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EFA CEO talks about Fashion Week and the future

D I G I T & C O M PA N Y R O S I E B A RT H E L M E S S V I RT U A L B A K I N G B L A Z I N G J E W E L RY Nicky Ree Arikinui Adria Shai Bianca F. Armidi Insolence Evie’s Closet Winter Fashions: Savvy Avvy

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Features Virtual Cake? 8 We drop in on Genie Bade’s cake shop to tempt our pixelated palettes.

For the Cause 22 Una Ewing talks about her inspiration for Fashion Week. We Love Rosie! 64 You’ve read her blog, now meet the lady herself. Rosie Barthelmess is big, bold and beautiful. Photography by Marleen Vaughn. Wear It Nuclear 12 Arikinui Adri dazzles us with new designs, both soft and sultry.

Italian Chic 43 Davey Hullabaloo and Harmonica Aabye show why we drop so many lindens at Armidi.

Nicky Ree 27 Bianca F. 46 Summer and Tempest Tillie works these show us the best of funky ensembles. Nicky for Xmas. Not for the faint of heart. Casa del Shai 36 Just in time for those Savvy 53 Xmas parties, Shai Not exactly for Capdoesn’t disappoint tain Jack. Serenity with her latest. Innis shows us

Savvy Avvy’s best.

Insolence 60 Larissa Vacano shows us other ways to spend Xmas.

Blazing Jewelry 70 With the opening of her new store, Stargazer is indeed reaching for the stars.

Digit & Co. 73 This fashion house Evie’s Closet 82 is a force to be reckFancy some romance oned with. and roleplay this season? Anastacia Lusch Song Bird 78 SL and RL singer shines in a world of Jean Munro shares fantasy. her experiences.


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CONTRIBUTING CONSULTANT Marleen Vaughn ASSISTANT TO THE EDITOR Eria Ziemia FASHION CONTRIBUTORS Serenity Innis, Eria Ziemia, Evangeline Miles PHOTOGRAPHERS Marleen Vaughn, Kris Mounier, Takeshi Kiama CONTRIBUTING JOURNALISTS Nadya Paine, Therese Carfagno, Aaliyah Munro

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Virtual Baking? It’s A Piece of Cake! by Aaliyah Munro

There are but few times in my Second Life that I’ve experienced complete sensory immersion- where the sights, sounds, and even smells of a virtual construct effect my real sensory perception; such was the case the moment I entered Piece of Cake, a bakery owned by fashionista Genie Bade. A graphic designer by trade, Genie Bade skillfully designs creative and custom pastries for all to enjoy. I had the pleasure to speak with Ms. Bade in regards to her shop; as my mouth watered for a neko cupcake and a little train on a gingerbread village churned in the background, she shared with me her secrets to creating crafty cakes and confectionaries.

Genie Bade: Well, I was a [new resident] like everyone else, and had no idea how to build or anything. Then I realized as I got along in the game that many people get married in here and that there were so few cakes out there. I decided this is a good way to get started on learning how to build and then I took to it like a fish in the water. I loved it! My shop followed quickly there after and I have been “baking” ever since.

Genie Bade: It has surprised me. Some days nothing sells, some days I sell like mad- the biggest surprise was that my wedding cakes sell very slowly but my birthday and rezday cakes fly off the shelves! I started out with only wedding cakes. Now I have expanded to everything from cookies, to cheesecake, and etc.

AM: So, how did you get started with your business? What brought you to having a bakery in SL?

AM: Sounds great- you’ve definitely identified a niche market. May I ask how business has been since you opened?

Genie Bade: The rezday and birthday cakes I do a lot of customizing for clients on. But I do enjoy making the


Piece of Cake owner, Genie Bade photo by Takeshi Kiama

AM: What are some of your specialties, besides wedding cakes?

Neko Cupcakes

Ivory tiered wedding cake

Something I would be proud to display; I am a graphic artist in RL so I like detail.

Til Death Do Us Part Wedding Cake

AM: I understand. That was actually my next question- what in RL inspired you to bake in SL?

sweets like the cupcakes and cookies. My neko cupcakes are one of my favorite creations. I love whimsy and interactivity; that is why all my products give everyone a slice to wear. I just think things should be as fun as possible in-world. AM: You definitely have wonderfully creative designs!

