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Elon to invest nearly $100 million in new residence life Elon has started its plan to revamp and renew the university’s residential campus. Fifty-eight percent of undergraduates live on campus and the plan is to attract more upperclassmen to live on campus. The construction plans to include a housing complex specifically for seniors, a “neighborhood concept” throughout campus, and reconstructing lounges. The plan will create 1,600 new living spaces and increase the percentage of students living on campus from 58 percent to 75 percent. The dorms surrounding Lake Mary Nell, including Moffitt, Staley, Chandler, Colclough and Maynard, will be demolished and rebuilt into the “Global Neighborhood.” This area of campus will be internationally themed and include a new dining hall, international café and auditorium. The Loy Center for Greek homes will be adding five new houses and reconstructing the current buildings. The main concept of the residential change is the introduction of neighborhoods to

campus. The area including dorms such as Virginia, Sloan, Carolina and Smith will be known as the Historic Neighborhood. This part of campus will be used primarily by freshmen and aims to instill a feeling of pride and knowledge of the school’s history within the residents. The “Oaks Neighborhood” will accommodate mostly juniors and will not receive substantial reconsruction. Colonnades will be adding three new buildings and is compromised of 50 percent freshman, 30 percent sophomores and 20 percent juniors and seniors. The plan for this residential life construction is to bring all of Elon’s students together in a way that binds living and learning together. “What residence life and higher education has been talking about for years is how do you connect the experiences students are having in the classroom with the out of class experiences,” said Niki Turley, director of residence life.

Elon’s new residential plan to connect living and learning with ‘neighborhood’ style dorms By Katie Essenfeld The multi-million-dollar reconstruction of Elon’s residential campus is not only to renew the buildings and dorms on campus but to attract upperclassmen to live on campus as well. The new dorms and living arraignments are aimed to attract students to live on campus, not require them. “This is not a plan about bricks and mortar and adding residence halls,” Jeff Stein, special assistant to the president. “This is a plan to transform the entire campus culture.” The building plan is expected to create an environment for students that combines both living and learning in the same atmosphere. Planners envision dividing the campus into a series of neighborhoods. The primarily first-year area of campus, including dorms such as Carolina, Smith, Virginia and Sloan, will be called the “historic

neighborhood,” focusing on history and pride of the university. The area by Lake Mary Nell will be known as the “Global Neighborhood” emphasizing international culture and will include new dorms, dining hall and international café and auditorium. Plans also include an area with townhouses specifically for seniors close to campus. Colonnades will be adding three new dorms to the complex, and five new houses for sororities and fraternities will be added to the Loy Center. The neighborhood concept is in attempt to renew and modernize the feel of Elon residential life and provide a connection between the campus and its residents. The school’s effort to embrace bring juniors and seniors in the campus community are expected to also provide good role models.

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“I think having the creative liberties that you For more information contact: Katie Essenfeld Elon University, News Bureau 908-418-5625

do off campus would be nice on campus,” said senior Allie Jones. “Such as painting your walls or finding your own furniture.” “I think the most important thing for this initiative to be successful is that it’s not thought of as a residential life project this is a community project,” said Connie Book, associate provost for academic affairs. With many more years of construction and plans to be defined, Elon’s new residential campus aims to integrate student life with learning and academics.

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Elon to invest nearly $100 million in new residence life FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE By Katie Essenfeld Layout of possible residential plan provid...