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Audience Profiling‐ the audience that buys Kerrang. Demographic Profile: The age of this magazine, and that of my intended target audience, is the from 14‐20. This is the best target audience to aim for, as the target audience for this kind of music is this age, so it only makes sense to aim the magazine to the same audience. This age group is also the same audience that has the most –word I can’t think of‐ income. The gender for the intended target audience is mostly male, however quite a lot of their audience is female, and as long as they feature bands that are popular amongst this audience, gender doesn’t really matter, and you do not have to appeal directly to a certain gender. Kerrang magazine is distributed all over the UK and includes gig listing for all over the UK, this is because they are appealing to a mass audience and can afford to distribute all over the country. As the target audience is fairly young, we can assume that they are not married, but single or in a relationship. The social sector that they belong to is fairly wide, C2 to B, as they need to be able to afford this magazine, but as most of the audience is young, they won’t have well‐paid jobs, but maybe they come from a family that has a well‐paid job, Traditionally this genre of music is aimed at the lower classes, but this magazine is appealing to the mass audience.

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