Tell me, besides customization, how do you stand apart from other bakeries in SL? Genie Bade: To be honest, I have really only seen maybe 3 others. I don’t like to say one is better then the other, because thats just not fair- I take lots of care in my work, and I want it to be high quality.

Genie Bade: I was asked by a rl baker if I bake in rl and that struck me as funny cause the answer I thought should be yes but I bake out of the box. lol! I have however ordered customer cakes that I have designedI just cant bake them in RL so SL gives me a bit of fun. AM: OK- last question... what are some things that you’d want your customers to take away from



Hearts of Love Wedding Cake

Tiffany Tiered Wedding Cake

Classic Tiered Wedding Cake

their experience here at your bakery? Genie Bade: Likewise! This was fun. I hope I gave you enogh to work with. Genie Bade: I want them to love the product Would you like some cake or cookies- on enough to tell their friends about it, to tell me the house? They are fresh from the oven... about it and make suggestions, to come back again some day and most important I want Yum! Visit Genie at A Piece of Cake bakery, them to appreciate the product as much as I do. and delight your virtual taste buds with artfully designed, well-crafted cakes and other AM: Great- thank you Genie for your yummy pastries- its an immersive experitime- it was very much appreciated! ence that will leave you full in both lives!

Visit Piece of Cake at the MaC Mall: 10

Shoes, jewelry, and unique clothes, and Mr. Shaka Saintlouis. Unique clothes with unique textures. Click here to teleport to Shen’s Boutique

Nuclear decadence Arikinui takes a saucy step forward with her new sultry designs

Kyrinnia is wearing the sexy ‘Scandal’ babydoll in cool berry, 275L Skin, MM Skins 12

Shenandoah rockin’ out Neko style in Nuclear’s ‘Surrender’ in Sangria, 275L Hair, Gurl 6 14

Kyrinnia wearing ‘Vanity’ in Sangria. Classic and elegant, 500L


Shenandoah wearing ‘Xecutive Suit’ in Navy, 275L Sheer brilliance blouse in white, 125L Hair, ETD; Skin, Naughty; Glasses, FNKY! Shoes and Jewelry, Shen’s Boutique

For the Cause: F No one would’ve ever guessed what Una felt, “Well, it was scary!” This professionally driven lady reported, “We had the concept perhaps the month before...and thought no way, but as time grew closer what we were trying to avoid became a reality.”

It wasn’t easy, as anyone could imagine. Una told EoSL, “We initially planned to do a designer per night, but then it grew to two per night. 8 in a week.” and yet, “It was a lot of fun. I met a great deal of amazing people and the charity also,” It was the month we know as Breast Cancer [Awareness] month, so they, Una and her partners, thought they should have a few boxes at their premises. They formed their network, and third parties started asking to do side-events to raise money. “We also opened up this club and got the Sim as part of it, so EFA has affected us all at the agency.” Their third-parties included Calla hair, they placed a box and even gave everyone who donated 200 or more Lindens a gift voucher, the Cafe Society with their own box, along with other third-parties that sported the Pink Ribbon boxes - they raised over 100 grand.


Fashion Week



Behind the scenes, Una told us, “Well, there are some great people at the agency - it is all team work. We are responsible for making it look like we woke up out of bed and happen to cross a runway that day. From castings and two hours practices each day for ten days before the show, the long fittings and the painstaking retakes. The team were fantastic 3rd party models.” “Real professionals - that is what sets them apart.” The designers were anything but scarce, Ewing gave us at EoSL names and in order no less. Quinland Quinmby, Delaney Whippet, Indyra Seigo, Aveda Institutes, Soraya Blachere Leezu Baxter, Shai Delacroix and Megg Demina. How did Fashion Week contribute to her experience in future endeavors? This modest woman cooly stated, “Only time will tell, but let’s say, the future is looking bright! On one hand, I can say it may have opened doors,” “The most crucial thing is that we have gone where no one has really gone has been a test of the agency’s strength to follow through. We are ready for the next.” EoSL has no doubt about future success for Una Ewing and her agency. With Fashion Week under her belt, Ewing will have more than a week in fashion. Visit Ewing Fashion Agency by clicking here. 25

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Nicky Ree

Summer Deadlight and Tempest Hennesy will take your breathe away with these stunning designs from Nicky Ree 27



r e m m u


in Snow Queen 980L

W ho will listen to the snow falling

ed on fairies’wings to the earth...




t s e emp


in Swan Lake Dream 980L in black


he walks in beauty, like the night

Click hereskies... to visit Nicky’s blog cloudless climes and starry

Click here to teleport to Nicky’s main store


e v o l h wit

e g a iv nt OX X O y l r a M

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BEAUTY MORE THAN SKIN DEEP che che click to teleport


We’re Punk Shai’s



e setting all the kitties loose on you this issue. SL Illustrated finalist kKitty Fitzgerald and her guy Den bring out the primal in some of s must haves.


