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Progress plan         Who  are  you?     I  am  an  a-­‐level  student  studying  media  studies.  I’m  going  to   be  creating  a  trailer  for  a  movie  around  the  genre  of  Gritty   British  realism.     The  big  Idea.     The  big  idea  for  my  trailer  is  about  a  girl  who  thinks  she’s   falling  in  love  with  a  footballer;  she  thinks  she  has   everything  she’s  always  wanted,  she  cant  tell  her  parents   because  she’s  scared  what  they  will  say,  they  want  her  to   think  about  school  not  boys.  The  girls  she  always  talks  to   thinks  its  all  to  good  to  be  real.  They  think  something  is   wrong  with  this  boy  but  they  just  don’t  know  what.   They  try  telling  her  this  but  she  won’t  listen,  she’s  in  love   and  she’s  happy  she  doesn’t  want  anyone  to  change  this.       Her  parents  find  out  about  her  relationship  with  this  guy  at   dinner,  her  phone  rings  and  she  picks  up.  Her  mum  takes  the   phone  and  that’s  when  thinks  start  changing,  her  mum   doesn’t  agree  with  the  idea  and  this  starts  arguments.       She  lies  to  her  mum  and  tells  her  that  she’s  going  to  her   friends  house,  but  after  the  phone  call  at  dinner  her  mum   doesn’t  believe  her  so  a  while  after  leaving  she  rings  the   friends  house  but  she  isn’t  this  makes  her  mum  even  more   mad.   The  next  day  at  school  when  chatting  to  her  mates  in  lesson   the  friend  tells  her  that  she  got  called  by  her  mum,  she  gets   angry  and  marches.        

Everything changes  between  the  two  of  them,  because  of  one   phone  call,  one  that  wasn’t  meant  to  happen.  She  thinks  his   on  the  phone  to  his  mum;  she  thinks  everything’s  all  right.   Until  she  hears  her  boyfriend,  doing  a  drug  deal.     This  changes  everything  she  doesn’t  know  what  to  do,  if  she   should  tell  him,  or  act  like  nothings  happened.  She  confronts   him,  but  she  loves  him  too  much  to  leave  him,  she  bunks   school  the  next  day  and  stays  with  him,  he  shows  her  the   roads  and  she  gets  into  it.  She  feels  like  she’s  now  apart  of   his  world.  She  lets  everything  go.  She  completely  forgets   about  school  and  her  friends  she  loves  being  with  him.     Her  mum  keeps  getting  phone  calls  from  school  saying  she   hasn’t  been  turning  up,  her  mums  had  enough  she  warns   her.  It  carries  on  so  she  kicks  her  out.     She  don’t  care  anymore,  the  drugs  and  the  boy  have  got  to   her,  she  thinks  she  doesn’t  need  anyone  else  she  has  him,   she  thinks  this  life  is  perfect  for  her.  Until  one  day  she  finds   out  his  in  trouble  with  another  drug  dealer,  they  get  her   number  and  start  ringing  her  telling  warning  her,  telling  her   to  watch  her  back.   They  cant  get  her  boyfriend  so  they  will  get  the  closest  thing   to  him,  there  going  to  hurt  her.  She  has  no  one  to  go  to,  no   one  can  help  her  because  she  pushed  everyone  out  her  life   for  one  boy.  She  doesn’t  want  to  tell  him  she’s  scared,  she   avoids  doing  drug  deals  she  try’s  to  stay  away  stay  out  of   trouble.     It  happens.  She  bumps  into  the  boys  that  have  been  looking   for  her,  she’s  scared  worried.  No  ones  around.     They  stab  her,  she  screams  they  wont  stop.  She  falls  to  the   ground.  They  start  kicking  her.  She’s  slowly  dying  she  has  no   one  to  help  her.    

The house  phone  rings.  The  girl’s  mum  gets  the  call,  she  has   been  found  and  has  been  rushed  to  hospital.   Will  she  make  it?  Or  is  this  the  end  of  her  life,  is  it  to  late  for   her  to  get  her  life  back  on  track.       The  name  of  my  film  is  ‘I  told  you  so’.       How  will  you  include  shot  reverse  shot,  180-­‐degree  rule   of  thirds?   When  filming  I’m  going  to  use  shot  reverse  shot  a  couple   times,  one  of  the  main  times  will  be  when  the  mum  and  her   are  arguing  about  the  fact  that  she’s  been  bunking  of  school   to  see  a  boy.       Where  will  you  film,  who  will  you  cast?  Props,  costumes   needed?   My  film  will  be  shot  in  a  couple  of  places,  they  will  be  at   Lilian  Baylis  Technology  School,  another  place  that  will  need   to  be  used  is  my  house,  and  the  estate  I  live  in.     I’m  going  to  need  to  use  people  from  my  family  in  my  clips   also  I’m  going  to  be  using  students  from  the  school  to  help,   by  casting  in  my  clips.       When  will  you  film  by?   The  film  in  going  to  be  filmed  and  edited  over  a  four-­‐week   period.  The  trailer  will  be  filmed  and  edited  by  the  15th  April   2013.    

Progress Plan  

This is my progress plan for my trailer

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