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Part One: How It All Works and the Synergy of It All Understanding the Energy Body 3 Understanding the Healing from the Earth and Beyond Crystals 11 Crystal Essences 12 Making Your Crystal Essence 12 Essential Oils 14 Flower Essences 15 Making Your Combined Flower Essences Blend Making your Flower and Crystal Essences Blend Spirit Connection 18 Higher Guidance 19 Archangels 19 Your Personal Guides and Teachers 20 Understanding the Magic of Synergy 22 Bringing It All Together in a Daily Practice 24


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Part Two: Synergistic Crystal Combinations and Practices Blue Lace Agate 29 Moss Agate 44 Celestite 58 Charoite 73 Garnet 88 Hematite 102 Kunzite 117 Labradorite 132 Malachite 144 Moldavite 161 Rhodonite 177 Tiger’s Eye 191 Turquoise 206 Unakite 222 Conclusion 237 Reference Tables Crystal Combinations Reference Table 239 Archangels Reference Table 240 Meditation Affirmations with Links to Guided Meditations Glossary of Terms 245 About the Author 249 Index 251



Devoted to the mystery, I walk the path I have chosen. In wonder I remain of the perfection in each moment of each experience. Beloved are the teachers, mentors, and guides who light my path. Beloved is Gary who continues to choose to walk beside me. Beloved am I, healed and whole again. I am my own light. Gratitude and appreciation to all who participate in all that I choose to do and all that I choose to be, and to all who support my quest to continue to know all that I am as I remain curious and explore this experiential life.


Introduction Fields of wonder are the places God goes walking. I found them by mistake and I’ve trespassed. ~ Rod McKuen I was not yet twenty when I first read these haunting words from Rod McKuen’s book, Fields of Wonder. Full of the outward bravado of the teen who thinks she knows it all, and crammed with the inner sadness and confusion of one who secretly finds solace in poems of loss and pain, I reveled in all that was on offer in the city at that time—and I was certainly not looking to walk in fields. These were pretty words that caught my attention, and pretty words that soon dissipated away into the ether. However, deep inside I knew these lines had touched me in a way that was unfamiliar to me; they seemed to stir a part of me that lay sleeping. The seed was planted. The idea of walking in fields of wonder settled within me and silently remained across the decades, safely tucked away by my soul. Twenty-something years later, I chose to walk a different path and these words arose back into consciousness to welcome me like an old friend—but there was no mistake and no feeling of trespass. Many years have passed since I began to consciously choose my path, and along the way these lines have resonated meaning and purpose for me in ways unimagined. Welcome to the second book of the three-book collection of Crystal Resonance. If you feel you have been drawn to this place by mistake, then I


invite you to be curious and explore. If you have returned to explore some more after the first book, then welcome back. It is well you have all come. Those who are new to exploring the synergy of specifically combined gifts from the Earth and Beyond will now enter the fascinating world of potentialities and possibilities. The synergy from specific combinations of high vibrational tools from the Earth will support any decision to thrive: we are strengthened to step up for us; we are grounded and empowered to be all that we choose to be. Have no doubt, each of us is here to thrive. Crystal Resonance shares a new way for us to connect to All That Is. The synergy of the specific combinations grounds and supports our decision to connect and change. We enjoy enhanced wellness and well-being and a connection previously unknown. We really can change our minds and change our lives. The synergy and resonance of these specific combinations continue to serve me as part of my own daily practice, and continue to serve all those who are drawn to work with me as an energy alchemist and facilitator of wellness and well-being. Using high vibrational stones and plants from the earth can help us tap into the innate strength of Gaia, to align and attune with the vibrational resonance of the Earth. It is no accident that each of us has a body made up of the very same elements as the earth. Conscious awareness that our physical bodies are ‘of the earth’ can often spark curiosity to explore and appreciate the gifts that support and surround us. When we match the vibrational resonance of crystal stones and essences with the resonance of specific essential oils and flower essences, and then allow them to dance with the vibrations of Higher Self, Archangels and Spirit, then indeed we are allowing ourselves to open to and receive the abundant gifts from the Earth and Beyond. The practice is simple: place drops of the essence blend under your tongue; anoint your crystal with the matching essential oil; inhale the healing aroma of the essential oil; and feel grounded and inspired by the synergy of the high vibrational combination while you take a short time-out to integrate


the healing balance in the meditation practice. As you go about your day: carry your anointed crystal, inhale drops of healing aroma from a tissue, and pop drops of the essence blend under the tongue … or before you leave home, whichever works best for you. You will then find yourself in wonder of the reassuring moments of grounded support and enhanced conscious awareness of connection to All That Is whenever you choose to give your attention to the stone or aroma. The magic is in the synergy of the combination. Snippets of some of my personal experiences, as well as many moments of wonder, are included in the combination descriptions. We are delightfully creative creatures, and sometimes our creations are to our liking, and sometimes they are not. Life can be, and should be, simple—but simple does not always feel easy. We can each create such unnecessary struggle in our efforts to control every possible outcome. Over the years, I became highly skilled in perpetuating struggle and limitation, and I fully and freely own the roles that I have played. Each of us can be highly talented in thoughts and actions that do not serve us well, and so I share glimpses of personal experiences with various crystal combinations in the hope that moments of awareness might likewise be triggered within you, ah-ha moments, which might encourage you to explore further. Even with the passing of time, I can still be surprised by these inspired combinations, and so my appreciation of them continues to evolve. I know that the synergy of these gifted tools from the Earth and Beyond will powerfully support any decision you take to change and be however you choose to be, to live in a way that resonates with you—to be you and all that you choose to be. Self-responsibility, self-determination, self-respect, selfvalue, and self-worth will be encouraged and enhanced—and any fear of change will be eased as you feel inspired to embrace choices that support, nurture, nourish, and sustain you. I practice holistically in my natural wellness clinic, and all that I have


lived, studied and practiced has brought understanding that a vital component of wellness and well-being is the healing and rebalancing that must take place mentally and emotionally. We are gifted so much by Mother Earth and when specific crystals are matched with the highest resonating essential oils and flower essences our natural access to Oneness is powerfully facilitated. Healing on every level is enhanced as the physical and subtle bodies are aligned and attuned. Our bodies are magnificent mechanisms that continually seek homoeostasis on every level; homoeostasis is innate, our natural state of balance. Some years ago, my appreciation of synergy, curiosity about what is possible, passion for simplicity, and openness to inspiration coalesced to develop these crystal combinations as a healing and self-enhancing lifestyle practice. The result was a practice that could be done at home by clients and a practice that could form the basis of powerful energy sessions to facilitate healing, restore balance, and facilitate awareness of our inherent wellness and well-being. I have learned that when specific crystals, essential oils, and essences are synergistically combined for optimal resonance frequency, then conscious connection with specific aspects of Divinity is also enhanced. A synergistic combination offers so much more than the sum of its component parts as each component enhances the other. Indeed, are we not all so much more than our component parts? Resonating with the synergy of these high vibrational combinations and practices facilitates energetic integrity and alchemy for all those who choose to change, choose to embrace being however they choose to be, and dare to be all that they choose to be. Fourteen of the synergistic combinations are featured, and for each you will learn about the specific crystal, the essential oil, and flower essences with the highest matching resonance to enhance the vibration of all in combination. The heightened vibrational energy of the whole combination facilitates connection with Higher Self, Spirit, and All That Is—and each


