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Crystal Resonance 3


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Part One: How It All Works and the Synergy of It All Understanding the Energy Body 3 The Subtle Bodies 4 The Chakras 6 Base or Root chakra 6 Sacral chakra 7 Solar Plexus chakra 7 Heart chakra 7 Throat chakra 8 Third Eye chakra 8 Crown chakra 9 Understanding the Healing from the Earth and Beyond 11 Crystals 13 How Crystals Work 13 Crystal Pendulums 14 Crystal Essences 15 Making your Crystal Essence 16


Essential Oils 17 How Essential Oils Work 17 Using Essential Oils 19 Flower Essences 19 How Flower Essences Work 19 Bach Flower and Australian Bush Flower Essences 20 Making Your Combined Flower Essences Blend 21 Making Your Flower and Crystal Essences Blend 22 Spirit Connection 23 Higher Guidance 23 Archangels 24 Your Personal Guides and Teachers 25 Understanding the Magic of Synergy 27 Bringing It All Together in a Daily Practice 29 Part Two: Synergistic Crystal Combinations and Practices Apophyllite 35 Bloodstone 51 Clear Calcite 66 Green Calcite 81 Chrysocolla 97 Kyanite 113 Lapis Lazuli 129 Black Obsidian 145 Rainbow Obsidian 162 Rutilated Quartz 176 Ruby 191 Tanzanite 206 Green Tourmaline 221


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Dedicated to unveiling the mystery, I remain in the wonder of life. Devoted to all that inspires me, I remain in deep appreciation of the value in all that I have experienced and let go. Gratitude to Gary who continues to walk beside me as I explore and stands beside me in all that I am. At the still point there is the dance ‌ and when all that I am dances with all I ever have been, I come to know all that I am ever becoming.


Introduction The past is a different country; they do things differently there. ~ L.P. Hartley What if it is finally time for you to let all that be, and come home to you? What if it was time for you to meet and greet that grander part of you? Just as I can clearly remember being touched through the heart when I read the famous opening sentence to L.P. Hartley’s The Go-Between as a teenager at school, I can clearly remember being asked this question. It was many years ago, but I can distinctly recall feeling decidedly unsettled as those parts of me that I had long hidden away surfaced into my conscious memory. The distress was fleeting, so practiced was I at hiding behind the mask, but the wonder of how it might be to no longer hide, to accept and welcome all of me, was tweaked within me. I have since journeyed far on my travels, exploring and navigating my way through many teachings and philosophies, but it was choosing to surrender and bask in the synergy of the combined gifts and inspired practices from the Earth and Beyond that finally brought me home to me. Now, I know why they say home is where the heart is. I love being home. When we come home, we touch that inner part of us that knows this is how it should be, could be, can be, and constantly


is. When we choose to fully embrace these life-enhancing and selfempowering combinations and practices, we are able to finally and warmly meet and greet our powerful inner self. We look into the shadows and see the wonder that is there. We are strengthened for looking and warmed by what we find. Welcome to the third book of the three-book collection of Crystal Resonance. It is my invitation to you to come salsa with your own brilliance as we cast off that which no longer serves us and lift our resonance to shine brightly. Let the dance exhilarate and delight you. The dance begins at the still point in the sacred space of the heart. Those who are new to exploring the synergy of specifically combined gifts from the Earth and Beyond will now enter the fascinating world of potentialities and possibilities. The synergy that results from specifically combined gifts from Mother Earth and Beyond helps us thrive as we embrace self-responsibility, selfdetermination, self-respect, and self-worth. We feel empowered to be all that we choose to be; we feel grounded and supported; we have an appreciation of the unlimited gifts available to us. We are here to thrive, not merely survive. Crystal Resonance 3 explains new ways for us to connect to All That Is, and enjoy a life well lived. We make sense of all that has brought us to this place, to here, to where we now stand, and let it go. The high vibrational combinations of tools from the Earth and Beyond are based on resonance frequency as perceived through the sacred space of the heart and the transpersonal love that flows through Reiki hands. The synergistic combinations that I share have served me well in my practice as a facilitator of wellness and wellbeing for others, and as part of my own daily practice. This information is intended to add to the wealth of knowledge we have so far amassed; it is not intended to replace or contradict that which