PunkKitty i Roisin Coc and Den is Croc Trenc

is wearing the cktail dress in zebra, 600L s modeling the Le Smoking ch in Red, 700L

On PunkKitty, the Winte 600L

Teleport to

On Den, Alfonso 3 piece suit Steel Blue 800L

er Grey Gown

Casa del Shai

Mystikal 133 119 27


Italian Glam


Harmonica in French Cut Bodi Dress in Creme, 215L.


Teleport to Armidi

Davey in Classic Italian suit in Chocolate, 525L


Bianca F.


It takes time to look this good. know where to shop. Tillie m easy.

Tillie in Bianca Foulon fatina, 450L. Shoes, Sandalo farfalla Oro Hair, Cake

... unless you makes it look 47


! r a e Y w e py N

T le N

Tillie opts for something a little ess conventional for New Years. No complaints here!

Bianca Foulon-punky, 600L Hair, Deviant Kitties

Teleport to Bianca Foulon on Addictive


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savvy style with a bit of cake seasonal wadrobe picks to keep you warm and stylish from serenity Innis

53 53

Aviator jacket - L$400 This is a leather bomber jacket with a lambs wool collar that is made for guys. but looks great on a girl with either jeans or over a simpe, knee length dress or skirt. even comes with aviator glasses



Woolen Snow Coat - L$400 I added charcoal pantyhose from Blaze and Analise boots in black from Tesla. Works best with an updo or pony tail that leaves the collar bare.


Jersey Pullover shown in green - Cake 10 color pack L$1500 This can work as a top in a jeans outďŹ t or as a sweater dress. The sweater dress is hot for the fall and the cowl neck line adds nice detail.

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Chestnuts a Larissa Va night with I


aren ‘t the only things roasting. acano stokes the fires for a cozy winter Insolence.

Lingerie, Insolence “Scarlett Bordeaux”, 290L. Shoes, Tesla “Vinyl Vixens Black”. Hair, Maitreya “River Black”. Skin, Insolence “Sonia Tan Night”. Necklace, Vacano & Stine Montisigard “Heart Necklace”. “Silver Hoop Earrings”, Purple Rose Jewelry & More. Bracelet, Tesla “Cobra Coil”. Ring, “Sapphire Diamond Cluster Ring”, Purple Rose Jewelry & More 61

Lingerie, Insolence “Laure Olive”, 290L. Hair, Maitreya “River Black”. Skin, Insolence “Sonia Tan Night”. Necklace, “Heart of the ocean”, Purple Rose Jewelry & More. “Silver Hoop Earrings”, Purple Rose Jewelry & More. Bracelet, Tesla “Cobra Coil”. Ring, “Sapphire Diamond Cluster Ring”, Purple Rose Jewelry & More 62

Teleport to Insolence


How did you get involved in Second was deployed earlier this year. She kept Life? How’d you find out about it? working on me, sending me screenshots, showing me her Flickr account she set My RL best friend (SL name: Isadora up for Isadora, like picture postcards of Graves) has always been into different vir- her fabulous adventures. Eventually tual worlds and online experiences. Over she told me about how she was hanging the years, she’s encouraged me to dabble out at different nightclubs and music in different things -- The Sims, EQ2, WoW, hotspots in SL, and that seemed to be even blogging and some different websites just the social cure for my loneliness. I we work on together. One day, she told love music, I love people, and it was the me about an amazing new world she had right combination. found -- Second Life. The more she talked I was instantly hooked. Started in May to me about SL, the more I knew if I ever 2007, bought my house in June, and got involved in it I wouldn’t be able to let haven’t looked back! it go. So, I kept postponing my introduction to SL. Were you a plus sized avie after you got rid of the newbie look? And what I’m a military wife IRL, and my husband led you to the decision.


