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/ JANUARY 2012


By Ellen Flores

rom playing with the NSO POPS to recording kids albums, Ozomatli’s projects are as diverse as the band members’ heritage. With hard work and innovation, they have reached a generation spanning audience that absorbs their messages of love, hope, and unity. Kesta Happening had the opportunity to kick off the New Year chatting with Ulises Bella, saxophonist for Ozomatli. KM: What is it about reaching out to youth that is so important to the band? Why should kids learn to meditate? Is meditation part of life in Ozomatli? Ulises: The discouragement we faced when growing up made us want to be super encouraging to kids and help them know that whether they become artists or musicians, art and music will be super beneficial to their lives. I still consider myself a student of music I’m always learning new stuff. (When) hanging out with kids you get a new approach to it. With meditation, we try to encourage them to pick up something like that because it’s known to be beneficial for your health mentally and physically. In the band people do their thing, but however people take time to reflect is up to them and we encourage it big time. For me, I would pick a time of the day and made

it part of my schedule. Right now I don’t practice as much as I should, but I still find that from sitting (and just thinking) it has helped me in the process of learning. KM: Could you tell us about a firsthand encounter on how music has impacted the life of Ozo? Ulises: We were in Burma and we

blind and were just killing it, they were rippin’! We got onstage and jammed with them to “I just want to say I love you” by Stevie Wonder. That’s the biggest thing about music; beyond language, people can communicate and connect instantly. It’s a language where we can find the things we both know and communicate with that.

three, we were the Super Music Friends for Yo-Gabba Gabba. It was a different side of Ozomatli, it was a totally different show. It was a no brainer to try and do an album and now we are in the middle of that (project). With PBS, they offered a couple of options and we finished them really quick and they dug them so they offered us more. We started listening to a lot of School House Rock and decided to Ozo-fy that. We were more than happy to do those because anything for PBS is always fun.

Photo courtesy of 60 Cycle Media

were playing orphanages because over there more than 3 people congregating is considered an illegal activity. It’s a bummer. We showed up to one school and we didn’t know what the deal was. As we walk in we realize it was a school for the blind and boom!, there was a band playing that is out of control good. We asked each other who was playing because we were tripping out. When we go in, it was the school band. They were all

KM: What’s up with the Ozo Kids album, what inspired the album? How did the collaboration with “PBS Kids Rock!” come about? Ulises: Ozo Kids was inspired on many different levels. One, we have always been down with kids and kids dig our music. Two, we realized that a lot of our fans have kids and bring them to the shows or can’t come because of that. And

KM: What upcoming projects can we expect for the New Year? Ulises: We are going to be working on a legit Ozo record sooner or later. We’re also working on video games like Happy Feet two, Sesame Street and the Sims. We are also starting to branch out in scoring. When people want Ozo, they think of a certain sound but now we have reached a point where we have a whole sound library for cinema purposes. Next year we are going to be doing a whole tour with the comedian Gabriel Iglesias.

Luckily for Washingtonians the Ozomatli crew loves DC and they will be returning on January 21 to perform at the 9:30 Club. Tickets are now available through Whether you are an Ozo-head or OzoKid, Ozomatli always delivers a show to remember. We hope to see you there! █



CAR SHOW Grave Digger: A legend. A giant among giants. The Advance Auto Parts monster jam at the Verizon Center will allow fans the opportunity to celebrate Grave Digger’s 30th Anniversary. Specialty Grave Digger trucks will be shown at the jam.

th Anniversary

Grave Digger 30

Illuminator (driv er is native to D


be the trucks first appearance bio highlight: “Not only is Grave Digger the most famous monster truck in the world, it’s one of the most decorated as well. Anderson has won Monster Jam World Finals championships three times, capturing the racing title in 2004 and 2006, and the freestyle title in 2000.”

in D.C.)

El Toro Loco: Described as a “raging bull who can smell the fear of its competitors”. El Toro Loco is adorned with distinctive horns and a growling paint job showing bared teeth above the truck’s front tires. El Toro Loco’s driver Lupe Soza has been in the sport for over 20 years.

Photos courtesy of Qorvis

Northern Nightmare (this will bio highlight: “In 2003, El Toro Loco and Lupe were a point short in taking home the Monster Jam World Finals freestyle title. It wasn’t until a year later, in 2004, when Lupe finally achieved what everyone hoped; he and El Toro Loco captured the 2004 Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Champion title.”

By Juan Leon

eading about the upcoming Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam (Verizon Center, January 27th29th, 2012) reminded me of how I grew up marveling at those great monster truck rally commercials. The thrilling, colorful images of giant trucks bounding, crashing, and crushing followed by the unforgettable, “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!” always injected a jolt of vibrancy into the otherwise bland and artificial world of commercial advertisement. Monster truck rallies seemed immediate, raucous, but most of all, fun. The stars of these commercials were, of course: The trucks. The monster trucks seemed to have more in common with star athletes than vehicles. They flew into the air but always came back down: powerful, fast, dynamic and colorful. It was as if each truck had a unique personality. Yet they weren’t invincible. Whenever they crashed or collided, parts would shatter, metal and paint would peel away, and my fascination

Born/created in 1982 out of a 1957 Chevy Panel Wagon and junkyard parts by Dennis Anderson, Grave Digger has grown into a fearsome legend and the most famous monster truck in the world.

was visceral. How something so big and powerful came apart so easily (seemingly so easily) was a wonder. The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam will be bringing that thrill and rush to the Verizon Center January 27th, 28th, and 29th in 2012. The excitement generated by the trucks’ larger than life personalities starts with their names. The names on Advance Auto’s roster are like a survey of American pop culture imagination and fantasy. Comic book heroes (Spider-man, Batman, and Superman) clash with representations of American pride (The Patriot, Airborne Ranger, and American Guardian). Order (Martial Law, Bounty Hunter) confronts chaos and rebellion (Maximum Destruction, Screamin’ Demon, Destroyer). Classical figures also make an appearance such as (Madusa, Brutus, Excaliber). Even psychology finds itself well represented within Advance Auto Parts’ pantheon (Arachnophobia, Obsession, Maniac, Anger Management). In honor of the “monsters”, I’d like to profile a few personal favorites.

