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Social Media

Facebook – Food & Nutrition Thematic branded Facebook site pulls in information from twitter account, Food & Nutrition Hotspot and new book publication feeds. The page is used to raise awareness of product and to increase subscriptions to Hotspot. Currently 152 likes. Link:

Wordpress – Invasives Species Blog The CABI Invasives blog is an opportunity for scientists to highlight their research and debate topical issues in the field of invasive species. I created the site, instructed bloggers (scientists) on how to blog. I still manage the site now and run campaigns to increase awareness of the blog and its readership as well as recruiting new authors. Link:

Twitter Set up 3 different thematic Twitter accounts. All 3 are in line with the CABI brand. @CABI_News is the general account which I manage, whereas the @CABI_Health and @Vetmed_resource are scientific accounts which are managed by content editors. Currently 964 followers on the main CABI account.

Ning – Social Networking platform - The Biofuels Information Exchange The role that biofuels play in meeting global energy demands is still evolving and many questions are being asked. The Biofuels Information Exchange provides a place where experts and others interested in this field can discuss the best science and evidence. I created the site and manage it. The Information Exchange has currently 589 approved members who actively discuss hot topics and share information. Link:

Social Media  

This introduces various forms of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Ning and Wordpress.