Madison Square Garden dates were added to the artist’s tour that once again had tickets flying off the shelves. Quite impressive considering this is his first ever US tour. Although his solo career was welcomed with much skepticism by critics, the former lead singer of bachata’s biggest group, Aventura, has many feeling quite embarrassed for their premature comments about how he would not be able to succeed on his own. With his first solo album, titled The Formula

Volume One, having skyrocketed to the top of Latin music charts and not budging for numerous weeks, it is clear that Romeo Santos is doing just fine on his own! Born July 21st, 1981 in The Bronx, New York to a Dominican father and a Puerto Rican mother, Anthony “Romeo” Santos developed his love affair with music early on. Considering his roots, it should come as no surprise that as a young boy he would fall head over heels for Latin music. At the age of thirteen, Romeo joined his Church’s choir and so began his musical career. In his free time while he wasn’t singing in the choir, he discovered something else he not only liked but was pretty good at – writing songs. However, as much as he loved singing in church, Romeo knew he would need to take some bigger steps if he wanted to realize all his dreams. Romeo’s cousin Henry, who was also a member of the choir, was similarly chasing dreams of pursuing a musical career. Whether it was sheer luck or fate, the cousins met a pair of brothers, Lenny and Max, and eventually >>>>>>>>>>


>>>>>>> formed their own group which they named Aventura. Little did they know that Aventura would not only change the entire genre of bachata as it was previously known, but they would become an international phenomenon of truly epic proportions. The group single handedly brought bachata into the New York area – and consequently the entire United States – and transformed its traditional sound by infusing it

with their own unique flavor which mixed in hip-hop, pop and R&B sounds, making it more appealing to the American-born generation of Latinos throughout the country. Romeo’s writing skills proved essential to Aventura’s success and provided the group with some of its biggest hit tracks like “Cuando Volveras,” “Hermanita,” “La Boda,” “Un Beso,” “Los Infieles,” “Dile Al Amor,” and of course, the song that made them famous, “Obsesion.” Aventura’s style was quintessential love songs with a modern twist – the ability for the teens and 20-somethings to relate, and they were all falling in love with the group’s take on the traditional bachata sound. Moreover, Romeo

made sure to lose the formal language and wrote his songs the way he would speak to a girl on an everyday basis while still maintaining the romantic feel to his lyrics. Aventura went on to become bachata’s biggest success. They have won countless awards, had dozens of hit songs that topped charts for weeks upon weeks, and have toured the globe. Interestingly enough, in 2008, Aventura brought home a string of awards despite the fact they had not put out an album with new music since their 2003 release titled God’s Project. That year alone, the young men won Premio Lo Nuestro awards for Song of The Year for “Mi Corazoncito,” Duo/ Group of the Year, Tropical Song of the Year and Album of the Year for K.O.B. Live, which contained live versions of some of their greatest hits. Romeo’s impeccable songwriting abilities were also recognized from 2006 through 2008 when he won the ASCAP award for tropical song of the year for “Obsesion,” the 2007 Billboard Composer Of The Year award, and in 2008 he was once again won an ASCAP for singer Frankie J’s English version of “Obsesion,” gaining him awards in the Latin and pop categories. Aventura also picked up two Billboard Awards that same year, once again for their song “Mi Corazoncito,” and garnered four nominations for Premio La Juventud. Unfortunately, despite the group’s incredible success and the unfailing support from their diehard fans, Aventura chose to call it quits and go their separate ways. Following the split in 2010, rumors of Romeo going solo buzzed throughout the Latin music world like crazy. When Romeo announced that he would in fact continue on his own, fans were ecstatic, but many met the announcement with great skepticism and boy were they way

/ 15

off! Romeo’s first solo CD, The Formula Vol. 1, was an instant hit with its first single, “You,” reigning high at the number one spot on the Billboard Latin chart for five straight weeks. The second, even more impressive single, “Promise,” features R&B heartthrob Usher, and has been massively popular on both Spanish and English airwaves across the country. “Promise” has held the number one spot on Billboard charts for over eight weeks and does not look like its giving up the top spot anytime soon. The Formula Vol. 1 – which some have said “may redefine crossovers” – also brought in hip-hop heavyweight Lil Wayne on a track titled “All Aboard.” While keeping with his unique bachata style, Romeo has been more than successful thus far with both crossing over into the pop music segment and blending various music styles. Romeo is clearly unstoppable and we’re sure he’ll only continue to break records as time goes on. He may be on his own, but Romeo is still the King of Bachata! Be sure to check out Romeo’s upcoming concert in the DMV area on Friday, March 9th at George Mason University’s Patriot Center! It will, without a doubt, be a show you won’t want to miss! █