Turtles: An absolute must see monster truck. Any fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will appreciate the inventive design. The details of the Turtles truck (check the growl in the snarl and how well the car windows function as “eyes”) are what make it truly seem like a cartoon character come alive. bio highlight: “This iconic Monster Jam superstar has been around for a number of years, and has quickly grown to be a crowd favorite thanks to its outrageous custom body. Shaped exactly like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of cartoon and comic book fame, this 12 foot tall replica get everything exactly fight, from the color of the shell to the bright red bandana around its eyes.” Catch Grave Digger, El Toro Loco, Turtles, and many more at the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam at the Verizon Center, January 27th through the 29th. █ Show Dates: Friday, Jan 27: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan 28: 2:00 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan 29: 2:00 p.m. Ticket Prices: $60 VIP, $25, $20 $10 Kids Ticket Information: Tickets are available now at the Verizon Center box office, all Ticketmaster locations, online at WWW.TICKETMASTER.COM, or by phone at (800) 551-SEAT.




/ JANUARY 2012

By María Verónica Cevallos

f you are a Latin Jazz fan, the name Chucho Valdés should be most familiar to you. A true music legend, Chucho is nothing less than one of the most prolific, influential, and celebrated Latin jazz musicians. His visit to George Mason University’s Center for the Arts on February 3rd with his band The AfroCuban Messengers will be a great opportunity to hear this great talent elate the audience.

Pictures courtesy of Columbia Artists Management Inc.

Chucho Valdés’ career is extensive. Born in Cuba in 1941, Valdés was born into a musical family. His father was the illustrious pianist and renowned composer, Bebo Valdés, and his mother, Pilar Rodriguez, was a piano teacher and singer. This is why it’s no surprise that Chucho Valdés who began playing piano by age 3, finished his formative studies at age 14 at the Municipal Music Conservatory of Habana already a talented pianist. Greatly encouraged by his parents, Chucho sought his own voice, his own sound, distinct from anything his father had done, and formed his first Jazz trio at the age of 15. Being in such an encouraging environment and being exposed to a diversity of music, Chucho was primed to find his sound by experimenting and infusing elements that had never been done before. It is this attribute of Chucho’s personality that turned him into a great musician.

Irakere became an international success after being contacted and signed to the American label Columbia representatives that had seen the group play in Canada. In a stroke of pure luck, as Chucho called it, Irakere and Columbia began a relationship few could have imagined. Amazingly despite the travel restrictions that were imposed after the Cuban revolution, Irakere was able to actively tour the United States. It was that tour that gave birth to their first album, Irakere (1979). A live concert album recorded at New Jersey’s Newport Jazz Festival in 1978 which Chucho calls “the most perfect concert he has ever played”. The album earned the Cuban band their first Grammy award for Best Latin Recording in 1980.

Years later after working for a time with his father’s band, Sabor de Cuba, and various other projects, Chucho decided to embark on a journey and form a band of his With Irakere, Chucho was able to do what he had set own. He wanted to get away from the Jazz band direction out to do. He was able to break away from the traditional that was so common at the time and develop original ideas. standards of music and create his own sound; music that Trying to bring a Cuban identity to the masses, music that was explosively was danceable complicated and and approachable, CHUCHO VALDÉS HAS RECORDED expanded Latin Chucho forms music with his one of the most MORE THAN 80 WORKS WITH HIS mix of sounds innovative and BAND IRAKERE, HOWEVER HE undeniably Afrosignificant AfroHAS COLLABORATED WITH MANY Cuban combined Cuban bands since, with American Irakere. The group PERFORMERS INCLUDING JAZZ Jazz expressions. featured various MASTERS SUCH AS HERBIE HANCOCK, One of his most members of the DIZZY GILLESPIE, AND CHICK COREA. famous songs, Orquesta Nacional “Misa Negra”, is de Musica Moderna indeed one of the including such stars most invigorating, exciting pieces of music to hear still to this of the Cuban music scene as trumpeter Arturo Sandoval and day. Running in around 13 minutes and a half, the song never alto saxophonist Paquito D’Rivera. With its strange fusion ceases to amaze and stimulate the listener. It is indeed one of of jazz, rock, funk, classical and traditional Cuban rhythms, Chucho’s finest works. Irakere’s music and experimentation spawned a brand-new style of music, where Chucho’s arrangements and the band’s Chucho Valdés has recorded more than 80 works talent became the group’s best asset. with his band Irakere, however he has collaborated with many performers including jazz masters such as Herbie Hancock, Dizzy Gillespie, and Chick Corea. One of his most recent collaborations was Juntos Para Siempre (2009) with his father, Bebo Valdés, which earned them a Latin Grammy the following year. In 2010, Chucho earned his latest Grammy with his album Chucho’s Steps (2010), along with his group, the Afro-Cuban Messengers. Aside from these, Chucho has earned 5 Grammy’s in his career and has also been recognized with Honorary Doctorates in various countries. He was also recognized for his teachings in Havana’s Institute of Music and earned a spot in the Latin Jazz Hall of Fame along with giants like Tito Puente and Eddie Palmieri in 2000. For all these reasons and for his amazing ability to play piano, Chucho Valdés and the Afro-Cuban Messengers is a show not to be missed, a real treat not only for jazz fans, but for all fans of good music alike. Hope to see you all there! █

