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help those families in need?” That’s how the project came to be. To be the successful and admirable business woman she is today, she overcame many challenges, but she’s remained appreciative in the process: “Like any immigrant when you come to a different country, not having your family nearby, and learning everything from 0, it makes you appreciate so much when you prosper and the opportunities that people give you. Yes, it’s true, I have worked very hard for what I have, but you have to be grateful to the people who have lent you a hand and to the people who gave you opportunity through the years… we’re grateful for our community. They give us so much, and we want to give back to them.” Ms.Elda loves the work she does, but most of all, getting to know people and showing others the important role that Hispanics play in our society: “At the end of the day, our businesses are a way to do something better, to change the way people look at us as Hispanics, and as immigrants…to show that the Hispanic community is here to contribute; that we are honorable, hardworking people that have come to this country to work hard, and to contribute. We all have a mission in life, and when you find your mission, I think you’re happy.” By: Sarah Barrie

Elda M.Devarie is President and CEO of EMD Sales, Inc., a minority, family owned food distribution business of ethnic food products and wines, located in Baltimore, MD. She is also the creator and mastermind behind Bolas de Amor (Bags of Love) the community outreach project that has united Hispanic businesses from all over to help families in need. Each year, the Bolsas de Amor campaign brings together various Hispanic businesses and organizations in the community for the purpose of helping families in need by

distributing boxes of food provided by international food brands and supermarkets. Families are considered based upon submissions by community organizations, as well as, letters with petitions for support. This year’s event spanned across 4 states with 34 distribution locations, and with the help of over 120 volunteers 800 boxes of food products were donated. Bolsas de Amor was inspired by an article about the current state of the food bank written by Alberto Avendaño of El Tiempo Latino, where he talked about how the food bank that particular year was at its lowest in inventory of food products for families in need. She found the article very eye opening, especially because during the winter months, the donations to the food bank are generally lower. “Everyone is so generous during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but then when winter comes, there is lack of food.” So she decided to do something about it. “I have food, you have the media behind you,” she told Avendaño and El Tiempo Latino, “Why don’t we sit down together and put something together so we can

Her success is largely credited to hard work, perseverance, and faith. “You’ve gotta have faith in yourself, in the world, and in God, that he’s providing for you every step of the way. You have to be hard working, you have to persevere, but you have to have faith in all of those things to be able to make it. In the good times and the bad ones, you can’t quit.” Bolsas de Amor is an ongoing project for Ms. Elda and the community. You can help support Bolsas de Amor by making a donation or volunteering. For more information you may call EMD Sales Inc. directly at 301.322.4503, Ex 113. Thank you Elda for all that you do help needy families in the DMV! █

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Kesta Happening Magazine April 2015  

In this issue: Tego Calderon, Romeo Santos, Akwid, Los Autenticos Decadentes, Lila Downs, Gilberto Gil, Kinky, Ana Tijoux, Grupo Vena, Marie...

Kesta Happening Magazine April 2015  

In this issue: Tego Calderon, Romeo Santos, Akwid, Los Autenticos Decadentes, Lila Downs, Gilberto Gil, Kinky, Ana Tijoux, Grupo Vena, Marie...