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For this installation of our Cocktail List we have taken inspiration from festivals, holidays, monthly symbols and other happenings during the course of a Calendar Year. We’ve collectively created 12 drinks, each with appropriate characteristics in order to accurately represent the chosen event. Welcome to ‘A Year in Liquid’.

Who dis?

Long, Dry, Resolutions Included - £8

It’s a New Year and a “New You”! You’ve joined a gym, quit drinking and smoking and your new vegan diet is working wonders… Nope, us neither.

Long, Velvety, Not into Yoga - £8

Puerto Rico. The country whose national drink is the Piña Colada. Sounds like paradise right? It’s pretty wet there in February though (great if you like getting caught in the rain…). To order please sing the song loudly, out of tune and getting the majority of the words wrong.

Short, Rich, with a Plot Twist - £8

St Patrick’s day usually involves wearing silly green hats and pretending to like Guinness, however, we prefer to honour it with a nod to fictional Irish Mob boss Francis “Frank” Costello. ‘*Sniff* *Sniff*… I smell a rat.’

Tall, Refreshing, Complete with Spare Change - £8

The Qingming Festival is where families visit the tombs of their ancestors to make ritual offerings, such as Ghost Money, for the deceased to enjoy in the afterlife. Please, however, heed the warnings of the great philosopher Mr.Biggie Smalls, “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems”.


Mexican Stand-Off between a Jalapeño and a Pineapple - £8

Cinco de Mayo – Not actually Mexico’s Independence day but rather the day the Mexican Army had an unlikely victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla. We like to think victory would have tasted just that bit sweeter with one of these. Salud!

Short, Creamy, Melting Fast - £8

Summertime nostalgia in a glass. Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate we like them all. Others may enjoy a Calippo, Feast, Fab, Fruit Pastille Lolly or even a Magnum (if you’re fancy). Either way you can’t deny the joy of hearing the faint call of an approaching Ice Cream Van.

Lights, Camera, Action! - ÂŁ8

Taking inspiration from the Venice Film Festival, which takes place every year in August, this is our take on a classic Amaretto Sour. Please ensure your Mobile Phone is switched off and that you make as much noise possible opening that packet of over-priced sweets.

Short, Fresh, Chilled by the Himalayas - ÂŁ8

This translucent tipple takes its name from the most famous of Sapphires (the Birthstone of September) the Kashmir Sapphire. Discovered high up in the Himalayas these stones are extremely rare, very desirable and took cat-burglar skills to get them into your glass.

Long, Boozy, Loves Brains - ÂŁ9

Halloween is officially the biggest night out in Britain and who doesn’t like a good fancy dress! This one is on the stronger side of our list so pace yourself or face turning into slow moving undead creature the next morning. Also you have red on you.

Short, Hoppy, Munchies Included - ÂŁ8

Its November so time to let off some fireworks and start a massive fire apparently. The smoke fumes seem to be messing with us though because, dude, those fireworks are starting look a lot like huge lasers beams in the sky. What did they throw on that fire?

Short, Fizzy, Out of This World - ÂŁ8

As the Earth completes its circuit of the Sun we looked to the Cosmos to see what may come next. As we pondered we had an Elon Musk moment and decided to create a cocktail fit for the Astronaut lifestyle. Drinking and Spacecraft Piloting is not recommended.



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