I was plus sized on Orientation Island, are you kidding me? I was a n00b in every sense of the word when I started in SL. I had no idea what I was going to find in this amazing environment. The only visuals I had prior to orientation were the screenshots of Isadora, a tall, statuesque brunette. So when I got to the appearance stations, I made myself short and round! I didn’t even hesitate. It was just the right thing to do.

When Isadora TP’d me into the club where she was dancing, I was shocked to find that I was about a foot shorter, and quite a bit rounder, than any of the other women in the club. She took some screenshots of me dancing, and it was quite a sight. It was in the first week or so that I was first exposed to the strange intolerance you can find in SL under the right circumstances. In an ideal world, where you can be the perfect version of anything, you’re sub-


Loving Rosie in SL is teaching me how to love my RL plus-size self more. I consider that a blessing. Did you start DJing straight away or was that something that you got into because of SL?

ject to scrutiny if your avie is perceived as “imperfect” or “flawed.” I had no idea how “flawed” many would see Rosie, but I soon learned. It didn’t deter me, thankfully. It’s never really seemed an option, for me, to make Rosie thin. I’ve been dealing with online experiences for a long time, since I was a teen -- and I’ve always viewed the online realm as one in which your personality conveys who you are. I wouldn’t feel like myself if Rosie were shaped any differently. I’m all for everybody having an avie that they’re comfortable with and that they love -- and for that reason, I love my big avie shape.

I was actually a dancer, first. That’s right, Rosie strips! Every inch of me! Isadora and I were hanging out at a stripclub-combodanceclub, and Izzy wanted to get a job. She got a job dancing there, and was making some pretty good Lindens. I decided it was a pretty good idea, and mentioned in front of the manager of that club that I was going to try to find somewhere open to a plus-size dancer. She offered me a job pretty much on-the-spot. I was a successful dancer, and made quite a bit of money. I was the highest-tipped dancer many days that I worked. But more than that, I learned how to work a room, how to engage avies I didn’t personally know, and how to let myself shine through. It was a valuable experience. Eventually I had to leave that club’s employ, but I found

my way to Valin Frye’s Club 9.13 (now closed, unfortunately) where I was asked to join the staff. I was Dancer Of The Month in my second month with 9.13, and was the #1 revenue dancer for many weeks. It was then that they offered me a chance at being a DJ. So there I was, dancing some nights, and DJ’ing other nights. I got some good feedback as a DJ and I sort of caught the bug. I’m a music geek, and I have very wide, fun and eclectic tastes. I’ve had people tell me that listening to my set or hanging out while I’m playing music is like replaying the music of their memories. That excites me and I’m touched to know that people can get that much enjoyment out of the music I play. You never really know what you’re going to get at a DJ Rosie set, certainly -- but it’s always a really fun ride. I DJ regularly at Lounge of Dreams (an all-male-revue club), StarDust (a strip-

club), and The Cage (a dance club). I’d like to get back into dancing at least part-time, but right now I’m just really busy spinning tunes. I have an open-enroll DJ group (DJ Rosie Fan Club) where I send notices for my different DJ gigs, if anyone wants to come hang out and have some fun. So what started the Rosie revolution? hehe well it seems that way, cause your blog is so popular. Oh my gosh! When you say things like that, I get all flustered. The Rosie Revolution? That’s just crazy, to me. I still can’t


quite wrap my brain around it. On my blog, I just write. I write about my SL experiences. It’s skewed, of course, because so many of my experiences with my fellow SL’ers are related to how they react to the larger shape. Sometimes I write about all the fun I have. Sometimes, I write about things that aren’t quite so fun. I’m sure I’m guilty of letting the person behind the avatar “hang out” on a regular basis. But, that’s how I handle most things. What you see, with me, is what you get - and my blog is no exception. I’m always flattered and honored when someone comes up to me or IM’s me inworld and tells me they read my blog, and that somehow something I wrote touched them. I’ve had people tell me that I, or my blog, inspired them to create plus-size avatars in SL and try to be more comfortable in “their own skin.” That blows my mind. I’m so excited that someone would