holds optimal resonance to facilitate conscious connection with specific archangels. The fourteen crystal combinations included in this second Crystal Resonance book were chosen intuitively ‌ just as I choose them each morning for my own daily practice. I trust that the selection will serve the highest good for each and all of you as you find combinations that resonate with you. When I reviewed the list of combinations, I was delighted to see a collection of some that facilitate the highest cosmic connection, and some that can be regarded as the earthiest and most grounding. The result is a book full of high vibrational potentiality, integrity, and unity as we connect, Earth to Sky. Perfect. All crystal stones and essences, plant oils, plant essences, and spiritual beings resonate with each other ‌ there are no right or wrong combinations when working with the gifts from the Earth and Beyond. However, there are some gifts that combine to produce the highest vibration to heal our entire Being. The synergy of these combinations restores balance to the energy body, opens and warms the heart, and lifts us to a place of Oneness to facilitate vibrational wellness and well-being. We are fully supported by the Earth and the Universe. The synergistic crystal combinations I am sharing consistently offer the highest alignment of resonance. They are combinations that I continue to work with as I facilitate healing for those who are drawn to me—and I remain in wonder of the inevitable healing that unfolds. This book contains but a taste of the bountiful smorgasbord of gifts that support wellness and well-being. The gifts from the Earth and Spirit are limitless. Indeed, it is my intention that these fourteen crystal synergistic combinations might tempt those who are ready to explore, or expand the knowledge and tool-bag of those who already use crystals, essential oils and flower essences, or enhance the awareness of those who enjoy connection to Spirit. There is something for all, at every level. If an alternate practice feels right for you at this time, then please honor that and continue as you have been personally guided. If you are curious to explore the synergy of these


crystal combinations and feel a sense of excitement and anticipation at the wonders on offer, then you are invited to enjoy. The synergy and transformational resonance of crystals in specific combination continue to expand my wonder of the healing tools we are gifted from the Earth, and I am excited to share them with you. However, nothing in this book is intended to counter or replace those practices that are successfully practiced and embraced by others; I simply offer alternatives— alternatives that have worked wonderfully for me and all who have been drawn to work with me, and alternatives that you may wish to explore or use to extend your current practice. So please, enjoy those gifts that are available to you and to which you feel drawn, and perhaps among the selection of synergistic combinations you may find a little extra something, another layer, that facilitates your return to balance and alignment, and lights your path to Oneness and vibrational wellness and well-being. Perhaps you, too, will accept an invitation to walk in fields of wonder.


Understanding the Energy Body Change and movement are basic to life. Change and movement are evident all around us in our external environment and in nature—a visual reminder of the nature of things that has served to teach us since the ancients. Science confirms what the ancients knew: everything, from the ever-expanding Universe to the tiniest particle, is in a constant state of vibration. Change and movement are evident within us, as constant as the flow of the breath and beat of the heart. Everything in our world and the cosmos is energy—and that energy is dynamic, constantly in motion. We are energy. The magnificent mechanism that is the physical body is nourished and sustained by energy coursing ancient pathways within the body, and changing form as required to best process that which it needs to maintain life. Vibration, movement and change are basic to life—without movement, we cannot grow physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually; as we grow, we change; and vibration is basic to both. Movement and vibration are integral to matter, and to watch the waltz of the atoms is to view the waltz of the solar system, and so the Universe— to see the spinning dance of particles around the atom’s nucleus as a perfect indicator of the broader view is to stand in wonder of the perfection of it all. Planet earth that supports us is in constant change: mountains rise and fall; rivers rise and fall flowing nutrients through to nourish, sustain and facilitate change; oceans ebb and flow with Divine rhythm, evaporate and return as


nourishing rain to continue the cycle; the winds of change blow to facilitate movement, transformation and life. Likewise, in our bodies, the heart pumps life-giving energy for the lungs to rise and fall to take in air, to be inspired by life force, and for the rivers of blood and lymph to circulate nourishment and cleanse away waste to promote life—even at our most still, we are movement. Protons, neutrons, and electrons waltz within and around the nucleus in a unified dance inside every atom—particles vibrate and nano-particles, inside the particles, vibrate. Vibration of the atoms in every cell, of every tissue, of every organ, is at the core of our physical bodies. There is perfection, order, harmony, and balance in the dance. So, too, is there a harmony of vibration between the physical and the surrounding subtle bodies. The subtle bodies are energetic fields that surround our denser physical body. Names of the fields can differ, and the layers within the fields of each body are numerous, but for simplicity and clarity the subtle bodies are generally categorized as the Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies. Likewise, there are fields within and around the Earth, which in turn interact with the fields of the individuals that are sustained by it. Our eyes see the denser physical body that is matter, and everything we see visually has layers of subtle bodies. The outer spiritual body protects our energy body and connects us to the greater Universal body—just like the fine permeable membrane that is found around every cell within the physical body—and the energy transfer is two-way in both cases. There is no separation. Energy constantly flows into, washes through, radiates from, and moves between the bodies—giving and receiving in equal measure. When we heal the physical without healing the mental and emotional bodies, that disharmony remains in our energy system and illness recurs or presents in another way to remind us that this issue remains unresolved. By working with the synergy of the crystal combinations and practices we aim to finally resolve and heal.


The Subtle Bodies and Seven Chakras Emotional, mental, and physical healing, together with ongoing wellness and well-being, are always facilitated by cleansing and balancing the subtle bodies. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies may be perceived as distinct layers but they are not separate. There is no separation, and the harmonizing energy flow of every layer is integral to the whole. It is


now well documented how entrenched negative beliefs and fixed negative perspectives and attitudes can continue to negatively impact our health and support ongoing health conditions. We live in a world of vibration, separated only by frequency of vibration. The heavy dense energy that is matter, and that which presents as the physical body and medications, vibrates at a different frequency to the subtle matter of essences. Vibrational medicines such as crystal and flower essences, which are vital to the synergy of the crystal combinations, are highfrequency treatments to connect into the high frequency subtle bodies. Similarly, we have subtle bodies or energy centers within us: the chakras. It is basic to understanding the energy body and energy centers that we regard them as holographic, three-dimensional, surrounding the whole of the body physical. The subtle bodies do not sit flat, adjacent to the body, as they appear in diagrams. The chakras are no different—they radiate or spiral their energy out in all directions from their center. Each center is located inside the body, towards the spine. There are seven major chakras. The first is the base chakra, centered near the base of the spine. It is our foundation, that place from which the impulses of life arise to flow through the body to the crown. It is our survival, the home of the instinct and potentiality. Our roots and connection to Mother Earth are stored here. The color is red. Second is the sacral chakra, located towards the base of the spine—on the front of the body, it is about two finger-widths below the navel. This is our creative and emotional center, the traditional space of the Zen Knowing Mind, or Hara. When balanced, there is acceptance for life to flow. Connected to the water element, it centers our creative and emotional flow, our sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and how we perceive and relate to others and circumstances. Orange is the color of the sacral chakra. Third is the solar plexus chakra, located in the solar plexus. This is the powerhouse, the center of vitality, willpower and self-will. When balanced, we feel balanced and focused; we choose wisely to achieve the results we


intend from our innate powerhouse of reserves. The color is yellow. The fourth chakra is the heart chakra. It allows us to receive all that the heart can give. An open heart is transformational as we are able to resolve conflict with compassion and empathy. This center encompasses the transpersonal heart, opening us to unconditional love, compassion, and understanding. This is at the center of the seven chakras, and one that I refer to as the bridging chakra—bridging and balancing intellectual instincts, intuition and inspiration with survival instincts, feelings, and physical vitality. Green and violet-pink are the colors of the heart chakra. Fifth is the throat chakra located at the back of the throat. This is the purification and communication center. It is from here that we clearly and respectfully speak our truth and communicate—with others, with ourselves, within our bodies, and between our body, mind, and spirit. The color is blue. The sixth chakra is the third eye. Located in the mid-brain, behind the eyebrow center, this is our clairvoyant eye, that which sees beyond physical and intellectual knowing—the home of intuition and inspiration, where intellect and Spirit meet and merge, and our center of visualization. This is the ‘control center’ where all merges into one stream of consciousness. It is integral to the harmonious interplay of body, mind, emotion and Spirit. It is said that our eyes are the gateway to the soul—the third eye, through the pineal gland, is the gateway to Spirit. Indigo-purple is the color of this chakra. Seventh is the crown chakra and relates to our spirituality and connection to our Higher Self and the Divine. It is the chakra of Higher Consciousness. When balanced, it brings awareness of the connection to Oneness. We can just be. The colors are violet, gold or white. Energy fields vibrate with color and every color has a vibrational frequency. Colored stones can harmonize the body’s energy field and balance the chakras. Archangels, likewise, are seen to vibrate particular halo colors. Matching halo and chakra colors with crystal colors is basic to many successful crystal healing therapies and practices. Accepting that we live in a world of vibration, that the body physical