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By: Marco Rossi & Manu Mayor

hat makes a restaurant special in a crowded field? With so many LatinAmerican restaurants vying for a place in Washington DC’s ever-elusive limelight, Mio Restaurant has the tools to be among the top. With its passionate people, fresh ideas, and increasing exposure, Mio is fast becoming the place to try. Open for almost 5 years, Mio has attracted the likes of former Mexican head of state Vicente Fox and ex Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo. Located three blocks from the White House, Mio is no stranger to Washington power brokers. Its vibe is upscale but not intimidating. It does not do much traditional advertising. Most of its clientele comes through word of mouth, bloggers, and buzz. There are many options within Mio. It has the bar for those who want a drink after a long day at work, it has lounge tables and comfortable seating arrangements for those who wish to mingle in a group, and a separate area for private parties. Upon entering, the wine bottle mural sets the tone. The walls are scattered with contemporary art. The

lighting is a collection of hanging pendants and Ikeastyle floor lamps. The centerpiece lighting fixture is made up of an assortment of light globes. The combination of modern accent pieces provides a warm welcome. There are many members in team Mio, but the heart and soul are its proprietors Manuel and Karla Iguina, and it executive chef, Giovanna Huyke. As Karla says, “Manuel takes care of the food, and I take care of the books and marketing.” Manuel specializes in dishes from his native land, Puerto Rico. For Giovanna, cooking these dishes is a labor of love. “Our chef gives something that others do not,” said Karla. “The fact that she is a woman and she is Latina, gives her cooking the motherly home-cooked touch that so many Americans go crazy for.” The concept is “Urban Latin-American,” which consists of dishes inspired by the sophistication long found in Latin metropolises such as Santiago, Lima, Ciudad de Mexico, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, and San Juan. Each day of the week features a dish from a different country. The signature dish is lechon asado, or roast pork. We’re not talking pork chops with apple sauce here. This is the entire pig, snout and all. Giovanna will cook two succulent pigs each Friday

night in true Puerto Rican tradition for Puerto Rican Fridays. This is truly a treat. Feel guilty after all the calories? Guest can dance away the calories Friday and Saturday nights. A DJ will play music until the last guest leaves. There is no cover, no dress code, and no attitude. Just as different countries are highlighted through food, there is an assortment of regional beverages. Mio’s twist on the classic Cuba Libre is the “Don Quba,” made with Puerto Rico’s most popular rum, Don Q. Try the “Spicy Macchu Pisco,” made of Peruvian pisco, passion fruit, and spicy aji amarillo. The wine list features selections from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Spain. The bar menu is not by any means ordinary. Guests can pair a beer with wontons de morcilla y amarillos, filled with Latin favorites blood sausage and ripe plantains. Another delicious treat is the “pinchos de churraso,” skirt steak skeweres with Arentinian chimichurri aioli sauce. Patrons can take advantage of the Monday through Friday happy hour from 4pm to 7pm. “We want to share with Americans who we are. We are not just immigrants. This is more than a restaurant. It is an educational experience for all,” said Karla. “That’s why our slogan is Mio: Mine, yours, ours, salud.” In the spirit of sharing and education, the restaurant features an open kitchen. Very fortunate guests may find Giovanna hosting a chef ’s table. Like an artist true to her form, she will craft her dishes from scratch and teach guests how something is made, where it comes from, the history, and the best part, the tasting. The dishes carry the motherly warmth of a woman executive chef. “We started out our concept as American with a Latino-twist,” said Karla. “But with so many hundreds of American restaurants all over DC, we discovered that it would be better for us to stay true to ourselves. Si se puede! Yes we can! We can have an upscale Latin restaurant.” █

Mio Restaurant is located at: 1110 Vermont Ave NW Washington DC, 20005 (202) 955-0075 Pictures courtesy of Naiffer Romero y Andrés Ramirez




