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By: Rosario Garcia & Alexandra Lucia Miller

panish band Jarabedepalo, whose name derives from the term “Jarabe de Palo” meaning “to cure an ailing individual with a beating”, have mastered an original alternative rock sound that album after album has fans on the brink for more. Their last release in 2011 “Y Ahora Que Hacemos?” jokingly asked “And now what should we do?” A rhetorical question perhaps, however, after 9 albums and being together since 1996 it’s a pretty logical one! How do you evolve after so many years of making music and releasing hit after hit such as Agua, Bonito, La Flaca, Depende, and Grita? Lead singer songwriter Pau Dones is surely not letting this looming question affect his creativity as JarabedePalo embarks on yet another tour and is working on a new album scheduled for release in September/October of 2013. JarabedePalo know their fans are dying to hear what the band has cooked up next, so they have opted to release a demo off their upcoming album titled, “Buenas Noticias” which they have

made available for free download via the band’s Soundcloud: jarabedepalo. Pau Dones shared a personal message on the band’s website which states, “One of the major fears affecting an artist is wondering if one day the inspiration will leave us and we won’t have the creativity left to write songs. However, inspiration is not something that comes and goes. Inspiration is something that we must search for. It’s a combination of curiosity for our surroundings and the ability to express that curiosity in the form of music. It also takes hours and hours of scratching your head with a pencil and guitar in hand. This is what it takes, for example, for us to be working on a new album.” JarabedePalo’s new song, “Buenas Noticias” paints a picture of the powerful political bureaucrats who extol their power over the struggling working class. Jarabedepalo discusses the inspiration for the song, “La clase política ha montada el tinglado a su medida, con la complicidad de los beaurocratas que seguro seguirán en los cargos cuando los políticos se vayan”. “Buenas Noticias” is sure to join JarabedePalo’s repertoire of catchy and uptempo songs that will surely keep your foot tapping with its unique sound.

Since their formation 18 years ago, Pau Dones along with bassist Carmen Nino, drummer Alex Tenas, and Jordi Busquets and Riki Frouchtman on guitars have kept tremendously busy and have certainly been rewarded for their hard work having been nominated for several Grammy’s, along with various prestigious music awards.

and a privilege”. Pau states “It’s a luxury, because the more naked the songs, the more beautiful they sound. It’s a challenge because that nakedness demands the best arrangements and performances, and a privilege because for an artist there is no better gift than the opportunity to show off your work in such a natural state.”

Despite their success, JarabedePalo has remained fearless and continues to delve into the unknown rather than staying with a tried and true formula for success. This is evident with the announcement of their new tour titled “CONCIERTOS A PIANO Y VOZ”. Jarabe has prepared 16 songs which will be interpreted “a palo seco” (just as they came into this world, a voice joined in with the melody of a piano and nothing more). CONCIERTOS A PIANO Y VOZ will be a unique and exclusive tour booked in small intimate theaters and will feature JarabedePalo’s most renowned love songs interpreted by lead Singer Pau Dones and pianist Jaime Burgos. Some of the songs selected for this tour are Agua, Completoincompleto, Adiós, Te miro y tiemblo, La flaca, Realidad o sueño, Déjame vivir, El lado oscuro, Me gusta como eres, Palabras que se esconden, etc.

The band will kick off the “Conciertos a Piano y Voz” on March 22, 2013 at the Teatro Ermua Antzokia and Teatre Juventut in Spain. But don’t worry, Washington DC is scheduled to be amongst the few cities to be booked for this upcoming tour!

The band describes “CONCIERTOS A PIANO Y VOZ” as a “Luxury, a challenge,

JarabedePalo performed to a packed house in VA during their last concert at the State Theatre, and they are sure to be welcomed by their many fans when they visit us on May 4th at the Howard Theatre! For more information about this tour, albums, and merchandise, you can check out the JarabedePalo website: . If you can’t get enough of Jarabe don’t forget to visit their YouTube Channel and follow JarabedePalo on Twitter to find out where the infamous JarabedePalo maleta will end up next! █




By: Andres Gonzalez

By: Juan Leon

hulius, Cheo/DJ Afro, Odnam, Maurimix, Catire, Mamel. Los Amigos Invisibles. The playful nature of the band’s nicknames hints at Los Amigos Invisibles’ particularly South American style of jokey party debauchery. Los Amigos Invisibles craft catchy, loungeflavored Latin funk. Listening to them on record is sufficiently pleasant even if one might desire a bit more variation in style (the tunes tend to blend together after sitting through an entire album). Where Los Amigos really come alive, however, is on stage, where their uniquely Latin take on funk and disco electrifies their music. In short, with Los Amigos Invisibles, it’s a rager on the stage and in the crowd. The band emerged in Caracas, Venezuela circa 1991 with an eye toward providing a rocker dance-alternative to salsa and merengue dominance in Venezuelan clubs and discos. A dance floor orientation has been a constant throughout the group’s career in the studio and on stage. On record the band often feels like a throwback, with songs that recall the interrelated nature of salsa, disco, and funk. Present day live performances merge respect for the

old-school with the raucousness of modern party culture (I think some “Ole, Ole, Ole” chants may have broken out at the band’s 2012 State Theatre show.) The exuberance generated by a Los Amigos Invisibles’ performance is well expressed by the bro-speak of a Brightest Young Things writer commenting on his own experience at one of their shows: “Los Amigos Invisibles delivered over two joyful, loud, but seriously, seriously delicious hours of songs from their latest album and other get-off-your-ass-and dance anthems that have made them the popular act they are the world over. And not to play favorites or anything, muchachos, but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so much dancing at the 9:30 Club before. It was as if the whole place had been invaded by this Latin sensation. Actually, what the fuck am I talking about, it was.” Right. Los Amigos Invisibles take the stylish sonic palette of Thievery Corp and funk it up with rhythms distinctly Latin in attitude and feeling. Los Amigos Invisibles jams wouldn’t quite mesh at a too-cool for school lounge. Too lively, too wild for the blasé, tracks like “Mentiras”, “Caliente”, or the

