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By: Ellen Flores

By: Sarah Barrie


Brazilian singer-songwritermusician, Milton Nascimento, also known as “Bituca”, is without a doubt, one the Brazil’s greatest artists. Over his 50-year career, Milton Nascimento has achieved monumental success. He has toured all over the world, recorded over 37 solo albums, received four Grammy awards, and has collaborated with some of the most influential artists in history. He is known for his versatile style, amazing tonal range, and has been credited for freeing a generation of artists from bossa nova through his fusion of Africanized jazz with Latin-American folk. Originally from Três Pontas, in southern Minas Gerais, Nascimento was born with music in his blood. From banging on the piano at age 2, Nascimento played a variety of instruments growing up. He began his music career by working as a part time DJ on his father’s radio station, as well as, playing in various samba groups, before eventually forming, “Clube da Esquina”, a Brazilian music artists collective, which combined rock and roll rhythms with bossa nova, jazz,


folk, and classical music. The group transformed Brazilian music, and was known as one of the most important movements in Brazilian popular music. Over the years, Nascimento has collaborated with countless international stars such as Paul Simon, Herbie Hancock, Peter Gabriel, James Taylor, Sarah Vaughan, Mercedes Sosa, Esperanza Spalding, Peter Gabriel, Duran Duran, and many others. He has been acknowledged by other international artists, not only for his musical brilliance, but also for his kind and genuine spirit: “The word inventive can’t describe him as well as the world original can, for he is on his own, a movement.”- Caetano Veloso. “I’ve never met anyone who had bitter feelings for him. Discrete, Milton became famous without ever putting on a king’s crown.” –Dorvial Caymm “Milton is a brilliant composer; He has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard. His melodies are of a simplicity that just hit the core of your heart.”Herbie Hancock His melodies are extraordinary. They’re unique. Milton Nacimento is most

likely the greatest Brazilian songwriter since JOBIM/ Gilberto –Paul Simon It’s almost impossible to try and choose Nascimento’s greatest songs, for after making them for half a century, he has countless hits. Some of these include songs such as “Ponta de Areia”, “Travessia”, “Cacador de Mim”, “Maria Maria”, and “Canção da América”. His song, “Coração de Estudante”, was dedicated to Edson Luís, a student killed by police officers in 1968, and later played at the funerals of the late president of Brazil, Tancredo Neves, and world champion Brazilian racecar driver, Ayrton Senna. Milton Nascimento is currently celebrating his 50-year career with his latest album, Uma Travessia, and a world tour. Don’t miss your chance to experience the brilliance of this legendary Brazilian artist. Nascimento will be performing with his band at 7:30 P.M. on Thursday, November 20, 2014 at the Lisner Auditorium, 21st St. NW, Washington, DC. Tickets range from $35-$65 and can be purchased via: https://www. █