For more information and tickets visit HTTP://CFA.GMU.EDU/CALENDAR




By Gloria Turin

he Novalima story begins back in the 80s, when four high school friends with mutual interests in music decided to form a band. They played all types of music ranging from reggae to heavy metal at their school recitals in Lima, Peru. After high school, each of them took different directions to start their professional careers. However, although they were focused on their own personal goals and living in different countries, the four of them kept in touch united by their love for music. In 2001, Ramon Prieto (Lima), Grimaldo Del Solar (Barcelona), Rafael Morales Morales (London) and Carlos Li Carillo (Hong Kong) wanted to give a twist to AfroPeruvian music adding a new spice for the young generations. Their goal was to give Lima a new style and sabor called NOVALIMA; which literally translates to New Lima. Technology and Social Networking has been their number one ally on this project. They started communicating via e-mail and sharing tracks by uploading them to different servers. In the beginning they would shoot in Lima, then upload the file to a server or burn it to a CD and then pass it to one to another, each one adding their own twist, until finally the polished product would emerge. It was a technological chain that allowed them to defy the distance and leave their musical partnership intact. The four members of Novalima are responsible for the strings, keyboards, guitar and bass, respectively. Various stage artists and vocalists often contribute to the group such as Afro-Peruvian Milagros Guerrero (vocals), Juan Medrano and Marcos Mosquera Cotito (drawer and vocals), and Constantino Alvarez (Drums and Cajon). Novalima’s

music is primary influenced by Afro-Peruvian rhythms and melodies with reggae dub, electronica and Latin beats, creating a mix of ancient tradition and modern trends that appeals to fans of world music and forges a meeting point between past and future. Their first two albums “Novalima” and “Afro” received excellent reviews from the press and the European public, obtaining the Prize IMA (Independent Music Awards) for

musical genres such as Reggae, Salsa, Son, Reggaeton, and Hip Hop Afrofunk. The songs also reflect more precisely the live Novalima sound. Novalima has a rich musical repertoire that has taken them to different continents such as North America, South America, Europe and Asia. The party starts when they step on the stage. “People might not know the music but the rhythm is so contagious that it will make your hips move whether you want them to or not,” said Novalima during a recent interview with KestaDC. Novalima’s humbleness has taken them to the top, helping them seize opportunities as they come despite the many obstacles. They want to take music to the next level with their new album “Karimba”; which will have them touring around Europe and Asia in 2012. The great four are unstoppable and shared some advice for all those who have a passion for music, “Don’t give up on your dreams, sometimes the path is longer than others but don’t panic! Things worth fighting for are not easy to achieve but if you are honest and humble the path will be smoother. And most of all have fun!”

Best Album in the World Fusion category. Additionally, twelve of the thirteen songs were among the “Top Ten” rankings of World Music in the United States and Canada in 2006. “Coba Coba”, their third album, was released to the Peruvian market in October 2008 and globally by the label Cumbancha in January 2009, being nominated for a Latin Grammy for “Best Alternative Album”. Their last album “Karimba” is scheduled to be released at a Christmas concert in Peru this year. Musically, the album covers a wide spectrum of style of afro-dub with influences from other

Novalima will be performing on January 11-13th, 2012 with Thievery Corporation at the 9:30 Club. “We have followed Thievery Corporation for the last 10 years; we admire their talent and are honored to perform with them in January”, said Novalima. They promise an unforgettable fun night with their signature Afro-Peruvian mix sure to get those hips swaying. Novalima definitely has a lot to offer, so don’t miss out on this great concert! █

For more information about NOVALIMA visit their website: or search for them on Facebook!




/ JANUARY 2012

By Juan Leon

erreologia. Starting with their latest album’s title Alexis y Fido (a.k.a “Los Pitbulls”) demonstrate their favorite tactical approach to music: tongue-firmly-incheek. The title’s joke plays on the perceived low-down nature of perreo and the reggaeton genre in general, contrasted with the technical, scientific world of academia and all of its “-ologias” (psicologia, zoologia, biologia, etc.). This is a timely subject given the class conflict and obsession with status that rages loudly throughout Latin America and simmered somewhat more quietly (at least until the Tea Party/Occupy groups brought class resentment to the national eye) in the United States. Defending el genero has always been a necessity for reggaeton artists struggling against critics seeking to dismiss the genre as a fad, condemn it as immoral, or denigrate it as inherently lacking artistic worth (criticisms suspiciously similar to those aimed at hip-hop). With their brilliant Perreologia CD title, Alexis y Fido pose a challenge to the assumptions often made about working class entertainment (focused on the body) versus upper class art (enjoyed in the mind). Perreologia’s first track, “La Intelectual”, mocks the notion that the mind doesn’t need the body. The song’s chorus—“Eho te gusta el perreo/ Lo que tu aparentas no lo veo/ No digas que no/ Lo se porque tu ringtone te choteo”— playfully calls out snobs who’d try to deny Alexis y Fido’s

music. Framing the upper class/lower class tension as a love (okay, lust) song proves Alexis y Fido more magnanimous than their haters. In spite of a language barrier that sometimes scares non-Spanish speakers away, reggaeton with its roots in a mixture of styles, genres and nationalities is an inherently inclusive style (watch people of all races’ reactions when the supposedly played out but still classic Gasolina comes on at the club). Perreologia demonstrates why reggaeton’s popularity continues to grow despite premature pronouncements of its demise. “Contestame el Telefono”, a personal favorite off Perreologia, features Panama’s Flex on an album high point. Strong production work showcases the dembow beat’s versatility and flies in the face of the cliché that, “every reggaeton song sounds the same”. The “Romantic Style In Da World” sentiment allows Alexis y Fido to take a step back from their normal brand of sexually aggressive humor and reveal a relatively gentler pop side that’s touching and authentic. “Rescate” is another solid single. It has Los Pitbulls returning to their brasher, entendre-laden ways, courtesy of a guest spot by Daddy Yankee who, among his many gifts, always knows which verse of a song to drop in on. Alexis y Fido’s popular success has resulted from a playful but sophisticated approach to music and sexuality. The “T & A” filled video for the hit single “El Tiburon” off their 2005 debut The Pitbulls (and also included on Luny Tunes’