Pitbull covers they break out mid-set are meant for the stage and the mess of dancing crowds. Not to undersell Los Amigos as a mere party band-rarely profound, Los Amigos are more often than not playful in tone and at times even crass (check “No Le Metas Mano” off 2003’s Arepa 3000 or “El Disco Anal” from 1998’s The New Sound of the Venezuelan Gozadera if you don’t believe me). But in their own way the band is capable of surprising romance and tenderness: “Amor”, “Que Rico”, “Dulce”. In the band’s narrative arc, occasionally love wins out over lust (or at the very least love gets united with lust). Their 1995 debut (A Typical and Autoctonal Venezuelan Dance Band) was released by EMI. In 1996 they were signed by David Byrne’s Luaka Bop record label. The band have released nine studio albums to date. Their tenth, the forthcoming Repeat After Me, is due out later this year in April. Los Amigos Invisibles play The Fillmore Silver Spring on Thursday April 4th. Doors open at 8:00 PM. Tickets are $22 and available through Mark your calendars and plan to go get your Latin funk South American dance on. █





FUSION 2007 saw the addition of vocalist, Mauricio Mesones. Ironically, Mesones never considered vocals as his primary talent. When asked about it, Mesones is quick to reply, “Yo soy percusionista, no soy cantante.” “I am a percussionist, I’m not a singer.” His natural talents with a microphone might say otherwise as he brings another element of raw authenticity to the group. Armed with a talented vocalist, Bareto hit 2008 head on with their greatest commercial success to date, Cumbia. With instrumental covers of the late Juaneco y Su Combo and remakes of Peruvian classics, “Ya Se Ha Muerto Mi Abuelo” and “Mujer Hilandera,” Bareto found themselves at the top of the charts throughout Perú. They earned a Gold Record for major sales, and were recipients

By: William Reyes

song without a voice can be a difficult thing. Listeners must learn to forgo their innate desire for lyrics and vocals they can easily connect to, and instead focus on the rhythm and instrumentals. Unfortunately, many balk at the notion and unjustly lump instrumentals into the same category as lounge music or the punishment anytime you’re in an elevator, the dreaded “ambiance” music. Just as difficult is the challenge that artists are faced with when trying to capture their audience with instrumentals. But when it happens, it’s awesome. Add the unique vocal tones of Mauricio Mesones and it’s downright infectious.

Formed in 2003 in Lima, Perú, Bareto emerged as a band reverberating an instrumental mix of reggae/ska, latin jazz, and funk. Not quite mainstream, Bareto found a niche with their style and gradually established a following as they took their music onto the Peruvian stage. Their first public offering in 2005, EP release, Ombligo, consisted of five live tracks showcasing their creativity and ability to successfully merge several genres into a new sound. Even with only 500 copies made, Perú had its first glimpse of its next star.

Tropical influences made their way into Bareto’s sound in 2006 along with the addition of several wind and percussion instruments to their arsenal. Their second release, Boleto, showed a group capable of evolving their sound with tropical-flavored tracks “La Calor” and a remake of “La del Brazo,” a track originally released by Peruvian rock legends, Fragil. Staying true to their roots, “La Fuga de Túnez” reminds you of Bareto’s early beginnings as the familiar ska tones carry the fast-paced track through to an explosive end. If you need something more to get you going, turn up the volume, hit play on “Choque y Fuga” and make sure you have some elbow room.

of several awards, including Best Peruvian/ Fusion Album by El Comercio, the Peruvian equivalent of the New York Times. Still high off their successes, Bareto took an experimental approach in 2009 with the EP release, Sodoma y Gamarra. A more concentrated tropical effort, the EP garnered popularity with their rendition of Cuban song, “No Juegue Con El Diablo”, “Cariñito” (originally from Peruvian folk-cumbia legends Los Hijos del Sol), and their own track, “La Distancia,” featuring Peruvian folklore diva, Dina Paucar. Instrumentals ever present, missing was the trademark ska

sound associated with Bareto’s identity. That wouldn’t last long as Bareto too, felt a need to return to their roots. Perhaps their travels stirred moments of reflection within the band. A sudden realization that their music could be a message. An audience as a medium for communication. Whatever the trigger, Bareto’s latest release, “Ves Lo Que Quieres Ver” ( You See What You Want To See), dives into the deep end of the pools of ongoing social and political conflict in Perú. The lyrics talk about how Peruvians have to deal with their differences as a society and the constant disillusionment from politicians disregarding the best choices for the community in favor of their own needs. In addition to taking a step back and reflecting on their beloved country, Bareto also took a step back to see where their journey has landed them musically. In an article with Publimetro, bassist Jorge Olazo explains their aim for this album: “Hay cumbia y un regreso al reggae y a otros géneros que hemos tocado a lo largo de nuestra carrera.” “There’s cumbia and a return to reggae and other genres that we’ve played throughout our career.” Here’s hoping Ves Lo Que Quieres Ver contributes to the band’s evolution into future sounds and a long-lasting career. Don’t miss your opportunity to catch this unique band perform live! Bareto will be performing at Howard Theatre on Friday, March 8th, 2013. Doors open at 10:30pm with La Hora Loca after party going through 3AM! Buy your tickets now on and be automatically entered for prizes, including a PASAJE A PERU, Canastones Peruanos and dinner at El Chalan Restaurant! See you there! █