be inspired by something I did. Isadora encouraged me to start my blog when I started having such mixed and amazing experiences in SL. She had never seen a SL blog written from the perspective of a larger avie, and thought it’d be an interesting, fun read. Plus, through my blog I’ve met some of the most amazing friends I could hope for in SL - whether they be plus-size, regular-size, Neko, Furries, Tinies, female or male. What’s your stand on the fashion scene in SL? What a question! If you had asked me this about three months ago, I would have told you that it sucked! But back then I didn’t want to pay more than $50 for a piece of clothing, and I had gotten stuck with a lot of poorly-made freebies that looked like stretched out messes on me. I actually walked into a store one day that had a sign hanging up, that said something like, “All prim skirts can be modified to fit your shape. If your butt measurement is bigger than XX, don’t even bother IM’ing me because nothing here will fit you.” I was so discouraged. Then one day, Isadora turned me on to PixelDolls, which was the first SL designer I really fell in love with. Their textures were so rich and realistic - and the seams didn’t bleed, and they didn’t look all distorted on my shape. I was in love.


Once I learned the glory and virtue of good textures, a whole new world was opened to me! Of course, I destroyed my fair share of nocopy prim attachments... By the way, let me just say this: No-modify prim attachments are the devil. THE DEVIL. No-mod bracelets? Nomod necklaces? No-mod anything? You should be ashamed of yourselves, designers who make no-mod prim things! I’m excited that there seems to be a small, but growing, revolution in the fashion scene, though. Some designers continue to rely on rich textures or are going back to rich textures. I have even met with some designers to try on some of their clothes, so they can see how and where the textures stretch or distort on a larger avie. I’ve been asked to loan my shape out so some clothing makers can start to create prims that will fit without looking stretched out or overly large.

the added prims, thank you. You make clothes that are easy for all of us to wear, and you give us all a chance to be pretty, pretty princesses every single day. Hopefully as the plus-size avies become a little more prevalent, or get more press, designers will see us as a viable market and create some things that won’t exclude us. Who knows, you might even start to see me or others walking a runway from time to time. Crashing through boundaries! Rosie has agreed to be our plus sized correspondant starting next issue. Be sure to check back!

For all of that, I’m grateful. To all the designers who create wonderful designs with detailed textures, with or without

Click here to visit Rosie on the web at her blog


Stargazer Blazer has recently opened her store, Stargazer Designs. EoSL has had the pleasure to speak with this designer about her new store. With only 3 months of design on her belt, and a recent graduate from the Career Institute of Fashion and Design, one would be surprised at the high quality contained in her designs. In spite of her busy schedule, Mrs. Blazer was able to give EoSL some of her time to talk about her upcoming designs for the holiday season!. “I have a line that is called Aquitaine, it is from the medieval period. The materials are from the period, pewter and gold are the metals and the gems are onyx, amethyst, citrine, lapis, and garnet.” Not only is she putting her effort into that project, but also something for those love birds looking to tie the knot. “ I have also created some wedding sets that have scripts in all the ladie’s rings. Bling on and off and also a show/hide script for the wedding band.”

Aquitai earring

Avatars looking for a variety, look no more, as Stargazer’s designs are as such! “First off, I am a huge shopper,” she admitted.”I kept seeing a lot of the same stuff, I would like to offer some designs that I just haven’t seen.” Her statement on this closed as she said, “ I like semi-precious stones and I don’t see much of them around SL. There are a lot of great jewelery designs here, I guess I have a different style to offer.” Upon asked about her winter plans, she said, “ My store has the Grand Opening coming up on halloween, so I have been working on that at present, but yes, I plan to have a set for the holidays in addition to several releases before then.” As much as Stargazer Blazer loves making jewelery for us


Aquitai earring

ine Collection, Garnet/Pewter gs 75L, necklace 200L

Aquitaine Collection, Onyx/gold earrings and necklace earrings 75L, necklace 200L

ine Collection, Garnet/Pewter gs 75L, necklace 200L

Aquitaine Collection, Garnet/Pewter ring and bracelet, 75L each

Blazing onto the scene

in the SL community, it isn’t without its difficulties. “Making jewelry requires patience and persistance. You also need to have a big enough piece of land on which to build. One of my necklaces has 188 prims. There are also building tricks I learned at CIF&D that let you get your prims smaller than the usual smallest prim size of .010.” Inspiring designers, fear not, for she did have a few words for you! “Try out your designs! Everyone has a different style. I found the CIF&D classes very challenging, I would recommend taking their program to give you some direction and structure. I also hear that other Master Jeweler programs (like at TUi) are also very good. It’s always good to have someone to bounce ideas off of.” There you have it, a personality as radiant as her jewels, Stargazer Blazer.