is vibrating right down to the sub-atomic particles in each atom of each cell, and that likewise the physical body is a vibrational entity surrounded by the vibrational layers of the subtle bodies, protected and connected to all by the external spiritual body, may help you appreciate the possibilities on offer from the synergy of the crystal combinations. Everything is vibration and all vibrational therapies give us tools to help restore harmony and balance to our whole being. Thoughts are energy yet to be manifested, but they exist as vibrations within us and extend out from us. Negative thoughts and entrenched negative beliefs produce disharmony in the subtle bodies, and discord in the vibrational patterns at a cellular level of the physical body. Such disharmony and discord can manifest as disease if left unaddressed. The synergy of the crystal combinations and practices offers transformational and life-enhancing support to willingly release such entrenched negative patterning. The choice remains with each of us. The decision to take selfresponsibility is always a choice—and some of us choose to accept the support inherent in the vibrational tools from Mother Earth that can powerfully ground us, and empower and uplift us, as we embrace the process of change. We feel strengthened to begin to let go of those negative thoughts, beliefs, and practices that are limiting us being all that we choose to be. Divine life force, or that which is known as qi or prana in various traditions, flows through the body physical of each of us and supports the physical body of every other living being. Understanding this, or even having a sense of it, we begin to appreciate the innate connection between the energy body of each sentient being and the greater energy body of All That Is. We are all so connected, integral to the whole.


Understanding the Healing from the Earth and Beyond Crystal stones from Mother Earth bring many healing and sustaining properties but the overarching properties common to most are support, protection, and alignment. Working with crystals, we gift ourselves time to just be, time to connect to our place of inner peace and harmony, our Higher Self. Minerals are as old as Mother Earth, and highly evolved minerals developed a crystalline structure. Crystals are highly evolved minerals. Crystals share many characteristics found in the organic non-crystalline plant kingdom that also naturally evolved from the mineral base—selforganization, reproduction via seed crystals, and receiving and transferring information. Crystal essences carry the life-force energy that is as old as time from the inorganic base that supports Mother Earth—therefore crystal essences hold less karmic association than essences from the organic plant kingdom, which hold memory across time. With their non-crystalline structure, plants are more flexible and adaptable in response to memory at both a cellular and subtle level. Blending both crystal and flower essences in this synergistic practice gifts us the healing and realigning properties of both natural gifts from the Earth, with each taking the other to another level. Plant essential oils, likewise, have many healing properties but basically these precious oils stimulate or relax our body, mind, and spirit—and often 9

concurrently, as each subtle body receives that which it requires. The power of deep relaxation, and the healing that comes from a sense of relief, should never be underestimated. Relaxation stimulates the immune system in the body physical; deep relaxation brings a sense of well-being to our whole being. The subtle healing actions of flower essences are equally wideranging—but, overwhelmingly, their actions correct fear in all of its negative manifestations in the body, mind, and spirit. Flower essences are catalysts for change—they support any choice we make to release, rebalance, restore, and reconnect to our innate wellness and well-being. So, from this very brief overview of the components, we can begin to appreciate the potential balance that can flow from the perfect marriage between these healing tools gifted from the Earth: crystals protect, strengthen, fortify, and balance body, mind, and spirit; essential oils facilitate balance by stimulating, uplifting, relaxing and calming, as required; and flower essences realign us mentally and emotionally, and in turn physically, and so return us to balance and unity with our Divine life force. Independently, the therapeutic value of each modality to support wellness and well-being has long been acknowledged. However, when we synergistically combine them, and allow them to harmonize, we receive the benefits of the perfect balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies. If we then choose to add awareness of connection to our Inner Being or Higher Self, archangels or Spirit guides, then miracles happen as we start to live in the wonder of a life that often feels truly magical. Divine life force constantly flows to and through every living thing on this planet and, for me, Divinity expresses through our humanity. Each of us decides, moment by moment, if we choose to allow our Divinity to shine. It is in the smallest of moments that the biggest choices are made, and it is in these very moments that miracles happen.


Crystals The natural crystalline structure of crystals imbues them with inherent physical properties that were utilized by the ancients, and properties that continue to be utilized by modern science and technology today where crystals are base components of much laser and micro-processing technology and so much more. Striking one end of a quartz crystal point in a darkened room will cause a flash at the other end, an electrical spark, demonstrating the crystal’s transfer and transformation of kinetic energy (motion) at one end into electrical energy (the spark) at the other. This is known as the piezo-electric effect—an effect used to power modern lighters. The energy that the crystal absorbs need not be the same energy that it emits, and this innate ability to transform energy is intrinsic to the powerful healing afforded by crystals. Every variety of crystal has its own distinct vibrational pattern. Crystals respond to the natural electrical vibrations of the cells in the physical body, helping to harmonize by stimulating or relaxing the cells to restore the body’s innate equilibrium to which it constantly seeks to return. However, the most powerful healing potential results from transformation of the electrical charge inherent in entrenched negative thoughts. Please remember that we are imbued with freewill, and our choosing to release negative beliefs is paramount for lasting change—we always choose, sometimes unconsciously by default, but we always choose. Crystals can absorb, store, focus, amplify, transform, transmute, and transmit energy, and they have the ability to store thoughts and intentions as a magnetic charge in their structure. They can therefore be programmed, which is storing information or thought-forms with intent—such as setting an intention or programming the crystal to work for our highest good and the highest good of all, or to remind us that our healing has begun and all is well. Thoughts are vibrations—energy with a vibrational pattern. Our


thoughts are often fragmented and scattered. The crystal’s inherent orderly energy pattern is constant as it radiates the energy of our intention and thereby enhances manifestation. Crystals can therefore transform our meditation experience as their unique structure resonates with the universal field and higher guidance. Physical healing can be measured and quantified—we love to quantify in our modern era. Shifts in the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies cannot always be measured and quantified but they can certainly be experienced, embraced, enjoyed, and celebrated. Their inherent properties enable crystals to shift, rebalance, and revitalize all levels of our being as lifeforce energy is transmitted and amplified through the entire human energy system.

Crystal Essences The powerful and individual vibrations that are constantly emitted from crystals are easily transferred to water. The prepared essence holds the energetic imprint of the stone, which can be seen in a Kirlian photograph taken immediately the stone is removed from the water. As energy medicines, crystal essences function between homoeopathic remedies and flower essences: homoeopathics directly and quickly impact the physical body on a molecular level while integrating the subtle bodies; flower essences influence and balance the subtle bodies, which in turn gradually influence the physical. The crystal stone’s inherent crystalline structure is integrated into the crystal essence enhancing the life force at a molecular level; the karma-free vibrations inherent in crystals amplify our consciousness, therefore supporting and rebalancing our whole energetic being, and enhancing change.

Making your Crystal Essence Toxic and friable stones require specific handling. In the fourteen 12

combinations on offer, this will apply to malachite (particularly in its natural form, which requires careful handling and is not recommended for the inexperienced) and softer celestite. In these two cases, please note the second instructions for making essences using toxic or fragile stones. Indeed, many prefer to use the indirect method for making all of their crystal essences. I prefer to use both methods, using the indirect method where appropriate— but there is no difference in the essence quality between the two methods. The simplest method to make an essence using non-friable and non-toxic crystals is— •

Clean your crystal in salt and then wipe clean—natural crystals are preferred, but not required.

Place the crystal into pure spring water in a clean glass dish.

Place the bowl in a sunny position (cover if placed outside to protect from insects and litter) and leave the bowl in its sunny position for a minimum of four hours. Using the sun to activate the crystal essence results in the transfer of higher frequency energy as the life force is integrated into the water and activated by the sun.

Remove the stone, and bottle in 50ml amber dropper bottle/s and preserve each with two teaspoons of brandy.

Toxic or fragile stones (such as malachite and celestite) must be prepared using the indirect method to ensure no contact with the water— •

Place your malachite or celestite crystal stone inside a glass jar and then place the jar in the water and follow the above instructions.