ith the three most played songs in the American Music Charts, concerts for more than 70,000 people, and a friendship that has lasted more than ten years, you may think Jowell Y Randy have it all. However, I assure you this is just the tip of the iceberg. Prior to reaching their amazing success, the duo began their musical path in two completely different places. Joel A. Muñoz Martinez or “Jowell” tried to establish his musical career in Springfield, Mass. a place not very well known for its reggaeton scene, while Randy A. Ortiz Acevedo or simply “Randy” worked on his own music from San Juan, Puerto Rico., the place where reggaeton was born (blending Caribbean, salsa, and Latin hip hop music).

By: Darlene Campos

They met in 2000 incorporating each other’s voices into one cohesive sound. For the most part, Jowell contributes by rapping and Randy is in charge of the melodies. According to they were a constant feature on Boy Wonder’s series of popular Chosen Few compilations and in 2007 Jowell & Randy debuted as part of the group Casa de Leones, racking up a big hit with “No Te Veo.” After its massive success, the song stayed in the Latin Billboard charts for 35 consecutive weeks, and the reggaeton powerhouse hasn’t stopped ever since. They joined massive tours throughout the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Dominican Republic, and European countries like Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. In 2009 they signed a deal with WY Records headed by mega-superstars from the urban genre, Wisin y Yandel. This deal could not have been a better fit since Wisin y Yandel have also collaborated with Jowell y Randy on various musical projects.

By: Aline Barros

Throughout the years, Jowell y Randy have evolved and have catered to a more global audience. In an interview with New

Yorker Nuria Net, the duo said their work reflects a wide appeal across audiences, incorporating regional words and phrases from different countries into their lyrics. “It’s a way to give thanks to our fans in Latin America,” said Jowell. They also affirm they appreciate their fans by becoming more global, but don’t hesitate to say, “We’re never going to stop being Puerto Rican.” Right before Valentine’s Day, Jowell y Randy released “Sobredoxis del Amor” and have fans loving it. The new song has been acclaimed as a beautiful romantic ballad. “This ballad was the best without a doubt,” wrote Camilla Ortiz from Argentina on the bands’ official YouTube channel. During their live concerts, Jowell Y Randy interact with the audience, making sure they are having as much fun as them. At the Antofagasta festival in Mexico, they the appeared on stage at The Plaza de Toros and did their best to please their fans who returned the love by singing and dancing along with Jowell & Randy’s songs. Although music is their primary goal, Jowell y Randy have also launched one of the most innovative Panoramic 360 sites of any urban artist to date, which includes videos at and have even launched their own clothing line! Busy busy! Jowell y Randy are not showing any signs of slowing down and are smack-dab in the middle of their “Sobredoxis World Tour 2013” throughout the United States and Latin America. You will have your chance to see this reggaeton duo do their thing at Love Nightclub on Friday, March 15th, 2013 in Washington, DC. Don’t miss your chance to party with this popular reggaeton duo! Tickets are available at: █


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By: Maria Veronica Cevallos

The band was formed in 1994 after the band’s leader and main songwriter, José Virgilio Peña Suazo, decided to form his own merengue band. Peña Suazo had already experienced success prior to forming La Banda Gorda. Born in 1967, Jose was destined for a music career early in his childhood. At the age of 17, inspired by his teacher Juan Eutimio Jerez, Jose took to playing his first instrument, the tuba. Later, his older brother, Arturo, formed a band that motivated Jose to take up another instrument, the trumpet.

In 1987, Jose traveled to the capital, Santo Domingo, and joined a local fire department’s band, only later to join yet another band, Orquesta de Cuco Valoy, as first trumpeter. It is then that Jose began penning his first songs, “El Milloncito”, “El Carnito” and “Desilusion”. After joining other groups and bands as a trumpeter and musical director, his song writing became recognized and in 1991, his abilities landed him a coveted position in a famous Dominican band, Pochy’s Coco Band, as a trumpeter and in 1993 he went on to join La Rockabanda. Jose continued to hone his skills and gain recognition as a songwriter with hits like “A usted lo botan”, “ La compota” and “Amores”, songs which have been covered and played by various bands including Coco Band and Rockobanda, as well as Sergio Vargas, Sabrosos del Merenge, and Fernando Villalona. In 1994 Jose formed La Banda Gorda and record the band’s first album, the 10- track Libre al Fin, which was released in the Musical Productions label. 1995’s Candela Pura earned the band their first international success, along with a gold record and New York’s ACE award for Tropical Group of the year for their track “Tocame la Sirena”. The album produced several hits including “Candela Pura”, “Ven que tengo Mambo”, “Soy Yo”, “Bésame”, “El hombre cariñoso” and “Pa’ los que sufren”.

