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Always ask  questions.        

1. Why have you chosen to study media studies Alevel? I have chosen to study media so I can learn more about how the industry works in T.V and advertisement. I would also like to learn how to record and make my own adverts. 2. Is there a Particular area/genre of the media that you are interested in? The particular genres that I’m interested in are horror and comedy; I think these two would be the most interesting to focus on and record. This is because when watching these they get my attention easily and these types of movies seem to get more people talking about them and interesting more people to see them. 3. Why do you think media is important? I think media is important because without media such as news papers and news people would find it hard to find out about information that’s happening all over the world. Media is a big part of people’s daily life and without it people’s lives would be boring. 4. How much power do you think media has over our society? I think media has a massive power over the society because it is in everyone’s day to day life, without media people wouldn’t be able to find out what’s going on threw out the world.

5. Choose three different groups of people and explain why you think they are represented in media? Women; in the media women are always shown threw a computer image; always looking thin and beautiful, but in real life most women don’t look like that you can clearly see that the media edit their images to make things look better so more people want to look like what they see on T.V. Teenagers; The media seems to make teenagers look like trouble, always shows them when their doing things wrong instead of right, so people get the wrong impression of them. Most teenagers aren’t rude and disrespectful but if the media show them to be like that, they may as well act it because that’s how they’re being shown. Old People; The media puts across the message that all old people are boring, grumpy and rude so this makes people assume that old people would be harder to get along with and help.

6. What skills do you hope to develop through learning about media? I hope to learn more about camera angles and how to make a short adverts and use a camera properly. I also want to find out a lot more about media because this could help in the future if I choose to do a job that involves media.

Always Ask Questions  

This is my Thoughts and ideas about why i have chosen media.