The usual dosage for crystal essences is four drops under the tongue taken four times daily. In this practice of using the synergy of crystals in combination, you can choose to either take your crystal essence separately or as a combined blend with the flower essences. As a combined essence blend, 13

the crystal essence becomes the base liquid for the required drops of combined flower essences. Choose the method that feels easier for you … this a nurturing and supportive practice and no part should feel a chore.

Essential Oils As the name implies, aromatherapy uses the therapeutic properties inherent in specific aromas to heal and restore harmony and balance in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It is a powerful practice that has been used across the eons and, today, science can validate only some of the wonder held in this ancient practice. Essential oils give plants their inherent fragrance—they are the ‘lifeblood’ of the plant, unique and essential to each plant. The plant’s essential oil is vital to its survival—protecting, defending, nourishing, attracting support, and optimizing its ability to thrive in its environment. As we inhale the aroma, tiny molecules are carried directly to the brain and deep into the limbic system, by-passing the central nervous system. The limbic system, in the back or primal brain, holds memory and links to the pituitary gland, directly affecting mental, emotional, hormonal, nervous and immune functions. The effect of essential oils on our emotional and mental states is immediate and powerful, and goes beyond what can be explained by scientific analysis. Molecules are also drawn into the lungs from where they are transported into the blood stream, our own ‘life-blood’, and distributed around the body. Subtle aromatherapy adds another layer by drawing on the less tangible subtle energy of the plant, its unique vibration, to bring healing and rebalancing to the subtle bodies. There is memory in every form of life. As we experience and add to this memory, the plants hold the memory across time and space to be tapped into and tuned into by those who are drawn to the practice. Subtle aromatherapy massages the aura, dances with the subtle


bodies, brings to the psyche and soul that which is needed. The synergy of the crystal combinations benefits from both forms of aromatherapy. The essential oil in each of the combinations was vibrationally guided as offering the highest resonance match that facilitated our innate connection to Spirit in all of her guises. It was the highest vibrational match between the pure essential oils of the plants from the Earth, and the crystal stones from the Earth, and Spirit. Indeed, it was a matter of ongoing wonder to me when I later reviewed all of the therapeutic properties of the particular essential oil and matching crystal—and a matter of pure delight when I felt the synergy and heightened vibration of the combination and the clear connection to Spirit in meditation. These life-enhancing gifts from the plants of Mother Earth bring healing to body, mind, and spirit that often defies rational analysis. We do not need to explain it. We can feel it.

Flower Essences Flower essences have been used back through time to heal and improve wellbeing: from the ancient civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt, across the African and Asian continents, and in many traditional cultures. The healing power of flower essences was revitalized in the twentieth century—in the early years by Englishman Dr. Edward Bach, and in the later years by Australian naturopath and healer, Ian White. Both healers emphasized the importance of embracing necessary change to true healing. Rebalancing and realigning emotionally, mentally, and spiritually is vital when we give ourselves permission to completely heal. Flower essences are diluted flower infusions, activated to hold the vibrational resonance of specific aspects of life force. They are a form of vibrational healing that can enhance conscious awareness and help us transform limiting beliefs into health-affirming and life-enhancing ones, thus


restoring balance to the whole system. Indeed, Gurudas, in Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing, asserts that of the three principal vibrational remedies— homoeopathics, crystal essences, and flower essences—flowers are the most effective in treating the subtle bodies, opening the meridians, and thus facilitating physical healing. As previously described, crystal essences offer different energy with similar potency and action. We will harmoniously blend both of these essences in our practice—combining the strength and stability of the earth with the adaptability and resilience of the plants. Vibrational medicine recognizes that complete healing always comes from within. The body is a self-healing mechanism, and when we choose to facilitate that healing by using vibrational healing gifts from the Earth, then wellness and well-being will spiral through us and radiate from us. The synergy of the crystal combinations utilizes one Bach Flower Essence and one Australian Bush Flower Essence in combination. I use these remedies personally, and prescribe them professionally. However, the specific blending of the two remedies came with the inspired unfolding of this synergistic practice. It was always my intention that these synergistic combinations not only facilitate powerful healing sessions, but also provide the basis for lifeenhancing and life-sustaining practices that could be embraced and enjoyed at home. Bach flower essences and Australian Bush Flower Essences, like the crystals and pure essential oils, are readily available and can be easily purchased over-the-counter or online. Devotees will already be familiar with the healing facilitated by flower essences. Here we have the opportunity to expand, explore, and enjoy the higher frequency vibration offered by the blending of two and their marriage with other healing gifts from the Earth and Beyond.

Making Your Combined Flower Essences Blend Dosage bottles of flower essences are prepared from the small stock bottles


of Bach and Australian Bush Flower Essences. Basically, all flower essence blends are prepared by adding drops of essence to a dosage bottle of brandy and water, and we follow this same technique. To prepare the synergistic blend of Bach and Australian Bush Flower essences— •

Fill 25ml amber dropper bottle with one quarter brandy and threequarters pure spring water.

Place 3 drops of the appropriate Bach Flower Essence and 7 drops of the Australian Bush Flower Essence into the bottle.

Replace the dropper cap and shake vigorously to blend and activate.

In my wellness clinic and workshops, I prepare the synergistic essence blends as combined flower and crystal essences, but this is not necessary—if you prefer, blend the two flower essences into a dosage bottle and take them separately from the crystal essence. Instructions are given for preparing both a combined flower essences blend and a combined flower and crystal essences blend, so please choose the method that best suits you. I am aware that many readers will usually purchase flower essences and simply take them directly from the retail stock bottles. If you wish to take the two flower essences separately, and your crystal essence, feel free to do so. Keep it simple. This is a life-enhancing practice, and not one that should feel like a chore.

Making Your Combined Flower and Crystal Essences Blend •

Fill a 25ml amber dropper bottle with the prepared crystal essence as per the earlier instructions. The crystal essence replaces the brandy-spring water mix.

Place 3 drops of the appropriate Bach Flower Essence and 7 drops of the Australian Bush Flower Essence into the crystal essence bottle.


Replace the dropper cap and shake vigorously to blend and activate.

The usual dosage for the essence blends, whether combined or taken separately, is four drops placed under the tongue, four times daily—or seven drops, twice daily, if this is more convenient with your daily schedule. Please take the first dose upon rising, and the last dose just before bed. These powerful healers are totally safe, will do no harm, and are easily obtainable. The action is subtle but undeniably and powerfully effective, and often unnoticed until healing is realized with a reassuring sense of wellness and well-being.

Spirit Connection Whether you relate to Higher Self, aspects of Divinity, or the infinite unified field of pure potentialities, whatever your deity of choice, whatever aspect of Divinity you honor, I too honor and respect that—Source, Creator, Universal Mind, All That Is, God, Mother-Father God, Goddess-God, Allah, Yahweh, the I Am presence, is real. As is often said, a rose by any name is still a rose, and I relate to Spirit in all of her glorious guises. The spiritual foundations of my sense of connection and return path to Oneness may be viewed as eclectic—but they are no less heartfelt and deeply personal—and nothing here is intended to counter or offend the personal interpretation and knowing of another. To live with the intention to remain centered and connected is to stand in a place of strength and balance that facilitates grounded discernment of the choices on offer—we are fully connected, and that includes being fully grounded. Working with the synergy of specific combinations of gifts from the Earth and Beyond allows us to feel and learn what it is to be connected as we participate in each day—no matter which deity or creed we choose to support us.


Your Higher Guidance Our higher guidance is our Higher Self, the Divine spark within each of us. It is innate in each of us, part of the package when we come forth. The Higher Self or Inner Being is that part of us that is Divine, eternally connected to All That Is—that part of us that is an aspect of Divinity. There is no separation from the Universal field that links us all. Choosing from Higher Self is choosing from our own internal guidance system, that which guides us from a place of unconditional love. It is constant and consistent. When we live a life that is inspired by Higher Self or higher guidance, we become aware that we always have a choice, and by pausing for a moment to gauge how the various options feel inside, we allow our Higher Self, our intuition, to guide us in a way that will serve us well and serve the highest good. We always have a choice … and acknowledging our choices, owning our choices, rather than choosing to act mindlessly by default, is the beginning of change and transformation to a life well lived. Choosing to use the synergistic combinations, and embracing the practices as part of my daily routine, facilitated the ease and strength of my conscious connection to higher guidance … and it is a grounded and stable connection that continues to serve me as I walk the path that I have chosen.