legendary Mas Flow 2 compilation) ends with the shark fin that‘s been gliding in the water being removed by two stagehands, a Brechtian tactic revealing that there is no “Tiburon”: the sexually voracious posturing of Alexis y Fido isn’t meant to be taken seriously. This is a sly reminder (in an otherwise forgettable video) of the difference between artist and person that critics of reggaeton (and hip-hop) often forget. Before they were Alexis y Fido, Raul Alexis Ortiz (Alexis) and Joel Martinez (Fido), sought success as individual performers in the newly emerging Puerto Rican reggaeton scene. Alexis was born in Cidra, Puerto Rico and raised between Cidra and Cayey, Puerto Rico (Fido’s birthplace and hometown). Their friendships with another famous reggaeton duo (Fido grew up with Yandel while Alexis sang with Wisin), led to their own acquaintance and eventual musical collaboration on New Era Entertainment’s 2003 compilation Desafio. It was an affiliation born slightly of necessity as the producers of the Desafio compilation suggested that Fido and Alexis record together on a track in order to avoid one of them being cut on the nearly completed album. Seeing how well their vocal styles complemented each other, the two formed a more permanent partnership. Thus Alexis y Fido was born. Alexis y Fido will be playing at El Boqueron II in Maryland, on February 10th, 2012. █


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NEW YEAR EVE EVENTS Guzman describes them as, “three kings with three different ideas.”

By Christina Cortés

Twentyfour hours a day and seven days a week, you’re a part of the fierce and hardworking social city elite. Life is constantly revolving and success never sleeps, so when do you have time to relax? When do you get that unforgettable night out on the town that you’ve been craving for months now?

to Guzman, “We concentrate on young professionals in DC areas.” So what is the concept behind 3 Kings according to Guzman? “We are concentrating more on bringing a Caribbean flavor into Central and Southern American clubs,” he said. These men believe in the importance of preserving culture and expanding the knowledge and variance of Latino culture throughout the club and party scenes in city life.

Lucky for you, there’s 3 Kings Productions, imagined and created by three revolutionary entrepreneurs. Hardworking entrepreneurs themselves, these three men understand the concept that the philosophy of all work and no play is, simply put, not the way to live life, even as adults! From Latin Caribbean parties in the club scene to more extravagant events like the Three Island Parties, 3 Kings Productions brings you a taste of excitement to your busy and nonstop life.

All three “kings” started their quest in college at George Washington University, and of course, “It took a lot of work in college,” said Guzman, aside from the typical class schedule and endless studying that goes on in college for a student. The men worked for Moto Magazine and Moto Productions, both of which were based on the concepts of mixing Latinos into the social scene in Washington, D.C. The men worked at DC Live, VIP and Coco Loco, where they hosted Spanish themed and “upscale parties,” explains Guzman. However, 3 Kings did not start out as a party concept. In fact, according to Guzman, the three founding men of the name 3 Kings were going to start a clothing line. That’s when two men branched out. In essence,

I had the pleasure of interviewing Roberto Guzman, one of the masterminds behind 3 Kings. He’s an “on the way to the top” city man by day and high society socialite by night. According

The clothing line didn’t work out, but 3 Kings did. Every three to four months, 3 Kings hosts a production comprised of Latin flavor to help the dedicated workers of the city and its surrounding areas let loose. So are you feeling a little overworked, a little overwhelmed, and have the unmistakable urge to get out and have an amazing night on the town? Well, no worries! 3 Kings is here to satisfy your longing for an incredible night out filled with a combination of cultural flavors and music with other

socialites with the same exact desire. On Saturday, November 26th, 3 Kings will bring you a huge endof-the-year event at Paper Mood in Georgetown called the Latin Dominican Revolution. Guzman described the event as a “concept of evolution of different music” and there will be a special guest Dominican DJ brought down from New York. The year is coming to an end, so why not end it in style?



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KESTADC.COM GALLERY Willie Gonzalez @ V3 Lounge 12.16.11

Paquito Guzman & Lalo Rodriguez @ Four Points Hotel 12.10.11

ElZol Parranda Navide単a @ Galaxy 12.09.11

Caramelos de Cianuro @ LIV 12.08.11

MGR Fashion Show @ Fort Belvoir 12.04.11

December Nightlife


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KESTA HAPPENING DC FEATURED EVENTS Fri 01.06 Tue 01.10 Wed 01.11 - Fri 01.13 Fri 01.13 Sat 01.21 Sat 01.21 Thur 01.26 Fri 01.27 Fri 02.03 Tue 02.07 Fri 02.10 Sat 03.03 Fri 03.09 Fri 03.23 Sun 06.10 Mon 06.20

Diogo Nogueira @ Artisphere Buraka Som Sistema @ U Street Music Hall Nova Lima & Thievery Corporation @ 930 Club Zion y Lennox @ Galaxy Ozomatli @ 930 Club Tropical Punch @ Warehouse Loft La Oreja de Van Gogh @ Manhattan Center NYC Zumba Master Class @ Shwinhaut Auditorium Chucho Valdes & The Afro-Cuban Messangers @ GMU Center of the Arts George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic @ 930 Alexis y Fido @ El Boqueron Ballet Folklorico de Antioquia, Colombia @ GMU Center of the Arts Romeo Santos @ Patriot Center Rakim y Ken-Y @ Galaxy Nightclub Foster The People @ Merriweather Argentine Festival 2012 @ Thomas Jefferson Theater