Cartier Inspired Emerald and Turquoise in Gold and Silver with Onyx and Carnelian, 300L each

Teleport to Stargazer Designs



the design team that is digit and aleri darkes has just gone through some major changes. they’ve included some new design partners,and bought their own island.


“I was working one day, and was like hm, let’s buy an island. And I just did it. But it was definitely a good buy. And we’ll have a little new island party very soon.” Now Digit scuttles around in her new office, looking for furniture and apologizing for what she calls a mess. “But apart from the mess, I love it here. We had the worst lag ever in our old store. “It’s very nice to be able to move prims again, says Aleri. “To build hair while lagging is no fun.” This dynamic duo has split their work in two parts: Aleri makes hair, while Digit does the clothes. That’s how it roughly works. But more than often, they will inspire each other. “We do a lot together, and I think we work well together most of the time. And we’re both quiet when we work, so we get things done, Aleri says. Often, she might have a base idea for an outfit, and then Digit runs with it. Digit nods. “Aleri’s great at making a base. Like whether it’s round neck, for example, or sleeve type. Then I go psycho spilling ideas adding to it. Thing is, lucky me, Aleri is so laid back, and has full confidence in my style, design and ideas. “And if there’s something I’m not fond of I let her know and offer a possible suggestion, and, even if she doesn’t like it, I know she’ll come up with five billion ideas for improvement on her own, Aleri laughs. Sometimes Aleri gives Digit hair that goes with her outfits, but it can also be the other way around, when Digit makes clothes


that goes with Aleri’s hair. Like when we’re talking, she’s wearing a 50’s inspired blouse and skirt with polka dots that matches a headband in Aleri’s creation. “I put this hair on, and was like oh my god, I must make a 50s retro dress now. “And I made more gothic/punky styles when she made the Wicked collection. I think we feed on each other’s ideas a lot, Aleri says. “Yes, we feed like leaches, Digit laughs. “It’s the perfect partnership. Aleri says “scarf”, I say “ooh, scarf with diamonds and embroidery”. For the both of them, hair and clothes isn’t only an SL occupation. Digit is a textile fashion designer in RL, while Aleri, well ... “She’s her own guinea pig. She has wild hair in RL, says Digit of her friend. “Only wild colour, Aleri protests, and shows me a RL picture where her hair is pink and blonde. “It’s just my natural blonde shoulder length layered, but I have two thick pieces of pink on my bangs, he he. “She’s a natural blond. “I’m a natural dork. And of course, they get lots of inspiration from RL. “The hair Digit is wearing right now was inspired by a style I saw Mary J. Blige was wearing. I liked that it was like a beehive, only more modern.” Aedan Beckersted enters the room. He’s the designer of AB Apparel, the men’s department. “I get it launched with the help of ole Digit, Aedan says. “See, I won him at a RL fair, says Digit,

laughing, and then recapturing. “Nah, we grew up together. How old were you, Aedan, when you guys moved in? “I was just turning six. So we go way back. But yes, I’m really excited about AB. My first line was a little experiment that went over great. It was casual, everyday beach and surf wear. “Just like him in RL. He’s Mister LA, says Digit. “The next line I’m working on, which will be out shortly, will be a more edgy, gothic line, mixed with my prep side. We’re all excited. I ask if he, as a designer of men’s clothes, isn’t a little envious on the designers of women’s clothing, as they have more possibilities. “Honestly, no. I look at Digit’s and other designers work with women clothing, and I’m blown away. But I’m glad to be taking the role I do, cuz I think men’s clothing in here needs to step up a notch. He says what’s important to him is quality, style, and demand. And the trio always makes sure that a guy in Aedan’s clothing looks great next to a girl with Digit’s clothes and Aleri’s hair. “I think all of our styles have many similarities and work good together for many different types of looks, says Aleri. And soon, they will be more. A friend from Milan, Bianca Foulon, will join them, along with Fiachra Lach from Essentia. This, plus the new island, gives them all a lot to think about and do these days. “We want to sell, sell, sell, says Digit. “And sell, adds Aedan. “We also want to have events, a place people can come just to hang out, with lots of seating and a beach, and we plan on holding some fashion shows, says Digit. They also plan something they call a “fashion duel”. “We would invite two designers which would get a preselected set of fabrics/textures. They would have two hours to make an outfit each, and the group members would then vote for the best design, says Digit. As for the holiday season, Digit says she’ll maybe do some Christmas dresses. “I love to do formals. Anything glittery.” Aleri agrees: “I like making dresses best as well too. “I guess that leaves me to do the AB formal line, huh? Gucci and Barney’s, watch out,” says Aedan. “Totally! You should do tuxes, but like cool damask in purple velvet. I’ll do gowns,” says Digit. “I’d like to see both some classic and formal with an edge, says Aleri. “Yeah. So let’s do it, says Digit, and adds: “You’ve just witnessed how we do things here.” teleport to Addictive

