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Greetings! My favorite time of year has arrived! I absolutely love the change of seasons and the cooler weather is fantastic! My favorite holiday, Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and we are preparing for a busy 2014! This year we re-launched our cosmetics & skin care line, K|Kouture, a venture that has taken a back seat for a few years and I am very excited to bring in the forefront of our organization. We are also looking forward to producing more episodes of our talk radio program. We will be airing again in December of this year, we hope you will tune in! This issue of the Business Review is filled with great advice from Amy Schofield, Josh Hinds and Melissa St Clair. Josh Hinds a former guest on our talk radio program has made the Editor’s Pick, be sure to check out his new book, “It’s your life, LIVE BIG”! If you are interested in becoming a contributing writer, please send us a sample article to review. Thanks for taking the time to enjoy our publication and as always we are wishing you continued success!

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ou’re an Entrepreneur – Do you Really Need a Resume?

As an entrepreneur, when is the last time you updated your resume? Do you even have a resume? Most entrepreneurs I speak with tend to think a resume is no longer essential once they launch their own business and they generally brush their resume aside for many, many years until it becomes so outdated that it’s obsolete. Still not convinced that you need a resume as an entrepreneur? Here are two key reasons why you, yes you, as an entrepreneur should have an updated resume on hand and ready to distribute.

By: Amy Schofield

Media Appearanc- When she sent an es and Speaking email inquiry, she received a reEngagements: sponse from the channel What if a member news of the media wants asking for her reto interview you, sume. She never she but they request thought your resume first, so would need a rethat they can see sume as a partyour accomplish- time direct salesments? I love using person who spent an example from most of her time one of my past re- during the week sume clients, who as a stay-at-home was a part-time in- mom! But, once dependent consul- she sent in her uptant for a dated, professiondirect-selling com- al resume, she pany in addition to heard back right her stay-at-home away that they mom duties. She chose her for their reached out to me segment – by the because she had way, her “local” channel seen on her local news to news that they happened were looking for broadcast to over people to appear 5.5 million people! on their Mother’s Day gift segment. 3


ou’re an Entrepreneur continued....

Potential Clients pear to have any and Showing Off public speaking Additional Skills: skills. Well, low and behold, he just so What if you are try- happened to be a ing to lure a poten- member of a natial client who says tional public-speakyou don’t have ing association and the right experi- had presented varience based on ous training's to your business’ 100+ people. Howwebsite when ever, his business deep down you website and biogknow that you’d raphy were solely be the perfect fit focused on his writfor them? One of ing. With his resume, my past resume the prospective cliclients was actual- ent learned about ly able to lure a these additional prospective client details and he by showing off his signed a contract resume. After re- the next day! ceiving a “thanks, but no thanks” email from the prospective client, he followed up asking why he was not given the account. The reason – he did not ap-

In both of these instances, having a current, professional resume at your fingertips is crucial to earning that media interview or winning that proposal. Remember, a resume showcases why you are an expert in your field and provides a snapshot of your accomplishments and successes as a business owner. Continued on page 9.... 4


orking with a Virtual Assistant By: Melissa St Clair

You just received an email with the subject line: “Project Completed.” You smile, breathe a sigh of relief and move on to your next sales call, pondering to yourself, “What can I outsource next?” This email was from your Virtual Assistant having completed a task you had left on the backburner far too long. What is a VA? A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients from a home office. (Wikipedia). A VA works as an independent contractor using a written agreement to define services, method(s) for accomplishing tasks, rates and other terms of service.

Benefits of working with a VA:

How do I connect with a VA?

* Upon notification, tasks are typically started/completed in a timely manner, often within 24-48 hours. * Confidence in work performed – you are working with an administrative professional. * Save time - your time to utilize toward managing your business. * Receiving quality products at the fraction of the cost of an employee.

To work with a VA who is an independent contractor, ask a colleague for a trusted referral or consult your professional network. Contact the local Chamber of Commerce or other business organization(s). If you choose to use a VA agency, you can connect through an online search.



irtual Assistant con’t......