Columbus Lighth ouse

El Malecon

By: Jenny Osoria

he Dominican Republic –“la Hispaniola”, is an island full of music, culture and harmony. You can’t stop yourself from thinking about the birthplace of merengue, bachata and the friendly beautiful people when you hear the name. The Dominican Republic was inhabited by the Taino Indians dating back to the 7th century and was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. The Dominican Republic became the first permanent European settlement in the Americas. The Country’s capital, Santo

Domingo, became the first Capital in the New World. Santo Domingo can claim many firsts in the Americas, including the first University, Cathedral, and castle. The Dominican Republic shares the island with Haiti, making them one of the two Caribbean islands that are shared by two countries. Even though they are neighbors each country has its own distinct culture and language. Quisqueya- La Bella is a name well deserving of the Dominican Republic, not just due to its beautiful beaches but also reflective of the rich multiracial (European, African, and Taino) populations that reside there. The Dominican Republic has become the Caribbean’s largest tourist destination; the top

attraction being its beautiful climate that allows for year-round golf courses. This island can turn your vacation or stay into a paradise. There are so many beaches; it’s hard to pick a favorite. Among the most popular beaches is Punta Cana, considered to be one of the most scenic beaches in the island. Playa Grande, one of the most beautiful beaches in the northeast region, and if you’re into kite boarding or kite surfing and windsurfing one of the top 10 beaches in the world for this sport is Cabarete beach which is located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. But if you’re not a beach fan, the Dominican Republic also offers a collection of four mountain ranges. Pico Duarte is found here



Dominican Carnaval

Playa Grande

Mofongo Colonial City, Santo Domingo

Los Tres Ojos Cave Mangu

Ozama Fortress

Punta Cana

and is the tallest mountain peak in the Caribbean at 10,700 feet above sea level. Snow has been reported at the highest elevations of Pico Duarte, so beach attire is out of the question if you are heading up that way. The oldest city in the world, Santo Domingo is the country’s bustling capital, boasting a college of cultures, a great variety of restaurants, shops, and a vibrant nightlife. Santo Domingo is home to two international airports, the Las Americanas International Airport and the Herrera International Airport, as well as several cruise ship ports. Attractions in Santo Domingo include Colonial City, a perfect starting point for visitors to explore the numerous historic buildings reminiscent of the colonial era, like Ozama Fortress, Museum of the Royal Houses (Museo de las Casas Reales), and the Columbus Alcazar (Alcazar de Colon). The Santo Domingo Botanical Gardens and Parks cover about 2 million square meters, with exhibits representing the natural flora of the island, including orchids,

Botanical Gardens

palm-trees and other exotic plants. It’s a not-tobe-missed destination and a true nature lover’s paradise. Los Tres Ojos is another important highlight in Santo Domingo, an impressive 50-foot deep cave, surrounded by three lagoons, lush vegetation and stalagmites. Other attractions include the National Aquarium, a medium sized aquarium featuring a huge fish tank, Columbus lighthouse, located in the Mirador del Este Park featuring a beautiful cross-shaped structure, Museo Bellapart and much more. The Dominican Carnival is an explosion of joy, music, and creativity all manifested through costumes and dances by its many participants. It shows the cultural identity and spontaneity that encompasses many aspects of the Dominican society. This colorful celebration takes place every February in celebration of the Dominican Republic Independence Day, February 27th 1844. Carnival has become a popular celebration that encourages complete family participation. If you’re looking to enjoy the Dominican

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customs and folklore at their full potential, the carnival is the place to be. There you can dance the day and night away to the sounds of merengue, after all the Dominican Republic is often referred to as “La Cuna del Merengue” or the birthplace of Merengue. Another very famous rhythm original to the Dominican Republic is the world famous bachata, a slow hip and feet movement that is sure to melt your heart. A very popular Dominican singer, Juan Luis Guerra, has made both of these genres very popular across the world. The Dominican Republic’s food is also unique with a lot of flavor and spices highlighted in a large variety of fresh seafood that is usually combined with rice, light spices or coconut. One thing is for sure, you will always find a delicious treat for every meal such as mangu for breakfast, which is a delicious plate of fresh cheese, bacon, and plantains (Plantains are often referred to as the whipped potatoes of the Dominican Republic and are common accompaniments to their dishes). Other delightful popular dishes are Sancocho, which is a stew created with roots, plantains, chicken or beef and avocado. Chicharrones de pollo is a deep fried diced chicken piece of heaven, and La Bandera “the Dominican Flag” is an indispensable dish which consists of a stewed meat (usually goat) served with rice, red beans, fried plantains and salad. Crystal clear oceans, palm trees, year-round tropical weather, beautiful lively music, delicious food, and carnivals are waiting for you at the Dominican Republic. A trip here is not just a vacation; it’s a trip to paradise! █