For more information and many more events go to KESTADC.COM



/ JANUARY 2012


By: April Rose

alk about a man who can make a first impression unforgettable, succeed at being an actor, comedian, stand-up comic, and talk show host (as well as the king of Spanglish); and you can only be referring to el señor George Lopez! His contributions to the entertainment industry are many and he is the only reason I stay up past 2 am watching Nick at Nite on a daily basis. Yes. It is true. His level

of comedy is the reason he continues to have top-rated network shows and will do so for many years to come. Ladies and gentlemen; I give you Mr. George Lopez. With over 200 television comedy, talk show and hosting appearances, including co-hosting the Emmy Awards and twice hosting the Latin Grammys George Lopez has developed into one of the most renown comedians in the entertainment industry. In 2006 Time Magazine named Lopez one of the top 25 most influential Hispanics in America. Lopez was born April 23, 1961 in Mission Hills, Los Angeles, California and has been

working towards his industry fame since 1983 through stand-up comedy. A major breakthrough in his career occurred in 1999. Lopez hosted a major morning show for Clear Channel Communications in Los Angeles. This made him the first Latino to have headlined the sought after morning radio slot on an English-language station in LA, which was the nation’s top radio market. Then in 2000, actress Sandra Bullock helped lead the way for the birth of the George Lopez show to a market where Hispanic Americans were scarce on American sitcoms. ABC aired the program in 2002 and it ran until 2007. The show’s final episode, after 6 seasons, aired on September 7, >>>>>>>


/ 15

>>>>>>> 2007. Then, on September 10, 2007 the show entered the realms of syndication on Nick at Nite.

Day, directed by Garry Marshall; Beverly Hills Chihuahua; Swing Vote; Henry Poole Is Here; and Balls of Fury.”

Lopez truly took care of the staff on the show showing what a good down-to-earth man he really is. I remember scenarios portrayed on the George Lopez show in which George had to fight for the rights of his workers to ensure that they were able to keep their jobs (just last night he was helping his worker and friend Ernie lose 20 pounds so that he could keep his job and wouldn’t be fired … I told you I watch the show religiously). It amazed me to learn that while he was

So now we all know the mark Lopez has made on the entertainment industry (and for those who have seen his stand up acts) the pain he has caused our stomachs from laughing hysterically. However, not everyone knows how influential Lopez has been in helping others. It is easy for someone wealthy to give away a chunk of money to a random charity in order to look good to the public; however, Lopez has taken a different approach.

fighting to save his workers jobs on the show; in real life he was battling a more personal war. In April of 2004, doctors told Lopez that he required an organ transplant to correct a genetic condition that causes his kidneys to deteriorate. However, to ensure that the jobs of 170 individuals on the set wouldn’t be affected, he waited until after production of the fourth season of the Lopez show was completed before proceeding with his operation. That action alone shows the level of Lopez’s compassion and dedication to his show and staff. Lopez’s career is far more expansive than the Lopez show. In November of 2009, Lopez’s own talk show aired on TBS for the first time. On August 10, 2011 the show was dropped after two seasons. According to, “his other most recent film credits include the boxoffice hit Valentine’s


e cofounded and directs the Lopez foundation was co-founded targeted at making the world a better place one person at a time. According to GeorgeLopez. com, the Lopez foundation’s mission statement states that it “was established to create positive, permanent change for underprivileged children and adults confronting challenges in education and health, as well as increasing community awareness about kidney disease, organ donation, and the military.” Because of his many efforts to uplift his community for the better, Lopez has received two incredibly reputable honors. First, he received the Manny Mota Community Spirit Award and secondly he was named Honorary Senator of Los Angeles after his amazing fundraising efforts to assist earthquake victims in El Salvador and Guatemala. It takes a bold individual to speak and act as they feel inclined (in both good and bad situations). I believe Lopez has done this and by doing so he has made an incredible impact on the recognition of Hispanic American culture (including Mexican American culture) in the media and entertainment industry. Additionally, he has made an impact on the lives of individuals and families (who he doesn’t even know) through his contributions and efforts through the Lopez Foundation. George Lopez will be performing at DAR Constitution Hall on January 14, 2011. If you’re a big fan of Lopez and are as excited to see his show as I am, then I hope to see you there! █


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LOCAL TALENT This comradeship has given way to the “FeriArt” movement, a gathering of musicians, artists, and outspoken people who get together to put on a concert and art show and raise funds for various causes. Guillermo talks about the beginning, “Our very first FeriArt was due to an unfortunate cause; our saxophone player’s mother was very ill and was in need of urgent care and treatments. We all got together as artists to put together a fundraiser and everyone chipped in to help his family out. Some of our friends from other bands like Metanium, and Kickoman volunteered to play; tattoo artists like NebsiOne came and offered to raffle off her services; same with photographers like Marcelo Veizaga; and various artists and poets. We were so proud to see everyone come together and it really made a difference.” The latest FeriArt happened in December meant to raise funds to support Anexo Social’s first CD and to celebrate their 5-year anniversary. It was a family event at St. Stephens Church in DC, where about a dozen artists got together on a Saturday afternoon to display their work. Local band Kickoman performed along with Anexo Social. It was a relaxing show with homemade Latin food such as pupusas, tostadas de tinga, and pozole being served; a real celebration of culture and art unlike any other in the area.

By: Rosario Garcia

t can be difficult to combine personal artistry with social change, however, local Latin fusion band, Anexo Social, accomplishes this with ease. The band was formed 5 years ago by front man Alex Iraheta, however, each band member has a lengthy history expanding over 10 years of experience playing in local bands. All current members agree that Anexo Social (translating to Social Annex) is a project unlike any other they have been a part of, it’s not just a band; it’s a movement. Although they stand up against oppression and have participated in protests to promote immigration reform, the band states that they are not a political band. Alex tells us, “We believe in the simple ideal that despite our unfortunate circumstances there are others out there who have it worse. Being artists, we’re creative, and we have a responsibility to speak up for the voiceless. We all believe in this cause and want to inspire others to join it so we can create a magnet that helps unify communities, while still pursuing our artistic talents. That’s what Anexo Social is all about.”