How do I work with a What are typical VA PAPER CHASER is a VA? virtual-based comrates? pany owned by miliIt is paramount to de- You can expect a tary spouse termine what task(s) rate of $25.00 to entrepreneur, Melisyou are ready to out- $100.00 per hour or sa Whiteford St. Clair. source whether it be paying for a service Since 2006, PAPER a short term or long bundle or retainer for CHASER has been term activity. Exam- longer term online helping busy solopreples may be: ap- office support. neurs get out from pointment behind the desk and scheduling, making Recap: Determine back into their busicalls on behalf of what task(s) you wish ness to focus on your company, data to outsource and de- sales, service and entry, project assis- fine your budget. networking by hantance, etc. Connect with an ex- dling a variety of adtasks perienced VA. Pro- ministrative Professional courtesy vide clear, detailed such as: client commerits 24-48 hour no- instructions and munications, internet tification to the VA to deadlines. Commu- research, project asassign a task(s) along nicate as needed to sistance and more. with clear instructions complete projects Paper Chaser - a and access to any and streamline func- worker bee is just a pertinent accounts tions. Establishing buzz away! Find Pathe VA may need to rapport with a VA will per Chaser at: access to conduct provide continuity to http://paperchaserb business on your be- your work flow and or follow Pahalf. Two-way com- added value to your per Chaser on Twitter munication is admin team. @paperchaserbiz standard through and on Facebook at email, telephone, paperchaserbiz. Skype, or other shared accounts such as Drop Box. Picturesque settings nthe Spanish valleys.



hree things that you can do to begin living a BIG life

1. Start your day in gratitude. At times, this may appear easier said than done. Especially if you're at a time in your life where it might appear that there's far more to be concerned about than thankful for. Still, trust me, even if you have to dig a little deeper to identify those things, do it. It will do wonders for helping you to set the tone for your day. Friend, we tend to attract more of what we allow our thoughts to focus on. I don't claim to know all the reasons this is so, but take my word for it. Start your day by going over the things you have to be thankful for and you'll be better for it. 2. Make sure to review whatever system you have in place to keep you on track daily.

By: Josh Hinds I say "whatever system" because it may be that you use some form of goal setting, a to do list, a calendar, you name it -the point here is that whatever works for you, make a commitment to review it, and work it. Remember, worthwhile things require your effort. If you don't have a "system" in place you might find the one I teach called, The Goal Cards System to be helpful. I get more in depth about it in my book, It's Your Life, Excellent sea view LIVE from BIG.the Costa Del Renta. 3. At the end of each day review the progress you've made. Plan for the following day. Again, review your "system" -- reevaluate things -- reflect on things a bit, give yourself credit for successes & wins you experienced, and those things you didn't get done, plan to do them.

Consistency is hugely important. It's not all about hitting home runs, the singles, doubles, and occasional triple will get you to where you want to be as well. Remember the saying, "'ya gotta' be in it to win it." Staying plugged into your "achievement system" will get you to where you truly want to go in life. And finally, repeat the above three items daily, and ongoing. In no time flat they'll become habits, and when that happens, friend, there's no stopping you! Josh Hinds is a speaker

and the author of It's Your Life, LIVE BIG! Through his work, Josh teaches people the essential life skills necessary to live by choice over chance.

Picturesque settings in the Spanish valleys.


“Once she sent in her updated, professional resume, she heard back right away that they chose her for their segment – by the way, her “local” news channel happened to broadcast to over 5.5 million people”

Entrepreneur Conclusion. page 4.

Article (from

Ideally, your resume should be consistent with and complement your professional biography and LinkedIn profile to truly promote your brand. It is good practice to update your resume at least every six months so that it stays current and displays new accomplishments. You never know when that next media opportunity, account, or business partner will come knocking at your door!

Amy Schofield has been in the recruitment, career coaching, resume writing and volunteer management fields for the past several years. She has a Master Certificate in Human Resources Management from Villanova University.

She is the founder of Schofield Strategies, a personal and professional branding company that works with individuals, nonprofits, and small businesses worldwide. Schofield Strategies was awarded the 2013 Military Family Member Community Heartbeat Award. 8

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Editor’s Book Pick..... It’s your life, LIVE BIG! I had the opportunity to read Josh’s book and had to pass a recommendation along to our readers to pick up a copy today. Josh’s positive outlook on life, practical ideas and examples make his book easy and fun to read. You will not want to put it down!

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