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The quality of meals provided in care homes is a sensitive issue that requires a good deal of consideration. At AJ Purchasing we have over twenty years supporting care home caterers and we acknowledge that we have a part to play in providing helpful advice and information for care home operators to ensure they offer a nutritionally balanced range of goods.

Meal time occasions form a focal point of the day for the resident and it should not only be a source of good nutrition but an enjoyable and social occasion. Our example care home menu considers the National Minimum Standards and reflects current thoughts on best practice.

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Creating a well-composed menu that meets the national minimum standards requires complex product analysis software. It is a time consuming process that usually involves qualified and experienced individuals in order to produce a fully nutritionally balanced menu. There is however simple guidelines that can be followed to ensure the basic elements of a balanced menu are considered.

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These include providing: • At least 2 portions of protein food each day • At least 3 portions of vegetables each day • At least 1 portion of starchy food each meal • At least 2 portions of fruit each day • At least 2 portions of dairy food each day • Oily fish at least twice a week

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If you would like to discuss your particular requirements in detail then please contact us. Our sample menu is approved by our consultant Dietitian, Diana Hawdon. Diana is Registered Dietitian and Registered Nutritionist (Public Health) with over 30 years of food and nutrition related experience.

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AJ Purchasing Nutritional Menu  
AJ Purchasing Nutritional Menu