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by Amanda Landrian

ith every fashion magazine spread already filled with Spring 2012 duds, it’s hard not to daydream about warmer weather, tanner skin, and bringing my shorts out of storage. Unfortunately for us, we have a few more dreadfully cold (or downright freezing!) winter months ahead of us. The biggest challenge? Bundling up in the most fashion-forward way possible, all the while trying to avoid looking like Ralphie’s little brother from A Christmas Story. So I’m dedicating this article to all things outerwear, because honestly, what’s the point in a fierce outfit if it’s just going to be covered up with a blah coat and accessorized with old, tattered gloves? █















1. Ethan Coat $108; | 2. Belted Puffer Coat $215.40, Marc New York; | 3. Ruched Sleeve Wool Coat $475, JNBY; | 4. Leather and Crochet Trim Wool Coat $690, Mackage; | 5. Chiara Turban Headband $77, Eugenia Kim; | 6. Tara Turban $99, Eugenia Kim; | 7. Ribbed Knit Turban $19.99, Pins and Needles; | 8. Laser Cut Star Gloves, $55; | 9. Suede gloves $35.81, asos;


31 9


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Everyone uses the excuse of Valentine’s Day to indulge (or gorge) in all the amazing sweets around. In order to help you fight the Valentine bulge and keep you on track, I have developed a small circuit training of three different exercises that use explosive and fast movements to help you increase cardio, strength and tone your body all at the same time.

Mountain Climbers with a Twist

Take it to an intense new level with some additional movements that are great for your trunk, hips, legs, and obliques. Movements: Jump a bent knee towards your chest. Then, jump the forward leg back while jumping the other knee towards your chest. can use a slow pace as you get used to the exercise and develop speed as you progress. •You •While jumping twist knee reaching toward opposite elbow. For best results, perform each of the exercises non-stop for one minute, then switch to the next. Once

you’ve finished your first set, rest for one minute then repeat the moves again for a total of three circuits.

Squat Jumps

Jumping Jacks

Movements: Squat down and jump up.

Movements: Jump while spreading your arms and feet apart, then jump

Squat jumps are a continuous, heart pumping explosive movement. Start incorporating them today to take your workouts to the next level. Lower your body as low as possible for maximum force development and •acceleration; you jump up keep your back straight and chest up; •When When your feet return to the floor, go immediately down into squat posi•tion and explode upwards.

Activate your anaerobic metabolism and increase your strength, speed and power. to bring them back together.

on your toes/balls of your feet, •Stay Keep knees bent enough so that your thigh muscles are engaged, •Keep your your arms relaxed but committed. •






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Hometown: Aguadilla and Moca, Puerto Rico Background: 1/2 Puertorican & 1/2 British/Irish Hobbies: Modeling, Photography, Dancing, Traveling. Favorite Food: MOFONGO! Favorite Drink: Riesling Favorite Quote: “I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” -Marilyn Monroe Photographer: Cameron ( Wardrobe: Rachelle Dalton (





Caribbean Breeze

By: Nair Deheza

f you want a restaurant that’s conveniently located, with a great menu, a hopping happy hour, and that transforms into a party as the night and weekend approaches, then Caribbean Breeze in Arlington, VA is the place for you! They manage to merge these three key aspects into one great venue mixing the typical with the contemporary to make it one of the most attractive spots in the area. Located in the bustling Ballston area, Caribbean Breeze is very conveniently located within walking distance of the Ballston Metro orange line. “The Breeze” as many locals refer to it, offers a delicious Latin cuisine repertoire focusing on Caribbean dishes but also incorporating some shades of Central and South American flavor to its menu. The bar sits invitingly in the restaurant’s center surrounded by the dining area which surrounds the locale’s perimeter. Outside you will find a large beautiful patio which gives the Breeze a special touch especially during the summer months when people take advantage of the cozy outdoor atmosphere to relax and enjoy a cold drink. Caribbean Breeze offers a variety of dishes, amongst the most popular you will find: “El Cubano,” voted Best Cuban