Archangels Archangels are aspects of Divinity with specialized focus. They are Light Beings, pure vibration. They are celestial messengers and Spirit guides. The synergy of the crystal combinations enhances resonance with specific archangels. The resonance match resulted from the highest harmonious vibration perceived as I energetically blind-tested using a crystal pendulum—and the results were consistently clear and incontrovertible. Many practitioners or crystal and angel therapies match crystals with archangel halo colors—the connections I am sharing are not intended to counter that work, but to simply add to the body of knowledge we are 19

amassing on the human journey. I do not advocate absolutes in this world of glorious shadows and shades and any gift from the Earth will resonate with Divine life-force energy and connect with higher guidance. Awareness of archangels, or a desire to connect with archangels, is not vital to the synergistic practices—it is a choice. Archangelic vibration is constant—it is an aspect of Divinity, All That Is. It is but one aspect of Spirit, one avenue of connection with all that we are, that is available to us. While the range of combinations in the practice is ever-expanding, there are forty basic crystal combinations that I use regularly in my practice and teach in Vibrational Oneness workshops, and which I will be sharing with you over the three Crystal Resonance books. Even though there are many ascended teachers and guides associated with each combination, fifteen archangels particularly resonate with these high vibrational combinations— each resonating with a number of specific combinations. In each case their resonance and message is fine-tuned to harmonize with the combination, teachers, guides, and us in ways that are consistently relevant. The completeness of these combinations continues to arouse wonder and awe in me, even today. Those who enjoy working with archangels will find the combinations greatly enhance connection. Embracing regular daily practice lifts our vibration. As we evolve we lift our vibration—and then, sometimes, we glimpse their fine vibration as we walk in fields of wonder and life is changed.

Your Personal Guides and Teachers Spirit guides and teachers can include all aspects of Divinity: deities, angels, and celestial guides across time and space, or someone you have been personally connected to in physical, whose Spirit continues to support and guide you. Those who find connection with Spirit guides unclear, or full of


interference, find the synergy of these combinations particularly helpful. The clarity and ease with which the archangels come forth also facilitates connection with guides and teachers. All aspects of Spirit, all aspects of Source, are constant and consistent. However, freewill and self-will in physical is paramount and eternally respected. Spirit Beings will not interfere without invitation. We ask, and so it is—our invitation and intention to work with higher guidance is all that is required. It is a co-creative relationship and self-responsibility for our choices in physical is key. Co-creation requires us to participate in our own lives. Connection to Spirit is deeply personal. If my words do not resonate with you, please continue to enjoy that which does. There is no separation, and our connection to Spirit is constant—whether through feeling grounded as we go about our day supported by Mother Earth, guided by our own innate intuition, or connected to Higher Self or some celestial messenger, teacher, or guide. They all are aspects of All That Is, Oneness, and we are blessed with abundance from which to choose. Higher guidance connects with us through our perception and feelings: inspired sight, thoughts, knowing, words, sounds, and visceral feelings that ripple through us. It is up to us to choose awareness of it and to pay attention and nurture it. Each of us decides how we choose to live, and self-responsibility and self-determination are always primary. Nurturing respect for self, embracing responsibility for self, and living from that base will allow those choices to shine from us as we stand in integrity with all that we choose to be. Life that embraces Spirit can be sweet, and the flow slow and easy or speedy and exhilarating, as we choose. We are choosing to live in the rhythm of life.


Understanding the Magic of Synergy The wonder of synergy has long been appreciated by those working with herbal and aromatherapy blends. Synergy occurs when each component enhances the other in ways that result in a blend that far exceeds the sum qualities of each individual part—the totality of a blend offers so much more than the sum of its component parts. Each component is enriched by the other components delivering a combined blend that is far more healing and effective than indicated by a review of the individual properties. Likewise, when we support and heal the physical body with nutritional medicine, it is understood that when two or more particular nutrients are taken together then each enhances the other to optimize how the body utilizes them. There is synergy between many pairs of vitamins and minerals—for example, it is well known that vitamin C and bioflavonoids taken together will optimize function and benefits in the body. Indeed, the healing and therapeutic action afforded us by any natural substance results from the combined effects of all its individual constituents, no matter how small—and when those natural substances work in combination, our bodies respond to the combined effects and to how the components work in combination. The healer knows that by sharing information about the impact of emotional and mental states—the impact of how we feel and what we think—on the physical body, the way can be opened for the synergy that


occurs within the body when we take the holistic view. Healing can be greatly facilitated when the client learns to make sense of the magnitude of all that they are, and why they are experiencing a particular situation. We are so much more than our physical bodies and when awareness moves to a deeper understanding, we are able to view the unfolding chapters of life and the opportunities inherent in the challenges we face. Actually, we use synergy every day without even thinking about it in this way. When we prepare a meal in our kitchens or try out a new recipe idea, we learn that some ingredients work beautifully together to create a perfect dish that resonates with all our senses and our whole being ‌ and some do not! Those of us who enjoy gardening understand the benefits of companion planting to deter pests and create a visual display that brings joy to the senses and supports the healthy growth and abundance of the whole garden. Mother Earth is so much more than her component parts; the Universe is so much more than its component parts; and indeed, we are all so much more than our component parts. The small overview of the component parts of each combination in Part Two is intended to bring an appreciation of their inclusion in the combination, and provide an indication of the potential synergy of the combination and the wonder and magic that is there waiting for us to experience. When I began this exploration my first moment of awareness was how powerfully the identified essential oil enhanced the crystal’s actions, and together they were so much more than the component parts. My curiosity was ignited and so began my exploration that led to the crystal synergistic combinations and practices.


Bringing It All Together in a Daily Practice As you have possibly realized by now, I do not embrace a world of absolutes, and for me there is no right or wrong way to enjoy these combinations from the Earth and Beyond—the magic is in the energetic synergy of the combination and using it for the gifted tool that it is. Apart from using the combinations in my session work with clients and friends, the synergistic combinations and practices have become integral to how I choose to live each day and so I will share with you the basics of my practice. Please take from the following that which you feel would serve you well, or allow it to stimulate alternate practices that you feel would best suit you. I do suggest that you work with no more than two combinations, particularly at first, as too many only serves to confuse and overwhelm your entire being; this is a self-nurturing, self-supporting, and self-empowering practice and confusion does not serve us well. For many years, long before these synergistic combinations emerged, I have begun my day with meditation. My day still begins with meditation, but as soon as my feet hit the floor in the early morning, I internally ask which crystal or crystals would serve me well for that day. A collection of crystals sits constantly on my bedside table. I feel, see, and hear higher guidance— but in the early hours, I often use a crystal pendulum to dowse the collection as my eyes roam the crystals. The guidance is quick and clear, and I fully and freely trust that it will serve me and the perfection of the day as it unfolds.