Along with Pena Suazo, the band’s lineup includes Toni Arias, Bladimir and Alberto, members who have helped the band expand their fanbase to places like Puerto Rico, Aruba, Curacao, the United State (especially New York, Buffalo, Houston, and Los Angeles), along with Canada and other countries like Italy, Spain, and Germany. One of their biggest achievements has been participating in New York’s Madison Square Garden’s Merengue Festival. After continuing to gather even more success, the band gathered the triumph of gathering more than 5,000 people in a concert at the Dominican Republic’s Altos de Chavon Theater in June of 1997. The band has secured their fame with various awards and recognitions for their excellent brand of “big sound” merengue, gathering even more ACE and being nominated on several occasions to the Dominican Republic’s Casandra Awards with subsequent productions, and even bigger audiences, such as their participation in Belgium’s 60,000 audience at Hoogstraten Festival. Don’t miss your change to see this band through their stop in this area on March 22nd at The Palace in Woodbridge, Virginia. Tickets for this event are on sale at █





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By: Ellen Flores

hen it pertains to the subject of love, in any of its phases, Hispanic men seem to have a sixth sense that gives them a unique insight into the matter (and an innate ability to win our hearts!) Have you ever noticed that some of the best ballads are composed and interpreted by men? Think of a song that gets you directly in the heart and

knocks your senses, odds are, it is a Latino singing the words. From Camilo Sesto to Luis Miguel, Mijares to Franco De Vita, music being the lifeline that it is for so many Latinos, its only natural that our favorite songs are those that connect directly to our heart. Cuando de letras de amor y el corazón se trata (when it comes to love songs), Juan Fernando Fonseca-better known as Fonseca-is no stranger to the subject. Proudly Colombian, Fonseca has crafted a career that blends deeply

inspired lyrics centered around life lessons and nuances that relate to love. His sound is spiced and seasoned with Caribbean-Colombian rhythms that go from fiesta dancing to serenata wooing from one track to the next. As a child, Fonseca was always musically inclined; at the age of twelve he recorded his first song and made copies to distribute to family and friends. The desire to continue in music never went away and he continued to pursue his passion by

attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. At Berklee, he honed in on his sound and received the knowledge and tools that would later on help him navigate his way through what would turn into a Grammy Award winning music career. After graduating from college, Fonseca recorded a solo album in 1997 which he titled “Bomba”. Only 500 copies were made and Fonseca himself sold most of them by going house to >>>>>>>


house, door to door and distributing them at dive bar shows. At these shows he would promote the CD and use his networking skills to gather contacts and get his music heard. The determination and persistence paid off in 2002 when he signed a record deal and released his first self-titled album. “Fonseca” made a mark in the Colombian tropical market marketed as “tropipop”, a style embraced by Colombian music master, Carlos Vives. Fellow Colombian artists like Shakira and Juanes recognized Fonseca’s talent and gave him opportunities for collaborations that would expose him to a greater audience. Using the momentum from his first album, Fonseca went back to the studio to record and produce what would become his first chart topping and mass success album “Corazón” (2006). This album topped the charts with “Como Me Mira”, “Hace Tiempo” and “Te Mando Flores”, which is his most successful single to date and the one that earned him his first Latin Grammy Award for Mejor Canción Tropical. Having received accolades from both fans and critics, Fonseca managed to establish himself as a force in the Tropical genre and went on to record his next album “Gratitud” (2008). He then embarked on Gigantour, an international tour that went across 25 countries (and 16 cities in the U.S.) including his first visit to Europe and China. “Gratitud” marked the release of staple tracks like “Arroyito”, and “Estar Cerca De Ti” in which he collaborated with singer, producer, trombonist and legendary La Fania collaborator, Willie Colón. For Fonseca, having the opportunity to collaborate with Willie (one of the founding members of the tropical music movement throughout Latin America and the United States), was a huge milestone in his career.


When Fonseca isn’t writing, performing or producing music, he works closely with philanthropic entities. Canta Conmigo was a project created by the Colombian Presidential Council of Reintegration that focused on helping ex-guerilla and paramilitary members be reinserted into society. The purpose of the project was gather men and women with musical talent to record and release an album and show that music could be used as a therapeutic and useful tool to promote peaceful change. Fonseca also worked closely with the United Nations in their project “Ya No Más Violencia Contra Las Mujeres” where he performed at the concert in the Plaza de la Consitutción in Guatemala. Recently, he joined forces with Juanes to form part of the campaign “Soñar Es Un Derecho” which advocates against the recruitment of minors by illegal groups. Returning to what he does best Fonseca released “Ilusión” (2011), which has become a five-time platinum selling album in less than four months, a new achievement in his career. “Ilusión” solidifies Fonseca’s calling to be the love whisperer with thirteen tracks that go from falling in love, lust, moving on, keeping the magic alive and ultimately, celebrating the power of love. With melodies

/ 15

that range from cumbia to more rock heavy sounds, this album is a refreshing take on his signature combinations of heart driven lyrics and Latin rooted beats. “Eres Mi Sueño” is a standout example of this blend and its exactly why it was chosen as the opening performance of the 2012 Latin Grammys, marking Fonseca’s return to the stage. On Wednesday, April 17, Fonseca will return to D.C. to perform at The Howard Theatre as part of his Ilusión World Tour. To see Fonseca live is to see him shine at his best. This will be a night full of dancing, passion and above all, love! Tickets are available now at █