Sandwich by the Washingtonian Magazine. This traditional Cuban sandwich is made with roasted pork, smoked ham, cheese and pickles, all served on pressed Cuban bread; a MUST try. Other very popular dishes include the Cuban Style Ropa Vieja: shredded steak with roasted tri-color peppers, roma tomatoes and onions accompanied with rice, black beans and maduros (sweet fried yellow plantains). Then there are the traditional Empanadas or Latin turnovers served with jalapeño salsa and are filled with steak, chicken or seafood medley. Last but not least, a must try dish are the Puerto Rican Alcapurrias which are green bananas filled with beef picadillo and served with a jalapeño chimichurri salsa. Make sure you don’t leave before giving these a try! The Breeze not only has delicious food but also offers an array of exotic drinks, and what better way to give these a try than during happy hour when the drinks are offered a discounted price! Caribbean Breeze’s happy hour is sure to be delightful; the Mojitos served with a sugar cane are by far one of the best in the area. In their ample selection of drinks be sure to enjoy the Caipirinhas, and Margaritas as well. As the weekend approaches the crowd’s attire changes from the happy-hour post-office professionals in a suit, to a party crowd dressed to impress. It’s time to get your dancing shoes ready when they start removing the last remaining dining tables are removed to open up the dance floor!

The Breeze is most famous for its Saturday night parties. Padrino Productions has been promoting since 2005 and has been very succesful since. So if you ever feel like going out without the hassle of going into DC, drive or metro over to the Caribbean Breeze to dance the night away to a variety of Latin rhythms and enjoy a couple of drinks at very reasonable prices. With its beautiful patio, summertime is especially great at Caribbean Breeze, whether you want to enjoy a calm dinner and some drinks or whether you want to take a break from the dance floor and enjoy some down time chatting up with your friends or mingling with the regulars. Caribbean Breeze comes with it all; a convenient location, great atmosphere, amazing happy hours with food served until midnight, exotic drinks at reasonable prices, wild weekend parties featuring great party music, and even free salsa lessons! So, what are you waiting for? Come enjoy the breeze at the Caribbean Breeze! █

Caribbean Breeze is located at 4100 N. Fairfax Drive, (at Randolph St.) Arlington, VA 22203 Telephone: 703-812-7997


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By: Christina Cortés

hen you look around the DMV, you will find a lot of different promotion companies vying to win over your attention and lure you to their various events. Some promise you the best time of your life, others promise that their party will be the hottest you’ve ever been to. Regardless of the gimmick used to draw you in, at the end of the day, the majority of big promotions companies are only interested with one thing – their bottom-line profit. Not Esko Entertainment, though. Esko prides itself on putting the party-goer’s interests first and most importantly, making sure you really have the time of your life! Established in 2007, Esko Entertainment is the baby of Jose Montas. Montas got his start by helping to book artists for shows in both the Miami and New York areas. After several years of experience working with various artists, Jose found a business partner and decided to bring his event knowledge to the DMV. Beginning by throwing birthday bashes in various clubs all over our area; Esko Entertainment took baby steps learning their demographic in order to reach success. Although they were starting out small, Jose always planned on eventually taking his creation-inthe-making to the next level. Unfortunately, after encountering some difficulties, Jose thought it best to part ways with his partner. He quickly found a new partner in crime, Luimy Ramos, to keep the

entertainment company going. With Luimy on board to help, the pair began making big moves to put Esko on the map.

miss this amazing concert. With hits like “Donde Estan Esos Amigos” and “Cuando El Amor Se Va”, Esko plans on giving every bachatero a night to remember!

Esko Entertainment saw its first big event in late 2008 with the performance of bachata pop stars Marcy Place. The event was held at the then immenselypopular Star Lounge and helped more people become familiar with the rising entertainment company. Since that first performance, Jose and Luimy have been on their grind, working hard to bring several artists to the area and throwing some of the hottest concerts we’ve seen. Following their Marcy Place event, they hit the ground running by doing as many concerts as possible. The duo have since been successful in bringing in stars such as Toby Love, Arcangel, Jowell y Randy, Tony Dize, and Ivy Queen – to name a few.