While it’s true that Anexo Social doesn’t dream with superstardom they are seeking to spread their message to as many people as possible via their live shows, and videos. Guillermo Turcios tells us, “At first we made videos as a self-improvement tool. However, after watching them we decided they were good and we had friends who wanted to help us record and post them. This is part of our ‘Anexo’ everyone that is interested in our cause joins us to the point that they are always by our side. We are truly fortunate and grateful to have such a dedicated fanbase.” Their fanbase is also broad since the music they play is a fusion of poetry, reggae, salsa, jazz, ska, cumbia, rumba, and even Mexican corridos. Alex Iraheta and Irving Arsenal write the lyrics often inspired by real-life events. Guillermo plays the drums masterfully but also is a whiz on the recording and

soundboard front. Then you have Gabriel (Gabo) Lora whose saxophone, percussion, and backup vocals give the band a definite edge. Francisco (Paco) Galarza’s acoustic guitar is like part of his body and he plays it so artfully the music demands that you stop and listen. Irving Arsenal is the lead guitarist and can transition from metal, to blues, to reggae almost in the same bar without breaking a sweat. Melvin Garcia plays the bass and often switches with Seth Elias who plays with the band from time to time as well. Oh and by the way, each and every band member has the vocal talent to sing like no one’s business. It’s rare to see a band with such talented members where no one’s ego is in the way and they’re able to collaborate together instead of competing. Their fusion is especially evident in their original song titled, “No Cambiare,” which features some reggae, Spanish guitar, wind instruments, and starts off slow before leading into a punk/ska chorus featuring a sexy electric guitar solo, and finally climaxing into a heavy drum rhythm while they all chant “No cambiare, no cambiare” into oblivion. It’s a live performance that will be a feat to record onto a CD, however from the looks of it they are well on their way. For more information about Anexo Social or join their cause visit them on Facebook: █



/ JANUARY 2012




By: Nair Deheza

ocated at the very center of the South American continent, Bolivia is a land full of contrasts. With a unique geography; from the majestic highlands (Altiplano), to the green valleys, to the tropical lowlands, Bolivia has just about everything to offer to a traveler looking for adventure, relaxation, adrenaline, mystery, culture, folklore, and more. The starting point of this expedition is at 11,975 feet above sea level, in the administrative capital of Bolivia, El departamento de La Paz. Begin your journey by enjoying the typical Salteña, a delicious

baked pastry filled with your choice of chicken or beef followed by a Chairo, a vegetable and beef stew, and wash it all down with a local Paceña beer. From there head north towards Los Yungas a warm ample valley that marks the edge of the Bolivian Amazon. For the thrill-seekers the journey would begin by riding a mountain bike down the winding and narrow “Camino de la Muerte” or “Death Road”. In the heart of Los Yungas more adventurous activities await such as canopying, rock climbing, white water rafting, amongst others. The next stop is only a 45 minute plane ride to the small town of Rurrenabaque, or Rurre. Surrounded by green hills that are sure

to leave you breathless, Rurre is well known for its beautiful mesmerizing sunsets. An avid eco-tourist can choose to venture either into the Bolivian selva (rainforest), or las pampas, swampy savannahs. Rurre also offers one of the most unique experiences, swimming with pink dolphins. That is correct, pink river dolphins are a unique species found in this little piece of heaven. A visit to Rurre would not be complete without visiting the Madidi National Park, one of the largest biological diverse protected areas in the world. The park houses an extensive variety of birds, mammals, amphibians, and plants. Back in Rurre relax and make sure not to leave without trying


tracks date back 68 million years ago and are unique because they show the vast diversity of dinosaurs that existed.

Amboro National Park Noel Kempf

The next stop is Potosí where El salar de Uyuni is located. These salt flats are the largest in the world, the biggest reserve of lithium in the world, and the best place on earth to calibrate satellites. El salar de Uyuni is unlike any place in the planet; here the ground becomes a mirror to the sky. While in Potosí visit the Laguna Colorada and enjoy the pink flamingos, while staying at the famous Hotel de Sal, a hotel made entirely out of salt.

Güembe Biocenter, Santa Cruz

Now we head to Cochabamba where you have to visit El Cristo de la Concordia to get a beautiful afternoon view of the city. Cochabamba is known for its great gastronomic repertoire. Amongst the dishes not to be missed are the Sopa de Mani, Pique Macho and the famous Silpancho, all of which can be accompanied by a Taquiña beer.

Bolivian Amazon

La Ciudad Blanca, Sucre Salar de Uyuni

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia Death Road, La Paz

Cristo de la Concordia, Cochabamba

/ 19

Parque Regional Lomas de Arena

the local Majadito de Yuca, a rice dish topped with dehydrated meat (beef, pork, duck, or chicken), yuca, eggs, and plantains. Pair that with some sweet Tamarind juice for a rich satisfying lunch and the famous Cuñapes (Yuca starch and cheese bread) for “tea time.” The next stop is Bajo el cielo más puro de América, in Santa Cruz. Here you can find Las Misiones Jesuíticas of the Chiquitanía, settlements of the Christianized Indians, in a style that marries the Catholic architecture with local traditions. These mestizo towns are the only six in South America that were left untouched after the Jesuits were expelled from the Spanish colonies about three centuries ago. An unusual attraction you will find in Santa Cruz is located in the Parque Regional Lomas de Arena, here you will find amazing

Carnaval de Oruro

sand dunes; yes a desert in the middle of the tropics…. amazing! Other attractions in Santa Cruz include Amborao National Park Noel Kempf housing unique plants and animal species such as the Jucumari, Oso Perezoso and the multi-colorful Parabas. Do not leave Santa Cruz without visiting the Güembe Biocenter where you can find one of the largest butterfly sanctuaries in the world with over 1,000 species. Heading south the next stop is La Ciudad Blanca, El Departamento de Sucre, the constitutional capital of Bolivia and one of the oldest cities in South America. Sucre’s architecture and narrow cobblestone roads will take you back in time, but to really go back in time you need to leave the city and venture to visit Sucre’s world famous dinosaur footprints site in Cal Orck’o. These dinosaur