Jean Munro is the owner and main performer at the club Poseidon’s Port. Here, she talks about childhood, real life, and Jean Munro asks me to sit in some chairs she’s just made herself. I ask if she’s a builder as well as a musician, and she simply says «Learning» without wanting to make a big deal out of it. “Been concentrating on the music, so no time really. Music has taken up a lot of time in Munro’s life. Ever since she was a child, actually. “The whole family on my mother’s side are musical. My grandmother played the piano, sang and performed in the local theater, and my grandfather played both the piano and the violin, and sang as well. My mom plays the piano and sings, and my father sang and played the ukulele, ha ha. They always sang together. Munro has two brothers that sings, plays the trumpet and the guitar. “So I had no choice. I was born into it. I had to love music. Her mother started teaching her the piano when she was five, but it wasn’t an altogether happy thing. “A bit hit and miss. You know, she taught everyone else, but I was left to teach mself. Then finally I begged her to send me to someone else. That worked better. But although she considers herself to be a decent piano player, she says it’s her voice that’s her gift. “Singing came easy to me. I lose myself when I sing. I sing everywhere, ha ha. Have to catch myself out in public. That’s why, when she studied classical performance in college, she majored in voice and took a minor in piano. She also double majored in business. “Seems I always have to do too much at the same time. A tune comes over the stream. Munro recognizes it. “I play this one at weddings in RL, a beautiful song: ”The Prayer”. It’s done by Celine Dion and Andrea Botticelli, half in English, half in Italian. After college, Munro’s combined teaching and performance. “I’ve taught voice and piano to the neighbourhood kids. I also teach two choirs, and singers for cantoring “how to be the leader of the song. She says it’s ok to teach, it helps pay the bills. “But then there’s always the one that shines and makes you proud. The ones who are doing it for the love of music. Munro says she prefers to perform. And moving from RL to SL didn’t make such a difference. “Just needed the proper gear. She cooperated with a man called Audiater Faulds.



“We started out on a piece of land where he built a place called Sky Society. That’s where I played my first show in June. I was very nervous being at a new frontier. Not that she had any need to be nervous. “I’m a perfectionist I guess. But the audiences here in SL are wonderful. I think they are enthusiastic for the fact that they can hop from place to place and hear so many different musicians. After her debut, she jumped right in and went over to The Hummingbird and did a Thursday open mic performance. “From there, the jobs just started poring in. In September, after they’d sold the other place, she and Faulds made Poseidon’s Port. She says of the club she wants it to be a place where people can watch both the sunset and the sunrise, have a nice, quiet dance, and talk with friends. Maybe rez a boat. “I’ve had a few open mic nights, and hosted some SL musician friends here. I will be planning more events. I’ve had some great designers too, and maybe I should get a nice piano builder. She thinks about it. “Or maybe I should tackle that myself? That’s how you learn, by doing. With the Christmas holiday coming up, Munro has a few plans om that as well. “Our Christmas party will be on December 12th. I will also play at a few other people’s Christmas parties. Munro’s favourite is the one simply called ”The Christmas Song”. “You know, the one starting with ”Chestnuts roasting on an open fire …” It just captures the feeling of Christmas. The spirit that surrounds everyone this time of year. People becoming more aware of everyone around them. More giving and forgiving. And I love ”O Holy Night”. That’s my favourite to sing. It just gives me the chills. When she’s on stage, Munro tends to wear gowns, but if it’s a more casual place, like the Irish pub the Blarney Stone, she’ll dress acordingly. “Casual to me does not mean jeans, but a nice pants set “maybe from Last Call. They are among my favourites. I have a few pieces from Eros Designs as well. I’m not a big shopper, so I stay with what I know.



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