For the month of March, Esko wants you to get ready to ‘perrear’! Making an appearance back in the DMV after a few years of absence, Rakim y Ken-Y will finally be returning! Set to take the stage on Friday, March 23rd, once again at Galaxy Nightclub in Hyattsville, Maryland, the reggaeton duo is sure to impress! With hits like “Down”, “Igual Que Ayer” and “Mi Corazón Esta Muerto”, Rakim y Ken-Y’s show will be far from the average reggaeton concert. As if the lineup is not wild enough, DJ Pootie, DJ Patron and DJ Sikk Sounds will also be in the building spinning while mister Prettyboi Mo himself will be getting everyone hyper and ready to dance their asses off!

Next on the agenda? Jose and Luimy have some very ambitious plans in place for the upcoming winter and spring months. Having just wrapped a hugely successful Reggaeton Fest concert with Sir Speedy, Geo Guanabanas, and Jowell y Randy’s deejay, DJ Giann, at Galaxy Nightclub last month, Esko has a few more tricks up its sleeves for February and March. First on their list is bringing back free and sexy Thursdays at Ibiza Nightclub. Hosted by Prettyboi Mo, Thursday nights are getting a little hotter again with help from DJ Xplosive and DJ Letrero. Also on the list for this month; a performance by bachata star El Chaval on Sunday, February 19th at Galaxy. Make sure not to

Keep an eye on what crazy event Esko Entertainment reveals for us next. With events already scheduled for most of 2012, they have much more in store than you can begin to imagine. By keeping their loyal followers interests in mind, these party kings are guaranteed to help you have the time of your life. Make sure to go party with Esko Entertainment on Thursdays at Ibiza or Sundays with C.O.C. Productions and Xtasy Entertainment at Galaxy! For more information about Esko Entertainment visit them on Facebook. █





KE? KESTA HOROSCOPE Aries: Romeo Santos says:” Eres

virtuosa, más que fiel, algo grandioso, inigualable, y un 15 en escala de uno a 10.” -“you”, Romeo Santos

GIVEAWAYS: Libra: alexis y Fido:” Me gusta como convina el color de tus ojos,con esa bonita diadema” -“Me Gustas Tu”, alexis y Fido

Taurus: George Clinton says:”when you’re out there walking the streets may compete Nothin but the dog in ya”

Scorpio: Luis Miguel del Amargue

-“Atomic Dog”, George Clinton

-“Te Hice Mal”, Luis Miguel del Amargue

Gemini: Alexis y Fido: “El no merece tu amor no le entregues tu corazón”

Sagitarius: Frank Reyes says:” Que pena. quieres volver tu de nuevo cuando el fuego y la tormenta del amor ya se acabo”

-“No Debe Tocarte”, Alexis y Fido

/ 29

says:” Te pido que perdones ya el pasado...”

-“Ya no te quiero”, Frank Reyes

Cancer: Rakim y Ken-Y says:”Deja que pague por su error”

-“Oh oh porque te estan velando”, Rakim y Ken-Y

Capricorn: Romeo Santos says:”

Parece que nadie te ha dicho que con el hombre nunca se juega” -”Malevo”, Romeo Santos

Leo: Foster The People says:”You

better run, better run, faster than my bullet” -“Pumped Up Kicks”, Foster The People

Virgo: Eva Ayllón says:”Sueñas que eres muy hermosa, vives engañada, no tienes corazón, tu amor no vale nada” -“Engañada”, Eva Ayllón

Aquarius: Rakim y Ken-Y says:”A

veces no sirve el amor sin ser conrespondido” -“Lloraras”, Rakim y Ken-Y

Pisces: Rabanes says: ”Señorita a mi me gusta su style, señorita i really like your stylel” --“Señorita a mi me gusta su style”, Rabanes

Download and install a free QR code reader for your phone 1. Open the QR code reader application 2. Take picture / scan the QR code with your mobile device 3. The code willl take you to the Win Tickets Page for a chance to win 4. THE FIRST PEOPLE TO ANSWER THE QUESTION CORRECTLY ON THE WIN TICKETS PAGE WINS TICKETS TO CONCERT. Good Luck!


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