By: Maria Veronica Cevallos

nother great show presented by George Mason University’s Center for the Arts is coming to town March 29 and 30th. PSY (pronounced “P,” “S,” “Y”), is a journey delving through the rich and surreal world of the human psyche through the exciting art of a contemporary circus or nouveau cirque. This exhilarating show, full of exciting and fast-paced acrobatic feats, takes a humorous look at the changing landscape of the human mind. Formed in 2002 in Montreal, Canada, the company known as Les 7 Doigts de la Main, translated to “the 7 fingers of the hand”, is one of the most recognized nouveau cirque companies in the world. The name emerges from a twist of a French phrase “the five fingers of the hand”, meaning the union of different talents moving perfectly to achieve a common goal. The seven founding members became this union for their vision of intricate and creative talents to convey their initial focus of bringing the circus to a human scale, where the action is character-driven, theatrical, and creating beautiful aesthetics. The seven founding members are Isabelle Chassé, Shana Carroll, Patrick Léonard, Faon Shane, Gypsy Snider, Sébastien Soldevila, and Samuel Tétreault. Their diverse backgrounds, some from circus families, some with a passion for performing despite other callings, and yet others from self-dedication to their dream, these seven individuals became producers, choreographers, directors, actors, and performers for this common project. In addition to PSY, this company of the seven

fingers has produced other shows such as Loft, Traces, La Vie, Projet Fibonacci, Patinoire, A Muse and Séquence 8. Moreover, the company has also produced diverse projects including participation in The Royal Variety Performance for the Queen of England, ceremonies of both the Turin and Vancouver Olympics, and large corporate events where the combined creativity of its members shines through. With their fourth creation, PSY, the Les 7 Doigts de la Main troupe merges acrobatics, modern dance, physical comedy, choreography, scenography, and live DJing to result in a lively show, full of eclectic energy. Probing into the changing landscape of the psyche of patients in a psychiatric office, where we see various states like insomnia, addiction, amnesia, paranoia, hypochondria, dark issues being dealt with through juggling, Chinese pole, German wheel, aerial rope, and teeterboard. Comedy, dark subjects and lively performances combine to make this into a unique experience for the audience. You can enjoy this amazing performance in our area at the GMU Center for the Performing Arts, March 29th at 2 p.m. and March 30th, at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale on the Center’s website, http://cfa.gmu. edu. There will be a pre-performance discussion before each of these shows. Do not miss seeing these amazing performers live! █


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By: Alexandra Lucia Miller

he classic Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, which has been operating in the United States since 1884, just unveiled their newest creation, Dragons! Ringmaster Johnathan Lee Iverson will steal your attention with his buttery and booming voice. His larger than life presence will be sure to welcome you into the mysterious and exciting Dragon journey. The spectacular show explores a series of performances that follow several “Dragon tribes”; each tribe has to display their courage, strength, and wisdom to entice an ornery Dragon. Each tribe member proves themselves worthy through jaw dropping acrobatic skills, juggling, and wild acts. Take your family to see the amazing Alex Petrov who performs death defying two handed motorcycle tricks, dance, handle, and perform with over fifty animals in the show. But Petrov’s motorcycle magic act is only a brief taste of what will progress as the show continues. The Torres Family of motocross riders will shock you as they zip and race in a sixteen foot cage, whizzing past each other at speeds of up to sixty five miles per hour. Your family will be in stitches with the silly antics of the crew in clown alley. Most of the hilarious bunch of

bananas experiment with teeterboard acts, sword fights, juggling, dancing, and a host of other experiments to make you laugh. Clown alley includes performances by boss clown Sandor Eke, Jared Mongeau, Alex Barney, Kellian Karsten, Henry Hignio-Castillo, Rosie McQueen, and Ivan Vargas; they are seasoned veterans who have been fortunate enough to done colorful paint, and a famous red nose for a living.

spinning more than forty feet in the air. The Medieros Troupe will also have you mesmerized with their coordinated lyra (hoop in the sky) acts, and hair raising routines using their own hair to spin, and contort.

The Dragon adventure will continue with canine specialist Hans Klose whose adorable pack of terriers, poodles, and mixed breeds will have you clapping for more as they walk on two legs, jump through hoops, and dance their way around the great white tent. But keep the canines away from the felines, as the Panfilov Troupe bring their twelve breeds of cats through an obstacle course bound to give the canines a run for their money.

Guests also have the chance to explore the All Access Pre-Show, where guests can participate in an interactive performance, learn how to juggle, balance, and even meet a Ringling Bros Clown.

For the animal lovers in the family, Dragons would not be complete without a large cat show, led by famed lion tamer Alexander Lacey. While these cats are from the same family of feline as those in the Panfilov Troupe, the lions and tigers will lead an obstacle course of their own. Acrobatic performer Paolo dos Santos and The Flying Caceres trapeze team will keep your eyes glued to the sky for their beautifully orchestrated aerial acrobatic performances. You’ll forget that they’re flipping, and

Many of the other tribes to see include members of the Cuban National Circus, and acrobatic Kung Fu Kings. Between the mastery of martial arts and circus performance, the show will have you on the edge of your seat.