I anoint the crystal with the appropriate essential oil, as you will learn in Part Two, and then place four drops of the matching combined essence blend under my tongue. I tend to inhale drops of the essential oil from a tissue in my early morning practice—time and circumstances do not always support vaporizing the oil in an oil burner—and commence my meditation. If I am using more than one crystal, then each is anointed with its appropriate oil, both oils are inhaled, and the essence blends for both crystals are taken. This practice is always about the synergy—the synergy inherent in each combination, the synergy that flows from two crystal combinations together if more than one is being used, and the resulting synergy as the combination harmonizes and inspires me. As I settle into the stillness of meditation, I am in heartfelt gratitude to Mother Earth for her grounding support and the tools she has gifted. I feel deep appreciation for the higher guidance and Spirit connection, which I know is enhanced by the synergy of the combination and will support me for the day. I hold the crystals in my cupped hands, as described in the meditations in Part Two. This connects my whole vibrational body with the energy vibrating from the crystal, the essential oil, and the flower and crystal essences as I proceed with my meditation—we become one vibrational energy system, connected to the infinite expansive energy of the Universe. The crystals stay with me for the day: either worn in a spiral cage necklace at the heart or throat center, or in my pockets, or in a small organza bag pinned inside my clothes. They are there for me, vibration constant; they are there for others as they radiate energy from me, or for me to use if someone is in need of unexpected care—and of course the perfect stone is always with me. I place a few drops of essential oil on a tissue to energetically support my whole being and intentionally inhale as and when I choose throughout the day, and my much-loved essence blend is always with me. As I mentioned, a collection of anointed crystals sits on my bedside table and I am aware and in gratitude of the healing and realigning that takes


place as I sleep. However, what we are talking about, here, is the healing, wellness, and well-being that is facilitated when the unique vibration of the crystal stone is combined with its crystal essence, and the highest harmonious resonance of essential oils, combined flower essences, and higher guidance. Each enhances and uplifts the other. There is synergy in the oneness of the combination. There is a power that is greater than all of us, a life force that flows through us and all living things, and from which all energy emanates—and bringing together these gifts from Mother Earth and Beyond facilitates us being however we choose to be, and then being all that we choose to be. These synergistic combinations can heal us, nourish us, nurture us, sustain us, support us, empower us, and enhance our very being, if we so choose. May you enjoy your exploration of the high vibrational healing from the Earth and Beyond that awaits you in the fourteen combinations on offer in Part Two.


Blue Lace Agate

MAIN APPLICATIONS Power of Peace – Protection from Within – Inner Strength – Healing from Freedom

SYNERGISTIC COMBINATION Crystal: Blue Lace Agate Essential Oil: Roman Chamomile Flower Essences: Wild Rose and Spinifex Archangel: Raguel The nurturing agates have been used across antiquity, and agates often remain the protection stone of choice; agates strengthen while protecting against stress and energy loss. Agates ground us, enhance kindness and compassion, and clear fearful feelings such as jealousy and envy. Emotionally, agates enhance acceptance that all will pass; we can carry on. Self-examination, selfresponsibility, and changes in perception are all enhanced. In addition to the great grounding and stabilizing qualities of the agates, blue lace agate is a wonderful healer that brings inner peace, harmony, and happiness. Known as the Warrior Stone, it enhances confidence, courage, and strength, while offering a resonance that is powerfully calming and 29

uplifting. It is also highly useful for clearing an energy blockage that is presenting as pain or irritation within the physical body. The resonance of blue lace agate is particularly strengthening and healing to the throat chakra. The throat chakra is opened and blockages from fear and negativity are purified and cleared. Repressed feelings that we now choose to release are dissolved and undone—feelings that have been long suppressed through fear of judgment or rejection, and lack of self-worth, are given voice and dissipate in the light of that voice. We are inspired and empowered to speak our truth, freely express our thoughts and feelings, and hold our space. This stone helps us to open to higher guidance. Our mental thoughts resonate with the spiritual body, resulting in a deep inner peace—excellent for all forms of mental and emotional stress. Hold your stone, or gently focus upon it, whenever you feel the need to ease stress or tension, or neutralize anger, and allow the cooling calming vibrations to wash through you for relief. Add a large decorator stone to any space to reduce tension in that space. Enhance its innate resonance by anointing with Roman chamomile essential oil. This beautiful nurturing and supportive stone is an excellent choice to carry when we feel we have an important decision to make. It encourages an openness and acceptance of our inherent talents and an awareness of inspiration and transformation that comes with a change in perception. We speak our truth with purity and loving kindness and compassion. We speak our truth, do no harm to others, and remain authentic.

How Blue Lace Agate Facilitates Healing ✓ The peaceful energies of blue lace agate calm and cool to neutralize anger and can effectively clear feelings of jealousy and envy. ✓ It dissolves repressed feelings, long suppressed through fear of judgment or rejection—this fear causes lack of self-expression, and


✓ ✓

so blocks the throat chakra. It is excellent for counteracting mental and emotional stress; it harmonizes on every level of our being and restores the natural balance of Yin and Yang, aligning the physical, emotional and mental bodies with the spiritual. It awakens inherent talents by opening us to receive inspiration, and stimulates and heightens mental and analytical abilities. It stabilizes the auric fields, which in turn allows negative energies that one chooses to release to be dissolved and undone and transmuted into pure positive energy to be redistributed for the highest good. Blue lace agate enhances self-examination and self-responsibility, and encourages changes in perception that in turn allow an enhanced sense of well-being to flow.

Essential Oils, Flower Essences, and Spirit Connection Blue lace agate is a great healer and a beautiful stone that draws the eye with its reassuring gentleness, but its potential broadens immeasurably if used in concert. When we treat ourselves to the synergy in this combination, then we allow ourselves to open to the healing, peace, and harmony that flows throughout our whole being.

Essential Oils The highest resonance is between Roman chamomile essential oil and blue lace agate. Although traditionally used with the throat chakra, this power combination works effectively and synergistically to harmonize the whole being whether the crystal is placed on the body, held, worn, carried in the pocket or placed nearby. Roman chamomile will soothe agitation in any chakra and disharmony throughout the subtle bodies. Roman chamomile (Anthemis nobilis, Chamaemelum nobile), has similar


therapeutic properties to the more commonly used and deeper blue German chamomile (Matricaria recutita), but the synergy is with the more delicate blue Roman chamomile (also known as English chamomile). Chamomile has an agreeable apple-like aroma from which the name was born: the Greeks named it from ‘ground apple’—kamai (on the ground) and melon (an apple); this low spreading plant with its delicate flowers has long been popular as a scented lawn. The ancients considered chamomile the plant’s physician as it improved the health of companion plants in the garden, and today is a favorite for those who practice organic and companion gardening. All chamomiles are calming, but in aromatherapy, Roman chamomile particularly calms, soothes and regulates hormones, pain, anxiety, and insomnia and is even more effective than the German variety in easing and relieving irritation, impatience, and disagreeable feelings. Both align with the throat chakra, but the more ethereal Roman chamomile could be considered a higher frequency vibration that helps us speak our truth. Psychologically, the paler blue Roman chamomile helps to soothe anger and any tendency towards argument, frustration, and irritability, and helps to lift those who are bored, discouraged, lethargic, or forgetful. The calming aroma soothes nightmares, panic, and shock. On the emotional barometer, chamomile resonates with the mental body—feelings of being imposed upon can shift to a sense of emotional freedom. We are supported to release self-limiting thoughts and habits as we hear our own truth; we are free, no longer prepared to be corseted, girdled, or accepting of that which is not true for us. Our sense of purpose is restored; we feel what it is to be authentic, and we feel empowered to live authentically. It powerfully supports meditation and protects against psychic attack—we no longer feel vulnerable to psychic attack, or that we can be psychically imposed upon. Indeed, we no longer feel ‘imposed upon’ emotionally, mentally, or psychically. We are strengthened by our sense of connection, clarity, and calm.


