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Systems culture 2013 Nga Ting Leung (Kerry) 355143 Journal

Here trying to generate an irragular waffle frame in a 3D shape. It works quite nice as a simple shape yet lack of details.

Moving towards the second half of the chandelier project, rather than using smart materials like nitinol to generate an interaction, we decided to move along with Arduino and Firefly. These programs are designated for electrical / architecture students to write the definition without using C++ or JAVA scripting.

Iteration process: Our based design contour was derived from the pattern of an electrical board. The reason of doing this is to draw a linkage from technology and further designed it as a human like chandelier. The Voronoi pattern is then projected onto the surface as an indication of rigidness of technology where the silicone skin will remains a metaphor of human being.

Computation Render of the Chandelier

Final Chandelier

Final Chandelier


Glitch - unintentional disruption in a system NEW AFFECT: “Glitch curation” intends to convey its inherently raw and mechanical qualities in an attempt to capture the affect of uncertainty and curiosity that technology evokes in us, by utilizing this concept of ‘glitch’ towards an architectural application.




We first designed a spinning reception table where it looks like a sculpture from far yet an usable table when human is presented. However this idea is further expressed in entry point of the building.








1. Vertical Motion Gear

2. Angulation Motion Gear

3. Angulation Motion Gear with Static Support

The gear is designed as a structural element inside the Digital Art Gallary. It responses to sound and acts like a police in the art gallary when noise is detected.

Cloud Prototype with Silicone Skin


Cloud Prototype with Gears

Ngatingleung355143 systems culture  
Ngatingleung355143 systems culture