Performances will be held March 21 through March 24 in Washington, DC as well as in Fairfax, VA on April 10 through April 21. Ticket prices start at $15 for entry level tickets, and range to $115 for Circus Celebrity Access. Don’t miss the chance of a lifetime to see this collection of performers shock and amaze you with their incredible skill, and a lot of imagination. For more information visit: and visit the tour schedule. █







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4 3

5 By: Daniela Guillen



In line with this thought, earlier this month I watched a film called Máncora, based in the surf town of Máncora, Peru. Let’s just say this film makes you want to grab a backpack, let your hair loose and hit the beach. The movie is about a 22-year-old man seeking to escape Lima’s cold weather and a recent death. As he prepares for his road trip he is surprised by the arrival of his step-sister and husband. The three decide to embark on the 18 hour journey to Máncora for some fun. Once the three arrive the drama of a love triangle unfolds. I love the bohemian and freespirit vibe this movie has and it certainly inspired me for some spring fashion! The main actress Ximena Saavedra played by Elsa Pataky spends her time in long maxi skirts, simple tops in light and pastel hues, and rocks some gorgeous braids and waves. For your next trip to the beach bring out the inner bohemian goddess in you! █


1. Sparkle & Fade Chiffon Drape-Front Dress – $48 | 2. Lacquered Triangle Choker - $5.80 | 3. Layered Fringe Necklace – $5.80 4.Essential Ribbed Racerback Tank – $4.80 | 5. Splendid Maxi Tube Skirt/Dress – $88 | 6. Braided Rope Necklace– $5.80 | 7. Rose Street Maxi - $38.00







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Background: I was born in Madrid, Spain. I live in Fredericksburg, VA Hobbies: Hiking, swimming, traveling, reading, writing, cooking and eating Favorite Quote: “The world is your oyster. Slurp it up!” Favorite Restaurant in DC: La Tasca. I love Spanish tapas Favorite Movie: “Crash” Favorite Drink: Moscato or Sangria Photography: DC Pro Studio






By: Ellen Flores

ORGULLOSAMENTE PANAMEÑO AND WITH AN UNMISTAKABLE VOICE, REY PARKER HAS BEEN RIDING THE EL ZOL AIRWAVES SINCE THE STATION’S BEGINNINGS IN 2005, MAKING HIM ONE OF THE LONGEST STANDING DJ’S IN THE CURRENT DC HISPANIC BROADCASTING SCENE. WHETHER AS HIS ONAIR PERSONA OR MIXING SALSA CLASSICS AS DJ PEGAJOSO, REY PARKER ALWAYS HAS SOMETHING TO SAY AND THE RIGHT SONG TO COMPLIMENT IT WITH. A NATURAL TALENT AND DIE HARD SALSERO, THIS MONTH, KESTA HAPPENING HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO SIT DOWN AND LEARN WHAT LIES BEHIND THE POTENT VOICE IN OUR SPEAKERS AND ON 107.9 EL ZOL. KH: How did you get your start in the world of broadcasting? RP: Broadcasting and entertainment has always been in my family. I have cousins that are DJ’s, my older brother was a great DJ in Panamá and New York. When I started in broadcasting, everyone knew me as DJ Pegajoso. A friend of mine that was a DJ gave me the chance to work at the station in 1987. A year later, the station’s programmer went on vacation and gave me the chance to run his show “Memorias Latinas”. I was supposed to do the show for a week and only play music, not talk because I didn’t have a license to be on the air, back in those days in Panamá you needed to have a government issued press license to talk on the mic. After my first day on the show, someone complained that no one was talking on the air! The guy was Orlando Vidal, a very important DJ in Panamá, I owe so much to him. He took me under his wing, helped me get a license and after a whole day of training and rehearsal I went on the air, I was only 19. After the boss got back from vacation, I got

moved from the midnight shift to the evening shift and did the show “De Fiesta con FM Latina” for 8 years. KH: How did you arrive at El Zol? RP: When things got extremely complicated in Panamá in the late ‘90s, my brother that was living here in the U.S. asked me to give it a try and move here. It was a very hard time, it was very difficult starting from zero and beginning a career in something you don’t like. My first job was cleaning elevators in a building then I worked at McDonalds. In 2005 the first day that El Zol was on the air, I heard that they were calling for people with experience in broadcasting to send a demo. I eventually went and met JR and gave him a demo. A couple of weeks passed and then I got the call asking me to come in and participate in a segment on his show called Los Elegidos. The segment searched for talent to be part of the show, and although I didn’t win, I got called back and offered a night time position. I followed my instinct and left my day job to come work in radio. Eventually I moved to working on Suéltalo El Show with JR, that’s when Rey Parker was born and the show was a great success for seven years. KH: How did you get your mixes on El Zol? RP: Some people found out that they used to call me DJ Pegajoso and somehow, he came back from retirement. I never thought DJ Pegajoso would come back because I had put aside the DJ and was focusing more on the broadcasting side of radio as Rey Parker. But somehow they met up and both ended up working at El Zol. I started mixing on some live transmissions here at El Zol and got the chance to keep doing both. Many people don’t know that when Rey Parker and DJ Pegajoso are on the air together, it’s really just me, running from one studio to the other. In one studio I mix and in the other I talk, it’s a constant runaround but I love it. KH: When can we hear DJ Pegajoso and Rey Parker? DJ Pegajoso: Wednesday nights live from Omega Every Thursday morning with Pedro Biaggi, Jueves Clásicos at 9:00 a.m. Mondays on the Power Mix from 8 to 9p.m.

