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Time to Release Manifesto Kerry Bertram

Time to Release Manifesto What? Why? How? About Kerry


What? Time to Release aims to empower people to overcome the emotional effects of sexual abuse, through creative sensory experiences. Time to Release workshops, publications and mentoring enable and foster release. Time to Release is committed to speaking out about the potential for everyone affected by trauma to release from its grip Time to Release offers project management mentoring to support other small businesses with empowering aims


Why? The motivation for Time to Release comes from Kerry Bertram’s own experience of childhood sexual abuse and experiences of emotional manipulation. How Kerry was affected by this experience and joyful recognition that the damaging experience of Intimate Abuse of Trust, can be overcome and released in beautiful and inspirational ways. Intimate Abuse of Trust Sometimes when we have difficult experiences, we cut off from sensory experiences to help protect ourselves. We don’t watch something because its too painful. We don’t listen when listening hurts, we shy away from uncomfortable situations or fear touch even when its kind touch. I believe that gently engaging with our senses, exploring and enjoying sensory experiences can help us heal from Intimate Abuse of Trust. Intimate Abuse of Trust encompasses experiences of sexual abuse, violence, emotional manipulation and trauma. This 4

phrase sums up my meaning of childhood sexual abuse and repeated emotional manipulation, a story I learnt and played out many times. Others may recognise the meaning of the phrase in different abusive situations, where violence, emotional and mental trauma occurs. Intimate because it involves personal emotions and our own bodies, that should be ours to keep until we choose to share with others. The word Abuse occurs with imbalance in power, the person with perceived ‘more’ power misuses this for a purpose that is wrong. Trust because as humans, a basic need is to trust others, yet we know and are told on a daily basis to be wary of others. This means those trusting relationships we do have (or should have-within families for example) are extremely important. Our experience is never negative Of course the specifics were negative but we can instead, engage in exploration, though it may be difficult and emotional. The pleasure, power and beauty of what comes afterwards is our motivator. We do not have to hold on to this, we do not have to continue the cycle of pain for ourselves and in our relationships. Lets build an empowering, inspiring and creative new 5

story, borne from our traumatic experiences. Cultivating complete awareness and rich exploration Time to Release believes in a multi-sensory approach to releasing pain and developing inclusive understanding of ourselves. Listen, Savour, Touch, View. How? Release can be found in multiple ways, Time to Release trusts a sensory experience of release. Through listening and savouring, engaging in tactile and visual creativity, we can process pain. In inspiring, empowering and sensitive ways we can release the damaging power that our experiences may hold over us. This process is hard, if you have been affected by Intimate Abuse of Trust you will need support. Maybe you are on the journey, maybe you are not ready just yet. Wherever we are along this challenging path, sometimes we all need some inspiration, to hear someone else say its okay and some reassurance that we can reach release. 6

Workshops, courses and publications offer the opportunity to engage with experiences Workshops and courses Kerry runs structured one off workshops for groups, based on a sensory and creative experience aiming to empower and experience release Kerry also offers 6 week courses exploring the elements of Listen, Touch, View and Savour using creative techniques, facititated discussion and support from a ‘lived experience’ perspective. Publications Time to Release will offer publications based on experiences, explorations from a personal development perspective and practical, experiential workbooks


Speaking Out Time to Release is committed to sharing experiences of Intimate Abuse of Trust and the journey to Release. On public platforms, through the media and within group settings, Kerry communicates powerfully. Sharing her experience and enabling others to believe that that release from trauma can be an empowering process through creative sensory experiences. Project Management Mentoring With extensive project management experience, Kerry uses the principals of a creative approach to build robust tools for business development. Kerry works with small businesses and organisations that share Time to Releases commitment to empowering and supporting others. Kerry offers a 6 week mentoring programme to design and scope, provide you with effective project management tools and enable your business to achieve its aims.


About Kerry I am a speaker, a workshop leader, a supporter and collaborator. I know we can harness our resilience, empathy, intuition and power- all things we have developed through our experience. My background is in community arts management, I currently coordinate a project for an amazing charity, Cartwheel Arts, called Art for Wellbeing. In Art for Wellbeing we work on creative and development projects for people with mental health experiences. I am involved in a number of cooperatives, enterprises and projects that value exploration, creativity and sharing. My most beautiful moments involve learning and developing with others. I have two small boys who teach me love and playfulness. My inspiration has always been intertwined with threads of community, shared experience, giving, the scariness of needing and joy of receiving. Id love to hear where you are exploring today‌

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Time to Release Manifesto  
Time to Release Manifesto  

The Why, What and How of Time to Release Kerry Bertram