The next destination is known as the “Folkloric capital of Bolivia” the city of Oruro. Every February Oruro welcomes thousands of tourists from all over the world to witness El Carnaval de Oruro which is considered by the UNESCO as a “Masterpiece of Oral Heritage and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”. El Carnaval features music, crafts and dance, and is highlighted by a 20 hour parade where dancers perform traditional Bolivian dances like La Diablada, Morenada, Caporales, and Tobas down a 30 mile stretch. While in Oruro make sure you try the famous Api con Pastel, a corn based drink paired with a fried cheese empanada for breakfast and for lunch try the dried meat dish, Charquekán paired with a Huari beer. To complete this magical adventure we can return to La Paz, to visit the highest navigable lake in the world, Lago Titicaca. Copacabana sits at the shores of Lake Titicaca, here you can visit the Basilica de Copacabana, and take a boat ride to La Isla del Sol or Isla de La Luna, to view the Incan ruins. While here you must try the incredible Trucha, a trout dish, and to seal the deal ask for a Chuflay, a Bolivian mixed drink. A little piece of heaven right at the heart of South America, Bolivia will surpass all expectations and provide a trip full of color, history, adventure, mystery and enchantment. █



/ JANUARY 2012


by Jenny Osoria

he Holiday festivities are done, a new year is here and the guilt of all the delicious food from all the parties starts to kick in. And like every year you are ready to the hit the gym like a warrior, you’re so pumped and energize that you start working out nonstop and never miss a day. You work out so hard every day, with no rest that by the second or third week you’re so tire that you end up giving up and don’t accomplish all your fitness goals. I’m going to give you fitness tips and ideas that will keep you on the right track to help you reach a healthy and fit new body that will keep you on track to reach all your fitness goals.



/ JANUARY 2012


5 3


6 by Daniela Guillen

N 2007, JENNIFER LOPEZ AND MARC ANTHONY STARRED IN THE MOVIE EL CANTANTE. The film captures the rise and demise of legendary salsa singer Hector Lavoe. The film takes you back to the 1960s, 70s and 80s when the sounds of Salsa filled the streets of New York City. The outfits chosen for Lopez to wear were carefully selected and inspired from an album of Puchi’s pictures. Throughout the movie I noticed many different head scarves, turbans, chunky earrings, high-waist hot shorts, loose curls and brightly colored dresses. My favorite look is the red dress Lopez wears in the film. It’s elegant, vibrant, spicy and fun; perfect for a night of salsa dancing! Here are some key items you’ll need to help you recreate Puchi’s look! █


1. Lipsy Ruched Mesh Panel Dress $99.99, / 2. Enamel Triangle Earrings Price: $20.00 www. / 3. Raised Enamel Section Stud Earrings Price: $20.00 4. Eugenia Kim Chiara Turban Headband $77.00 / 5. EMILIO PUCCI Printed scarf $211.00 / 6. L.A.M.B. Crepe $293,


1 9



/ JANUARY 2012



Background: Black, Native American, Caucasian Hobbies: Trying new restaurants and pageantry. Favorite Food: Mom’s spaghetti Favorite Movie: My Bestfriends Wedding Favorite Quote: “All I know is, you only make a once in a lifetime buddy, ONCE in a lifetime!” Photographer: Cameron ( Venue: Josephine

/ 25




/ JANUARY 2012

By Manu Mayor

cafe citron by Manu Mayor

afé Citron is unpretentious, real, and full of natural welcoming vibes. Maybe you can’t quite place your finger on it, but Citron is more than the sum of its parts and it just keeps bringing you back with its inviting atmosphere. If you’ve been living in the DC area for a while, chances are there have been dozens of times when you and your friends made plans to go somewhere else, had the whole night planned out, only to hit a bump in the road and end up at the reliable and always fun, Café Citron. Located in the colorful Dupont Circle neighborhood, Cafe Citron has been a D.C. happy hour (Tues-Fri 4-7:30PM; Sat 4-8PM) and late night staple for some time now. It’s also one of the few dance clubs left in the city that doesn’t charge a cover fee making it very affordable during these harsh economic times. The regular happy hour crowd knows Café Citron serves some of the best mojitos in the city (and now you do too!). If you are in the mood for mojitos, Citron is the place to be. Their mango mojito is turning into a bit of a celebrity in the local happy hour scene, definitely not to be missed. Have a large group?

Forget the glass and share the joy by ordering a mojito pitcher! Now that is what we call a good time! No matter the occasion or what you are drinking you will always encounter a lively atmosphere and a mixed crowd of beautiful looking people at Café Citron. The DJ’s start spinning early here, but the music is never loud enough that you can’t hold a good conversation; instead it dances in the background setting the mood for a great evening. During the evening the size of the crowd is just right, giving you plenty of space to relax and try out different drinks or even grab some food. Citron’s main floor has a very high ceiling and some quirky decorations that definitely give it some character. This is not the trendiest new lounge or the latest cutting edge club, it’s a place to come have some drinks with friends during the evening and to let loose at night. Citron also has a basement level with a crazy looking ceiling and a cool tiled bar that’s certainly interestingly offbeat. If you are claustrophobic however, you are probably better off making your way to Citron’s VIP Suite. This space offers more room, high ceilings, seating, a smoking patio and 2 bars. One of them offers a black onyx bar paired with

an infinity mirror backdrop that is stunning. The trick is of course getting access to the VIP Suite (Hint: Getting to Citron early certainly helps). As the night descends the DJ raises the stakes and people start pouring in. You thought you were just coming here for a couple of drinks before going home? Forget about it! By the time you are finished with your mojito pitcher, you will be ready for more! A mix of salsa, reggaeton, Latin pop, top-40, and Euro-house gets the crowd going early in the night. The people you saw relaxing and chatting away just an hour ago are likely to be dancing on the tables by the end of the night. How? Why? Could it be the great tasting drinks that creep up on you? The friendly bartenders that make you feel at ease early on? The varied blend of music? The crowd that seems to just want to have a good time? No matter the reason, Citron usually adds up to a crazy party, bongos blaring and all. All you have to do is let yourself go with the flow. Café Citron is located at 1343 Connecticut Ave, Washington, DC and online at █