Friday Party Mix 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Saturdays Todo Clásico Party Mix 6 to 8p.m. DJ Pegajoso is also a member of the DJ crew El Combo Letal Rey Parker: Monday through Friday 6p.m. Pregúntale a Rey Parker on the Diamond Boy Louis Show Saturdays Hosting El Power Mix from 8 to 10p.m. on Todo Clásico KH: What advice would you give someone that wants to go into the world of broadcasting? RP: This is a very demanding field, it can absorb you. To maintain yourself in it you have to work hard. There are many people that think that being a DJ or working in broadcasting is easy, but it isn’t. Just because you put music on doesn’t make you a DJ, to manage an audience or being a broadcaster isn’t as simple as putting music or just talking. You have to have talent and dedication to be able to excel. I got lucky, I didn’t choose this as a career, it chose me. I don’t have any formal training but I had the right mentors and followed the right people that allowed me to learn. There are three very important things you need to know when entering this business: you have to be open to learning, you have to listen and you have to be patient. Those that want to be in this field need to take it as a serious career. Just because we laugh a lot on air and goof off we are serious and know what we are doing and we work hard to be cohesive. KH: What’s next for Rey Parker? RP: I can’t predict the future, but I know I was born for radio. Sometimes I think that because of my age maybe DJ Pegajoso might retire from the club scene and mixing on air soon. But in radio, I think I might continue on a career in radio either as a broadcaster or as a station director. If I ever become a station director, I won’t be on air; I want to dedicate my time entirely to that role because I am a very dedicated person when it comes to my job.


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e may not be a household name, but chances are if you talk to someone in the local Latin rock scene, you will have heard of Lalo Garcia or his former longstanding cover band “Karma” mentioned. Kesta Happening recently caught up with Lalo (full name Eduardo Garcia Maynez) to find out what he has been up to lately. Carrying a bass and a tie over his shoulder, Lalo met up with me at a coffee shop in Old Town Alexandria where he was preparing for a gig playing bass at the newly renovated Old Town Theater on King Street. I asked him what the show entails and he states, “I play bass with the house band ‘The Old Dominion Quartet’, we play music while the magicians, comedians, and dancers come out to perform. It’s really a lot of fun!” Lalo has been playing the bass guitar tirelessly the majority of his life (32 years to be exact!). That’s right, this 45 year-old has been performing since he was 13 years old. He became a musician at a very young age in Mexico City getting his start in a Beatles cover band called “HELP!” He quickly went on to a successful career with one of the pioneers of Mexican rock music, “Los Dug Dugs”. Los Dug Dugs were a covers and originals band that were one of the first to perform music from England and the United States in Mexico. Their success set Lalo’s career on full-speed ahead (he played with them for 8 years) to the point he could support himself doing what he loved, playing music.

By: Rosario Garcia

In new york before a Chuck Berry show Tommy Hilfiger Arena

From top to bottom:

~With Daryl Davis before a Ray Charles show 2003 with Mr. Clinton in DC ~With DUG DUG’S on a Mexican tv show with tv conductor Ricardo Rocha In 1996 ~With Chuck Berry

Eventually, Lalo moved to the United States and as he jokingly says, “was forced to wake up and get a real job.” That didn’t last long however, as Lalo started to audition as bassist for various touring artists including Chuck Berry. He was quickly hired and has been playing with Chuck Berry throughout the East Coast since 2001. Despite his success, Lalo is determined to play everywhere and anywhere that will give him a chance. This determination is how Lalo got his longstanding gig performing during lunch at various PotBelly sandwiches throughout the DC and VA area, “I don’t get paid a lot but I get to play music there 4 days a week and get a free sandwich out of it. It’s a win win.” He isn’t joking either; in 2012 Lalo performed a total of 465 times. If you do

your math that means some days, he was performing three or even four times a day! Up until 2011, Lalo’s rock en espanol cover band, Karma, was performing every Wednesday for a total of 7 years at El Pike restaurant in VA. Lalo laughs, “I can’t believe we were there 7 years! That is a long time to be in one place.” Lalo’s current passion is working on original music for his second album. His first album titled “Hoy No Hay Covers” was an original album signed with Outstanding Music record label in California. When asked if his music is available online Lalo says, “Actually that’s something I really need to work on. Getting my music on Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. will be a priority this year”. Lalo may not be internet savvy but he is an expert bassist with over 45 bass guitars (of all kinds including a gorgeous upright bass) and his favorite Alembic Series 2 which he states, “I customized to my own specifications, I even added some fun lights in the neck to give it more flash.” When he performs his original music live, Lalo likes to invite musicians depending on the style of music he is performing. “Some of my songs are funk, or rock, or even jazzy, so I like to bring musicians that are comfortable with each style to play with me. For example when I play rock and funk, I usually play with guitarist Koky Flores, or if it’s blues I might ask Daryl Davis. I also play with the former Scream drummer, Ken Stacks.” Lalo’s versatility is something that keeps playing covers interesting. He says, “My favorite covers to play are of course the Beatles, or Elvis, Roy Orbison, Tracy Chapman. I also like classic rock en espanol like Soda Stereo, Enanitos Verdes, Jarabe de Palo etc.” With his current busy schedule and dedication to keep playing no matter what, he plans to take some time in 2013 to focus on preparing his second album and scheduling gigs with the Lalo Garcia Band. If you would like more information about Lalo Garcia you can visit: We at Kesta look forwarding to seeing more of Lalo in 2013! █





Nowadays we a lot of things (too many) Here are some things that are actually worth liking (AND CHECKING OUT!)