may be working well for many. Using the rocks from the earth, and precious oils and essences from the plants, can help us tap into the innate strength of Gaia, to align and attune with Mother Earth. It is no accident that each of us has a body that is comprised of the very same elements as the Earth. Awareness that our physical bodies are ‘of the earth’, so to speak, can often spark curiosity to explore and an appreciation of the gifts that support, sustain, and surround us. When we match the resonance of crystal stones and essences with the resonance of specific essential oils and flower essences, and allow them to dance with the vibrations of Higher Self, archangels and Spirit, then indeed we are allowing ourselves to open to and receive the abundant gifts from the Earth and All That Is. The practice is simple; the process is easy. Clean and clear crystals with the appropriate essential oil; take the matching crystal and flower essence blend; inhale the essential oil from a tissue or vaporize the oil in a burner and meditate with your anointed crystal. As you go about your day, carry your anointed crystal with a tissue imbued with drops of the essential oil to inhale as you wish, and take your essence blend—and then be strengthened, inspired, and in joy as you enjoy the reassuring moments of wonder at the grounded support and enhanced awareness of connection to All That Is. The magic is in the synergy of the combination. Some of my personal moments of inner strength, release, and wonder are included in the combination descriptions. We humans are complex creatures, each capable of extraordinary creativity—we can create great joy and we can create stifling struggle and sadness as we hold onto entrenched beliefs, thought patterns and attitudes that keep us in the familiar holding pattern of struggle and pain. Like a sad old song on auto-replay, we replay and retell the old story and hook into old feelings that do not serve us. Why? Habit, mostly—


and we so often function on auto-pilot, hooked into what we know and how it has always been. Life can and should be simple and the rhythm easy—but simple does not always feel easy, and letting go can feel scary, and can be much easier said than done. Our old story has become part of our identity—but it is not who we are. Many of us go through stages of acknowledging what is not working for us, such as an entrenched habit that is current, or an entrenched belief of how things should have been in the past. Once again, we decide to let go and change, and then try to control how it will all play out, so that things can basically stay the same and yet change at the same time. What a perfect recipe for struggle! Chaos and confusion spin us out again. We inevitably find ourselves back where we were, and add failure and guilt to the pain and struggle mix. I have been well-practiced and successful at such self-sabotage over the years. Each of us can be highly skilled in thoughts and actions that do not serve us well, and so I share glimpses of personal experiences with combinations in the hope that perhaps there is resonance within you, or some ah-ha moment is triggered within you. I know that the synergy of the combinations from the Earth and Beyond will powerfully support any steps toward self-responsibility and selfdetermination, and enhance a sense of self-respect, self-value, and self-worth. The synergy of these combinations will ease any decision to change, and strengthen any intention to embrace choices that support, nurture, and sustain us, and so serve the highest good. These days, I live and practice holistically and I am well aware that a vital component of our sense of well-being and healing is the mental and emotional rebalancing—it is so often the missing link to ongoing wellness and well-being. We are gifted so much by Mother Earth and when specific crystals are matched with the highest resonating essential oils and flower essences our natural access to


Oneness is powerfully facilitated. Healing on every level is enhanced as the physical and subtle bodies are aligned and attuned—and you will recall from Crystal Resonance 2 that to heal is to make whole. Our bodies are magnificent mechanisms that continually seek homoeostasis on every level; it is innate, our natural balance or equilibrium. Some years ago my appreciation of synergy, curiosity about what is possible, passion for simplicity, and inspiration coalesced to develop these crystal synergistic combinations as a healing and selfenhancing lifestyle practice that restores balance and brings awareness to our inherent wellness and well-being. I have learned that specific crystals, essential oils, and flower essences can be synergistically combined to produce a resonance frequency that enhances connection with specific aspects of Divinity. A synergistic combination offers so much more than the sum of its component parts as each component enhances the other. Indeed, are we not all so much more than our component parts? The wonder of synergy has been long appreciated by those working with herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and natural and energy medicines. For each of the thirteen combinations included in Crystal Resonance 3, you will learn about the specific crystal, and the highest resonating essential oil and flower essences that enhance the vibration of all components—and how this heightened energy of the whole enhances connection with Higher Self and All That Is as we become one with the high vibrational energy stream. The combinations selected for inclusion in each Crystal Resonance book were chosen intuitively, just as I choose them each morning for my own daily practice. I trust that which serves me well will also serve the highest good for all as each of you find combinations that resonate with you. When I reviewed the list of combinations to be included in


