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By: Juan Leon

Friday, May 2:

By: Ellen Flores

Shuffling between the radio airwaves, finishing a master’s degree, and working to build a foundation supporting Down Syndrome research and forming part of the global committee in the United Nations creating awareness of violence in Central America, this Salvadorian powerhouse is taking the nation by storm. AJ El Kallejero juggles it all and successfully brings a fresh air of positivity and swagger to Latino audiences in New York, Las Vegas and now the DMV. This month, Kesta Happening is turning the tables and interviewing the interviewer, AJ El Kallejero. This is how it all went down. KH: How did you get into broadcasting? Why radio? AJ: It’s funny you ask because I went to college on a full scholarship to study pharmacy. I switched in my third year and one night I was at a club and I stepped outside and this gorgeous blond lady came to me asking me what I thought of the radio station that was hosting the party that night. I said it was a good station, and that the event was cool. The next day I called the radio station (it was a reggaeton station) and asked for information, ‘cause I needed a job. And who was the boss? The gorgeous blond lady I met that night outside of the club. That was about eight years ago that’s how it all started. After that I found my passion and now it’s what I do. KH: How did you find your flow? AJ: I don’t know, it’s funny you ask me that. I guess it comes with keeping at it. They say the best way to do radio is to do good radio. Radio was never my passion at first, so me talking on a mic I

was petrified; I couldn’t believe I was doing it. But now as time goes, it’s who I am and it’s my passion. KH: Where can we hear you on the air? AJ: Where can we not hear AJ?! Right now I’m on SiriusXM Satellite Radio on 3 channels, Flow Nacion (urban Latino), Caliente (tropical & top 20) and La Mezcla (Electro Latino & English hits). On FM radio, you can hear me in New York on Mega 97.9 Sunday nights from Midnight to 6 am. Currently, I’m living the dream of being in the DMV on El Zol 107.9 on Saturdays from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. KH: What can the DMV audience expect to hear when tuning into El Zol on Saturday afternoons? AJ: I’m a person with positive vibes. They can expect a little humor & some chisme Latino all while bringing good vibes to their afternoons. AJ on the mic is the same off the mic, I’m the same person and I think that kind of makes me different. KH: Which has been your most difficult interview? AJ: What’s funny is that I’ve interviewed different people like J Balvin, J Alvarez, Juanes, Laura Pausini, and I don’t really get nervous before the interview; it’s more about the vibe I get with the person. Your heart starts pumping and it just flows. KH: What motivates or inspires you to keep pushing through? AJ: My motivation is my mother. She worked so hard to give me the life

I’ve lived and also my 7 brothers and sisters from both sides. I sacrifice my family for what I do, but I do it for my family. Everybody doesn’t see the blood, sweat and tears that go into this business behind the scenes. My mom is definitely proud of what I do and I want to continue making her proud. KH: If AJ El Kallejero was a drink, what would it be called and what would the ingredients be? AJ: I would call it a “Tuquitazo”. It would have Patron and Black Label with a splash of lemon. So you can start your night off right. KH: Most embarrassing song you love but hate to admit? AJ: There’s a few, they are gonna make fun of me for it (laughs) Will.I.Am featuring Miley Cyrus “Feelin’ Myself.” The beat is tight but me boppin my head to Miley, that ain’t happening. To find out more about AJ El Kallejero and what does make his head bop, visit him online: ajelkallejero.com.█

wo-headed Euro proghouse attack descends on Echostage to start off the month of May. Make sure to catch German DJ/ Producer Thomas Gold who’s quickly become a huge name in the EDM scene. Support from Norwegian up and comer Fehrplay. (Doors open at 9PM, 18+) Friday, May 9: With George Acosta, Carlos Melange. Well, this should be interesting. Cuban born, Miami raised George Acosta started in trance and transitioned to prog house. His popular Sirius XM radio show The Lost World showcases the kind of crowd-pleasing grooves one can expect from “Miami’s #1 DJ”. DJ Carlos Melange’s mixing style is heavy on the prog house and pop with some nice mashup elements. Paris Hilton= SMDH.(Doors open at 9PM, 18+) Saturday, May 10: -- With GTA. This one’s for those festival ravers. DJ Carnage’s sounds were made for the festival stage as his big room remixes (trap, prog house) demonstrate. GTA is massive. There’s a seemingly never-ending stream of overhyped EDM/festival acts but GTA stand out. Their moombahton influences shine in the tropical and latin flourishes sprinkled throughout their production/remixes. (Doors open at 8PM, 18+) Friday, May 16: Cleveland, Ohio’s MGK is an underdog who made it big. A white rapper with missionary parents who broke into hiphop in a big way working with names like Pusha T, Meek Mill, and Wiz Khalifa. Compelling stuff. (Doors open at 9PM, 18+)

Israel Zohar, AKA Mat Zo, joins forces with Jake Stanczak, AKA Kill The Noise, to become a behemoth of electronic proportions: Kill The Zo. Seriously though this should be pretty sweet. Both Zo and Ewun (Kill The Noise) are talented and spread their talent across diverse and dynamic genres. (Doors open at 9PM, 18+) █

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