Happy Birthday Kesta Mag!

That’s right 2 years ago this month, we at Kesta Happening took the plunge and released the first edition of Kesta Magazine! It was a nearly seamless transition to bring you everything we loved about concert information, articles about your favorite Latin artists, segments covering local talent, and “Mi Pais” articles covering our beloved Latin American countries. We thank you for your support and promise to keep letting you know, “Kesta Happening” in and around the DMV area!

Kesta Mag Now @ Metro Stations!

We are ecstatic to announce that you can now find Kesta Magazine newsstands at a metro station near you! You asked and we worked hard to make it happen now in addition to getting Kesta Mag delivered to your door (for free) you can stop by select metro stations to pick up a copy on the go! You will never miss another event with Kesta Magazine at your fingertips. Now available at: Wheaton, Ballston, Columbia Heights, Foggy Bottom, and Bethesda. Where else would you like to see Kesta Mag? Write us at and let us know!

Cherry Blossoms are here!

One of the best times to be in DC is during the annual National Cherry Blossom festival! This two-week, city-wide event features more than 200 international cultural performances and over 90 other special events. It all takes place while 3,000+ Cherry Trees blossom around the Tidal Basin create one of the most photogenic springtime’s anywhere! Check out the calendar, find a date, and bring your camera for this must see event! Cherry Blossom Festival takes place March 20 through April 14th. For peak times to visit and event information go to:

Boccato Gelato & Expresso

Now that we’re ready for spring it’s time to enjoy some frozen sorbet and gelato! One of our favorite sweet spots is Boccato Gelato in Arlington, VA. With yummy and exotic flavors like Lúcuma, Mango, Chirimolla, Papaya, and even “dark chocolate, or chocolate cake batter sorbet” you are sure to awaken those tastebuds with a single bite. If you really want your mind blown, try any gelato served in a shot of expresso. Wow, yeah you’re welcome!

St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s day is not just a day to drink green beer, pinch the friends who forgot to wear green, and go to barhopping ‘til the wee hours while listening to men in kilts playing bagpipes. Wait no that’s exactly what St. Patrick’s day is all about! DC likes to celebrate big with tons of Irish pubs offering specials, parades in DC, Manassas, Alexandria, and Gaithersburg, and enough green drinks to make you see green the next day. Check out a list of Irish Pubs in the area to get your St. Patrick’s day party on! IrishRestaurant.htm Do you have something we should like? email us at:


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Fonseca says “Eres agua bendita y eres amor y eres la prueba de que existe algo mejor.”

Libra: La Banda Gorda says: “Estas amando un corazon equivocado .”

Taurus: Los Amigos Invisibles says: “Vive intensamente, un poquito mas llena tu existencia, un poquito mas.”

Scorpio: Alejandro Sanz says: “Hay

-”Corazón Equivocado”, La Banda Gorda

-“Ilusión”, Fonseca

-“Un Poquito Mas”, Los Amigos Invisibles

un universo de pequeñas cosas que solo se despiertan cuando tu las nombras” -“Hay un universo de pequeñas

cosas”, Alejandro Sanz

Gemini: Jowell y Randy says: “Sientan

el dembow de este perreo intenso. Se mete en tu ropa y todo tu cuerpo.“ -”Sobredoxis”, Jowell y Randy

Cancer: Lila Down says: “Estás

perdiendo el tiempo pensando, pensando. Por lo que más tú quieras ¿Hasta cuándo?”

-”Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps” -Lila Down

Sagitarius: El Gran Combo says: “Es la vida; caja de sorpresas, hoy felicidad; mañana tristeza ” -”Caja de Sorpresas”, El Gran Combo


Bareto says “Si se marchó sin un adios, que se vaya, que se vaya! Amores hay, cariños hay todititos traicioneros” -“El Aguajal”, Bareto

Leo: Jarabedepalo says: ”En mi cabeza lo que dices suena a blablablá” -”Bla bla bla”, Jarabedepalo

Aquarius: David Bisbal says: ”Dice

Virgo: Romeo Santos says: “Yo te propongo que te seas fiel, aunque signifique serle infiel”

Pisces: Los Amigos Invisibles says: ”Amar es algo mas que dar una amistad, amar es ir cantando. Para aprender a amar no basta con soñar, a amar se aprende amando”

-”Vale la pena el placer” - Romeo Santos

mucha gente que los hombres nunca lloran” -“Mi Princesa”, David Bisbal

-”Amar es algo mas”, Los Amigos Invisibles

Download and install a free QR code reader for your phone 1. Open the QR code reader application 2. Take picture / scan the QR code with your mobile device 3. The code willl take you to the Win Tickets Page for a chance to win 4. THE FIRST PEOPLE TO ANSWER THE QUESTION CORRECTLY ON THE WIN TICKETS PAGE WINS TICKETS TO CONCERT. Good Luck!


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Kesta Happening Magazine March 2013  

In this issue: Fonseca, Jarabe de Palo, Les 7 Doigts de la Main, Ringlin Bros & Barnum Bailey Circus, La Banda Gorda, Los Amigos Invisibles,...