Flower Essences The highest resonance is between Wild Rose Bach Flower and Spinifex Australian Bush Flower Essences and blue lace agate. Wild Rose is the remedy that touches into our inner motivation and ability to see ourselves as integral to the whole; Wild Rose is for those filled with resignation and apathy about their conditions, lacking any motivation to seek improvement. They may seem accepting of their conditions, but this socalled ‘acceptance’ is a negative state rooted deep in the past. True acceptance is not resignation. For example, the small baby crying for hours for the nurture of their mother will soon learn the negative response of resignation to the perceived hopelessness of their fate. Think of roses in a vase of stale water, beautiful blooms drooping sadly, unable to find nourishment in the stagnant water. Those in the negative Wild Rose condition have lost their sap; they have capitulated to their circumstances, external and internal. They feel stuck in a job, relationship or situation that they feel is hopeless; they feel resigned to their chronic illness and believe that things can never improve or change. The power to change, to eliminate that which does not serve us, to find relief or to heal, is always with us, and within us. It is always an inside job. This dear being is often so quietly passive that the resignation can go unnoticed as it has become part of who they have chosen to be; they do not know that they have a choice. Transformation brings a sense of self-responsibility to embrace the rhythm of life. Vitality, vigor, interest, and curiosity in life bring a sense of inner happiness, flexibility, adaptability, and freedom. A love of life previously unknown is now actively embraced as they choose to be in harmony with their Inner Being. Spinifex is for those who feel victim to their illness or the conditions of their lives; they do not appreciate the role of their emotions in how they feel. Spinifex is a hardy adaptable grassy plant that grows in a circular pattern with the inner core ever facilitating its even growth and expansion. 33

This essence is known for its potent applications to the physical body, particularly its internal cleansing action and application externally for skin conditions ranging from cuts to psoriasis. However, as it is in the outer, so it is in the inner, and as above, so below. Remember, all levels of our being harmonize for the optimal function of the whole, and physical disharmony and disorder in any form invariably flows from disturbance to the emotional body. The positive outcome of spinifex flower essence brings about emotional understanding and a sense of well-being which facilitates physical healing. One no longer feels victim to their illness or circumstances. There is an awareness, appreciation and understanding of the impact of feelings on the physical body. Nothing matters more than how we feel. Choosing to change how we think, to broaden our perspective and open to possibilities, facilitates emotional change and so facilitates change on all levels as the emotional and mental bodies harmonize to support the body physical.

Archangels The highest synergistic resonance with the blue lace agate combination is with Archangel Raguel. Archangel Raguel brings loving and enthusiastic energy that harmonizes and brings order to our lives and facilitates dispute resolution for the highest good. Raguel is traditionally known as the archangel who harmonizes and organizes the angelic realm in keeping with Divine order. He certainly creates harmony within relationships—our relationship with others and with self—and his harmonizing vibrations help us take decisions for the highest good of all concerned. Raguel motivates, counsels, energizes, empowers, protects, and so much more—and for me, is a spiritual champion and life coach when I need one. His powerful energy will never interfere—as always, our freewill is paramount—but once asked, he guides us to considered decisions that bring fairness and justice to all concerned. Some texts describe Raguel as being in 34

charge of luminaries, and I have no doubt that this loving energy can assist us to shine bright when we choose to walk in harmony with our soul path. The dedication and consistency of Raguel’s vibration, in service of manifesting that which is Divine in physical, has him working closely with a number of beloved teachers that support the sense of quiet strength which flows from the harmonizing balance of the natural rhythm of life. We feel empowered by the simplicity of a life lived with acceptance of selfresponsibility, self-respect and self-awareness. We appreciate the ease of nonjudgment and non-attachment to how things should and should not be, and decision-making that flows from heartfelt truth and integrity. His energy brings love, joy, balance, moderation, and inner peace. There is ease and flow to our path, a sense of abundance of choice, harmony, clarity, awareness, and understanding. We take responsibility for our choices, and stand in integrity as we make decisions that bring the most harmonious outcome, and so serve the higher good. We feel strengthened to dare to live in the rhythm of life, to feel the balance when it flows, and so allow the flow. We experience a sense of Divine Love, spiritual emotional and physical healing, and enhanced appreciation of life’s contrasts and the innate unity of all. We are able to honor and live our own truth, being true to ourselves; our sense of connection to Source is strengthened. We feel protected, safe; and we experience the inherent love, beauty, and joy in life as we choose to view the possibilities open for us from the expansive view of all that is on offer when we dare to free ourselves from past restrictions. ***** I find the synergy of the blue lace agate combination offers potent support, particularly when a situation or relationship feels potentially stressful or stirs memories of past limitation and restriction. I am strengthened to continue on my chosen path, harmonized by a sense of ease and flow that washes


through me as I intentionally pause, and breathe in all that I now choose to be. We come forth into this life with no guide-book to follow; we are here to plot our own course, with guidance if we so choose. I understand that relationships come in all shapes and forms, and some are old and some are fleeting: relationships with my fellow travelers or with myself; relationships with my environment and the world we all create; and relationships to thoughts, feelings and things that, for whatever reason, have felt important to me at the time—and all relationships have potential for great joy and great pain. Inherent in each is the potential for change, refining perspective, healing, and nurturing that which I hold dear. Make no mistake, there is no weakness in inner harmony and peace; a sense of inner harmony and peace is self-empowering and self-actualizing. Those who mistake the ease and peace of my peaceful warrior, do so at their own risk. We do not walk around in a hazy cloud of disconnection— disconnection that many so often misinterpret as connection. This confused sense of ‘connection’ is powerless—there is no power in choosing to abdicate responsibility to Spirit or the Universe for our life in physical. It does not work that way. We are here to experience and to participate in whatever way we choose, and we get to choose for us, fully supported by all that is available to us. Releasing all attachment to that which does not serve us is ultimately self-nurturing, and allows us to feel the strength of our ever-still, everwatchful inner champion—mine has been strengthened by the years of inner struggle, humor at all I have created from time to time, and the peace of no longer warring with self. There is simplicity to my life, these days, even at the busiest of times. I have learned to set boundaries, some are malleable but most are not, and taking time each morning to connect to All That Is, my Inner Being, and that which supports me is absolutely non-negotiable. It is that which nurtures me, sustains me, and empowers me. At the end of the day, I am comfortable that I have sought to do no harm and walk gently upon the Earth. I walk with the


intention to do my best to choose for the highest good, and act from my whole being and my own peaceful warrior. Working with the synergy of blue lace agate in combination, I am strengthened knowing that guidance is simply a request away ‌ and when I dare to walk the path that is highlighted, I know that it will be one that brings the greatest joy to my whole being.

Meditation Practices By choosing to quiet the mind with the blue lace agate combination we open up to our innate connection to Spirit and the gifts of peace, protection, strength, and freedom as the physical integrates with the spiritual, through the mental and emotional bodies. We embrace a sense of wonder at the innate order, balance, and perfection in it all. The infinite field of possibilities and potentialities is there for each of us. There is an elusive richness to a life that is regularly refreshed and aligned by quiet time alone in contemplation. For the following meditations, the crystal essence and combined flower essences may be taken in a single blend, or used separately, as is most convenient to you. The essential oil may certainly be vaporized in an oil burner to fill the meditation space, but as this is not always convenient, please be assured that a few drops of essential oil on a tissue will serve you perfectly, any time and any place—whether meditating at home or in the park, or simply connecting in while in line at the supermarket. Sit in whatever way is comfortable for you—if seated in a chair, have your feet flat on the floor with no shoes. Ensure your back is straight by gently lifting your heart center. Relax your shoulders. Lengthen the back of the neck by slightly tilting the chin downwards. Take a couple of breaths and bring yourself to a place of quiet appreciation of this time that you are gifting you.

Meditation to Connect with the Blue Lace Agate Synergy This short meditation is perfect whenever I need the inner strength, freedom,


and peace that inevitably follow from the synergy that calms and uplifts. Please have to hand— Blue lace agate crystal Roman chamomile essential oil Wild Rose and Spinifex flower essences Blue lace agate crystal essence  Place four drops of the combined Wild Rose and Spinifex flower essences and blue lace agate crystal essence under your tongue. Take a breath.  Anoint the blue lace agate with a drop of Roman chamomile essential oil. Inhale the fruity floral fragrance as you gently rub the oil into the stone, breathing slowly and deeply. Take a breath.  Cup the blue lace agate lightly in your hands—the fingertips of the right hand gently touch to the base of the left palm—and rest your hands comfortably in your lap. Take a breath and close your eyes.  Feel the energy of the blue lace agate as it fills your cupped hands— for example, it may feel tingling, effervescent, light, heavy, or like your hands are suctioned together or they may expand apart during the session—there is no right way it should feel, and how it feels is right for you.  Breathing easy, feel or imagine the energy moving up through your arms, through to the heart center, and radiating out to fill your being however that feels right for you. Thoughts will come and go; let them. Trust that the synergy of the combination will stimulate, calm, heal, open, or enhance that which needs attention at this time. You may see the blue of the blue lace agate behind the closed eyes— maybe glittering flashes, maybe an expansive mist or swirls of color, or deep color that fades in and out, as the energy of the blue lace agate combination connects with various energy centers. 38

 On the exhalation, relax even more and feel gratitude for any understanding, clarity or awareness that comes to you and let it go, trusting that it will be there for you when you come out of the meditation.  Feel the energy. Be in wonder of the synergy of these combined gifts from Mother Earth. Luxuriate in the connection. Allow it to fill you, calm you, free you, and nourish you and remain within that expansive grounded space for as long as you wish.