/ 27


By: Christina Cortés

e’s a member of the DMV’s most legendary DJ crew, El Combo Letal. He’s an official DJ for MIGO Productions; one of the promotion kings of the DMV, and later this year he will be touring with Maravilla inc. You can hear him mix live on El Zol 107.9fm, and you can catch him some of our most poppin’ clubs. Starting out in the DJing game at the young age of 12,

Nelson Escobar – better known as DJ Xplosive – has made quite the name for himself! After more than a decade of perfecting his explosive talent, he is without a doubt one of our area’s most versatile DJs. Starting out as a hip hop DJ, Xplosive transitioned into the Latin music scene with ease. By staying on his grind Xplosive has gone on to work with dozens of the music industry’s hottest artists, and he has been seen spinning in clubs in North Carolina, NY and New Jersey. Check out what this ambitious young man had to say when we got the chance to talk to him recently!

KH: Where can we party with you during the week? X: I’m at Bravo Bravo in DC with COC Productions on Fridays, Saturday I’m at newly renovated The Palace in Woodbridge, and on Sundays I’m in Maryland at Galaxy Nightclub.

KH: How did you start out DJing? X: When I was twelve I would observe my uncles while they were DJing and try to learn as much as possible. They would mix Latin music but I was really into hip hop so I decided to try it with hip hop. I had a system in my walk-in closet and I would be in there practicing all day and all weekend. When I was thirteen I started doing middle school parties.

KH: You seem to have a very close relationship with your mom. How involved in your career is she? X: She’s very involved! She comes to some of meetings and always knows all my plans. Whenever I’m thinking about the next move I’m going to make I turn to her and she gives me great advice. She’s always there for me and she understands.

KH: How did you work your way into clubs? X: I would listen to live broadcasts from the club and study how they mixed so I could learn more. When I was 15 years old I got access to open for other DJs in the club from DJ Chris Styles. I knew I was a taking a risk, but I had to do it to accomplish my goals. KH: What has it been like working at El Zol? X: I love it! As one of the youngest people working at El Zol I can learn from everyone there. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to learn more and constantly demonstrate everything that I’ve learned. They put a lot of hard challenges on everyone and I love that! I love to be challenged.

KH: So how’s your love life going? X: My love life… (laughs) I don’t have a love life. I’m still young and I have a lot to learn. I don’t have the time or the patience for a relationship. Right now it’s all about work and staying on my grind. If I’m ever looking for love I turn to my family; they’re always there for me.

KH: Where do you hope to be in your career in the next few years? X: It’s all about expansion. I want to get to a level where if I go back to El Salvador people will recognize me like they do here. I would love to be recognized at the 2012 Latin Mixx Awards this year, too, and I want to DJ in more places outside the DMV like Miami and LA, and eventually internationally. I also want to have my own steady weekly show on the radio where I host and mix at the same time. █




/ JANUARY 2012



KE? KESTA HOROSCOPE Aries: Diogo Nogueira says:” Cada um tem a luz que encanta e seduz Não desista de amar”

-“Deus é Mais”, Diogo Nogueira

Taurus: Alexis y Fido says:”Ojos que

no ven, corazon que no siente”

Libra: Thievery Corporation says:” El pueblo unido, jamas sera vencido”

/ 29


-“El Pueblo Unido”, Thievery Coporation

Scorpio: Eva Ayllon says:” Saca la

mano, saca los pies y saca la cabeza sino la quieres perder”

-“Ojos que no ven”, Alexis y Fido

-“Saca la mano”, Eva Ayllon

Gemini: Romeo Santos says: “Tienes el aura y el poder que conduce al infinito a todo hombre que te suele conocer”

Sagitarius: Alexis y Fido says:” Dale, lobo, saca lo de lobo”

Cancer: George Lopez says:”Two

Capricorn: Novalima says:” Chinchivi

-“El Lobo”, Alexis y Fido

-“You”, Romeo Santos

wrongs do not make a right; but three rights make a left.”

le hace reir, chinchivi le hace gozar. Negro se pone guarapo cuando toma chinchivi” -”Chinchivi”, Novalima

Leo: Eva Ayllon says: “Dice la gente,

que es tan cruel y despiadada que si estas abandonado, es porque no eres gran cosa ”

-“Mal Paso”, Eva Ayllon

Aquarius: Alexis y Fido says:”No

cogas miedo, dale, tira pa’ lante. Pa’ que este rumble se ponga interesante”

-“El Rolo”, Alexis y Fido

Virgo: Ozomatli says:” You can’t stop, this love. Shake it, Shake it, Shake, Shake it, Shake it”-“Can’t Stop”, Ozomatli

Pisces: Romeo Santos says: ”En el amor no hay economia ni nada precisa pa’ que dos se quieran” --“Que se mueran”, Romeo Santos

Download and install a free QR code reader for your phone 1. Open the QR code reader application 2. Take picture / scan the QR code with your mobile device 3. The code willl take you to the Win Tickets Page for a chance to win 4. THE FIRST PEOPLE TO ANSWER THE QUESTION CORRECTLY ON THE WIN TICKETS PAGE WINS TICKETS TO CONCERT. Good Luck!


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/ 32

Kesta Happening January Issue  
Kesta Happening January Issue  

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