this third Crystal Resonance book, I was struck by the inclusion of many of the more powerful for releasing entrenched negative belief patterns. Any intention to let go and let be is supported and cushioned by a synergy that facilitates a strengthened conscious connection to Spirit. They are among the most earthy, grounding, and expansive combinations that call to us to let go and to be all that we are ‌ and so the theme of this third book was, again, guided by the selection of combinations to be included. All crystal stones and their essences, essential oils and essences from plants and flowers, and celestial beings resonate with each other—there is no right or wrong combination when working with the tools we are gifted from the Earth and Beyond. However, there are some specific gifts that work synergistically to produce the highest vibration to restore balance to the energy body, open and warm the heart, and lift us to a place of Oneness to facilitate vibrational wellness and well-being. We are fully supported by the Earth and the Universe. The synergistic crystal combinations I am sharing consistently offer the highest alignment of resonance—they are those that I continue to work with and which bring wondrous results. They are those that facilitate my enjoyment of a life well lived. This book contains but a taste of the bountiful smorgasbord of gifts that support life in physical. The tools we are gifted are limitless. I am grateful for the opportunity to share these synergistic combinations and practices, and I trust that the sharing of them will bring something of value to those looking to explore the wonder of crystals, aroma, and essences or add to the tool-bag of those who already use them. The synergy of combined gifts from the Earth and Beyond is here to support the seeker, and I know that the synergy of these combinations will enhance the awareness of those who enjoy conscious connection to the realm of Spirit.


There is something for all, at every level. If an alternate practice feels right for you, then please continue to honor that. If you are curious to explore the synergy of these crystal combinations and feel a sense of excitement and anticipation at the wonders on offer, then you are invited to enjoy. In Crystal Resonance 3, I have once again outlined how it all works in Part One before detailing the thirteen new combinations in Part Two. The synergy and transformational resonance of crystals in specific combination continue to expand my wonder of the healing tools we are gifted from the Earth, and I am excited to share them with you. Nothing in this book is intended to counter or replace those practices that are successfully practiced and enjoyed by others; I simply offer alternatives that you may wish to explore to extend your current practice. So please, enjoy those gifts that are available to you and to which you feel drawn, and perhaps among the selection of synergistic combinations offered you may find a little extra something, another layer, that facilitates your return to balance and alignment, and enhances and enriches your path to Oneness and a life well lived. Perhaps you, too, will come to know the grander part of you that waits to meet and greet you … and perhaps you will be able to simply look back and acknowledge that your past is a different country and you did things differently there.

Thank you for your interest in the Crystal Resonance books. If you would like to read more, the books are available as eBooks and paperbacks from most online sellers, including – Kindle and Paperback available on Amazon – 3-Book Crystal Resonance series – complete set only available direct from the Author with free postage worldwide –


Crystal Resonance High Vibrational Well-Being from the Earth and Beyond In the first book of the 3-book Crystal Resonance series Kerry introduces us to the synergy that occurs when thirteen much-loved crystals are specifically combined to enhance a sense of well-being as we walk this life in physical—amethyst, aquamarine, green aventurine, carnelian, citrine, fluorite, red jasper, moonstone, clear quartz, rose quartz, selenite, tiger iron, and black tourmaline. Step-by-step instructions and links to the guided meditations for each combination are also included.


Crystal Resonance 2 High Vibrational Healing from the Earth and Beyond To heal is to make whole, and in this second book in the Crystal Resonance series Kerry introduces us to the synergy, healing, and life-enhancing resonance of fourteen new combinations to help us heal and navigate this life in physical—blue lace agate, moss agate, celestite, charoite, garnet, hematite, kunzite, labradorite, malachite, moldavite rhodonite, tiger’s eye, turquoise, and unakite. Again, step-by-step instructions and links to guided meditations are included


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Crystal Resonance 3: High Vibrational Letting Go from the Earth and Beyond  

Let go. Let be. Live a life well lived! At our very essence, we are Spirit, and Crystal Resonance 3 completes the series designed to help u...

Crystal Resonance 3: High Vibrational Letting Go from the Earth and Beyond  

Let go. Let be. Live a life well lived! At our very essence, we are Spirit, and Crystal Resonance 3 completes the series designed to help u...