Affirmation Meditation with the Healing Vibrational Resonance of the Blue Lace Agate Combination For me, this is the most powerful of the three blue lace agate meditations to support change, enhance inner strength and freedom, and support a heartfelt decision to release fears. We feel nurtured and supported by inner peace and connection. Again, it is all about the synergy of the combination that lifts the vibration of our mental and emotional bodies, and the specific affirmations are an integral component of the synergy of this meditation practice. The words remain unchanged each time, but the results are as different as I am each time I change and grow and then return to this inspired practice. ❖ Please sit in your comfortable meditation position. Place four drops of your combined Wild Rose and Spinifex flower essences and blue lace agate crystal essence under the tongue, anoint your blue lace agate with a drop of Roman chamomile essential oil and inhale a few drops of Roman chamomile from a tissue, while holding your stone in lightly cupped hands. ❖ Settle into the position, close your eyes, and take a long slow deep breath, releasing any tension on the exhale. Repeat with two more breaths.


❖ Take your awareness behind the eyebrow center. This is the third eye chakra. The color is deep indigo or purple. See yourself sitting in the middle of this space—the one who sits in the middle and intuitively knows. ❖ Breathe. ❖ Take your awareness to the crown above you. See it layered with the petals of a closed lotus flower and imagine those petals unfolding, opening to pure positive energy and the infinite field of possibilities. ❖ Allow the pure white light to illuminate and enliven the deep indigo purple of this space. Feel the energy flood in and cascade through the physical body. ❖ Breathe. ❖ Repeat to yourself. I am peaceful and connected. ❖ Breathe. ❖ Take your awareness to just below the navel center. This is the sacral chakra. The color is a rich orange. See the pelvic area as a golden bowl filled with the vibrant orange waters of creativity. You sit in the middle on a giant lotus leaf, perfectly balanced, fully supported. ❖ Breathe. ❖ No matter which way you choose to move, the liquid always returns to balance with you perfectly supported in the middle. ❖ Breathe. ❖ Repeat to yourself. I am protected and strengthened by my own peaceful Warrior. ❖ Breathe. ❖ Take your awareness to the chest center. This is the heart chakra— the middle chakra, that which bridges the upper three and lower three. The color is vibrant emerald or forest green. See yourself in the middle on a vibrant pink and white lotus flower atop a green lotus leaf. You are seated in your heart, the center of unconditional love. 40

❖ Breathe. ❖ See the heart center flooded with Divine energy from above as Lifeforce energy rises to meet it from below. You are supported in Love from above and below. ❖ Repeat to yourself. I am nurtured, supported, and free of fears. ❖ Breathe. ❖ This powerful energy from your heart center floods down your arms and out through your hands to touch the world. You are fully supported and in your power as you choose to act from your heart. ❖ Repeat the full affirmation, feeling Spirit, or your innate Divinity, Higher Self, or beautiful Inner Being speaking to you. You are peaceful and connected. You are protected and strengthened by your own peaceful Warrior. You are nurtured, supported, and free of fears. You are energy being human. ❖ Breathe. Remain in this space, feeling this space, for as long as it feels comfortable, or as long as your schedule allows. ❖ When you are ready, take a deep breath, and bring your awareness back to the crown. See the lotus flower petals closing again—yours to open at will, and close at will. ❖ Take another long slow breath. ❖ Bring your awareness back into the body. Wiggle your toes and fingers; gently move your hands and your head; and open your eyes to bring your awareness fully back into this moment. ❖ Express gratitude for All That Is and the gift of grace … and be aware that your Source is even more grateful for all that you are, and all that you are becoming. And so It is.

Meditation to Connect with Archangel Raguel, Higher Self, Guides and Teachers with the synergy of the Blue Lace Agate Combination Whether you wish to connect with the energy of Archangel Raguel for


support, or whether you wish to connect to your own Inner Being, Higher Self, or a particular guide or teacher, the synergy of the blue lace agate combination will powerfully support your heartfelt intention to be present in the moment and to be open to allow that which is there for you to flow to you. ➢ Please sit in your comfortable meditation position. ➢ If you have a question or a situation with which you would like clarity or guiding support, bring that to mind. ➢ If you have a favorite invocation or preferred ritual for connecting to your teachers or guides, please use that which feels right for you. ➢ Place four drops of your combined Wild Rose and Spinifex flower essences and blue lace agate crystal essence under the tongue, anoint your blue lace agate with a drop of Roman chamomile essential oil, inhale a few drops of the calming, soothing Roman chamomile oil from a tissue and throughout the meditation if you feel inspired to do so, and hold your stone in lightly cupped hands. ➢ Settle into the position, close your eyes, and take a long slow deep breath, exhaling any tension. Repeat with two more breaths. ➢ Feeling relaxed, still, and present to the moment, please state your intentions and feel your intentions. I am fully present and open for all that is here for me. I am listening, and you are welcome. ➢ Breathe and release any tension with a long exhalation. ➢ The soft sound of the breath mirrors the tranquil space of silence where inner peace and harmony are found. Feel the breath. Hear the breath. Empty with the breath and allow for any awareness of connection that follows. ➢ Feel deep appreciation and gratitude for this time of connection to a Divine messenger, teacher or aspect of Oneness, and come out of the meditation when ready. 42

Please know that no matter what you feel or do not feel during the meditation, any question you have asked has been answered, any clarity you are seeking has been forthcoming, and any connection you desired has been facilitated by the synergy of the high vibrational combination of Raguel, blue lace agate crystal, Roman chamomile essential oil, and blue lace agate, Wild Rose and Spinifex essence blend. Your conscious awareness and sense of peace, protection and inner strength, and awareness of your innate freedom have been awakened and heightened. If this is not a familiar practice for you, please be reassured that enhanced connection is always facilitated and clarity and answers always provided. Sometimes guidance will flow into your consciousness during the practice; sometimes it will come later as an inspired thought or action. The answers and clarity always flow, but trying to micromanage how they come to us will usually pinch off our awareness. Indeed, trusting in our inherent guidance will always deliver that which we seek in the quickest most direct and life-enhancing way ‌ we just need to trust and to pay attention. Remember, it is in the smallest of moments that miracles happen and the peace, harmony, and freedom facilitated by Raguel and the synergy of the blue lace agate combination, together with associated teachers, guides and your Higher Self, is indeed inspired.


Crystal Resonance: High Vibrational Well-Being from the Earth and Beyond In the first book of the 3-book Crystal Resonance series Kerry introduces us to the synergy that occurs when thirteen much-loved crystals are specifically combined to enhance a sense of well-being as we walk this life in physical— amethyst, aquamarine, green aventurine, carnelian, citrine, fluorite, red jasper, moonstone, clear quartz, rose quartz, selenite, tiger iron, and black tourmaline. Step-by-step instructions and links to guided meditations are also included.

Crystal Resonance 3: High Vibrational Letting Go from the Earth and Beyond Due for Release November 2018! This soon-to-be-released third book in the Crystal Resonance series allows Kerry to complete the series by encouraging us to finally let go and let be … and be all that we choose to be. Thirteen combinations are included— apophyllite, bloodstone, clear calcite, green calcite, chrysocolla, kyanite, lapis lazuli, black obsidian, rainbow obsidian, rutilated quartz, ruby, tanzanite, and green tourmaline. Let go and let be with Crystal Resonance 3!

Crystal Resonance 2: High Vibrational Healing from the Earth and Beyond  

To heal is to make whole and Crystal Resonance 2 is here with more life-enhancing tools to help us navigate this life in physical ... and he...

Crystal Resonance 2: High Vibrational Healing from the Earth and Beyond  

To heal is to make whole and Crystal Resonance 2 is here with more life-enhancing tools to help us navigate this life in physical ... and he...