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Script Dialogue for the job interview Scene1; Daniel; where is Mrs. Walsh’s room, I have a meeting with her and I’m late! Office Staff; Wait a couple minutes and ill get someone to come a collect you. Daniel; Thank You. * Daniel Sits down * * Someone collects him and walks him to the room * * As he walks in he falls over* Daniel; Sorry that I’m late and sorry for falling over. Interviewer; Its alright, don’t be late if you get the job. Daniel; don’t worry I wont be. Interviewer; so why do you want this job as a sports assistant. Daniel; I think ill be good because I love sport and love helping and playing with kids. * Knocks over water, try’s to clear it up with his top * Daniel; I’m really sorry, have you got any tissue please. Interviewer; yes one second Ill get you some. * Interviewer grabs tissue * Interviewer; what GCSE’s and A-Levels do you? Daniel; I Have 5 A*-Cs And I have a A-level in Sports. Interviewer; alright I think I have all the information I need for now Ill ring you if I need anymore and ill call you to let you know if you have the job. Daniel; Alright Thank you. *As Daniel gets up he knocks something over and picks in up and rushes of *

Daniel; I’m sorry! * Runs out of the building *

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Script Diagogue for short film